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>Poor Jeremy has deluded himself into thinking that Labour in it's current state can win an election

>SNP BTFO in Holyrood health debate by opposition MSPs

>Jew Industries to use Battersea Power Station as it's HQ


>Pepe branded as a hate symbol

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Oh great, its that stupid englishman who thinks he can speak French.

Good moaning..

forgot pic

Also I fucked up the thread theme, sorry : (

There is an officer crabtree twitter account

bumming thread

Alright boys, only a few hours until train man graces our screens once more

Choo choo

>Filename: lewdchoochoo


I hate engl*nd, but that was a great show


I dont want to live on this planet anymore

Embrace Wojack

normies will never claim wojak, he's not zany enough

Normies'll claim anything branded "dank maymays" nowadays

I need to call a number in the UK and I don't know how this shit works or if there's anything special that I need to do. The internet gives advice that doesn't seem to work with the number that I have.
Never done this before.
Send help.

Did you try putting +44 at the beginning of the number?


There's no "+" on my keypad. I don't know what the fuck it means.

The number as it was given to me was written as +44 (0)24 #### ####
Supposedly I should put "011" before the country code for international calls, but the country code is only supposed to be two digits.
What is that "+," and what is that "(0)" there?

Put 44 then the number including the 0

I think you'd just dial 011 then just try 44 without the plus

Just dial 01144024-the rest. You dumb fuck

you dial +44 24
no zero
Try dialing +44 14 19 99

I've never done this before.

Perfect examples of non-conflicting Cred Forums advice

M8 just try a bunch of shit until it works

Just ring +44 14 19 99 and see if it works

011 is the US code for making an international call (here it's 00) which repaces the '+'. Then enter the country code (44). Then the area code without the leading 0, then the local number.



Injured servicemen in my area are facing long waits for treatment from the NHS. I know this is down to the EU, but now that I saw sense and voted for Brexit, how long until the NHS gets its annual uplift of £18.2 billion in funding lads?

Once we deport all the JFs, lad.

Just imagine if we had another war lads. Our women would be doomed. Left on their own with a bunch of bloody Muslims with no one to protect them

Jesus Christ. I can't believe how much our country has been destroyed.

It's absolutely depressing

Force conscription?

>only 20
>already going bald


I wouldn't worry too much lad
If there is another major war it'll be with a paki country anyway, most of them would be immediately detained as potential enemy agents

Found it hard to find in catalogue, lad.

"Brit/pol/" doesn't work because of the space.

Just search brit lad, it's pretty easy to find from there

Just stepped on the scales and I'm quarter of a stone heavier than two months ago as well.

I really like Corbyn, I wish him a very long life and hope he remains leader of the Labour party throughout.

Peter Hitchens is speaking at my uni next week, what sort of stuff should I ask him?

Just shave it off lad

shave it off and go for a run fatty

What's he speaking about?

Get on my level

Fiancé doesn't want me to.
Might just do it though.
Should I post progress? Nobody will tell me straight how bad it looks. Mates will go from "it looks terrible, kill yourself." to "nah it really doesn't look bad." so idk how it looks to other people.

Looks like shit to me though.

why are labour politicians sexier than conservative?

ask him what his favourite milk is

>Age 20

Shave your entire head off, lad

Childhood sweetheart lad.

Well it's a debate titled "This House Believes The Nation State is an Outdated Concept"
It's obviously semi-skimmed, what sort of faggot drinks otherwise

Ask him what he likes about the Conservative party

Shave it off, I started losing it at 19, do a grade 1 or 0.1. If your going bald the sooner you shave it off the sooner you get over it and accept it. Now i'm 28 and wet shave it like a real man

Just a tip so you complete runts stop embarrassing yourselves:

Fiancé = man
Fiancée = woman

Yea I don't really give a shit about the minyoushey of some little word.

i think he's a full fat kind of hitch desu famalam

Why propose so young. I've been with my girlfriend for seven years

>The nation state is obsolete

These will be the same people who argued that the EU wasn't about abolishing the nation state

Congratulations, what's his name?!

Found the moor.

