Women are diseased cumsluts

>Get out of a very ltr + broken engagement 2.5 years ago
>Run thru a bunch of hoodrats to get it out of my system, only end up feeling empty and soulless but always played safe
>find out later that fiancé was cheating, get a full-array STD test done and all clear
>Quit women, focused on myself, got my mind, body, and finances right
>Hop back in the dating world over summer and discover all the agony in my 20s is made up for in my 30s
>Date dozens of women trying to find a good match. Women seem to be a little more serious at 28-30, btw
>this qt3.14 takes me to a gun range second date and she's got me hooked
>already based and red-pilled enough
>tells me she's been celibate for five years while looking for something serious, I figure that's close enough to virgin and I feel born-again myself
>get to 5 dates, both agree that we're a good match and on the same page, then bang it out skin on skin
>bang it out 10 more times over the next week
>Wake up on Monday with a raging case of herpes

Wtf, Cred Forums? And I know lots of people carry the herp and are completely symptom-free but can spread it to a partner. I've already accepted my fate, so no ill-will towards her and I actually want to keep seeing her.

Also, a herpes outbreak isn't all that bad and Valtrex is $8/mo on my insurance. But still, women are diseased cumsluts.

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Herpes rates in the USA are off the chart

is there any visual indicators that a woman has herpes even if not in the middle of an outbreak?
condoms do nothing to prevent this?

jeesus, you are desperate for validation.
not going to give it. fuck off cuckface.

>Trusting women

Condims don't do shit for herpes, when there is skin to skin contact, there is always a chance of infection.

Hm, I wonder why she was celibate.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Maybe you could type in English next time? Wondering why women hate you? Youre a faggot. Thats why.

Why didn't you wrap it up?

Thought I had the herp about a couple weeks ago. Turns out it's probably just cancer. JFMSUF.

>celibate for 5 years
>decides to give herpes to OP

Fucking kek

you dont care
she dont care
we dont care

Oral herpes or genital?

None that I'm aware of. And I got a real good look at it before I stuck it. It's a complete miracle that I don't have it in my mouth and eyes too. It can spread even without a outbreak going on too. Condoms can decrease the risk, but still doesn't prevent the skin to skin contact beyond.

>sexing a negress

The CDC indicates that 1 in 2 female sheboons have the herp. Less than 10% know.

>Source CDC

>Turns out it's probably just cancer
What symptoms did you get the beginning days?

Herp ain't shit, homey.

After a number of years, you'll just be a carrier like her and have pretty much no visible signs, unless you're on SSRIs or are a constant ball of stress.

Just don't do what she did when you have long periods of being symptom-free and do that shit to someone else. Not something you really want to pay forward unless it's to someone you don't like.

just pop or rip them off and eat the pus or w.e thats in it

>fucking a woman without first doing std tests
What a cuck.

Also applies to coal burners. So much for her redpillers after the fact. Once you get herp from a nigger you spread it to the cuck.

Sorry to hear, OP. I wonder how much it is without insurance.

Thanks, after a day of freaking out, this is where I've gotten to. She's lucky I do like her and understand shit happens.

We had the "not seeing anyone else, wanna fuck only each other" talk beforehand...then raw-dogged her repeatedly

This was my downfall. But I doubt she even knows.


free protein

>not being virgin

what the fuck?

>non-marital sinning
good you deserved it, ask and you shall receive
t. God




I don't know. I'm supposed to hear back soon regarding the biopsy. I'm really young for cancer too - 25.

>women are diseased cumsluts
>says the guy who is a diseased slut himself

top kek, eat shit degenerate.

Meh, you lost the virology lottery. Stay with her and make shit work. I'm assuming you're younger. I bet in 25 years when we look back and see how many of us millennials had herpes we're going to realize what a bad fucking idea tinder and the college hook up culture were.

Herpes is interesting.
Both incredibly successful at spreading but doesn't act fast enough to kill the host allowing the body to bring up it's defenses. The defense is passed down because it's so fucking slow to adapt we are genetically able to lock it down deep into our system and keep it dormant most of the time.

Lmao you fucking cuck, women are more serious at 28-30 because that's when they're past their peak and are looking for a nice little beta to take care of them after they've rode the cock carousel. No doubt your herpes is from some random nigger lmao. Wouldn't be surprised if the "celibate for 5 years" shit was a lie as well.


I've had herpes for 5 years now and I've been getting hot pussy more then ever.

The trick is getting into herpes facebook groups and if you're half way decent looking you chat up the hottest bitches in the group.

does this mean your. body is basically constantly fighting it?

does this weaken you?


its not a good feel tho...we fail at doing the one thing all life does

It's not a failure if you don't bother trying. And why would I?

Boy that sucks friend

>date a bunch of women looking for mr(s) right
Can't fault you there brother

>find one who's good gave me herpes
That sucks man

Maybe you got it from one of the other girls you were seeing? Or you could just ask her if she knew she had herps.

>I understand shit happens
>I still like her

jesus christ you are pathetic. please kill yourself

I wouldn't say it has any real effect towards weakening us, if anything it's probably just giving your T-Cells something extra to munch on indefinitely.

It's why it's a good indicator of when you are actually weakened and sick or something is wrong. It breaks out when your body is failing at doing it's job of keeping your bugs in check. Meaning weakened immune system.

Not every virus is trying to kill you, no its not going to actively make you weaker except the first time you contract you get flu like symptoms.

