Can someone redpill me on Singapore?
Is there anything wrong with this country?

Why does it look so nice and so clean compared to the rest of the world, surely something must be off?

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Everything is nice and clean as long as you play by its rules. Step out of line and it's a world of hurt. Not to say that its rules are fairly reasonable for the greater good. Probably not a good place for the nonconformist or the person who likes to test boundaries.

Singapore shit

Malaysia stronk

what rules?

I love Singapore. It's clean, friendly, modern, rich, festive, well-positioned, well-decorated, safe, well-defended, culturally well-developed, financially prudent, politically stable, and completely lacking in niggers. Furthermore, immigration is well-controlled and prioritizes the technically and professionally skilled.

No chewing gum
Ne eating on the metro
No drinking in public after 22:30
No littering

Lots of petty offences carry heavy punishment but it pays dividends when you see how clean the place is.

> t. Lee Kuan Jew

Nice try faggot

Worst thing about Singapore is the Malaysians.

So why don't more people move there?

It's hot

He literally commented on how they restrict immigration in his list of pros.

These sound reasonable des u except for chewing gum.

Very fine police state, enjoy your stay at any local jail for doing an ounce of weed. Best economy SEA

p.s. malayshit is a faggot

That fucking humidity. Nightlife is awesome there.

Any Americans here ever move there?

he forgot to add no smoking in public areas, heavily monitored internet, zero tolerance on pornography, and lots of other stupid ass liberal pandering shit.

also if you talk shit about the kikes or just be a lil bit racist you're gonna get it.

Very little crime. 0% homelessness and extremely low unemployment. A free market system with almost no welfare, aside from subsidized housing.

On paper it's a utopia, but the main conflict within the country is that it's culture is essentially non-existent/closing in on orwellian. It's really hard to explain if you haven't spent a few weeks there or studied it, but essentially the government is extremely involved to "social discipline" programs that in the end destroy any sense of individuality or culture within the nation.

I know you might be thinking, "wow that sounds great, fuck degeneracy," but they really do take it overboard. Like I said, it's hard to explain if you haven't studied it or been there for an extended period of time.

I can answer questions about it if anyone is interested

That doesn't sound bad to live in for a few years.

Can you try to expand more on what you said? I'm just wondering because some girl I met today used to live there and she was going off on how great it was and how she wants to go back after uni. There has to be something wrong with it right?

singapore is literally vancouver with less freedom.

No thanks.

We import all the smart people from neighbouring countries and then destroy their genes with our birthrate of 1.1.

In a sensible world that looked to the long term our leaders would be frogmarched straight to the Hague. No-one is doing more damage than us to the eugenic prospects of mankind.

The thing is...
Chink culture IS extremely simplistic and not individualistic
All extended family members meet on a night of either jan or feb, visit the dead once a year and take good care of your own parents
Not sure what others are hoping

Why is that?

My sister lived there for a while. She said that it seemed nice enough at first, but eventually it just got creepy, as though you were living in a fascist Disneyland. She was also always worried that she was going to break some law or other that she didn't know existed.

Basically the government actively and literally discourages free expression, individuality, creativity, and dissenting opinions at every opportunity. Seriously - every opportunity. You literally cannot walk around Singapore without hearing or seeing some government sponsored sign/music/video telling you who you are and how you should act.

This may be true, but they take it to an extreme. Even in Hong Kong or Japan there is a sense of spontaneity. You won't find that in Singapore.


Don't know if this is accurate but your description really reminded me of this video. Would you say this is somewhat accurate?

If people internalize everything then they would have a rich fantasy. Yet, Japan makes good anime while there's no good creative media from Singapore. Explain that.

I'm not sure what you're asking, friend. There's no good creative media from Singapore because they discourage individuality and any form of "protest" is heavily heavily socially discouraged

Why is what?
Why do we import them?
Why is the birthrate so low?
Why do people need to go to the Hague?
Why is no-one doing more eugenic damage?

Singapore is clean and modern. But it's also sterile, like a hospital it lacks soul.

Singapore really is quite a good place to live and work, taking into account the good and the bad.

There's no real inherent 'flaw' so to say, but certain aspects of culture in many vibrant Asian cities may be quite difficult to accept at first.

>because they discourage individuality and any form of "protest" is heavily heavily socially discouraged
Its the same shit in japan.

Yes all of those
Also would it be worth it to live there for a couple of years, make good money, and move back to the states?

Singapore is the highest that Asiatic races can aspire to. Materially well off, stable, prosperous, but without soul or depth or beauty.

singapore a shit

yeah, that's the gist of it. The only major exception I'd make is that the government doesn't encourage "cut throat capitalism," or crazy materialism, however it does kind of exist despite the government's effort. There is an emphasis on community and being kind to one another.

Agreed. But better Malays than niggers.

It's a police state with mandatory military service
Its spotless because if you break even the smallest crime the police will fuck you up

I've lived in Singapore for short periods in the past. I have a number of friends there.

1) There is no smoking in most public areas in the U.S. as well, and smoking is unhealthy for bystanders and fouls up the air. It is reasonable to ban smoking in most public areas.

2) Using a VPN or Tor is trivial. Also, Internet is heavily monitored in the U.S. as well.

3) Your comment on pornography is bullshit as well. I regularly streamed porn over hotel and mobile Internet. The government maintains a symbolic blocklist of the top few sites but does nothing beyond that, and it is easily circumvented if you care that much. It was never intended to be enforceable.

4) "liberal pandering shit" quite the opposite. It's the legacy of Confucianism and Legalism. I suppose you are Malay. Perhaps you wouldn't understand.

again, it's not nearly at the same level. Sure Japan is nationalistic, but even a protest as tame as this would be absolutely unthinkable in Sinapore.

Weed causes demonstrable reductions in IQ and cognitive abilities more generally with prolonged usage. Numerous studies have demonstrated this. It is about as harmful as being a hardcore alcoholic, cognitively at least.

Agreed on both counts. At least there is nearly-contiguous air-conditioning in the underground mall thoroughfares.

But it encourages positive behavior and discourages degeneracy and crime. Singapore is one of the only places in the world where subway stations are clean and safe, for instance.

Actually housing there is quite affordable compared to other major financial hubs. It is much cheaper than NYC, London, SF, HK, or Dubai. Roughly on par with Chicago cost-wise, maybe a bit more if you are not a citizen and don't qualify for the various housing subsidies.


