The Doomsday Clock says it is 3 minutes till midnight

The Doomsday Clock says it is 3 minutes till midnight.

Why do they mean by this? Is a huge happening on the way?

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It doesn't mean anything. It's a meaningless expression, like "gabba gabba hey" or "give peace a chance"

If they move the clock closer to midnight because of petty shit like "omg fuck drumpf!!!!!" I'm never listening to them ever again.

fucking stupid scientists. it's quarter to 2.


This was Simpsons, wasn't it? For some reason I can't find it on google.

We have no Veidt or Manhattan, we'll be fine

A nuclear attack could happen at any time, and despite what the retarded faggots on Cred Forums say climate change will ravage the human population. If you're willing to uncuck yourself for an hour and learn about the methane clathrate gun you can find out why it is where it is. I've probably read 20,000 pages of climate change related material, you all have about 15 years left to live normally before food and water sources are majorly disrupted. Abrupt climate change is literally the only reason globalism and Marxism is being rammed down our throats and you dumb fucks don't even see it.


tell me more

Super cool story bro

it was.

but it wasnt referring to the doomsday clock when they said it I think.

Holy fuck just stop with this. The planet is multiple BILLIONS of years old. We've been able to measure the climate for a hundred and fifty fucking years. 150.

We used to be a molten ball of iron. We used to be a ball of ice. There were no cars billions and billions of years ago, what the fuck happened then?

Oh wait YOU DON'T KNOW. you only know what some heeb "scientists" say because you don't even do research, you just absorb opinions.

nekk urself

>15 years left to live normally before food and water sources are majorly disrupted
the only people who will die are the bottom poorfags and the 3rd world faggots who cant farm potatoes to save their lives.

I want to add to this that a meteorologist cannot predict rain reliably within a 10 day period, but we're supposed to accept it when they predict the weather 100 YEARS from now?

Do you know the reason why it's called "climate change" and not global warming? Because after the the earth "heated up", it naturally cooled back down. Global warming was a hoaxe created by the government to get more money to scientists, the media, and the government itself.

I already don't listen to them...

I'm not sure if you noticed this, but millions of people are migrating into first world countries and it all started with a biblical drought in Syria. They're now our fucking problem. You climate denier fags are playing checkers and I'm paying chess.

Meh time to move underground. We'll survive if we get out of the sunshine for a generation or two.

>climate change will ravage the human population.
How's that 50 million climate migrants by 2010 prediction working out for you?

> Abrupt climate change is literally the only reason globalism and Marxism is being rammed down our throats and you dumb fucks don't even see it.
It's actually the opposite. Globalism and Marxism is being shoved down our throats because muh global warming doomsday prophecy never happened. Global warming was the concept that the kikes were going to use to open up our borders. Nobody believed their blatant lies though, so they switched strategies.

Point vs. trend prediction. If I showed you a random graph without the equation, you could probably tell me if it increases or decreases over time, but you would be hard-pressed to guess what one value would be given another.

With weather, we can predict quite accurately general trends--like droughts or heavy rain--but it is also very difficult to pinpoint exactly how much rain will fall.


would you describe what humans are doing as "natural"?

>Why do they mean by this? Is a huge happening on the way?

no, they've made the clock irrelevant by having it always near midnight

We are surviving the best way we can and improving, that is natural instinct for humans, so yes.

It's supposed to be that way nigger.

There are massive stores of frozen methane hydrate under the ocean around the Arctic. Last time it thawed 95% of life was wiped out on the planet. We're warming everything up many, many times faster than anything that has happened before in history. But you know what's really fucked up? Last time the methane hydrates blew there wasn't 500 million years of stored carbon already in the atmosphere like there is now. I say we stand a really good chance of burning the atmosphere off the owner completely a la Venus. Venus is hotter than mercury despite being the second planet. The reason is because a runaway greenhouse event completely overloaded the atmosphere with carbon. It's 800 degrees at the surface and rains sulfuric acid.

Think about it in the simplest terms you can. Carbon is dark. Dark things get hotter in the sun than white things. We've put 500 million years worth of stored black shit into the sky.


man made climate change is real dude

sure, the planet has undergone climate change before.. as a result of being bombarded by comets desu

This weekend, King Nigger is about to hand the top level DNS management of the internet over to the globalists so that they can censor the internet as they please.

its been 3 mins for, since ukraine conflict. OLD NEWS

Shut the fuck up, potato monkey.

We can predict the movement of stars several billion years into the future.
Because macro events are much easier to predict than micro events like our day to day climate.
Its why all the formulas you've learned about gravity in Physics class are "wrong" past a certain point.
This user is right. Even if most of Cred Forums denies it.
Maybe we can squeeze another century in before wars for basic resources begin.

I bet this is the real reason we've never met aliens, the solution to the fermi paradox is right in front of us now.

But tell me how much the earth has actually warmed up in Fahrenheit or Celsius. None of what you say is relevant unless the earth is actually warming up.

My clock tells me that it's 7:15 am.
Fucking mornings. I just want to sleep.