She was born in the US, grew up in the UK, went to school here, but moved back to USA. Getting married so soon so I can move over with her.

>Getting this much shit for missing off an e

Oh well, I suppose that means it's a well considered decision and you're not a fuck up, then


You being cheeky mate?

I'm being bullied on so many levels here. Help. What was that one website where you could go to if you were triggered and submit a report? I need it asap. I'm literally shaking

I was going to make the joke implying you were gay before the other user pointed out the missing e. If you are getting married soon your fiancée is probably right as she wants you to have hair in the wedding photos.

>website where you could go to if you were triggered and submit a report?

Not quite, it was like, a thing where you could link the bit of tumblr that triggered you and loads of people would go there and report it as abuse or whatever.

>not sorted into folders per season with cover art and all episodes correctly titled and a Season 0 full of specials

You've got potential, son. But you're not there yet.


>Keep seeing shadow people walking past the corner of my eye.

Is this schizophrenia lads? Seriously spooping me out.


Nice one mate

Ask him something about Syria

It's lack of sleep.

I work nights, so that would make sense.

Might be a lack of sleep, usually get that when I pull a couple of back-to-back all nighters

Diane Abbot proves otherwise.

It's always very surreal whenever I see someone from places like Bulgaria, Latvia or fucking Uzbekistan say they watch our TV.

I mean it's not like BBC dramas which I know are exported pretty regularly to other countries, it's shows like Coronation Street, where I once had a fucking Estonian LIVING in Estonia tell me she watched it.

Have you taken any drugs?


>shadow people
Move out of Luton lad

She should have stuck with the afro tbqh

Yep, that'll do it. Working nights is incredibly unhealthy for you, and seeing shadows and shadow figures is one of the top symptoms of sleep deprivation.

I have several new high calibre Karens that can pretty much destroy the US political system. How do someone deploy them responsibly?

Still haven't found the specials with good quality and the original 4x3 format

It's only for a year, will that fuck me up much?

Put them in a bunker and enforce a two-man rule with regards to their deployment.

do you live in london or birmingham? theres lots of shadow people there.

Diane "lol wite people" Abbot

>tfw starting to unJUST myself after 2 or 3 years of being completely worthless

Small steps so far but still, feelsgoodman

Good lad.

How old are you? How are you progressing?

sadly, you probably never will. The Beeb had a habit of just binning old film stock. And NOWADAYS they'd see 'Allo 'Allo as not PC and have probably actively purged it.

>I was just pissin' by and thought I would droip oin

>my phone plan doesn't actually support international calls
>had to e-mail them instead
>no instant resolution to my question
>worry that they may not get back to me in time
>now I have to stay awake waiting for them to respond

This goddamned school had better be worth it.

>red hair
Get this genetic garbage out of brit/pol/

>why are Labour politicians sexier than Conservative
Because attractive conservatives become journalists, not MPs

was this just a bad haircut? or full on fatty? Degenerate lifestyle?

Who says Cred Forums can't change your life for the better.

Get plenty of sleep during the day, stay hydrated and do some light exercises every day and you'll be completely fine.

For some reason I enjoy british accent and slag compared to US english. I wish I could live in English for some time to hear ordinary people. Pic unrelated.

Not for a year, just make sure you get good sleep when you can and are active to stay healthy and keep your immune system good.

29, was full-blown alchy mental case/homeless on and off for a while. Still got some things to sort out before I can get back to full time work but just being relatively normie feels fucking amazing at the moment

We're full

>A police officer is being rapped over the knuckles by his superiors, just for standing up for himself.

>Faced with Kurdish protestors in central London who were telling him to “get out of here”, the PC responded by saying “you don't tell me what to do in my country”. Was he backed up by his superiors when outnumbered by a shouty mob? No, of course not.

>He is now under investigation for alleged racism and using “discriminatory language”. He is not impressed. He is accusing his superiors of “oppressive political correctness”, a trait which means that many of his colleagues are “afraid to do their jobs properly” for fear of being stitched up by their desk-bound bosses.

