Considering Mormonism

>> Bans most forms of degeneracy
>> Opposition to caffeine is sort of a misconception, no coffee or tea but Mountain Dew is okay (idgaf works for me)
>> Strong nuclear family values
>> Technically Protestant
>> Portayed Africans as cursed by God

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day's Saints may be white mans last hope. It would help us consolidate around a core set of beliefs and when shit starts to go down we know that we'll have one another's back. Perhaps one of the reasons the Jews have been so successful is that they have a religion which can hold them together and serves as an excuse to congregate racially. Lets face it we may lose entire nations to dindus but if a portion of whites stay together, our superior intellect and lack of degeneracy will allow us to make a comeback. As of now I have actually contacted a missionary to come and speak with me, I will give my full report on the religion as a means of surviving white genocide after.

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Ex Mormon here

The institutional Mormon church is very opens borders and is trying to portray itself as diverse with lots of blacks etc. a lot of the more white centric teachings are being lost.

Mormons want to be accepted by the mainstream and have basically sold out to do it in many ways

I think Mormons are subverted by likes if not entirely self aware and purposefully corrupt.

That being said, I don't hate their culture. My wife was raised in Utah, not Mormon herself but attended church often with her grandparents or friend and generally spent the majority of her time around Mormons. She wanted to have a baby with me at 16- she's 20 now and we have 2, planning on number 3 soon. She's very traditional which I'm sure the church helped with.

Are there any fundamentalists factions the have/may break off to support the previous values?

I knew a mormon guy.
Married his girlfriend from high school.
Had 4 kids.
5 years into marriage, he catches her sleeping with dude she was "kinda into" from high school. Marriage wrecked. Now divorced. He pays alimony and she lives with that guy. Only sees his kids every other weekend.

"""""""""" Black penis with foreskin dangling loosely in a nonthreatening but yet strangely seductive way""'"'""""''""

they're trying to capitalize on the latino population that will be doubling in the next 30 years which will be conveniently located in their southwest region

> Technically Protestant

There's your problem. Martin Luther, not even once.

I do respect Mormon values. I'm also glad they teach women to be good hard working faithful wives to their husbands

But muh strong family values

How do converts compare to people born into it

They're non-Christians:
>They believe Jesus went to America and that the Indians are descended from the Israelites
>They have an extra prophet, extra holy book, and are essentially polytheists who believe you can become a god

Also they're cuckservatives like Mitt Romney.

>go to Utah for hiking
>one day on a trail I see a blond man with his blonde wife followed by their FOURTEEN BLOND CHILDREN
Any Mormon themed pepes

I'm not advocating that any of their wild beliefs are inherantly true, but if it's easier to tell your children blacks are cursed, rather than go into detail about crime rates etc.. than why the hell not? Also the crazy beliefs hold people together because they'll feel uncomfortable around non-Mormons.

This. Mormons got blue-pilled hard in order to get more mainstream.

lol I live in Utah and so many families adopt black kids it's not even funny

Mormon kids don't even follow most of the faith they just go to church for a few hours

and they are pretty pro Jewish so that's a no go in my book


Instead of simply trying to fuck all your underage daughters Mormonism has decided to replace the Jews at their own game. They've all but taken over Vegas and are pushing open-borders.

It's also nearly as ridiculous as Scientology. Religion will not save the white race you god damn cucks.

i would turn mormon if it came with a hot wifey.

Christians believe in Christ, user. Like, the Jesus that you mentioned mormons believe in.

Will no one help the widow's son?

Dindu muffins...

>>> Technically Protestant

The distance between Mormon theology and Protestant theology is vast. They use the same terms and names but mean entirely different things. If Mormonism is Protestantism than Protestantism is Zoroastrianism


They're the worst fucking people on this planet. you want passive aggressive bullshit? they have it on lock. this thread has to be a joke right?

There's no way the internet is suddenly this conservative? especially on a fucking website devoted to anime and lolis. also shota.

Actually i fucking believe it.

their unamerican if you cant drink coffee... if their busy telling you what to drink on that much of a micro managing level you got problems when they tell you to drink their kool aid.

Joseph Smith was basically the American Mohammad. He had all kinds of convenient revelations any time he wanted to have sex with someone's wife. The leaders immediately after him were the same. They set up a theocratic state in Utah that was violent and bloody. They brutally massacred pioneers and then blamed it on Indians. The only reason Mormonism is different today is because the United States government has been pressuring them to change. Starting with abandoning one of their central tenets (polygamy) so they could become a state and throughout their history. E.G. having a sudden convenient revelation that black people could join the revelation once the public protest against their doctrines started to hurt the income of Brigham University.

