Why do celebrities support this shrill?

Why do celebrities support this shrill?

Because Trump is even crazier than she is, and that's saying a lot.

because celebrities operate in the most jew-infested industry

Whatever lad. Trump is our last chance to defeat globalism and shut down the politicians who got us in multiple pointless wars. This is our last chance at preserving freedom of speech and our rights. Fuck you commie piece of shit.

because the GOP lost their fucking minds

how do you even go from Romney to Trump

Because the likes will it

>Trump is our last chance to defeat globalism and shut down the politicians who got us in multiple pointless wars

Too bad most ordinary people don't see it this way and literally believe everything is great as long as gas and bills are cheap. Normies have no idea what Obama's done in 8 years aside from Obamacare.

No idea. She got popular from her dad's involvement with the OJ case and pornography.


Why/how is he crazier?

>how do you even go from Romney to Trump

Ultimate irony in choice of images. Kardashian is voting for Trump

The GOP didn't do shit. Romney was a banker owned pawn. Trump won because Americans demanded it hard enough. GOP barely endorses him mostly only because they know if they don't they wont be re elected.

Because Donald Trump is a fucking embarrassment to humanity and she's the only other option.

Because many of them grew up licking Clinton's pussy as part of the MKULTRA sex slave breeding program.

Because they all want you to be slaves, entertained by their music, working your ass off so they can profit, mindless slave listening to music made by niggers, slave in his own country.

Race war now

because if they don't the synagogue will get mad at them as fuck, and the next thing you'll be hearing on the news is how this actor "accidentally" fell off a cliff, or this actress overdse on X drugs and she died, etc.

More info on that pls


shrill is an adjective, not a noun


What a bullshit lol

i dont belive youre not being sarcastic

they have to hollywood is pure liberal theyl stop hiring you if youre openly conservatively

what's this from, sounds like comedy gold

>how do you even go from Romney to Trump
Well if you looked at predictions at the starts of primaries, it was supposed to be Jeb's election cycle.

Trump just went in with his message and without spending much on the campaign he managed to beat everybody else in the race without a problems.

It simply means that Republican base generally agrees with Trump and the old evangelical-Reagnpublicans were only liked because they weren't democrats.

This is my fetish

That is my fetish.

because she made a sex tape

Celebrities don't understand the plight of the common man and see identity politics more important than fiscal politics. Thats why movie stars cared for and pushed for gay marriage over more important issues.

celebrities didn't get famous because they're smart.
if normal ppl can fall for media shilling, they can to
and also they think they're being tolerant and progressive by supporting her and that their fans will hate them if they don't

no like this guy saidthe GOP base was always people who thought what Trump is currently saying. They just went along with Romney and McCain because they simply were not Democrats. The base of the GOP is not these people who LOVe pure capitalism. They basically are just people who hate foreigners and nogs. It's kind of funny how so many political class Republicans denied themselves that the party was at it's core racist. They legit believed people cared about small government on principles and not just to fuck over coloreds.

Donald Trump literally did business with communist Cuba. If you think Donald Trump is against Globalism, get ready to be disappointed.

Honestly, he's a business man. He will side with anything that makes him money.

Because their career depends on it.

youre basis for this opinion is based on making money is bad, because youre canadian

because they get paid by her

>protectionism means you can't do business with foreign countries

>because youre canadian
fuck him, plenty of us enjoy making money. Millennials here are the reason.