Congrats I'm not talking to the qt in my class now. Keeps bringing up the class to start a convo but after reading this I'm remaining celibate forever.


frickin normos

so just having herpes doesnt weaken your system, it just appears when you have a weak system?

why cant you just get rid of it

>being a slave to your biology


frig of normams

>tfw I only got herpes from sharing a drink with a few of my mates

>tells me she's been celibate
>bangs without any serious commitment

You're so dumb you deserve it.

no the virus resides in nerve cells for life. its considered an immune privileged site so it basically just chills until some factor like stress triggers an outbreak

Sorry about your luck senpai. That really sucks. Too late to change it now. Best advice now is to keep her close if she's a good woman.

Once again, heart felt sympathies from me to you.

hello sheldor from the big bang theory

hows it going

No virus is actually trying to kill us. They are just biological nanobots that replicate over and over again until the resource runs out (we die) or it gets destroyed by our cells fighting back.

Herpes has a dangerously effective evolution in spreading from person to person. Just like the cold. Problem for said virus is it doesn't replicate fast enough to be effective against our immune system. Nor does it adapt by rewriting itself fast enough to not have our genetics pass down defensive knowledge against it.

Honestly, it was worth it and I'd do it all over again even knowing the fate. After a wild first night, I do believe the celibate 5 years line.

I got a bump at the base of my dick that looked like an ingrown hair so of course I tried to pop/pull it. It oozed clear fluid and probably made it worse. Also thought it may have been poison ivy because I had a bad case of it on my chest over Labor Day. By the next day the one I tried to pop was a scabby mess and there were new bumps all over, about 20 total. Along with a bunch of swelling/inflammation and general soreness all up in my groin. By then I pretty much knew.

I've literally never done this.



You ALWAYS multiply her stated number of partners by 3

And this is exactly what you get for believing the "not all women are like that" meme

I fucked a hijab wearing Saudi girl in the ass at the library when I was in university

They're ALL whores

wtf is this reddit now? wtf is going on with this board?

OP got the clap from some whore off tinder who said she was "celibate for 5 years" (LMAO) and you're all in here giving OP a shoulder to cry on, saying that herpes "isn't that bad".

what a fucking bunch of degenerates on this board. I want nu/pol/ to leave

>"keep her close if she's a good woman"
>she gave OP herpes

Herpes is opportunistic. It's creeps up when you aren't sleeping well, been drinking a lot, or down with a cold.

The greatest defense against outbreaks is living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, eat right, get good sleep. I'd say state away from Valtrex because it's better to let outbreaks happen and let your body acclimate itself to dealing with the virus.

Both Facial and Genital herpes will hide in your spinal cord when dormant, it is impossible to remove every trace of the virus from your body once it takes hold. They can stay dormant for very long periods of time, years even. It will only break out when your immune system is taxed fighting something else, or you are very stressed.

>gave him herpes without a heads-up
>good woman
LOL. She's just securing a beta husband provider now that her looks are deteriorating and she's had enough cocks to satisfy her. If she actually respected him she wouldn't have given him fucking herpes. Now that he does have herpes he'll be less likely to cheat because he's most likely a 'nice guy' type who wouldn't want to pass it on to other people like the slut did to him, all part of her plan to secure his wallet.

It's okay OP.
My own mother gave me the herp when I was a child, she had an outbreak and kissed me when I had a cut on my face.
Is there a cure for it yet??

sounds like shit

this, the original poster is a normo cuck

That sucks OP. You sure she gave it to you? Did symptoms show days later after you guys had sex or was it months later?

Most people don't know they have it. A majority actually.
If you have ever had sex with a woman that wasn't a virgin you can get herpes. She didn't know she had it. There is a world outside of Cred Forums

This is what happens to men who shave their crotch hair. You will get the hep.

hey cuck

did you tell her yet that you have herpes?

did she even know she had herpes? protip: yes she did know because she was "celibate" for 5 years. so either she wasn't actually celibate for 5 years and lied to you. or she knew she had herpes and didn't tell you.

once you go clap, you never go back

Welp, it's back into the basement for me!

t. roastie

I know that feel, OP. I dated a chick for three years. Ended up getting HPV off her. Never had proof she cheated on me by it only appeared towards the end of our relationship, so I'm sure she fucked around behind my back.

She wasn't even White, was Eastern Asian.

>She didn't know she had it
>celibate for 5 years

pick one


i used to eat my pimple/zits and the pus when i was younger

and the blackheads and stuff on my back, boogers and dandruff

its fine if its from ur own body

>Run thru a bunch of hoodrats
Op is either a nigger, or a low IQ subhuman, and therefore, a nigger.

that's what you get for being a race traitor. had she been white I would've felt sorry for you.

I thought the same with a girl a was seeing i got a few ingrown hairs and asked her if she cheated on me and she said yes breddy much within the first week of dating so I popped her one right in the jaw and called her a whore who is about to hit her wall so she better cut out that eat pray love bullshit and figure her life out or she'll be a crazy cat lady.
then I get tested and it turns out I'm clean but I feel justified cause she's a whore then she decided to get back with her ex who proceeds to cheat on her 4 times then tries to fight me at my workplace beacuse I bought her a 6ft teddybear and he was jealous (I bought her it like a year ago) moral of the story is if your 22 do not chase a 26 year old. also she's up to 4 cats now

Dammit...I've been sitting here all day concerned about this sore in my lip after fucking some skank 3 weeks ago.

This sucks.

>consuming infection containments is fine if those containments are coming from your own body

Literally how you get mouth infections.

>celibate for 5 years
I wonder how many cocks she rode before that, 100-200? Jokes aside, I guess it beats being alone lmao.

>I fucked a hijab wearing Saudi girl in the ass at the library when I was in university

Go on

It showed up 9 days after we first hooked up and we fucked every day in between. If she had it, I caught it.