Unicorns are real too

Screw you scone fairy

>Comets are not real

And there are more than two genders.

I swear to God, if they rewrite the giant psychic squid again.


You talked about man made climate change, fucking autist

Any time you wanna go toe to toe, Leave the bombs at home and name a place, you mick piece of shit.

You are a fucking retard. It is, and always has been a scam for world government's to tax their populations further. It's a catch all to pass legislation like taxing mileage driven, etc.

Like the other poster said, neck yourself and don't ever post here again.


I'm calm, I'm calm...

By at least a degree Celsius, possibly multiple degrees Celsius in the Arctic, you know, the earth's air conditioner. It might not sound like a lot, but consider the kind of energy it takes to warm up an entire fucking planet by 1 degree. An energy imbalance of mind boggling proportions.

Over 500 million years we did it. We maed it bois. We warmed the earth a while degree.


Let me know when it gets to 2 minutes because I am going to rock the fuck out

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>u wot m8


>what is Vostok ice core
>California sold 'carbon credits' and pulled $1B out of corporations' asses
>literally taxing you to breath

And how do you suppose we lower greenhouse gas pollution? Get rid of power plants? Stop using cars? Even if it were happening, the only way to fix it would be to give up human necessities.

This is the CO2

what does anything youve posted have to do with the fact that our climate is visibly shifting?

Lets say we manage to avoid extinction for now.
We're still leaving this planet in a shit spot for future generations. Our primary goal is to be selfless so that at least we have something unadulterated in the future.


The thing is, our climate isn't visibly shifting ;)

Because the climate changes no matter what we do

Or maybe because retards like you only thought it was only going to get hotter so they changed it.

do you honestly think releasing co2 into the air (that came from the air in the first place) adds energy to the earth?
what the fuck are you smoking mate the only way humans can actually change anything on earth is to collect materials from outside the planet and bring them here

We're still coming out of an Ice Age you fucking cuck, of course it's getting warmer

>Whoa there samson untwist your knickers for a jiffy please

Not saying that the governments aren't exagerating it and cashing in. But man if cow farts affect the climate then so can global industry. It's really not that hard to understand. Just because governments are cashing in on it doesn't mean that it's not real.

>>earth warms up
>>panic, calls it Global warming
>>earth cools down
>>panic, calls it climate change

Listen, while I do hate you irish motherfuckers, I can't in all good conscience allow you to fuck my mum. She looks horrendous, has bad breath and is NOT a pretty sight.

There are limits to which I'm willing to go.

We have a greater chance of a nuclear exchange versus your extreme weather doomsday nonsense.

I'll take my chances. Future generations are fucked as it is given the demographics - yeah, they'll really have an unadulterated future when everywhere is a third-world shithole.


well it did technically land, just that it landed unexpectedly early and in multiple locations simultaneously

Dude you JUST called me a motherfucker

it has to happen

>tfw don't really care about getting any replies to this but just hope somebody's listening to it in the background now

Let it burn

>0 source for his data
>shows earth getting hotter naturally anyways

Two people that certainly belong in Cred Forums

I'm telling you, I'm actually trying to save what little dignity you have here...

>She looks horrendous, has bad breath and is NOT a pretty sight.

m8 we knew all that from the flag

You are correct but do not forget we get solar energy from the sun.

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>concentrated idiocy

so will i have to deal with this in my life time or am i ok

Alas, it's true. My missus is Canadian for a reason.

Nobody will ever have to deal with it, you're safe.

>not remembering the 5000 Dutch-Russian-Ukrainian clusterfuck hatewar threads last night because of the MH-17 press conference

One more minute and they could have an excuse to play iron maiden at their press conference.

you took our dignity when you replaced every potato on the island with fakes

You never need a reason to play iron maiden anywhere. You just play it and embrace how fucking awesome their earlier work is.

That's what I'm saying, they're trying to get us under control with a single world government so they can pull the rug from under our feet. One day your power is going to shut off and never turn back on again. Capitalism may be destroying the planet, but I'd rather go down free then be killed off by some political elite saving what's left for themselves. Just because I know about something doesn't mean I have a solution. We must know what our enemy knows and what's happening to figure out the best plan for survival. Survival in this case means surviving lefty scum until capitalism produces nuclear fusion.

hehe...that WAS a good prank.

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That's why we've been having all of those horrible hurricanes that climate scientists predicted.

As far as stars go, that's a yes and a no. There is a great deal about the universe that scientists do not understand, the effects of dark matter, for example.

Climate science is full of dooms day fanatics who rely on fear to get research grants.

If there isn't a problem with climate change, they are out of a job. The more they hype it up, the more they get paid. Your methane clathrate gun is a prime example of this doomsday nonsense.

If you've read so many articles, I'm sure you're well aware of the abundance of academic fraud. Articles are plagued with cherrypicking and good luck reproducing the same results that were published in the articles.

Marxism and globalism are, without a doubt, much more related to economics than climate change.

You're so woke man.