Nice. Moving to the US in a year. Gonna get me some freedums

heres one you retard

No wonder they can't control the muzzie rape gangs if they can't even say what their country is out loud.

>red hair

literally anti-white

Good for you, chief. Sincerely.

That's great lad but I'm actually a britbong, I have no clue why Cred Forums gives me a US flag. I might have to use a trip.

>red hair

kys desu senpai

I remember hearing that over half of police officers in East? London are Pakis. They probably cover up a fair bit of crime tbqh


this is nice

Liam Fox won't stop talking about how globalism is good.

We had that show aired on our national TV since the early 2000's way up until 2010 probably who gives a fuck anyways. We grew up with that shit and it was pretty hilarious watching it as a kid. We truly appreciate British humour, unlike the rest 90% of the world that think it's shit.

And here's a fuck ugly Labour one, what's your point

>being attracted to scots and paddies
kek desu

I know that Only Fools and Horses is huge in Serbia as well.

I was pissing by the window...

How is life in Bulgaria my dude

Why doesn't he resign then, individual nation states and governments are meaningless under globalism.

mfw labour's shadow education secretary left school at 16 pregnant with no qualifications

Those dislikes


yea but like... is there ready access to food? how much disposable income do you have? etc etc

I hope she has a long and successful acting career.

She seems like a nice girl.

she has big tits though

>you live in a country where Education Ministers never taught in their life
>Health Ministers hold zero medical degrees
>Defence Ministers never served a day in the armed forces

I hate our party system sometimes.

Bulgaria's not a complete dive lad, it has shit parts but they're not fucking Romania

please stop reminding me that people have sex that young

>is there ready access to food?
Bulgaria is a civilised country, it's not so bad there's no food. Come on.

It's a good thing desu, parliament is supposed to be representative
Unless you're seriously implying that someone who left school at 16 pregnant and with no qualifications somehow isn't representative of Labour voters

>tfw gave a random Romanian user a fiver over paypal.

He wasn't begging, we just had a "post your nations best food" thread and he complained of Romania being so shitty he could barely afford food.

Asked for his paypal and sent him £5. Felt good desu. He thanked me a bunch and went out and bought potatoes and onions.

>tfw I heard two lads at uni discussing Counter Signal Memes for Fashy Goys this morning

>implying it wasn't an act
>implying he didn't use it to buy toothbrushes to sharpen into shivs and coathangers for boosting cars

What were they saying?

>implying there's a huge difference between Romania and Bulgaria

It was nothing to me. I could piss on £5 for all I care. It made very little difference to me and if he was being genuine, it made a big difference to him.

Sooo yea

I know parliament is suppose to be representative but it baffles me that parliament also gets to form governments and draft laws.

If anything Generals and Admirals should be in control of the armed forces, the best educators in the country in charge of education and the best medical practitioners in charge of healthcare.

Having some bumfuck Labour or Tory members drafting laws and controlling these areas makes fucking zero sense.

Doesn't make you any less of a retard, old chum

You dont want that!
Ordinary people speak as David Beckham.

>I could piss on £5
You literally can piss on the new ones

I don't get why people think this is a good thing.
Politician's get pilloried for being from a private school by the media and general public but I'd take someone educated in Eton any day over someone educated at some shitty comprehensive school with crappy qualifications.

the 2015 intake of Labour MPs was noticeably more left wing. loads of them support Corbyn (Cat Smith, Richard Burgon, Clive Lewis, Andy McDonald, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Rachael Maskell)

You can get 5kg of potatoes in UK here for £2. Wonder what he spent the rest on.

>his postcode doesn't begin with W1
the poor life must be hard

couldn't really listen, they were walking the other way and I had to get to another lecture, just heard them talking and laughing about it


Aye lad, it is

i want to squish her qt thighs

5kg of spuds is like 15 potatoes dude.

He said he was getting that and onions, so he probably did exactly that.

idk maybe I made that guy the richest guy in Romania.

>donate a fiver
>check the news
>BREAKING: Romania announces space program

British MPs and Lords getting Irish Passports.

Why is Northern Ireland stopping this.

capitalist pig

earmuffs yes

Shit, I mean why is Northern Ireland not stopping this?