LOL what?

These are signs of a healthy society. Positive family interaction is strongly correlated with subjective levels of happiness. You're just butthurt that you live in the 2nd-world country next-door.

It actually has quite a lot of art, festivals, museums, public exhibits, etc. If by "soul" you mean "gritty urban poverty-tourism and drug addictions," then sure, it lacks that. But if you want that, just stay in the U.S.

>no positive family interactions despite being east asian.

Keep it going Singapore.


Singapore imports smart people because it has very low tax and a very developed international business focused economy. So it attracts... everyone who has the head to work in international businesses, which tend to be smart people.

But then its standard working week is something like 45 hours (and that's just the on-paper figure), and shit is expensive here. Meaning that everyone is too tired, financially insecure, and ground down by soulless state-capitalist conformity propaganda to get drunk and have sex and knock grills up.

From a socio-genetic point of view, it's these people who NEED to be breeding to produce the 130IQ ubermensches that can direct a world creaking at the seams with 70IQ Islamig gommunist rapebabbies.

The fact that the Singapore government's economic-social-cultural engineering discourages them from doing so is basically a crime against humanity. It's like the Emperor went out into the galaxy, gathered up all the painstakingly genetically engineered geneseed, then got back to Terra and threw it in the trash instead of founding the Spess Marines. It's short-term profiteering at the expense of long-term capital production, ramped up to 11.

I guess you could come and try to earn some dollar, but frankly you're more likely to come back dead inside than rich. Especially if you're not an (((international financial analyist))).

See: Also lots of delicious Chinese/Indian/Indonesian food everywhere, and very cheap.

macau is literally better.

... huh? Singapore has pretty high levels of family cohesiveness. Partly because it is tiny and even people who study/work abroad tend to come back and visit often. I'm not sure what point you were trying to make.

it's pretty fucking miserable, honestly. Nice place to make decent money though as long as you don't blow all of it on the ridiculous cost of living, which you probably will.

Macau is just China's attempt at Las Vegas. Plus Portuguese influences. Singapore is much more economically diversified, less corrupt, and better-planned.

>It actually has quite a lot of art, festivals, museums, public exhibits, etc

So does every other country in the world.

>Also lots of delicious Chinese/Indian/Indonesian food everywhere, and very cheap.

Big fucking deal.

Singapore is the most cultureless state in the world. Deal with it.

>comparing the regulations of the us to singapore
Singapore is Nazi strict. The cops wouldnt think twice about issuing you a ticket for the slightest demeanor.

>us is heavily monitored
Cred Forums is a US based website and Cred Forums is still alive. If the same shit is hosted in singapore it would cease to exist

>pornsites are still blocked
weird you didnt compare this one with the US

Any speech about Anti semitism and racism can easily get you stuffed in jail. Free speech in singapore is about as free as north korea only its the liberal version.

Get your head out of your ass and stop bullshitting about places you never visit.


Singapore is a lot of things but cheap is not one of them

What type of cultural influence are you looking for, that it lacks?

Dumb shit. Do you even know how huge Las Vegas is?

Oh, I think you misunderstood me - I read in that post that Singapore has high levels of positive familial relations, and I thought that was great and so I wished them well.

I have lived there for extended periods. I have friends there who I communicate with often.

>Why does it look so nice and so clean compared to the rest of the world, surely something must be off?
Strict laws.

Singapore has more regulations than Best Korea, it's the ultimate nanny state.

You will see signs everywhere forbidding basically most human behavior. Any talk about politics against the dictatorship is a bad idea, jaywalking is a bad idea, getting caught with drugs or porn is a really, really bad idea.

It's mainly a money based society so the more money you have the more freedom. If you're ultra rich you can do whatever you want so long as you stay out of politics.

It is all relative. For me, the other cities available for my industry were all more expensive, except Chicago.

>57 replies
>this gets posted every fucking week

There are absolutely ZERO things that people can identify as uniquely Singaporean culture.

Lived there for 4 years, the 2 main problems with it is space and the Indians. Other than that it's like a easy mode version of Asia.

Oh, oops you were talking about "cheap" in the context of my comment on food. Um. You can get a pretty good dinner for like SGD 5-8. That's cheap by western urban standards.

I spent 3 years living there while my parents worked at the embassy

Amazing place really and it became that way because of an essentially fascist government (fascist in the political sense not the SJW "everything I don't like is fascist!" sense)

Cleanest country I've ever been to
The best meal of my life was at a restaurant there
Everything runs on time and is extremely efficient
It is very expensive to afford housing there though but aside from that the cost of living is fairly low


It's Hong Kong lite, a grey city built by suits for suits. No normal people, no land and certainly no culture. Just a metropolis masquerading as a state. Their main income is their port and with that their ''''''country'''''' is effectively just a pit stop for people on their way to real countries.

Chili crab, Merlion, Sentosa, shopping-mall-tunnels, various really cool-looking buildings, Singlish "lah", etc. Just because it's a small country doesn't mean it lacks local character. It just doesn't spend much time trying to broadcast it to the world like the U.S. and Japan do.

>It's Hong Kong lite

Nailed it on the head. I would go further and call it "Hong Kong without any flavor"

> There are absolutely ZERO things that people can identify as uniquely Singaporean culture
This, pretty much.
We're essentially a fake country. We only exist because our leaders attempted a Jewish cryptocoup in Malaysia but fucked it up and got the banhammer dropped on them.
So Singaporean culture is basically "overwork" and "hawker centers", which are basically canteens all built to look like the set of a low-budget 1980s Chinese kung-fu movie.

nice and clean, strict government, except the air is literally un-breathable for 3 months of the year due to Indonesia burning their forests to build palm oil plantations

Gay, Vegas only looks good over heard during night time shots. IRL Vegas looks cheap and seedy. Was there this august for defcon.

Hawker food carts are awesome in Singapore. $2 you can get a bowl of apparently now Michelin star quality food

It really is a money worshipping society though, much like Hong Kong which is essentially what Singapore is: Hong Kong in Malaysia

Hong Kong is dirty and overcrowded and it's been getting worse ever since Britain's lease on it ran up

The Chinese did however wipe out the Triads who had made Hong Kong home

If you were living in a tiny, rich, highly-advanced country surrounded by much larger, poorer, less-developed countries, you would be grateful for military service as well. It is analogous to Israel's military service requirement and it is completely justified.

