If hillary wins we all be the sex slaves of hot feminist women

if hillary wins we all be the sex slaves of hot feminist women

you must be a homo to not want this Cred Forums

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>autistic manchildren sex slaves
Yeah great you'll get to assist Chad and handle the clean up. If even that. Probably just housework wearing a dress.

>implying it wouldn't just be pegging and cuckery 24 hours a day
>implying any white man would get to penetrate the pussy under the Shillary regime.
Fuck off CTR shill.

>Be castrated and thrown into a cage.

Might work for you, not for us OP.


>that webm


In all seriousness, what do you Cred Forums bro's think the U.S. will be like one year into a shillary presidency?

>assault weapons ban
>escalating tensions with Russia
>Wetbacks coming across the border in droves
>ISIS still being supported by Jewnited Snakes government
Gonna be shitty desu senpai.

> 1/16/17 09:15

can i be the slave of a traditionalist woman instead?

Latina women will rise to power and White men will become their pet slaves.

this shit's gay to be frank with you my family

That's just nasty.

plz post moar of the Hillary matriarchy. I'm r9k cross-boarder and I fap to this desu...


hoho buddy you're dreaming


As for White women, they will develop an extreme form of princess syndrome and black men will return to their true form.

One year on, it will probably just be another obongo. She'll definitely let in millions of refugees, and she's quite keen on gun control, she'll also keep the race bating train going, overall it'll be absolute shit, but nothing that isn't already being done.

>that pic
only from a canacuck.

Old White men will lose their voice in society. The new generation of feminists will simply not listen to what they have to say.

Not as bad as the other one at least.

>feminist women
Choose one

When she appoints some Supreme Court Justices and then gets them approved, who knows what bullshittery she will try. She said that she wants to be like Merkel, so there is that. Plus the fucking videos of her having tea with the king Leaf would be unbearable.

Tonight: CTR sniffs glue.
Saged and hidden but hey, this was almost like something one of us would write, and not twelve paragraph of pushy salesmanship.

I am gay. Fuck you.

If undecided republicans knew what a supreme court judge was, they'd be voting Trump.

Still gross. Do you think "dominant women" truly behave like this? This is a pornographic depiction of lust directed by men and for men. I think you'd have to be incredibly autistic to think there are any women who honestly would be into taking such roles. That's not even mentioning the fact that they're such unicorns, they could get practically any man they desire. Why would they settle for a disgusting fat slob who, presumably, is the type of person porn producers think would self-insert themselves as these eunuchs.

"Dominant women," assuming women can make up their own minds about what they want and wanna be, like things which are much more subtle and emotionally based. Such as pic related (see how many "notes" it has). Indeed, dominant women want to be worshiped, just like submissive women. Albeit in different ways. Manifestations of ego.

Don't lecture me about femdom, woman. I have 5 TB collection of this. I know my femdom.

You're speaking from the point of view of a woman. Your pic is what I'd call a "loving femdom" aka "caring femdom" which is fake and gay. Looks like they're gonna cuddle afterwards. That's not real femdom. That's role playing.

You will never understand the male psyche. Fuck off to tumblr, woman. (or are you a homosexual man?)

I'm just trying to make your shit less fucked up, proxyfag! It looks as though you have a crumbling porn addiction. I advise nofap and noporn until the ideas of chaste love and devotion seem like less alien concepts. You will find it easier to settle down, find a wife and have children when your idea of sex is not asking to slobber all over a lady's feet like a deranged pervert (pic related).

What's "real femdom" anyway? Certainly not the fetish porn you're posting, is it? Hate to break it to you, those women only exist in fetish shoots. These are literal whores. Once the camera's off, Chad's chokefucking them again. Women will never love you as you are.

>be forced to lick her cunny clean after Jamal is done with it
Yeah, no thanks

there is nothing remotely straight about wanting to be dominated

Based on your reply, I can tell that you don't get femdom at all. I don't need love, I don't need love, relationship, devotion, and all that gay stuff that women crave. I don't even need sex.

It's not about those things. It's about humiliation, it's about domination, female domination.

>Once the camera's off, Chad's chokefucking them again
Good. I like the idea that they're denying me sex. More humiliation for me. I'd even watch them have sex:


You won't get it because you're either a woman or a homosexual man.

>I have 5 TB collection of this.
>virgin humiliation
So huuhhh you got a torrent of this stuff?

You just want to dominate women into dominating you, then. There's really nothing women get out of humiliating you or doing any of this gay shit, like fucking you in the ass with a plastic dildo. Nothing at all. It is male-centered pleasure. You are quite literally bragging about how big of a cuck you are lmao

it's the most Hwhite peculiarity. no other race has so much empathy that they defer to their partner's every whim like europeans. truly we are the most romantic and evolved


Those are two words that can't go together

How many years do you think a matriarchic society would last before collapsing?

the fuck kind of tank is that

It is male-centered pleasure.
Like I said, go to tumblr, woman. Where you can find female-centered pleasures. I've been into this since 2001. It's only since 2015 that I've noticed beta faggots like you started subverting and redefining the meaning of femdom into something that it's not.

Femdom is for men. From the name itself: Female Domination. That's why it's not called FemLove or FemRelationship or FemSex or FemGF.

>There's really nothing women get out of humiliating you
I believe Anita Sarkeesian gets off on humiliating men. And hundreds of others like her. It's not about sex, relationship, love, or GF.

Yeah, but it's an invite-only private torrent tracker.

Next hate symbol should be a feminist beloved Disney character with a strong white identity.

Someone post Ice Queen of the SS, my shitty mobile tablet won't save/upload images right