>diseased and cucked beats being alone

this guy from my work had a cold sore out break on his lip. that shit flared up so badly that it left him with a scar. makes me shiver just thinking about it.

>agree with user

no it isn't

She fucked you bad.

You realize if you have sex with someone and you don't tell them you have an STD you're going to fucking jail. Sue her, sue her to hell

You probably have herpes.

I started getting cold sores after fucking a clubslut a year back

hey dumbass, she couldn't have been celibate for 5 years and not know she had herpes

fuck you're gullible. well deserved punishment for being so dumb.

Ha, I was expecting someone to call me that. This was years ago though, when I was young and ignorant and eager for exotic poon. Unfortunately Asians are attracted to me like a siren song.

This the most common way to get HSV1. Especially with young people. They're always sharing food and drinks.

Did you feel sicker then a dog? If it was a primary outbreak you'd feel like you caught the flu and your dick would feel like it's on fire.

>not eating your poo poo
>not drinking your pee pee


It all doesn't seem worth it really.


Can you get cold sores (herpes sim 1 I assume) from making out with sluts

Additionally, How long going without a cold sore would indicate you were'in the clear'


>be dental school fag
>patient is a raging feminist
>on our first visit I told her she had gingivitis
>I then have her show me how she uses her toothbrush
>I then start instructing her on the proper way to use it and she says I am mansplaining
>Have to give her a crown and she waits two weeks for it to be fabricated.
>she comes back and has a massive herpes outbreak
>Tell her I want to postpone her treatment until her herpes resolves.
>she flips the fuck out
>tells me she doesn't have herpes, that it is just a fever blister(a fever blister is herpes btw).
>tell her I can ask my adviser to look at it and if he okays it I can treat her
>adviser looks at it and says we should postpone treatment because open her mouth will cause blisters to rupture hurting her and putting me at risk.
>Asks if she wants a prescription for herpes medication.
>she flips the fuck out saying we are slut shaming her. She makes a big scene and everyone is looking at her.
>says leaves and never gets her the crown she paid for.

I can't tell you how many women I see who have herpes. They usually try to hide it with make-up but I always have to do an extraoral exam before working on them so I notice. They all deny it is herpes and get upset when you call it herpes and not a cold sore or fever blister.

Ha, I was expecting to be called a race traitor at some point. Nah, if she was White you wouldn't have been surprised at all. At least she never burned coal.

>user puts dick in a roastie and wonders why he got a degenerate disease

should of asked to see her results first, it wasnt a ONS m8, same goes for DNA parental testing, these are standard operating procedures that must be followed

You should have charges pressed against her for not telling you.

tfw lost my v card to an escort.
few days later got a mega flu

did I get herpes.

>be a degenerate
>get completely fucked over

No, herpes is contagious even if she's not having an outbreak. It can still spread even when using condoms.

Years ago when I was in the Army I had to do suicide watch on some 19 year-old sap that had finished basic, went back to his girlfriend for two weeks and she gave him herpes. The guy had lost his virginity to her and want talking about marriage

If she knew, then of course I'm pissed.
But if she didn't know, she didn't know.

And I'll probably never learn the whole truth either way.

>fucking a chick without both of you getting tested

asking for it desu

I just read 3-12 day incubation period. Mine showed up 17 days later and looks kinda like pic related.

I'm legit scared right now.

>bang 37 year old
>months go by
>bang 21 year old elephant whore
>piss smells like shit
>get checked
>lmao chlamydia
>get treated and act passive aggressive via text to diseased whore
>her: ?? I got checked two days before we had sex
>her later: yeah, I tested positive too today
>mfw it was ME who gave her the disease
>mfw I was the diseased whore all along

Feels bad man.

>Ex gf
>Five months
>She wants to "have more experience and taste life" (bc I was more experienced and she ''''admired'''' that and wanted that too)
>Thought I was gonna stick around and fight for her or cuck
>said "okay well if thats what you want youll cheat on me eventually so we'd better split"
>pretends she's fine with it and all adulty
>days afterwards immediately starts saying she wants me back etc etc
>weeks later starts getting angry that I dumped her and "just left her over nothing"
>starts telling people I gave her STDs
>Shows her friends positive lab tests
>mfw I immediately have tests done too and realize what a bullet I dodged
>4 years later still occasionally hear her asking about me, smiling wide when we run into eachother and blushing yet acting like a bitch behind my back, saying I raped her and am a pedophile
>Try to distance as much as possible (small city)
>Fetlife a few weeks ago
>Talk to this chick, no face, just tits
>hit it off
>Casually tells me "you know me lol"
>Im like what who dis (didn't recognize the titty, got a lot more saggy)
>I'm anonette
>"Wut.. why would you talk to me about intimate things like this knowing I don't know who you are?"
>Immediately deletes her profile

Fucking what

What a piece of fucking shit you are. Still funny tho you diseased filth


jesus user, pick one. they are mutually exclusive. she lied to you about one or the other, or both.

eww haha get fucked normo

>see post
>check see flag

It checks out

I know a guy who lost his V plates to an prozzie and got HIV. Count yourself lucky if you only have Herpes.

scratch it off and eat it

when it bleeds keep doing it went it dries off it will be good as new

The crazy thing about all this is you're not even a real country.

nice greentext!

She absolutely could?

I agree the 5 years thing is suspicious and she's likely a lying hoe by the nature of women. But it's certainly possible she's never had symptoms.

>robot loses his virginity
>sad, fucks a prostitute for 2 minutes
>gets aids

cant make this shit up

>people lie

you didnt watch HOUSE MD amirite?

Is this a shit post?