>This thread
Has everyone on Earth been to Singapore then? I've never even left Ontario.

You can also straight up buy your wife in Singapore. They import girls from Vietnam, you go to a shopping mall and meet them, pay the $6-10k or so and walk away with a wife.

Malaysian Chinese are ok...right guys?

Singaporean men are beta

Not as big or commercially successful as macau? go ahead and look up money in both places.

>IRL Vegas looks cheap and seedy

you've obviously never seen irl vegas

that tower in the background looks hideous

Complaint about Indonesian fires is accurate, unfortunately. Limited power to fix that currently, apart from spending more time indoors which helps, and which you will want to do anyway because of air conditioning.

why is gorrilla grodd so erect?

>Chili crab, Merlion, Sentosa, shopping-mall-tunnels, various really cool-looking buildings, Singlish "lah", etc.
I am thoroughly unimpressed. As a matter of fact, your little list reconfirmed my opinion that Singapore has absolute shit for culture.

>Just because it's a small country doesn't mean it lacks local character. It just doesn't spend much time trying to broadcast it to the world like the U.S. and Japan do.
Singapore has no culture. Deal with it, buddy. I've been there before.

To each, their own. Enjoy the gangsta rap and SJWs here, I guess.

You can do that anywhere in the world except you'll have to travel to the Ukraine or Vietnam or the Philippines or Russia or wherever you want your wife to be from to pick her out

Quick google search will reveal hundreds of companies who specialize in this sort of thing, many of which are quite reputable

I would never do it just because I want a wife who actually desires me and isn't looking for a one way ticket out of the third world

Didn't/Doesn't Singapore have a state sponsored dating service?

the only culture of singapore i can think of are going jail for chewing gum and public caning for littering

Death penalty for possession of drugs even thc

Vegas is no longer cheap and seedy it's been Disney-fied hard in order to appeal to a wider demographic

The only remnant of old Vegas left is Downtown which is filled with old people and gambling addicts

Me either but pretty sure Singapore is the only place on earth where there's literally a physical building and you walk in and select a wife out of a book, meet her in the mall food court 20 mins later, and then get married for a price.

Of course only for other singaporeans

the only culture I can think of for Malaysia is trash everywhere and jungles and a leader who stole a billion dollars into his personal accounts right under your corrupt noses.

Hong Kong really isn't all that dirty if you compare it to most cities. If you compare Singapore with any other city then everything is going to be dirty.

Malaysia still suck ass thanks to islam

Please free us from Islamic oppression

Money isn't everything. There is not a single person in the world that doesn't know about Las Vegas. Ask a random person about Macau though and they'll give you a puzzled look.

They are just the majority in the poor population cause malaysians were forced to stay on farms and chinese in the cities until their colonization had ended

False again. Death penalty is only for very large (trafficker-level) quantities -- intended to prevent trafficking. Every few years a dumb foreigner tries it anyway and dies, which is absolutely deserved. You will definitely get caned though, beyond a tiny amount.

But Singapore is like that because it's a mess of a multicultural country. Lee Kwan Yew was very worried about ethnic or religious conflict within his borders, so he went full nazi on hate speech.

Don't forget, islam.

We were a great empire when we were Hindu-Buddhists. Then, islam came and destroy it all

Nah they'll just beat you with a rattan cane right there in the street and then let you be on your way

I remember sometime ago (decade or more ago actually) an American son of diplomats there was beaten by the police when he was caught graffiting and the parents tried to get the embassy to do something because he technically had diplomatic immunity but the police just told them to go fuck themselves

>muh colonialism
No, it is because Chinese people are simply better at life, and always have been. China was colonized to all hell, too. Singapore began as an impoverished backwater British colony. Under the right leadership, it became richer than the U.S. in per-capital GDP terms within a single lifetime.

It was considered a joke.
Essentially it was a committee of sexless 65-year-old bureaucrats who'd never had an original idea in their lives' idea of 21st century dating.
You can probably guess how well it worked.

thank you that is also a good point.

*"per-capita GDP terms"

Malaysian smarties are singapore's brains

Nah there's places like that all over SEA and East Europe

The agencies give you a binder full of women to pick from then they set you up with dates with your choices and if you like one in particular you pay the agency the 10 grand or so and bring her on home to become your wife

A muslim country can't be a good country.

the last good cheapness of vegas is housing. which is pretty great.

LOL have you ever even been there...? This statement is absolutely backward.

True enough

After visiting Hong Kong I would say it's most like NYC out of all the world cities I have visited

you have no idea what you're talking about

Vegas is literal chump change compared to Macau

A single casino in Macau makes twice as much money as the entire Vegas strip.

Yeah sure if your goal is to live in a Levittown in the middle of the desert and work as a blackjack dealer

... and you are advocating for a dilapidated corrupt desert-wasteland city and incessantly talking about dicks. Opinion discarded.

My sister is moving there soon. Interesting thread

Singapore was originally part of Malaysia. However because Lee Kuan Yew did not agree with the Malaysian PM's policy of granting equal rights to all Malaysian citizens regardless of race, he booted them out.

The Malaysian PM grants privileges to Malays and other so called indigenous peoples of Malaysia designated as "bumiputera"(literal translation is "Prince of the land/earth). This privilege of course did not work out well for malaysia

The Malaysian history textbook literally calls Singapore as a "thorn in the flesh" of Malaysia so to speak.

Also conscription.

I went to the movies and there was an ad about mothers harping on about their boys who joined the services after school. It was weird because it had a very light hearted mood to it, almost like a Sunny D commercial or something.

though I admit I do like the mountains in the background, in Vegas. mountains're nice.

>i have nothing to say back to you so your opinion is discarded

nice one kiddo

Are you talking about Malaysian Chinese, Indian,Malays or Malaysians in general?

I think this is just what you get in a society with a central bank that inflates the prices every so often, so that the average weekly hours increases gradually over the year, and so the people themselves have much less time to indulge in the most meaningful things in life.

Oh please. Everyone in the world wants to visit Las Vegas at least once in their lives. Macau is a place where rich old Chinese men go to fuck high-priced Guangdong prostitutes.

Ask a random person if they know about Macau, and they'll ask you if it's a type of nut.

yes, Malaysia booted out Singapore for being too Chinese, essentially. I'm more than familiar with the background. this was completely terrifying because it meant Singapore no longer had any significant amount of countryside or natural resources. but it succeeded and became prosperous anyway.

