Trump wants to deport latinas?


Out you Aztec filth.
You bring shame to Spain.

we are the new spain, achmed.

I've lived in many border states. How about you post what mexicans really look like you faggot. Not women that are 2/3 white.

They fill our prisons, even their women.

No, he wants to deport illegals, are you saying that all Latino Americans are illegals? You're fucking racist senpai

>there are no attractive Latinas here legally

Shit tier thread


pick one.

Yeah, the illegal ones. Did you just wake up?

People from central and south Mexico get stuck or deported to border sadly

there is literally nothing wrong with deporting illegals
>mexican intelectuals


If they're here illegally, yes. If Mexico was actually a decent country and I snuck into the country and walked around speaking my gringo language, I would expect to get deported. Why is Donald Trumps immigration reform so hard for people to understand?


"The hot ones can stay"
~Donald J Trump

I take it you haven't yet seen the video of the guy with his face, hands, feet removed getting his head sawed off with a boxcutter?

Toss out the latinas, they breed cholos.

Out out out!

It was just a prank bro

Why do you have walls on your house or wherever you live? How would you feel if I snuck into your house and ate your food? What if I used your utilities? Used some of your healthcare? I'm white btw. You're racist if you say no to any of what I've said.

what wall?

dreamers don't work for free. even its a slave wage.

Oh shit! Look up bro. Look up, over there... you see that camera? Wow, the look on your face! It was all on camera!

Get outta here dude, you got punk'd!

Don't they turn fat by their mid 20's?

Latina women age like milk

-illegal- latinas.

Oh I get it, the blue parts of that map is where the water should be.


enjoy your oompa loompa until she hits the wall

Nah they're mostly just ugly all the time. Super fat. I used to scoff at the "America so fat" meme but then I just sat down and looked around me.

Everywhere it's just squat, obese little Incas. We've been conquered by a people who engorge themselves so much as to be androgynous. It's embarrassing.


This. Mestizos are the Spanish version of WE WUZ.

That is not the typical illegal mexican immigrant. The illegal is typically fat as fuck, not sure if they're a man or woman, and ugly as fuck. Don't forget 5 kids (on welfare of course) and can't speak a lick of English.

So instead of being a virgin you'll be a virgin, taco pussy isn't anything special

someone post the smuggie

That's a Salvadorean m8.

>some latinas are fuckable
>therefore, deporting illegals is bad
Nice Jewish tactic.