>Can you get cold sores (herpes sim 1 I assume) from making out with sluts

>Additionally, How long going without a cold sore would indicate you were'in the clear'

Never. You'll never know for sure. HS1 isn't really a big deal, though. 1/5 sexually active people 25 and older have HS2, but 1/3 PEOPLE PERIOD have HS1.

It's hard as fuck to avoid, as you can get it from fomites and kissing. I got it from my dad from sharing silverware.

I'll get a tiny annoying sore like once a day. You can get HS2 on your mouth, though. That shit is no joke. That is more than one tiny sore, That shit devours your face.

Do you even realze what you've been infected with?
Human Herpes Virus HSV is a retrograde virus.
It is going to end up in your brain and cause retardation


I had exactly the same thing

god damn it I shouldn't have fucked that whore

Oh okay cool its been over a year for me and I never had any issues. Im just paranoid. Sucks for you tho

>once a day

Jesus, I meant once a year.

Oh yeah, I got it all. Sniffles, weak, soreness, the shits, liquid-filled blisters, scabby sores, and a painfully swollen/throbbing dick.

You've got my neurons firing.

Yeah, because America is still a real country and not a fucking caricature


She was celibate because she has herpes.

Woman tend to recluse themselves out of the dating game when the catch herpes.

Woman are way more scumbags about hiding STDs then men because they develop rejection complexes.

Chlamydia is easily curable. It's been gone for weeks.

>Use company funds to help wives dental work
>$15,000 later she has perfect teeth
>Own a nice 3 bedroom house, double garage
>Set myself up to start a family
>"user, I want a divorce"
>Pull myself together over the course of 7 months
>We finally start discussing about how it will go
>Suddenly she is all lawyer'd up
>Wtf she can't be serious
>Speak to her about living together still while we arrange housing
>Consider selling the house and and buying two smaller houses out in the sticks
>She seems okay about it
>Few weeks later she wants the whole house
>Tell her no, I paid for it and we will split it
>Get dragged through court
>She tells my boss how I used funds inappropriately
>Get put on part time while boss discusses how they will "deal" with me whether they're going to fire me or keep me working but figure out a way for me to pay back the money + interest
>She gets the house
>She's pregnant too
>Stalk her facebook some years later
>Asian boy
>She's white
>I'm white
>Her kid is an asian boy
>I got fired
>Can't even get onto welfare payments
just end me now, bros

I got oral herpes from my kissless virgin gf. She contracted it from an illegal spic immigrant who lived in her house when she was 9. He would slobber on her face when trying to molest her, and his saliva had enough of the virus to infect her. (plz build wall Trump.)

Oral herpes is 100 times worse than genital herpes. This is because it latches onto nerve endings on your face that are just inches away from your brain. After each flare-up, the virus gradually crawls up the nerve closer and closer to your brain. Eventually it actually reaches your brain, and then you're absolutely fucked, because it's pretty much been proven that oral herpes is the cause of Alzheimer's.


Sorry man...

My 2nd wife cheated on me & passed it along... and yeah, I was dumb enough to repeat the same mistake twice.

But hey, at least she took all my money and I alienated my whole family over our relationship, so in Canada I'd still be considered out on top!

You are a worthless nigger and need to execute the slut and yourself.

You're an idiot, and what's worse is that you think you're an alpha.

"Women seem to be a little more serious at 28-30"

Yeah, because they're becoming infertile and unattractive, you fucking idiot.

There's a reason why I'm a germaphobe.

>country was founded on the basis of a peace treaty between two imperial nations brokered by a third
>is basically a legal fiction between two countries
>has the audacity to question my constitutionally founded nation


How horrifying

that's rough.

What if I fingered a Sloot but washed my hands after before touching anything else

Could I theoretically have anything? This was over a year ago but I'm paranoid over dumb shit like this

this can't be real

you shall rise again, bro. Time will do its job

> be 21
> slept with 12 women
> 4 of them hookers
> no condoms on all but 1 of the non hookers
> didnt wear a condom for hooker BJ

No symptoms ever so I assume I am fine right guys?

“He who sins sexually sins against his own body” (1 Corinthians 6:18). “God will judge . . . all the sexually immoral”

enjoy your AIDS faggots

>He would slobber on her face when trying to molest her, and his saliva had enough of the virus to infect her
you betas will believe anything

right, then she intentionally lied to OP. once a lying whore, always a lying whore.

>be 26
>never have sex with a girl
>never kiss a girl
>never even have a random lunch with a girl
feels good

What about kissing? Should you get an std test before kissing? Can't kissing pass STDs like herpes?

Spiritual brothers in denbts

> Pay for insurance
> Still need to pay for prescriptions

Lmao you guys are fucking retarded.

how did you fuck up that badly? what were the signs? how did that asian boy game you so hard?


A little more than that. Pic related.

You're probably fine retard.

Then again the average human touches his or her face about 3-4 times a minute without even knowing, so who knows? You could be totally fucked.

One act of stress (like some stranger on The Internet fucking with you) could set you off.

But what are the odds of that my man :^)

I get this, it's a possibility, but what's her endgame if this is the way she played it?

hahahaha you fucking failure

that bitch lied to your dumb beta ass

>outgamed by an asian


Odds are, you will get herpes in your lifetime. Something like 60% of faggots over 35 have it.

This is true, it's a disease that affects your nervous system.

It lays dormant in your nerves. And when it is activated, the virus travels up your nerves and causes blisters on your skin.

But it's in your nervous system. No reason to think it wouldn't effect the brain as well.

She gave you herpes because you are a nice guy.

If you were an alpha male she would fear you and wouldn't fucking dare it on her life.