Actually that statement is quite true at the very least because smart Malaysians have been leaving the country.

Singapore is one of the destinations for this brain drain.

I stayed at the flamingo. The streets were dirty, homelessness, street preachers, crowds. Smells off in certain parts. Poor city planning, traffic non stop. The sun has baked off the paint to the point where the hotels look like cheap motels in appearance. Its fake as shit.

Where is IRL vegas?


how the rempits?
how about ketuanan melayu?
how about our current 14 monarchs?
how about all the food you can find in penang?

speaking of penang, even they have more culture than singapore, goes to show what a cultureless shithole singapore is

It keeps the country from being overrun. It's important. So it's important for it to be accepted within society. Ironically this makes it less likely to ever be needed, and thus safer to be part of. It's a bit like national deposit insurance for banks, in that sense.

>also if you talk shit about the kikes or just be a lil bit racist you're gonna get it.
lol wut?

Yeah it does make sense. I'd just never seen that approach in an advertisement before.

The military presence there was intense aswell. Those red or black panel vans driving around the city then all of a sudden 10 dudes with mp5's come charging out while you're having lunch.

It was interesting. I still had a fucking blast there, always love that place.

Singapore has Malaysian food also. Please keep the rempits. Ketuanan Melayu is reasonable for Malaysia but essentially caused you to lose Singapore in the 60s-- not really to your advantage economically, but to each their own.

Hehehe, I always laugh whenever the whole singapore separation thing is mentioned in history class.

check your Malay privilege kiddo

the suburbs of vegas is like any other city in the us. if you didn't know where you were it could be mistaken for gilbert or something along those lines.

heavy internet moderation. A kid got arrested once in singapore for talking shit about the jews on fb

Hainanese chicken rice from Mr Black and Mr White, baby! all the way

Yeah, it's a bit like Israel in that sense, or Switzerland before it became less based. They're friendly though. I actually liked that aspect of the atmosphere. Reminds you that there's something worth training to fight for, and that the country values the integrity of its territory.

fuckin gay. why do the singaporean authorities care about that?

Oh, yes. Also very good. Lots of different cuisines. I was always amused by the "western" food stalls that sort of consolidated random European and American food items into a single venue, though-- a bit like "Asian fusion" restaurants in the U.S., but in reverse haha.

Brilliant place to visit, not so much to live in

Singapore's hyper density means lots of competition and stress for top jobs and decent living.

Plenty of my Singaporean coworkers, very accomplished and educated, feel burnt out and jaded by this ratrace.

Those that get left behind take up deadend jobs like driving taxis and opening up hawker stalls.

Let's not even get started on national service which stunts the man's career by two years, followed by mandatory reservicing every few years.

Also, the women are very brand conscious, those who can afford would have either an LV or Gucci bag. The men are often left feeling like betas because their female counterparts are generally more accomplished because the men have to do National Service

i have a finance degree from a top us school

i'm sick of living in the west

was thinking of applying for jobs in hong kong, beijing, etc.

but singapore seems cool too

any recommendations?


I've been to both many times. It's where weekend warriors go to bet small amounts on sports from out of state and get stupid drunk. Dana White can't even find a casino anymore that will let him put $50k on the table, he routinely laments this as he's a massive degenerate gambler.

If online or sports bets become legal in other states, Vegas income disappears pretty quick. If Joe Plumber can get drunk in his home state and bet on his football team instead of going to Vegas to do so he'll never go.

Singapore sucked too much western cock. That's why your culture is shit. To think a couple of decades ago P ramlee boasted about being the top gangster in Jurong.
In the end you're no better than Dubai.

Because you don't want race riots in a tiny island country with various distinct major ethnic groups. LKY was a pragmatist. He believed in doing what works to preserve stability and protect the citizens. The climate of civility that it created has probably saved a large number of lives and contributed to the country's stability and growth. The PAP did what it could with what it was given. Personally, I think they did an outstanding job. But if you disagree, there are lots of other countries in the world too.

If you dont mind going through the hassle of picking up another Language, Japan is always a good choice plus declining birthrate = more need for skilled expats.

or you could move to Singapore as well but as someone in the thread mentioned before, its a huge ratrace there.

what is 'KIASU'

Hmm. Dubai makes life quite a lot harder for foreigners/non-Muslims and has a less diversified economic base. Also narrower foreign collaborations than Singapore. And more corruption. I will agree that Singapore has more western influence than its neighbors. I don't see that as negative, though.

Hong kong is the only place in the world where you can experience the real chinese culture.

How are we better again?

Fear of losing

Malaysian culture is shit too.

Open borders.

Tokyo is so nice. Japan in general is beautiful. It is very difficult to really fit in there as a westerner, though. Easier in Singapore or HK.

Is sucking the west's cock that bad?

I kinda like it

>what rules?
not actually singapore but pic related

Did you learn the language though?
My friend went there and saw black men who integrated into the society there and fit in quite well as they were speaking fluent Japanese

I'm comparing cultures.

What do you know about Malaysian culture?

I've worked there as a chef for 6 months. Its really "sterile" the streets made me feel really uncomftrable.

Only for the highly educated, as far as reasonable paths to citizenship are concerned at least. This guy is basically correct on immigration.

Unfortunately he is also correct about birthrates, though the government does try very hard to make it financially reasonable to have a decent-sized family, for more than just the ultra-poor. They do much more than e.g. the U.S. in this respect.

If you want clean user, just go to Northern Ontario.

Japanese cities look like shit.

> lost

This is why you're Worst Korea

>fit in quite well
Eh. There are limits. There is a lot of subtlety. Being accepted in one's day-to-day existence and actually fitting in are different things. Whenever I visit Japan, I am always impressed by how polite everyone is, and how smoothly-running various systems are. Everyone is very pleasant to me. But I know I am just a visitor, and that's ok with me.

i don't mind. i've been considering learning mandarin but i've put it off because cantonese is mainly in HK. so confusing lol.

plus i already know dutch, english, so another language seems like a chore and if i choose i want to pick the right one.

japan seems nice too but their economy seems fucked


Oh, you again. Mr. Vegas-and-dick-obsession. To each their own.

You can't learn Japanese.