>If anything Generals and Admirals should be in control of the armed forces, the best educators in the country in charge of education and the best medical practitioners in charge of healthcare.

Most shit-tier normie opinion I've read all day, congratulations


My mum visited Romania when Ceausescu was still in charge, told me of how horrific it was and how desperate people were for food. It's why I donated the money tbqh.

>mfw it's real

It's like living a an episode of the thick of it


>(((politicians))) who have a collective IQ of 50 should draft laws regarding the military, healthcare and education

I see you britts are going for fatties?

You shouldn't be able to have more than one citizenship if you're standing for Parliament tbqh, and should have to renounce any non British ones you already have before being allowed to stand
How can you properly serve the country if only half of your loyalty is here

I just want a nice chubby/soft girl to cuddle

They bring in actual experts, have you even heard of the civil service? How old are you?

It's just another futile effort to try and stir things up. Nothing much will come of it, it never does.
People won't flee in droves in America if Trump is elected, as they didn't when Brexit was confirmed or when Labour was replaced by a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

She proudly announced it to the conference yesterday. Sounds really slow and thick.

What books is brit/pol/ reading?

What do you slavs go for?


Of course they do mate.

pics of her? I'm at work

>Co-workers talking about how it's international coffee day or some shit
>tfw drinking earl grey

I'm a madman

You britts sure are going for the fatties.

The Communist Manifesto

Lithuanians ain't no slavniggers.

Generals and Admirals are literally the only case where this argument makes any sense whatsoever

>putting teachers in charge of Education
Teachers are fucking mongs who give zero shits about education and all of their shits about their own working conditions.
>muh OFSTED is evil and stressful
>we should be judged by (((improvement metrics))) not how well our students do
>league tables are bad because they let parents choose good schools over shit ones
>mo money fo dem programs

And could you imagine the state of the NHS budget if doctors were in charge? It'd fucking explode

In large part that's what the Lords is supposed to be for. Expecting the Commons to be full of experts is daft.

Anything that shares a grandparent


It's for art reference mostly but I'm still reading it through all the same.

Crimea - Trevor Royle
Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

Don't assume we do the same thing you do in Pakistan.

I mean having the best educators and doctors with decades of experience in the field, not your run of the mill knobs who will only think

>gib moar munny!

That's literally what all of them think.

>5kg of spuds is like 15 potatoes dude.
You made me check but my 2kg bag has about that many decent sized potatoes and lasts me a week or more. Anyway this discussion is pretty Irish-tier.

Being a good teacher or doctor doesn't really qualify you to write laws on education and health. Nor is it a guarantee of getting elected.

The Way of Zen

I think the problem with the whole technocrat idea of having doctors in charge of healthcare, teachers in charge of education etc. is that actually administering these things takes a whole different set of skills to actually working in them. You could take the best heart surgeon in the world but there's no reason why he'd be able to find his own arse with a flashlight when it came to budgeting healthcare and integrating all the different branches efficiently etc. Having said that it runs the other way too, I think it's retarded that professionals aren't used as consultants more to make sure what''s going on 'on the ground' and the higher up stuff aren't completely at odds.

Why can't Corbyn just take a harder stance on immigration lads? He'd win back the working-class from UKIP, storm to victory at the general, and return this country to the strong socialist republic it was destined to be. Instead he's let his mind be corrupted by cucked modern liberals, and will get BTFO in the general and we'll have decades more of globalist neoliberal corporate puppets.

>let's put a teacher in charge of education, surely they will act in the best interests of the country and not in the best interests of other teachers, whom they have spent their entire lives working with and for
k e k

I love these threads for the constant Karen-chan references.

God bless you desu

I agree, I'd like to imagine that's what the secretaries are doing but the way they've been behaving over the past few decades leaves me doubtful.

>Why doesn't Corbyn just change his policies to get elected
Sounds like Blarite thinking to me, comrade.

Comrade Corbyn is a cuck.

>return this country to the strong socialist republic it was destined to be

Fucking hell lads.

Might have to pick this up.