Mormonism is basically diet Islam

Sorry, meant "join the priesthood"

growing up in mormonism i can confirm this. one of the main things they always stressed was following the laws of the land and conforming. that's why lying for the lord is a thing.

I'm a Mormon AMA (literally just finished being a full time missionary last week)

Married into a Mormon family and divorced out after she cheated. Sister is a whore as well and brother moved out of state to marry a man.

0/10 do not recommend

he got shot

Thanks, i will try

Where'd you go to?

Here's some info for you OP, on Mormons, and Utah from someone born and raised in it, but doesn't give a fuck about it either.
I'll try to be objective here.
Utah is nearly 90% White European.
Most of that is from the British Isles, Scandinavia, then mainland west Europe. There's even a decent sized community of Icelandic descendants.
As For Mormons and Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, etc. They don't want you use these and most don't use them. But they're all available and you won't get booted from the church for using them. They'll just look down on it and you and try to convince you to not, through various means.
Most Mormons are either way too into the religion and take it deadly serious, or they don't follow it at all. It rare to find an inbetween.
The church follows basic Christianity, until they start talking about The Book of Mormon. Then all the fuckin weird claims about Indians and other shit that makes no sense comes out..
All the temple rituals and clothes are straight rip offs and modifications of Free Masonry.
Many of the families are fucking huge in numbers.
A popular radio station here comes back from commercial breaks and says "Welcome to Utah, People like to breed"
Most any attractive girl is sought after very aggressively. So much so that the majority are married before they're 20.
Many get married to have sex, Because the whole No sex before marriage thing,
The crime rates so low, it's barely worth mentioning.
Laws revolve around the church to a certain extent.

I could go on. I ran out of things to say, I'm bored

>cucktolick detected
Fuck off, you pagan shits are ruining christianity.

Came here to post this. They used to be absolutely based, but somewhere along the line got cucked just like Protestants and Catholics.

Absolutely true, the LDS church is an implicitly White church in that the membership is 90% White and teachings are implicitly White values; Hard Work, Honesty, Politeness, Contributing to your Community, Family Values, Strong personal values ect...

Here's a great article about it:

Long and short of it, Mormonism is cucking themselves to become a 'global church' outside of the US, and to recruit the millions of Latinos coming into the US. Unfortunately this will dilute the church of it's White demographics (the same for Utah), water down the White values teachings of the church, and the strong social support that comes from having a strong White social organisation.

Hopefully someone will come along and put the LDS church back on the straight and narrow, the Whiteness that made the church great.

Make Mormonism Great Again.


Post all 12 months please.

How many white mormon qts in their church?

I recently got a job offer in the US through my company, i can work in several states including Utah.
Would you recommend me moving there (the contract is for 2y)? Will I meet cute virgin blondes who are desperate for a husband?

Mormonism threads are generally full of bullshit anyway, but I wanted to respond to this.

The largest growing sector of the LDS church is not actually in Latin America, it is in Africa. China is also very receptive to the church because of strong ancestral values that resonate well with their culture.

Now, this might seem like a negative, until you see a trend within Mormon communities: minority adoption of church values like self-sufficiency, family unity, and civic pride.

In many ways, Mormons are doing more to improve the minorities themselves. Kind of a "if you can't beat them, make them join up and fall in line" strategy.

Pic related is possibly the second greatest document ever published after the Constitution of the United States.

mormans are full of shit, trust me, dated one

Stay in Sweden, google. We have enough of you here already.

If white, sure, move to Utah. But fair warning: Mormons are at their best when they are the minority. Majority Mormon communities are just like any other group, elitist and condescending.

Hey guys I'm visiting Salt Lake City this weekend

Where should I visit

Mormons make the best music too.

Visit temple square. Look for some of the Masonic symbolism on the outside of the temple. Pretty interesting. (It really is there. I am Mormon, and a lot of our early Presidents were Freemason's).

quite a lot to be honest

Thanks, that's on my list but I didn't know about the Masonic symbols!

Joseph smith's last words were related to masonic stuff, he was a member

Well they don't believe in divorce or sex outside of marriage. That alone will be enough to save the white race.

So we're at least one third (to one half) of men living in the US at this time.

Your point?

Stay the fuck away from us.