And who would drop the first nuke?

You don't think a skyrocketing population followed by drought, famine and full blown fresh water shortages soon thereafter in the more susceptible regions of the world wouldn't start massive wars for basic necessities?
Just wait for 2 years into a Clinton or Trump presidency.
I can't a glorious period of diplomacy for the US. At best with trump he abandons his plan for ISIS and leads us to a more isolationist future.

You're fucking retarded.


sorry i am retard

It's literally the only answer you'll get from these people. They're luddites. They genuinely believe that either returning to subsistence farming and pre industrial life is the answer. Failing that, falling for shitty alternate energies like solar and wind but lose their minds at the notions of nuclear power. None of the alternate energy options suppliment cars and the entire transportion industry though so petrol is still going to be a major thing. Oh and I find these rules, laws, and subsequent taxes only apply to the western powers. I don't see China or india clamoring to address their abysmal carbon footprint.

>No argument
You're done making me think, checkum and frig off

I believe that a mass cull of 75 percent of the population is the only way forward.

Start a war between India and China and you're well on your way.

Start with yourself then.

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Start with yourself then you fag.


Already well under way my friend.

I'm not Japanese but I'd probably fuck you.

Of which you would be part of the lucky 25 percent of course. Nice meme. You're definitely one of the first to go along with everyone else on this site.

We know about the affects of dark matter user.
We just can't sense it yet- or it doesn't exist. One of the two.

I agree there's a lot of shit science in this field. However, you have to be delusional to think 6 billion people burning fossil fuels all at once wouldn't amount to a change in the climate any less than a massive volcano eruption would.

>If you've read so many articles, I'm sure you're well aware of the abundance of academic fraud.

In the 8th grade, we were tasked to do a random presentation of climate change and why it doesn't exist. My teacher was a full on crazy lefty, who thought it was awesome because she once had a muslim student who would pray to Mecca in her class and was all for diversity and all that crap.

I told her I was going to do it on climate change. She said okay, and I did.

I remember researching it, in 8th grade mind you, with my mother. I remember reading articles of how some major research was essentially faked through some email leaks, and how a lot of it is over-exaggerated to get grants. I presented it will, and had stickers for those who were for or against climate change being somewhat of a hoax.

Teacher told me she had never seen a kid actually do such good research for the project and put her sticker on it being a hoax, as well as the rest of the class, except one of my friends who was an 3dg3l0rd and put it on it being real cause he wanted to stand out. He'd quote Portal constantly.

Basically, it's exaggerated. Reading all those articles, that guy had to have come across those leaked emails that debunk a major university's research because they wanted grant money.

Ahh ok is there a place in Tokyo to meet Japanese men that you know of?

>caring about the meme clock

its nothing. its some crap hippies thought up to scare people. nuclear winter isnt possible and they are no closer now to nuking each other than they were in the 70s

Yeah it's called Tokyo. Most of the guys there are Japs.

Firstly fucko, you know two things about me: Jack and Shit.

While I believe some pretty fucking extreme things, I have the conviction to follow my beliefs; I would fail any criteria in a world that embraced eugenics, and would GLADLY submit myself to be euthanised.

who the fuck is this cuck? this shit looks cozy. chill the fuck out you fucking gook.

I agree.
We need to cull a majority of the population, and quickly.

I suppose we go ahead and recolonize Africa.
It wouldn't be too hard to cut birth rates to a sub 2 No.

Ask yourself if you would rather live with more luxury and longer thanks to automatons and low population or live deprived because there are 6 googs across the street?

You first friendo, time to take one for the team!

>Carbon is dark. Dark things get hotter in the sun than white things. We've put 500 million years worth of stored black shit into the sky.

Is this an example of the american education I've heard so much about?

On my second interview to gauge eligibility.

Anglos ladies and gentlemen.


Or you could just not be a pussy and do it yourself?

Because I'd rather go with some dignity and peacefully, as opposed to violently and painfully?

I mean...I'm ill, not fucking retarded dipshit.

>400 parts CO2 per 1,000,000 equal parts of air
400/1,000,000 = 0.00004 = 0.04%

Humans can handle up to 5% of CO2 in air before they will encounter toxicity effects - or 125x this amount.

I am unconcerned. Food shortages only occur because of unrestrained breeding in the thrid world assisted and encouraged by the liberal left in the 1st world.

Avoid roppongi and kabukicho as those are prostitution/crime areas.
Bars or clubs in shibuya or shinjuku are probably a good bet I guess. I'm not in the Tokyo area and I never tried picking up men in bars so I'm not an expert.
The Hub is a good mixed gaijin/foreign bar if you want an easy mode way to meet people

Ice cores, radiometric dating, paleobotany/dendrochronology, paleontology, archaeology, meteorology, art, and literature all say you're wrong among other things. Even if you're dead set on ignoring evidence before humans we still have over ten thousand years of human related evidence to extrapolate whether we're seeing normal change or not.

You are either baiting or you're not worth the air you breath.

im on a diet anyway