At the risk of sacrificing your own culture and eventually being hated by the western world for trying too hard to be white.

no. too much western dick sucking will cause your citizens to flaunt the western countries and dream of immigrating there to fulfill their ultimate dream of being european.

That's why people like Farage and Trump exists.
Too much shitskins wanting to be white.

The average Singaporean man is years behind a woman of the same age. Mandatory military service forces men out of the work force during formation years.

Women run Singapore, it's only a matter of time till the inevitable happens.

Singapore has so far remained my eating capitol. I'm more than happy for those things to exist because they're done so well in the hawkis markets.

I liked the place actually. Went to an international school there and actually got mixed up with the police for marijuana use and it was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. They put you in these holding cells(guilty until proven innocent) and question you and berate you until you break down. After a few hours of remaining quiet they finally asked to call my parents; I was 16, and if I wished to inform my embassy. They let me off with a warning and I kept clean etc for a few more years. Other than the 3rd world Policing it's a great country, good food, very Cred Forums-like government and policies. Did I mention the amazing food?

>trying to be white
Tyrone gtfo

Still living in your own dreams I see. Enjoy being a third world country :D

The western world dislikes the ones who come to the west and then *refuse* to assimilate. That's the opposite of "trying too hard to be white".

Trump may be a buffoon but I sure as hell prefer him to Hillary

Just because I embrace Western values does it mean sacrificing your own ethnicity and identity.

Farage is the weapon of the Britons to escape the sinking ship of the EU. He stood up for Britian in the EU parliament.

Now I'll go back to sucking white cock

>0% homeless

LMAO where did you get this, the are tons of homeless old people wandering around collecting trash to sell. Government just covers it up.

Singapore working hours are shit though

That means I cannot have singa-Malaysianchink babies

This is true. Cops move them out of the city but I saw plenty of them wandering through Jurong.

Nowadays I see so many Europeans moving here, even in really boring places, I've even seen an old guy(probably from East Europe) selling souveneirs at a supermarket. I'm just itching to get out honestly. Having stayed here for many years, what most posters says is true, it lacks soul, culture and freedom. It's a grayer Macau or Hong Kong, though probably more stable because it's farther away from Chinkroach land. Also surprised no one has mentioned that kid who got jailed for criticising the pm.

Welp, they're the 3rd largest economy though, should still give it a try imo

Media here is complete trash. But food is good, and it's safe. Clean enough, although of course with some pajeets around it'll smell every now and then.

And you're not?
Why did you left singapore in the first place, you fuckin banana?
Culture is important. It prevents immigration. Love of your country and culture builds nationalism and you're more likely to stay in your country rather than fucking off to somewhere else, annoying others.

Just imagine Singapore is a richer country than Australia but Singaporeans immigrate to Aus like termites to a fallen tree.

>though the government does try very hard to make it financially reasonable to have a decent-sized family
It has allegedly birth-rate-increasing programmes as far as the eye can see. They're just all totally ineffective.
The governments' problem is that it thinks people aren't having kids because their salary and holiday time is 5% too low.
When in fact people aren't having kids because we've internalised a hypercompetitive rat-race kiasu mentality, are more concerned with funding our parents than our children (thanks Confucius), and no-one wants to bring a child into a world where they'll be ground to autistic dust by the equally hypercompetitive education system and no-fun-allowed society in general.

And on top of that you've got the long work hours, lack of hard drugs, and expensive alcohol, so there's not much chance for the accidental pregnancies after a night of drink and regret either.

Lowest birthrate in the world, will probably be a part if Malaysia in 10 years.

> Ketuanan Melayu (Jawi script: كتوانان ملايو; literally "Malay dominance")

That makes having no culture seem like a good deal actually

Then it means there are incentives to move out, just like all the smart Malaysians that Malaysia needs moving out.

I sure as hell won't want to be in the sinking ship that the opposition can't seem to repair.

Oh, there are a LOT of young white couples who move here to raise their kids, BTW. Seems like a place Cred Forums would move to if they're not NEETs.

We're not as cucked as you are sweedefag. If anything, we will probably anschluss some Malaysian land

Does that mean moving to UK is fine for a Malaysian who wishes to integrate then? or would we be seen as sandniggers?

Also, is london really that bad as pol makes it out to be or is pol just being pol?

benefits of being the Master race in its purest form. Hitler would've approve it.

So why of all countries to move out from you chose the western countries? Taiwan literally gives free green cards to all chinese people who wish to immigrate there btw. A richer nation than the Uk too.

Unpopular opinions time, but the Malay-first policy is actually a really good idea.
Basically the Chinese play the part of the Jews in Malaysia: a minority population who nevertheless relentlessly try to weasel their way into power and take control of another people within their own homeland. No doubt with the intention of doing what they did in Singapore: marginalising the natives to fuck and establishing a permanent Chinese political-economic stranglehold.

You wouldn't be happy if (when?) the Jew did that in Europe. The Malaysians are actually smart in that they identified the problem and put a stop to it before it was too late WITHOUT getting firebombed in Dresden and losing a world war.

Implying that Malaysians can ever save up enough of that shitty ringgit to leave in the first place

Industrial considerations and a government that taxes me no matter where I live in the world. You are fortunate not to know such tyranny, in that regard.

Culture is important, sure. But places with syncretistic cultures often do just fine, provided the inputs were from good cultures at least. European culture plus Chinese culture works out well. European culture plus African or Islamic culture generally works out poorly.

Immigration in its own right is not always a problem. The U.S. absorbed vast numbers of German immigrants in the mid-1800s who essentially built large parts of the country. The question simply is who is allowed to immigrate.

Singaporeans like to travel and live abroad for extended periods. They often come back to Singapore after a while. The country is very small; it is no different from being Swiss but working in Germany for a while.

Its one fucking city
its almost impossible to fuck up a city state

Culture requires freedom and liberty to flourish. Our PM basically chose stability over liberty, but with that said, I'd rather live under a bland, authoritarian state than be governed by coconut tree climbing muslims: Malayshit

The malay-first programme hasn't done shit except suppress the other races. The Chinese in Malaysia are still more productive and own more successful businesses than the local malays.

Giving lazy people a priority in life doesn't mean that they'll get off their asses and work.

Well usually the plan is to work in Singapore for a few years and piggyback off the SGD

It is fine if one wishes to integrate. I haven't got the British accent yet though.