Mate, stop living in the past. Your country is a caricature of corruption and meaninglessness. You're a third world nation when it comes to infrastructure, you got 50 cities bankrupt, you have entire states in drought, your money is fleeting, you're being eaten from the inside by a sjw cancer and none of you are smart or man enough to deal with it. The head of your nation is literally a US-hating Muslim and.. yeah.. Belgium is a tiny buffer state. Ok. Got me there fella.

seeShe (correctly) deduced you to be a beta who would stick with her and be a pathetic cuck husband.

>it's pretty much been proven that oral herpes is the cause of Alzheimer's.

thanks for reminding me :'(

>tfw only fucked one girl, we lost our virginity to one another
>still got herpes from sharing a drink with a few of my mates

P..please respond I know very little about STD's but again I have no visible symptoms.

i don't even know who he is or how. I was fucking oblivious to the whole thing. now i live in a caravan on a mates farm

Had a wake up call last year when getting head and a Footjob from a girl. Two or so days later I was having the leak. Went to the clinic had every test done and every drug pumped into me. Turned out it was just a UTI. From that day on, i've been super careful about where I stick my dick.


>Cred Forums does not realize that a quarter of them will get hsv2 and 60 percent of them will get hsv1 in their lifetimes and it will likely be invisible, excluding if they die kissless virgins

Wait, does herpes show up on a screening when you're not symptomatic

literally no one would blame you for going to postal and shooting a bunch of people.

oh wait, you're in Australia and can't even buy a gun. fucking kek

>trying to


that's why you never get married dumb fuck


fuck off

Mate why bother then.
Just go to the doctor and get a test done, and you'll be relieved. That's all.

Bitch had foot fungus probably. Did she rub your pisshole with her toes?

As a medfag, i get many patients with herpes and most people havn't had an outbreak since they first got it. Some dont even take meds. Don't believe that bullshit about never getting cured. Modern medicine has no clue about chronic illnessess.

>fucked some chick 2 months ago
>Use a condom
>She sucked my dick tho
>Didn't notice in her lips
>Fast forward 2 months later
>My dick feels a little itchy
>Look at my dick the penis is achy
>No blisters or sores
>Look online
>It could be a penis yeast infection
>Legit worried as fuck
>Have a dream about penis having herpes


any med fags here inside my mouth behind my upper lip i have some bumps, do i have herpes aswell.

no you dumb fuck, herpes can actually spread that way. It's that easily spreadable and completely plausible. Lots of people get herpes from kissing.


Why are you not goingi full Monte Cristo on their asses?

She really likes you. Probably thought you wouldn't except her with herpes.

So she has a ton of sex with you and then you caught it, now it's plausible deniability time.

She probably acted "surprised" but not absolutely devastated as someone who legitimately just found out they had herpes would for the first time.

You can't realistically test for herpes if you don't have symptoms :^)

Yeah probably. That's what I blamed it on. She was a qt Latina chick

I fear the results honestly. Right now I'm in this limbo where I don't know for sure that I have anything. Going to a doc could confirm me to be infected then I'm fucked.

Only in a blood test if you've had HSV longer than 3 months. Culture swabs are done when lesions are present.

>there are people this naive on Cred Forums

oh son you have a lot to learn

It can take up to 2 weeks for it to show up, and you will ALWAYS get an initial outbreak. Sometimes its very mild, like mine was, and is when it comes back, so it can take a while to realize. First time I got it I thought it was allergies, and that I was too aggressive rubbing one out. But I distinctly remember when it first started happening.

Oh, wrong stats. This one is right.

Spinal cord is CNS
Brain is CNS

The virus doesn't discriminate unlike Clinton

>Large enough to have 50 cities that have risen and fallen in our short history
>entire states are in drought, yet we are our own continental breadbasket
>thinks the SJW here are anything more than internet-borne controlled opposition in our massive continent-spanning imperial nation

>y-yeah, my buffer state rapidly filling up with shitskins that is actually small enough to be swayed by a loud minority of drones addicted to a fringe ideology invented in the good ol' US of A has it better

You would be a lot better off if you were just cut in half and reabsorbed by the french and the germans. America cucked your kinglet's fledgling empire within a century of your country's existence, and you don't have a prayer of surviving the next century as anything but a containment zone unless you join a larger nation before it all comes tumbling down.

>She was a qt Latina chick

HSV-1 is spread from kissing all the time.
HSV-2 is not.

Meaning herpes will always show up in a screening so long as its been over 3 months since the initial infection, even when symptoms are not present?

Does this apply to both sim 1 and 2?

m8 I don't actually have paranoia or anxiety problems

You don't appear to understand the difference between HSV1 and HSV2

top kek m8

I've stuck my dick in so much crazy that I should have something, but nothing has showed up.

Now a days, I'm super paranoid though. I used to be able to pull young pussy... young enough to not have ran the sexual gauntlet. Nowadays that isn't so easy.

I'm afraid of women in my age bracket.

Wait so 75% of the world is going to get alzheimers?

That would explain dementia.

HSV2 will show up. Most places don't test for HSV1.

user almost everyone is infected with the Herpes Virus. There are two types of Herpes some People get Little Blisters on the lips the others Inside of the mouth.

That you got "it" just means that your immune System went "down" due to new Kind of germs. From her mouth, Body, vagina etc what is again fully normal and helps your immune System on the Long run.

You could be infected since birth but now only experienced the Symptoms.

Herpes is a very very common infection and once you got it you got it but it only breaks out when your immune System is weak.

Dont draw wrong conclusions about her past so fast.

I love women and I look forward to having a healthy Christian family that knows the Bible.

