I need help writing a speech for my English class. The topic is DNA journey...

I need help writing a speech for my English class. The topic is DNA journey, it's basically about how race doesn't matter and we are all connected some how. What should I write about? The teacher is a globalist.. How should I combat her, while at the same time not get an F?

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Aren't like 90% of your genes the same as a fruit fly?

Yeah we are all "connected" technically by evolution, but in the end that means jack shit.

You think being "connected" stops animals and plants from killing each other?

Fuck no even animals of the same species kill each other all the time

Oh and I need to speak for 2-3min

>we're all connected through our DNA

We aren't, though.

And 60% of your genes are in common with a tree.

>2-3 minutes

kek that's no time at all

my advice: Troll the shit out of them and talk about Abos and how they are the oldest living "types" of humans in the world who are separated from the rest of humanity by tens of thousands of years



>random graph with no description of what it represents
yes this seems very convincing thank you user

The thing that actually connects us is Christianity and that thing connecting us is our souls which will live forever in the next life that were created by the God of Christianity that is the closest thing to a "mind" than we have ever known if you right this and red-pill your class that would be based as fuck also pretty bawlsy because colleges are very anti-religious but they're stupid no one has any spiritual imagination these days every is a fag

yeah that too

It's a PC (Principle Component) graph of SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms)

It shows how related (or unrelated) you are through chromosomal DNA

Here's a map that shows the "genetic history" of humanity in a nice, neat graph

Do the assignment and keep your head down. Put your ego aside and do well in school.

Wtf, saved png

fun fact: Israel got paranoid that Slavic "non jews" were flooding Israel enmasse and now require genetic proof you are racially jewish.


Give him the red pill. Force her to swallow

Here's an even simpler one from 23andme the genetic datamining company


skull types
sickle cell anemia
i could go on

youtu.be/tyaEQEmt5ls the link to the video

That might be the right thing to do. But its boring and not my cup of tea.

>a bunch of annoying narcissists spitting into a cup.

Wow that really #CorrectedtheRecord on race

I think you could bring up racial realist arguments and """shoot them down""" with terrible counterarguments (strawman, ad hominem etc)
>Black people have lower IQ average regardless of socioeconomic background, but that's explained by racism
>There is a study that says even niggas adopted by whites have lower IQs but I feel this study is incomplete or wrong ("forget" about supporting this part)
Whether the teacher smells it and fucks you up or is too stupid and gives you an A, you win.

Read Thomas Wade's "A troublesome inheritance" and fuck her right in the pussy

>Stand up in front of class
>clear throat
>30 seconds of silence
>stare out over class
>Slide 1. Pepe the frog
>stick hand down back of pants
>crap in hand
>fling poopoo at the class

Very good advice thx

write on philosophy and journey of Diogenes instead

Prhrase it about how africans and aborigines are 'true' humans, make it seem praiseworthy. That way you convey that there are genuine substantial differences without seeming racist. Also maybe mention african pygmies.

>bring up adaptions... those don't sound racist.
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