Don't even like FIFA but sill

because the working class is international

fug me too

Wait until after Christmas lad, that new version is coming out so the old ones will go ridiculously cheap soon

I think that deep down he already knows all the flaws of this mass immigration nonsense but has tried to soften his policies to win over Labour MPs. He's done the same thing with feminism, even though he knows that's a load of nonsense too. So he's currently cucked, but needs to return to his core beliefs. I have no evidence whatsoever for these beliefs desu, it's just wishful thinking.

Don't really care about the 4k shit though because I don't have a 4k tv. I also want it NOW. not in three months so fuck you

Holy fuck that's a cheap PS4
Fuck fifa though


I didn't say buy the new one, the new one's shite. Just wait for it to come out and the current one will drop below £100

There's a new PS4 model coming out soon, just get that.

>pay £200 extra for the same product because it has better upscaling


Who /Waitrose/ here?

£150 is still a bit too much just to play Bloodborne.

Flatmate just got the Xbox Scorpion...and all he plays on it is fifa

I hope original PS4 doesn't become obsolete soon
I only got mine 2 years ago :

mind you don't get purged by the corbyn fans lad

Finishing off pic related

Gas the yanks to be honest.

Gas the oligarchs, monarchy now.

i cant play with playstation controllers, ive been an xbox man all me life, my hands are used to the xbox controllers

he needs immigrants to pay for his magic money tree

also he hates Britain and he knows immigration is a good way to destroy it

Until Dawn was pretty good too

It's literally the same console it's got at least two more years in it yet. Probably a lot longer than that because
>muh ten year long generations

Corbyn fans love Waitrose lad, it lets them buy their premium cava and delicate pastries guilt-free because it's employee owned
It's the old Labour vote that doesn't since it's full of poshos

toffs out reeeeee

I become different in the presence of pecan and brandy processed mincemeat pies user, they'd never take me alive.

>tried to soften his policies to win over Labour MPs
That's not what his big throbbing MANdate is for. He doesn't see the flaws of mass immigration for the same reasons he doesn't see the flaws in socialism.

here lad.

Waitrose or Sainsbury's only. everything else can get fucked.

I reckon he does see the flaws in both, he just genuinely believes they can both be remedied by throwing money at them for the rest of eternity

Which is part of why he's entirely unelectable, he'd rather let a disaster happen and then fix it with fantasy economics than prevent said disaster in the first place

Why are we letting numale: the company vandalise the Battersea power station?

>tfw i like posting in brit/pol/ more than australia threads

brit/pol/ is the only regular regional thread here

Brits are the masters of comfy.

That is a lovely cottage though. Thatch roofing ftw.

PS what

>In the EU it is illegal under the Plant Variety and Seeds Act 1964 (with many amendments) for an individual or organisation to give, trade or sell seed of an older variety of wheat (or any other agricultural crop) to a third party for growing purposes, subject to a significant fine.[9] Because of this legislation, thatchers in the UK can no longer obtain top quality thatching straw grown from traditional, tall-stemmed varieties of wheat.

Who /hyped for Ryder Cup/ here?

I almost forgot what rage felt like for 5 seconds.

just fuck my housing up senpai

Not me tbqh, Ryder Cup is a fucking meme. Just puts a gap in the season. Probably just going to wait for the Safeway Open now and see how cucked Tiger gets


>mfw reported BBC articles specifically mentioning skin colour
>mfw I forgot to put an email in for a reply

Why can't the article be "Police officer shoots man in X". Instead it's "White Police officer shoots black man/teen in X". They bring up colour all the time. It encourages racism, segregation and "us and them" mentality. If BBC is going to go liberal, I'm going to use it against them.

Another SNP mp arrested for dodgy finances.

1. corbyn posters
2. MILF posters
3. comfy posters
4. sitcom posters
5. blair posters
9000. k stew posters
9001. feel posters
9004. moog posters
90001. mosley posters
90002. nazi posters
90000000000000000. karen posters

>Captain is a Brit
>of the 5 vice-Captains, 3 are Brits
>of the 12 players, 7 are Brits

>not including Gibraltar, Bermuda, Falklands, Cayman Islands, St Helena et al and so on.