I-is there any danger of me catching Herpes next time I go to the dentist? You guys clean those tools, r-right?


75% of the world has double the chance of alzheimers than other people without herpes

I know right? Cheese and crackers what an existence!

>The woman kept a secret from me that ensure that 90% of women will never again fuck me. I now have to limit my options purely to others with my disease
>I eant to keep seeing her

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA cucked beyond belief.

That's fucked mate, Hope you can rise from the ashes and and learn from your mistake, Just put your head down work hard and ignore woman till you're a demigod, Then fuck them off and go on a holiday all by yourself and enjoy life dude, These hoes aint loyal mang

What's the default chance?


>knowingly puts your health and sex life at risk
>too desperate after 5 years so starts lying to get her rocks off

It's all okay. In her mind she believed she didn't have herpes

No. Alzheimer's is almost always linked to genetics and lifestyle.

holy shit bro

>tfw investing in pharma companies pushing alzheimer drugs


Viral DNA gets used as genomic DNA

Bro do you even molecular biology?

This is jewish lies to keep people promiscuous.

Decent monogamous people don't get STD's. I neither my gf of 3 years have any STD's, you gotta catch em young.

Anyone in here with genital herpes mind posting a pic of it ? All the google image pics are like worst case scenario ones

>herpes linked to alzheimers
>women more likely to suffer from it
like pottery

Well seeing as you just stated how he can only meet 1/10 women from now on and this is apparently a qt3.14 he might as well stick with this one right? Seeing as how she already has the herps.

If you have ever had a cold sore or one of those blisters inside your mouth doesn't that count as herpes
Doesnt everyone have that?

>bang a total of 5 women
>never use condom
>Clean as a whistle
Yea I dont know how I did it either.

>doesn't everyone have that

God save your benighted kingdom.

you got skin cancer

This thread is full of confused people confusing other people about type 1 and type 2 herpes. There's a difference people. If you don't have type 1 you are more than likely a kissless virgin.


Reading this thread has given me cancer.

Your bodies are literally burning with pain because you're all degenerate sluts.

>the bible: read it
>monogamy: try it
>avoiding sluts: literally, your health depends on it

t. a man who got married in 2002


shit dude, I got two attempted murder charges pending because I ran my ex and her Aryan nation boyfriend off the road at gunpoint. I was told to stay out of that county because the same bitch got me in a fight with Don juan Cartello at a bar cops like to fuck YOUNG girls at. This same ex tried to shoot her sister in a house full of kids with an unregistered weapon a week prior and got arrested, yet there is no record of her arrest and the multiple felonies...

Spent 2 years landscaping with illegals and was largely homeless bouncing around my buddies' houses hiding from the police.

It took 2 years and a lot of neglect to my health and quality of life to make it.

I did though. Paid the legal jews their money ( a lot of money ) and it is no longer on my record.

Be strong man. Everybody gets played some times... some a little harder than others.

What did that cunt end up doing when he found out?

i have it.
Only have like 3 very warts on my dick. They go away and come back
don't have a cam, sorry

>yfw born with it

>tfw I live there and alzheimers/dementia runs in the senpai

At least if Hillary wins I'll eventually forget the bitch ever existed

I have it, but in the form of coldsores, whatever that strand of herpes is called. It likes to break out when I'm really under stress - such as college finals.

It's mostly below the corners of my mouth but I'm not sure how far it must have spread beyond that in my childhood when I stupidly touched my face often.

Youre not fine. Youre a degenerate lad. Wear a sfety belt or get off the road. And you should probably stop banging hookers period


>citing washington post unironically

I think Ahmed's on point there.

>you gotta catch em young
But how do I do that, suomi?

Did your Mohel kiss you with a sore on his lip?

>57% of American adults are infected with HSV-1

The majority of people have it apparently

>i won the sex lottery, therefore everything in the bible is literal truth

Goddamn this is some Knockemstiff, OH type shit. You should write a book and go on opera cuz. You could be marketed as a 21st century hero to the SJWs and the rugged Hemingway male types alike.

Did you read the article? Even if you don't like the Washington Post the argument is still valid, faggot.

Reposting this here, because my thread rolled off the boardWhy the fuck would you get married? Do you want to give everything to your wife, when she decides she needs to upgrade partners.

None of you, should ever get married. Women ALWAYS separate from you, go to female lawyer, then have you judged by a female judge. And all your, everything, you've ever worked for is given to her. She takes your children too, and indoctrinates with lies, so they hate you.

By all means, have many white children to continue the race. But for fuck sake, don't marry. And make sure you have dirt on the woman you breed with. So the courts will think she is an unfit mother. (Find out if she's ever been to hospital for drug OD, and get those records).

Women are just not worth marrying in this day and age. Women are the most un-loyal, calculating, sluts. And the only way they were decent in olden times, was because they were taught from a very young age. How to behave like a lady that stands by her man. Now they're just stupid sluts, that watch Jersey Shore and Desperate Housewives. And calculate ways to screw over their partner for cash.

laughing my ass off in airport but then now i'm worried it is not a joke, are you okay user. pic taken just now.

That's a hair shy of 'everyone'.


You're right but I took steroids from 18-20 only got off this year so I can control my sex drive again. You don't understand the urges on tren, they are all consuming.

Definitely not going to be banging any girls in the near future, and I need to get tested. Il go this weekend, fuck me im not looking forward to facing the consequences of my degeneracy but I made my own bed.

> mfw considering the implications

>current year
>falling for the marriage meme

>a man who got married in 2002

good for you faggot

you should try doing it in 2016

Spoiler: It's pretty much impossible

Are you trying to tell me she was celebate from the age of 23 to 28? No fucking way.
Unless she knew she had the herp and kept her legs shut. Which is worse for you because she didn't tell you.

this is like the bad ending of a visual novel


yeah, my life has been wild. The last few years I've been trying to get it back together. She fucked me real good. I learned my lesson though. I give women very little respect these days.

Likely aborted my child when I was working on towboats for a living (sailing)... that was a large part of my rage as well.

your parents are degenerate I'm so sorry senpai

>Women are diseased cumsluts

This board is at least somewhat satire right? I'm getting kind of scared

That means your mom has it on her rotten cunt.

no, fuck off to /reddit/ now degenerate

Congratulations, you've just opened up the "herpes whore" dating pool for yourself.

you do realise you don't even have to be married or have children with a partner for her to fuck you over in Australia right?

nope... well kinda.

this time it isn't.

>marketingfag detected

Why do You have to Make every other Word caps?

oh, from reading here (and /adv/) i gather that it is terrible to be a young user. i feel badly for you.

but what's impossible?
not sticking your dick in septic tanks?

if >50% of the population has this stuff, and you can't easily tell, why are people being so damn cavalier about who they have sex with?

Turn back now unless you want to be enlightened.

Fair warning, enlightenment isn't what you think it is, ignorance is bliss.

hanz with the bantz

Extra information:

Most importantly don't be with a woman for longer than 6 months, in Australia at least, the courts define two people living together for over 6 months as De Facto marriage. Which means she can take you for everything once again.

And lastly, prenuptial agreements don't have to be honoured by the judge. If you don't have billions of dollars of assets and money, your ex and the judge will tear up the prenuptial in front of you.

>things that never happened

i didn't it even get it from sex, I got it from sharing a drink with mates of mine

Had the same from a syrian hippie slut was really shit but at least it's only for some days
got her pregnant btw kek

>falling for the women meme
Smart money is to save up enough to buy a high-end sexbot when they become available

>fishing for (you)s

this fucking this. why did he think women were warming up to him in their late 20s, obviously the clock is ticking. fucking retard should have been going for at least hot young 20s girls not herped out cock carousel riders.


concentration camps for herpes containment when?

Someone find me some Germans. I'm taking all you degenerates to the first German Bakery I find..

I think she's truthful with that, but 24-29. She bounced around a bit before settling into city life, is quirky, and said she rarely got second dates so I say the celibate thing is possible. And she fucks me like a banshee. I truly think she had it unknowingly and would've been truthful if she knew.

Wait, is this
>meme 2016 marriage?

Fuck. Is marriage really so watered down in Australia that all you have to do is live with someone for a few months?

Same here, I'm a 20-year-old kissless virgin yet I get cold sores on the corner of my mouth (they actually sort of persist if you look really really closely, but even 2 feet away they're not visible). I know it wasn't from sexual contact (for obvious reasons) so I have no idea why I got it.

Mother or father might have kissed you as a baby
or passed from mother in womb?

Autocorrect via IE

Lots of people are born with it, or catch it as a child

20 year old in the same situation here. Not having to worry about herpes and the like does feel good.


>don't share drinks
>don't share food/utensils
>don't kiss people
>don't let people kiss you
>don't let people touch your kids
>don't touch sloots
>at the dentist, never relax


> buying a woman's story

user I have a great real estate opportunity for you, what's your email?

>bumps on my dick for the past 2 months
>too scared to go to the doctor

Don't ever come to my country

>Why can't you just get rid of it?

There's no cure yet, but there's treatments with antibiotics and current "beta" versions of cures in development. However, there's good news.

There are cases where people have "lost" the virus, essentially, the virus wore itself out and died off completely.

Maybe just don't make such a big deal about a rash?


Pic please?

That is not true.

You can give your child Herpes with a kiss even if you have no Symptoms at that Moment. There are many cases I guess where the infected cant Held responsible for the infection. 9/10 People in Germany are infested with the Herpes Virus half of them is lucky because theiy get there Blisters Inside of the mouth hence noone can see them but they are painfull as fuck. I have those for example. I am with my first GF for 7 years now.

go Christian
everything that fucked up with world Christianity solves. at least look into it. (truly)christian chick would not cheat on you

>got a Syrian pregnant

kill yourself you traitor fuck

you slept around with a bunch of whores and expected a virgin. then you taint her and possibly infect her as your latent herpes has also contaminated her.

then you cry and say women are problem.

in conclusion, you are unworthy of her and yet claim it is all her fault.

Sind 9/10 doch nicht ein wenig zu hoch angesetzt?

Is she hot?

>I fucked a hijab wearing Saudi girl in the ass at the library when I was in university

I know this one. Afterwards, he pulls off his hijab and announces, "I'M THE BUS DRIVER!"

What kind of bumps? Some bumps near the base of the shaft are normal, near the hair follicles

I'm pretty sure in my case it comes from parents and relatives kissing you and shit. I don't know how valid it is, but I hear that 4 out of 5 humans have this form of herpes though for most its dormant.

It all starts with an itchy tingly feeling in the area as it takes the appearance of an ant bite. The vast majority of the time it goes away on its own if I don't bother it. Had a pretty nasty stress-related but small and contained breakout almost a year ago, it lasted almost 2 weeks.

The worst was a few occasions when I was a kid that a large crater formed and had contracted a bacterial infection in addition to the breakout.

O yah?

Not just parents. Even a kiss from a slutty aunt or slutty uncle.

Your parents may have been pure and herpes free but their family members may not be and might have infected you sometime during your childhood years

LOL sucks. Enjoy your valtrex

Wow, and you don't think maybe the reason you wear the mark of a whore is because you've whored around yourself?