Also, the Peckham area of London has a lot of niggers. If you simply stick to the city centre like I do whenever I go down to London, you'll be fine. But go to other areas and it is as Cred Forums describes.

Once I actually passed by a group of Muslims street preaching

Thanks for GDP senpai

Interestingly, so are the Chinese in Singapore. And also the Chinese in the U.S. This is a pattern that I have observed.

From what i've seen, singaporian women are ugly as shit. Can someone verify?

Why are you so rude?

We only want a better life and safety ;_;

What's wrong with that?

Weather is too bloody hot, but air is clean, because they made cars artificially expensive.

Seriously if you like to drive, don't move here. There's a thing called certificate of entitlement which is like $90k just to OWN a car. And each car is equipped with a mandatory cash card system. To pass certain roads (not even highways) during rush hours, you'll need to pay a fee everytime you pass a checkpoint. If your funds are low, your car will beep incessantly until you top up your cash card.

Yes, shit is expensive, but stuff is well maintained for the most part. Your tax goes to tons of city improvement projects, which means if you're in construction you won't run out of jobs.

You have missed the point.

Whether it makes Malaysia economically prosperous or not is irrelevant. The important thing is that a people shouldn't cede political control of their own homeland.

I'd much rather live in a poor China under a Chinese ruler than a rich China under the Japanese Emperor.

Yeah if you're not ethnically chinese or white they treat you like literal dirt

Be it the Koreans, Japanese or Chinese. In general we're very hardworking. Productivity is priority!

the US accepts german immigrants because they're white.
No problem with that, taiwan offers free citizenship to chinese people worldwide.

White people migrating to white nations = no problem
Non whites migrating to white nations = problem

you're not white, chink. And try not to be white like this cringey banana faggot

Nothing wrong with it imo as long as it is immigration by productive, non-criminal, non-subversive people, who will assimilate into society and not foment ethnic/cultural/linguistic divisions.


Tumblr is littered with Singaporean qts

Sg xmm hnnngggg

Segregation much?

If I really suck western cock so bad I would literally lap up what the guardian, Huffpost and so on like a desparate slut

Sorry if Malays fail to make Malaysia great

Northeast Asians will always be one of the good racial categories. Ditto northern Europeans. Something about thousands of years of warfare and cold winters and high Neanderthal genetic contributions seems to have been a winning formula, in the aggregate. But the culture matters greatly in reinforcing the right behavior. Something the west seems to be forgetting, much to my disappointment at present.

In general niggers and Muslims fit into the "do not allow in" categories.

>muh black lives matter
>sharia for (insert city here)

*Non whites migrating to white nations and not contributing shit = problem.


It's basically Chinese women but who can afford good make-up.
You'll cry if you're a breast man, though. No amount of blusher can salvage the Chinese genes for that.

The Malay first bullshit just proves that Malays can't compete with ethnic Chinese (Han or whatever). They know they will get eaten alive through business deals or whatever, because Malays are just lazy in general. Not to say ethnic Chinese are perfect; a bunch of overachieving backstabbing fucks.

They punish degeneracy ie. "Oy vey they're terrible fascists"

Culture requires you to stop looking at other people's culture and thinking they're superior.

Singapore had lots of culture once, they're all replaced by the Banana mentality. That's why your ungrateful ass want to fuck off to a place where there's more white people.

I bet you'd stay in poland if given the chance to fuck off from singapore.

If anything it's the complacency that is experienced. Whites have been enjoying too much and are getting soft. That's why the nignogs and sand people are invading. The strive to outdo the west has also driven productivity and modernisation in the East.

Competition is our drug.

>Something about thousands of years of warfare and cold winters
This actually makes sense.
In times of war the only men who survive are the stronk alphas and the only women who survive are the real qts that alphas are willing to protect.
Over a thousand years this adds up to a pretty good eugenic selection mechanism.

I agree.

As a non muslim I intend to be a productive member of society

i wish she is my girlfriend

Pick one

Yes, they're ugly. China needs billions of people just to breed a dozen Fang Bing Bing's. Singapore has a couple million people only. The gene pool is small, so the faces are shapeless lumps, a bit frog-like and jowly.

Chubby chicks that work out and slim down tho. They seem to keep the tits and ass. Hnng

7/10. Shes probably chinese also. The local singaporians have brown skin and manly faces.

I agree with this entirely.

You have no idea what my background is, actually. I'm not going to mention it. It's more amusing to watch you guess.

>but without soul or depth or beauty.


Contributing shit or not, pretty sure the whites living in white countries that's reading this thread right now would've preferred if you shitskins just stay fucking put in your fucking respective nations and make it better rather than robbing our countries of our fucking jobs.

You fucking chinks emigrate to white nations with your bullshit 3rd world degrees and robbed the white natives of their employment forcing them to look for jobs in your shitholes instead.

I had to break up with my ex because I refused to move back to Singapore with her.

I miss her.

Asians aren't cute

Majority (70%) of Singaporeans are Chinese.

>she's probably Chinese

Yeah no shit you dumbass burger

>American education

Singaporean women are mostly ethnically Chinese but more cultured than mainland Chinese. They tend to be a bit sheltered sometimes, especially when younger. Personally, I think they tend to be cute.

I hope people who read this thread will understand that why multi-cultural nation will never success.

lazy retards that think they should have everything because their ancestors were there first.
when the minority succeed either via hardworks or exploits, the majority will blame it on race issues.

Singapore is strict in law to punish whoever tried to stir up the race issues due to this too.

LKY is a genius that knew a multi-cultural nation will face the problem i mentioned.
So, he just put whoever messing with the race issues in jail is the correct way to go.

Missed out on a great chance there m8

How does it feel to know you've fucked up in almost the worst possible way?


Ouch. I would have moved. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

What is a point of National Service?

Wow sounds like a shit country. just verifies that i will never go there.

I agree. Singapore has also been getting softer lately. That saddens me. It is nowhere near western levels of softness, though. I hope for your sake that the PAP can keep holding on through the next transition.

>Singapore had lots of culture once

Bullshit. Compared to Hong Kong or Macau this place is as bland as bland can be.

>I bet you'd stay in poland if given the chance to fuck off from singapore.

Not really, but I'd fuck off to Poland than live in Malayshit: tropical mudslimes

You're obviously Singaporean. You defend and know about the country too much. Kinda weird why a sinkie advertises singapore and loved it so much yet he already fucked off to the US.

You're just encouraging white flight.