Anyone on here ever done a course with the Open University?

I'm an autist who left school without any qualifications because of muh anxiety but I is smart and want to get back in the saddle.



she has massive babylons to be fair

I didn't make it I just nicked it. If you want to update it be my guest.

what about woesposters?

Every Karenpost is another step to crushing the Blairite Corbyn Milf ruling class.

>1. corbyn posters
>2. MILF posters
>3. comfy posters
>5. blair posters
>9001. feel posters

>tfw all of these

kek, nice

I believe your map is based on outdated history, comrade.

Early morning 'merican here

I just watched this and was wondering what unholy creature this is.

>moog posters

But karenposting is a great patriotic past time though.


alongside k stew posters

forgot moral posting as well, which would go in the top ten

MILF posting is also comfy posting

lel stiliyan

>tfw all of them

>ive been an xbox man my whole life
>ive been a labour man my whole life


Just had an interview at Greggs.

wew lads, pretty shit standards there

tell us what happened lad

heard they get a lot of racists in

Now the racists are running Greggs, how times have changed.

Quintessential MILF

I do these ones.

>1. corbyn posters
>5. blair posters
>9001. feel posters
>9004. moog posters
>90000000000000000. karen posters

I had to go watch how the store ran for 15 minutes, taking notes on five categories, then just answered questions and discussed the role.

Everyone there was white and English desu.

Also there were two really fit girls working there. Which surprised me since I thought Greggs was staffed 90% by women over 35.


Doesn't even deserve a proper chevron.

>I b-b-believe in a peaceful world!
>I w-w-will lead the world to peace!
>I w-will disarm our nuclear deterrent! This will lead to world peace! Obviously the rest of the world will disarm and every scientists who can make nukes will die, every single explanation on how to make them will disappear and nobody will lie and keep some behind just like they did with Smallpox!
>Going to make a perfect socialist world!
>Thankfully I'll be at the top :^)
>"Everybody is equal, some are more equal than others"

Starting Open Uni degree on Saturday, idgaf

>just opened a death camp aisle at greggs lads

what subject?


PS4 controller is much comfier than Xbone controller tbqh, Xbone has fucking awful bumpers and the thumbsticks are made of horrible hard plastic. Face buttons are better too because they're flat instead of convex
360 controller was much better than PS3 (and remains better than Xbox One)

>he wouldn't have a right good go on Oakeshott given half a chance
wew lads, looks like we got us one o' them queers


Me too lad, what are you studying

I want an edit of this, but about identifying "cults". Since nu-labour is literally a cult. Have you seen the shit lol?

Fug, should've refreshed

>Liam Fox signals Britain will leave the single market in 'hard Brexit'



It's everything I want.

>40+ years old



>Just had an interview at Greggs.


Just another 7 hours work to go lads. Been here 5 already.

Kill me

>what are MILFS

Holy shit, Priti's met everyone recently

I've just started a part-time job at Greggs.
>mfw i have to work with someone with a learning disability.

Better hurry up and get your trench coat lad, the nurseries will be letting out soon

12 hour shift? That sucks mate. Only jobs ive had to do 12 or more hours is labouring and barman

You mean the candyvan

>yfw you end up in Strasbourg trying to prove the mini pasty ovens couldn't possibly cremate millions of people over the time you worked there

Who /hyped for QT/ here?

Security guard here, work 250 hours a month





Who's on

Excuse me, wanking and seeing how many jaffa cakes you can fit in your mouth at once counts as work

>tfw working an 11 hour shift in a bookies Sunday because my boss wants to watch the Ryder Cup at work
>Shop is pretty quiet so will just read Lord of the Rings and do crosswords all day

Pretty comfy desu

Priti, Woolfe and some other fags.


I imagine Liddle and Burgon will go mad at each other

Wow it's fucking nothing.

he will get promoted to store manager before you

I'm in the nhs unfortunately having to cover in several places throughout the day. The last 4 hours will just be in medical records so boring as fuck but not mentally taxing at all

Boring is comfy

meh, im only gonna be working there for a year.