Yes, she gave it to you, but guess what, you fucking earned it all on your own.

All those times you flouted God's word, scorned the advice of the Creator of the Universe, and thought you were really too smart and you were really getting away with something . . .



[email protected]

Dude, just go. I let it linger for a day too long, but it's already getting better. I went to a cheap urgent care and it was pretty routine, just grin and bear it. They'll swab the lesions, draw blood for a full STD test, and give you valacyclovir. Left untreated, your dick could literally rot off.

no fucking way...

Did she show any signs at all?

It's not a loss because she has a white baby know and no muslim will take her anymore. I can still take me a German women and make many babies with her.

More and more people before starting serious relationships are doing STD tests these days.

However, reminder that there are different types of Herpes Tests so make sure you or your doctor order the right test.

If I recall, there is a herpes test that is the Gold Standard of herpes test and the reason is because the results take longer to come out but provide the most accurate results.

doesn't matter you dumbfuck

you mixed and now you helped Jews push their relativism of "what is German" because now some Syrian has a half German baby. you are helping to ruin Germany

just kill yourself you traitor piece of shit.

Yes, they do. Fatal infections are very easy to catch through small invisible cuts in the gums, and especially when you get a tooth extracted. Mostly happens to children but yes, they are careful.

If you love degenerate "muuh weed" hippie sluts with nigger hair ...sure she's really hot

seems like she's been swinging on the cockswing before those 5 years

She's not even in Germany anymore calm your tits

Buy a bottle of lysine-L. Take them when you feel an outbreak coming (that distinct burn/itch) , during an outbreak, or if you're feeling paranoid of an outbreak.

Please don't feel like that. You guys are in a better spot than the rest of us. We surrendered to degeneracy and gave up our purity.

I wish I could back and unfuck those women. It was not worth it.

$15,000 later she has perfect teeth

It is the year 2016 and the dental tools and procedures we use are still fucking Medieval Era tier.

Like seriously, compare dental tools from the far past to the present.

Fucking no progress at all and still Barbaric to go through.

clusters of reddish bumps like halfway up

i'm scared m8. i have valacyclovir on hand, my dentist gave me a prescription cause i had a cold sore one time. didn't help with this

Not that I was planning to but why not Hans? Surely I'd be better then all those Arab men you imported. Or do you only take in people who will fuck your women?

Für Deutschland gilt, dass bei mehr als 90% aller Personen, die im Rahmen einer Studie untersucht worden sind, Antikörper gegen das Virus nachgewiesen werden konnten, was bedeutet, dass sie sich irgendwann im Verlauf ihres Lebens mit dem Virus infiziert haben


Probably guilt you into marrying her since you also now feel like shit for possibly giving any other person, herpes.

Could be papules. I've got two of those on my dick. They're not sexually transmitted or are contagious/harmful.

If you have a yeast infection, you will probably see a cheese-like flakey substance form on your dick, and pretty rapidly too.
I'm a virgin btw, yet I still managed to get a pretty bad yeast infection once, probably from a contaminated toilet seat or whatever. Instead of going to the doctor I just bought athlete's foot spray and washed+sprayed my dick twice a day for over a few weeks until it cleared. The one weird side effect was that it seemed to relax my dick muscles a bit, and if I used it right before going to bed, I risked wetting myself just a bit. I learned this after a couple of days and did it earlier in the night to prevent that issue.

Trips don't lie.

You should be scared of the Gym as well.

Some Kissless Virgins have mentioned accidentally getting infected with Herpes from Gym Equipment or encounter at a local gym like coming into contact with someone's sports drink or non sexual physical contact.

For example, wrestler's herpes is a thing.

A lot of wrestlers or wannabe wrestlers have a type of herpes

You should be fine at the Dentist, though.

The office building should be cool not hot after all.

It's cheilitis. Not cold sores. Cold sores start as a blister then scab up and go concave and are on the lips and around the mouth. The sore cracked corners and pimples are from malnutrition and stress. I got the latter when I was really sick and underweight and malnourished. Haven't had them since I've cut out crap and snack on fruit.

Congrats. You've learned the following: (1)Never steal from your employers and (2)Never fucking trust today's women

>Let's you bang her into oblivion 11 times
>Forgets to mention the herp
Yeah good luck with her, ya dunce

OK verstehe das gefällt mir aber wirklich nicht...

Yes goy, tell us more about how it's normal to carry an STD for the rest of your life!

Tell us more, goyim, how normal it is because other goyim have it too.

Yes my good goy, especially regarding her knowing she was positive, but not letting you know of it. I mean, come on. She only had it for over 6 gorillio... err... I meant, 5 years.

Good on you goy, accepting the infected slutbucket, err, "potential wife" material.

You can "pass it on to your kids" this knowledge. Get it goy? Mazeltov, I kid goy, it's perfectly normal to be infected nowadays.

>celibate for 5 years
Why would you believe that? She can literally increase her sexual market value just by saying that. Why wouldn't she do that with every guy?

Whenever I start dating someone new I insist on a health check before fucking.
If they refuse then you need to dump that bitch because it's in her interests as well to get me checked.
Refusal means she makes bad life choices and has no common sense.

ok I think I have like 4 warts on my dick

small pink/fleshy feely

went to a free monthly exam, get tested for everything

>visual exam
>"Uhh nurse so I have those bumps"
>after examining for 2 seconds
>"No user those are skin tags"
>"uhhh huh?"
>"They're harmless, optional removal later on."
>"wait really? but what do I te-"
>"They're harmless"

end exam

and I know I have been up to some SCUMMY shit. like unprotected drunk random... its not good its gotta be warts.