Maybe you can work for Talk Islam ministries, it's like buzzfeed but loads and loads of Islam.

I laughed when they made a video about Jesus and the Muhammad one. Holy shit

Maybe they would appreciate your art maldraw

Remove surrounding kebab when we need more land. SG75 we take johor as our rightful land!

B-but muh hor fun, muh kampong spirit????


> I hope for your sake that the PAP can keep holding on through the next transition.
The PAP leader literally collapsed on stage during our version of the State of the Union.
Our leaders can't even hold onto a fucking podium, let alone a society.

>Bullshit. Compared to Hong Kong or Macau this place is as bland as bland can be.
you need to be older than 18 to post in this board.

*Not really, but I'd fuck off to Poland than live with shitskins: tropical slant eyed niggers

To increase patriotism.
To let you babies have a chance to leave your mommy for awhile, letting you grow into a man.

>Bullshit. Compared to Hong Kong or Macau this place is as bland as bland can be.
Singapore actually still have a lot of their unique cultures.
But you white culture loving ass love to think that even farts from white people smell good.
start to appreciate your own culture more.

So... Im stupid for being right. Youre just buttmad your countrys full of uggos.

Makes me sad. He is getting old now too. Needs to pass the torch soon. Always risks in doing so. Particularly given current degenerate cultural headwinds from almost the entire rest of the world.

As the previous generation dies off, the younger more liberal generation will fuck the country over.

Sg75? Much of the army would consist of relatively old people(40+). Probably not the best idea. Why not now?

>tfw worldwide poll shows only 30% Singaporeans support Trump.

I've always known this to be a country of cucks. (Or too many mudshits)

>Why does it look so nice and so clean

Because they'll beat you half to death for accidentally brushing your foot on the grass along the sidewalk.

Wrong again. I do like it a lot there, but the U.S. government is making it increasingly impractical for me to stay abroad. Look up FATCA/FinCEN sometime. U.S. regulatory policy is insane.

>To increase patriotism.
Sitting around doing nothing for 2 hours at a time before being told to go home because they haven't got anything for you actually does the opposite of encourage patriotism.
National service's practice is substantially removed from its theory.

I fucking hate Sinagporeans.

>Think they're smarter than they are

You're literally all just a bunch of pretend Chinese jungle monkeys 2 arguments away from a mass stabbing.

Besides, Singaporeans treat shit with more respect than NS men.

Singapore is arguably the greatest country in the world while not being a democracy at that, with Finland being the only other contender.

The thing is that it's so important to commerce that it's hard to say that it's prosperous due or despite their politics. Even a bunch of glorified chimps would be able to make bank in their position.

Singapore is vitally dependent on global trade. It figured out how to be good at trade without ruining its local demographics. The U.S., sadly, did not, or more accurately, did not want to, as far as the political elite were concerned. Pitfalls of Liberal Democracy 101.

If you just fuck of back to singapore it will be nice, thanks.

bu bu but, there's honestly a lot of hotties here

Not good. Still feel depressed as shit even if I'm making strides in my career here.

The main point of contention is that I have fuck all qualifications but managed to get a job here that normally requires them. Foolish in hindsight for sure.

My workplace might be opening an office in Singapore or Hong Kong in a few years though.

The problem is that a lot of us are lapping up buzzfeed, Huffpost, AJ+...etc which are all anti Trump in nature.

Everytime I go on fb, the only friends I know who follow the US election all share anti Trump articles.

I am probably the only one who shares articles which if not pro-trump, critiques Hillary and they all get no likes

So she is basically your slave and cant walk away? How does it work? Can you travel with her to other countries?
im curious

does going to national service make you feels like being a spy for other country and betray singapore?
does it make you feels like you wanted to blow singapore up?

or does it make you feels related to others because you have a common experiences of going to national service of 2 years?
what do you feel about another singaporean that went through national service just like you, and a chinese main lander that came to singapore after 20 y/o and have never lived in SG in his childhood and never went through National Service?

these shits is affecting you subconsciously.
that's what singapore government best at.

HK is jealous that it is critically dependent on China which is increasingly giving the cold shoulder to the HK financial system. SG has a more diversified set of partners. And is rapidly eclipsing HK, imo. While HK ironically demands more democracy, thus (a) further annoying the mainland, and (b) risking the usual pitfalls of liberal democracy itself.

>giving in to the media jew


If you are a malaysian Chinese it is your duty to enrich them

> This is considered busty for a Chinese Singaporean
Kill me

Brexit was shit on completely in Singapore as far as I'm aware too.

>blow up
what is it with you guys and bombs, anyway?

"I don't know how to justify my opinion, so instead of making a simple statement, I add a disclaimer like a pathetic faggot - please don't question me, because I won't have anything to back it up and I'll have to turn the computer off and cry"


Its not that.

I work in the service industry and all the Singapoor's that I have served before have been the biggest massive cunts ever.

literally dark skinned bucktooth monkeys pretending they're Chinese.

I only keep FB for my daily dose of Huffpost cringe. Before going off to Cred Forums

Lmao all the Singaporeans posting here will probably get beaten to death once tracked down by Starhub for 'hurting religious feelings'.

It makes me feel like the government is incompetent and regime change at the gunpoint of the Chinese navy wouldn't be the end of the world, that's how it made me feel.

Cred Forums is satire.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Yes, if the amount of people on their phones are any indication, Singaporeans use social media too much (it IS a city). And half of that is virtue signaling and circle jerking over what a wondrous multi cultural utopia we have.

China actually has a longstanding habit of sending provincial leaders to Singapore to try to learn by example.

See you in court man

Lot of those fuckers stay here and shit up the place

I'd literally prefer a million African immigrants over another year's NUS intake of the children of corrupt PRC officials.

Do your part by sharing and liking Milo Yiannopoulos and more anti trump articles

Have anyone noticed how a lot of news outlets are dumbing down information? They now sometimes just post a two minute video with little text explaining some shit.

Oh, we're being monitored, I have no doubt. How else did they stop the terror plans (Batam MBS shit etc)?

Careful what you wish for.

>Is there anything wrong with this country?
The men here are beta as fuck.

You really, really wouldn't. Come visit Chicago sometime. Come visit Minneapolis or Detroit. I went to college with some of those PRC scions. If I could replace Africans with mainlanders here I would be overjoyed.

Showed your hand too early, Jamal

>I'd literally prefer a million African immigrants
Says the fool who never came in contact with niggers irl

Found the Malaysian hiding behind a VPN

ah those 60 second videos of little snippets of information and some gifs included. Fuck me.

>people saying we're cultureless

A bigger flaw would be our lack of creativity

LOL. Though I've seen worse in San Francisco, sadly.

Malaysian men aren't much better????

I have seen, like, 5 black people in my entire life, so yes, maybe I'm being too hasty.
But I do fucking hate PRC university students nonetheless.

Go to Lucky Plaza.

Here's an infomatic glossing over some points of why you shouldn't vote for Trump! Sources? What are they?

The other candidate? Nothing. Be good goyim and vote hill shill

Kikebook is really trying to dumb things down and make its users more and more incapable of processing large amounts of information.

Tattoos? Yeah i'll pass. To each his own, i just think thai ,vietmanese, burmese are more attractive.

Gf is singaporian, her dad lives there. Fascist disneyland sums it up. It's a chinese city state with extreme totalitarian laws, you can be fined for crossing an empty road but the lights are still green. You can be flogged for minor infractions.

Im black and the stares I got were hilarious, everyone was like you american, america number one! You big guy you boxer? All in all its very strict, clean and conformist.

creativity is not necessary for survival in modern days.

If you push creativity, everybody gonna be a special snowflakes, and these special snowflakes will make others accept that they are correct, and that means arguments and troubles.

They're like that meme pic:

>i can be the kindest most lovable human being if you see me in singapore
>but im the most evil, corrupted satan worshipper if you see me out of that fucking shithole i swear to fucking god

Take it from someone who's been around both: googles are worse

Our "culture" consists of a narrative force fed to each citizen from young till death. Whatever the government decides to blast on tv ads and in textbooks becomes our "culture."

In the past 3 years or so, our "culture" has been about reminiscing over buildings that don't exist anymore

If you saw them in Singapore, then they had to be genius-level Africans (by African standards) to even manage to get in in the first place. Blacks commit the majority of violent crime in the U.S. despite being under 20% of the population. Their neighborhoods are absolute wastelands of lawlessness and they have no aspirations in life but to exploit the system, and on top of that most of them actively hate whites and Asians. Keep them out. Once you let them in, they will never, ever leave and they will vote continually for more handouts and commit endless cycles of crime until your society collapses under the load. They are literally a subspecies of Homo sapiens. They are the only major race in the world that lacks Neanderthal DNA and never bothered leaving Africa unless dragged there by whites or flown/shipped in by whites or Asians.

What do your textbooks say about WW2?

Hi this is Ah Tek from MINDEF, you are being detained for harassment may I see ic please? Thanks.

Uh I frankly don't agree with you

There is something else than binds us together, not sure what.

Wow googles have yellow fever pretty bad.

>coalburner gf
What a disgrace to her family and her country.

OK. My family live in New Zealand and I have to go through Singapore or Hong Kong and Thailand to get there.
It's a 26 hour flight from UK.
Always make sure you have documents for ID. A valid passport,
No lie - the airport police and security officers are more concerned about mud on your shoes, than bombs.

Japan bad
USA maybe bad
Britain abandoned us due to external circumstances

We the victim, gib money for war crime

>meanwhile kids discuss the latest animes in sushi or tepanyaki restaurants

I can't go over to show you my pink card, my mrt is broken ;^)

Wrong. Singaporeans are huge stuck up cunts one of the worst to serve in any customer service job. ESPECIALLY FUCKING LOCAL CHINESE RICH BASTARDS MY GOD

>"Im black"
>disregards reasons for laws
>misspells "Singaporean"
>criticizes social harmony as "conformity"
Ok Tyrone.

>They are the only major race in the world that lacks Neanderthal DNA
Until about 2 years ago I'm sure I remember that having Neanderthal DNA was considered a bad thing.
What's changed?

Niggers gonna nig

>living in Geylang

True. Singapore got fucked pretty badly by WWII and by Britain leaving right afterward. It's astonishing that the country turned out like it did.

> Geylang
Your sister is available for sex time? How much?

Do you never take the mrt?????????

When people are literally taking pics with you like they've never seen a big black man before

>If people internalize everything then they would have a rich fantasy. Yet, Japan makes good anime while there's no good creative media from Singapore. Explain that.

Give it time, China was a creative wasteland for a long time and they have many more people to work with.

Weed and alcohol destroy weak minds. The strong survive.

Sounds about right. Battle of Singapore makes me shake my head every time.

Are you mixed? U don't look like an average google.

how the fuck did you ended with marijuana in singapore and how the fuck are you not rotting in the cell?

This is chinese anime.

>Give it time,
Doesn't work senpai
The market here is just too small.
And the industry is just gross.
Anyone who has a chance at success in any creative field, only achieves success when they go to another country.
I myself am about to escape to sushiland as a last shot at pursuing artfag dreams ;_;

You guys too dumb dumb to permanantly stay

You guys are an exotic species to us

It's not a bad thing at all. They were cold-weather-adapted and simply lived in smaller groups than the incoming Africans. There have been some suggestions that it might actually be correlated with IQ at the population level. At the aggregate racial level it definitely is.
More research needs to be done, though. In general, the main thing to note is that they were not by any means less intelligent than the incoming Africans at the time. They were, however, much less numerous....

They let him go because he was underage, most likely

You look roughly half white. Most African-Americans have substantial amounts of European DNA.

>he's a weeabo
Explains everything

I know some people here who have access to marijuana. They import them from Malaysia. It's impossible to completely stop drugs.

I call police then you know! Give mata catch you go jail long time

Orchard Towers.

It's a shit-hole that caters heavily to Western Degeneracy to rake in them tourist bucks. Even though they have super strict laws on things like litering, and Singporeans are heavily discouraged from drinking or gambling (there's seperate prices for Singaporeans and Tourists), it still feels like a greasy shit-hole. But it's still far less of a greasy shit-hole than Vietnam.

You look like the spawn of Achmed, Tyrone, and Juan's unholy union

Make Hentai Great Again etcetc

this picture is really gross

> aspires to be a tentacle porn artist
Well, at least you're honest about your weeabooism. I respect that more than someone who just insists they "love authentic Japanese culture"

>calling others dumb

I secretly draw anime girls in ecchi positions

They didn't turn out too good

See also: