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Why is nobody talking about this? LEFTIES BTFO


>French channel shows islam support pedos and executing homos
>Lefty faggots lose their minds
>They're literally accusing a news station of making up facts to support "fascists"

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>Oh I am disgusted that the public authorities let this happen...

>The fascists who tweet about #dossiertabou, I am sure that you have not opened the koran, You don't know what you're talking about

(Posting from pc fuck typing all this out on mobile)

>I wonder if m6 has decided to finance the (political) campagne of the FN for 2017
>They film the reality, you have a photo of somebody else as your avatar, I trust them more than you
>Inciting hate (based on race) this is showing reality???
>If somebody shows the reality this is not bad right? This is the situation in France today
>Showing the reality is inciting racism????

**Showing the reality *TO* incite racism????

Link to subtitled video?

>You have a photo of somebody else as an avatar, I trust them more than you
Bee teee eff oooh
>Showing reality promotes hate
How about reality stops doing that?

Also, please link videos.

None that I can find user :( Maybe a french bro can help us out

This is why the true red pill is just to ignore all your opposition. They're so monumentally retarded that compromise is a waste of time.

I doubt they translated it. But the raw videos would be good enough

>Video of #dossiertabou tweets in French

>these levels of delusion

Sacre bleu!

>They're literally accusing a news station of making up facts to support "fascists"


I'll watch it once I get home. I might translate it if the thread is still up. Thanks.


This sort of shit

>Again some shit who comes to france just before the elections to generate fear


>Montrer la réalité pour inciter à la haine???

>If all muslims are extremists then [all] fn are racists?

Thank you Australiafriend. Haven't watched this, but I've been enjoying the mental breakdown from low (very low) IQ leftists like This is worth repeating, something I said before:
The French left-wing has tricked everyone in France with a simple meme: "you criticize Muslims but you don't know what you're taking about, read the Koran".
People actually took the bait, and now I live in a country where the good intellectuals on the "far-right" (there's actually quite a few, well known) probably know more about Islam than about Christianity. It's a pretty vicious meme in how effective it was. And even now, people still use that meme, and depict all criticism as "ignorance" and "hate".

For those that don't know French media, it's all left-wing. TV and print. There's no left-wing or right-wing TV channels, meaning, in practice, they're all left-wing. People are deeply, deeply indoctrinated, and enter literally hysterical states of mind when facing dissonance (like ).

it's funny because they already consider fn=racisto-whitesupremascito-facist-turbonazi.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry

This guy is complaining about receiving negative fascist comments when he demanded that a list be made of all people who worked on the project

Second tweet says
>Do not make a list of those who are behind this show. This is a bad idea, instead watch it on m6replay.

(Note the sarcasm after deleting his first tweet)

>Country in chaos
>See evidence supporting this
>Freak out

For fucks sake France.


sale connard j'ai lu cette merde de coran et ce livre n'est rien d'autre que les récit des conquètes et exaction guerrière commise par un malade mental qui a crée un faux dieu pour justifier ses massacre.

Well of course you are all indoctrinated or else you wouldn't get so cucked.
It's great that these left-wing delusional oikophobes getting their dose of feels

Basically 3 groups of people reacting on Twitter:
- The white shitlibs virtue signalling to get the approval of the browns (these are the most popular tweets in terms of retweets and likes)
- Entitled Muslim "anti-Zionist" anti-White losers that act as if they owned the country already
- The nationalists, fighting back.

It's sad that there's no war-minded top-tier rhetorician/pundit on the "far-right", like a mix of Cernovich/Scott Adams/Trump/PaulJosephWatson. All the far-right intellectuals are somewhat effete, and Le Pen &Co aren't even on the same level as Trump. There isn't a single far-right Master Persuader.

We need to answer:
Ca tue les kuffars et les blanc,
Et ça se dit religion de paix.

Get your shit together france holy shit.

This was a huge redpill for many people.

>There's no left-wing or right-wing TV channels, meaning, in practice, they're all left-wing.
It's the same all over the world. Globalisation has cucked us pretty good

putain ces deux salopes doivent être livre à daesh en vitesse qu'elle comprenne ce que c'est que l'islam.
j'étais en OPEX lors de l histoire du camp d'été decoloniale. interdit au BLANC.
Si elle aiment tant l islam et les muzzis que ça qu'elles traversent la méditérannée... mais bon le rsa la "liberté d'expression" (liberté de chier sur la république plutot), les apl, les allocs elles aiment trop ça pour partir.
Si seulement la section action pouvait aller les recuperer et les déposer en syrie.

I hope so frog user

You're a country who believes ethnic french people don't exist and you literally believe anyone can be french. The irony is that your 2nd and third generation brown and black people don't even identify as french but you keep insisting they are french people.

i like muslims

>For those that don't know French media, it's all left-wing. TV and print. There's no left-wing or right-wing TV channels, meaning, in practice, they're all left-wing. People are deeply, deeply indoctrinated, and enter literally hysterical states of mind when facing dissonance

If it makes you feel better, it is like this over the entire western world.

From Murica to Germany, Straya to France.


> There isn't a single far-right Master Persuader.

What is de Lesquen ?

Et je te parie que le petit Malik devant tes propos répondra avec la tradition barbare de sa religion : la violence.

we are a country where politician wants to believe that ethnic french dont exist so they can keep being sellout to muslim and clandestins.

At least, we have Rivarol.

>le petit Malik


He is so based people can't understand him.

saying we are "from the gauls" is now problematic.

>To all the fascists who masturbate over #dossiertabou. We can make the same show about all religions if you want

Où ?

>muslim terrorist act n°3294729472 happen
>but remember, ALL THE RELIGIONS ARE BAD!!
every single time
like a clockwork.

>The eternal 60kg white cuck

evidement, qu'ils soient au Liban ou en syrie ou ailleur les muzz ne connaissent que la violence, sauf 1 ou 2% de la population, cad ceux qui sont muzz par peur de se faire tuer pour avoir renier l'islam.
Je suis 6mois par an en OPEX, la frontière entre les pays ou je suis déployé et la France disparait, je vois les même type de comportement agressive lorsque je patrouille dans Lyon dans le cadre de Sentinelle.

Is he our guy?

More news from France: the maga mosque project is canceled for the 5th time. The mayor say they still owe him €65k of unpaid rent for the plot of land.

Muslims complain that the law should not prevent Saudis billionaires from financing the construction and to pay the workers and that the construction can't be done all their money go in lawyers.

Shilling this video here, every French speaker needs to see this:

This is so true it hurts. It's not even "believe ethnic french people don't exist", at this point it's "believe french people don't exist". The ethnic component isn't even recognized as legitimate. In the US, they talk about racial tension and all of that, quite openly. In France, any time you see the word "race" will be in scare quotes.

Have literally not watched French TV or followed French news at all in the past 2 years, not even online. I heard about Bataclan on Drudge Report, lol. So I've never heard of him, will check him out. Can you fill me in?

Comment dit-on "based" en français?

Whatever it is become that, France. Rooting for you.

Je pense faire St Cyr ça vaut le coût l'armée française ?


The real irony is that niggers in the US do all they can to separate themselves from White America, including disrespecting our national anthem, disrupting and rioting in our cities and suburbs, forcing an entire culture of non-compliance with our police (the very fabric of our law and order in general) and demanding segregation, yet everyone keeps insisting they are real Americans, both conservatives and liberals alike.

Do not lecture France about this, we have this very problem in our own backyard, to a much more extreme degree.


>Muslims complain that the law should not prevent Saudis billionaires from financing the construction and to pay the workers and that the construction can't be done all their money go in lawyers.
this is getting out of control

Great redpilling potential.
Start answer them with gore from muzzie terror.

No this video


Also triggered is déclenché

They want my Email.

Do you have it hosted on something that won't be deleted in two hours?

Anyone got that picture of people translating Arabic tweets supporting the Orlando shooter & someone said stop translating them because it's Islamaphobic?


That's looks like a literal translation. That's probably wrong. If you asked me for the translation in Portuguese, "baseado", which is the literal translation, would be completely wrong.

No Basé is fine

All that butthurt. All that salt.

Ho god, yes. More please.

Yeah, because TF1 and Canal under Bolloré are definitely left leaning
The same weather girl shitting on Jonah Hill totally got fired for deadnaming a MtF fag
oh wait

silly goose

they cant even spell their own language who the fuck cares about their dumb arguments
If you want to talk about France just report french events or news but not french citizens' statements ffs we're dumb as hell.

>muh Muslims
France got the most Christian niggers out of Europe, literally in the millions.

This doesn't surprise me. The disconnect between feminism, gay rights and Islam has always been a headfuck for them. It's easier to think someone is lying than accept the truth that they backed the side that really hates them while fighting those of us who warn them. They'll be the first to be thrown from buildings when they hand over complete control to Islam. It's the only comfort I get: they're gonna realise we were right as they splat on the pavement.

I also don't watch the tv , but he is a well know figure on the internet.

We translate all chanspeak literally. Shitposting is cacaposter. Everything is translated like that because then it's easy to figure out what English term it refers to, that everyone is familiar with.

>TF1 is right wing

biggest meme ever, they are liberal globalists

>2-3 millions of muslim niggers in France(mostly in Paris)
>millions of christian niggers

Pick one

Btw another reason is that there is literally no translation for many chanspeak terms. "based" has no equivalent in French, so the literal translation is the obvious choice.


>mfw he was right

the (((media))) are now turning against the sandniggers to divide and conquer further

Peux pas le dire y a des collègues labas, mais bon c'est facile de savoir que c'est dans des pays musulmans

Canal is literal socialist indoctrination.

Bolloré want social dumping, a divided workforce and no syndical culture. Mass immigration give him that.

how many left leaning parisians will have to die until they start learning ? all of them ?

>From all french tv channel, it had to be M6

Their ideals are enough to divide us.
No need for (((the medias))) ahmed

France Télévisions has the Bygmalion Envoyé Spécial investigation in the pipes, they were busy I guess

y a un soucis au niveau des promotions à un moment tu es bloqué car tu n'es pas "fils de"
mais oui c'est pas mal, la paie quant t'es en France est dans les 1300€ pour un trouffion/sous off
par contre ca passe à 5000+€ en OPEX mais tu as des chances de te faire descendre.

Here you go friend

Je vous propose de trouver une nouvelle dénomination à "l'état islamique", puisque les considérer comme "islamiques" est politiquement incorrect. D'ailleurs ses membres ne sont certainement pas "arabes".

Je propose de les appeler "l'état de la pyrotechnie excessive et des cabines à UV."

Come on now, what we call born in Paris, isn't native white born for decades. France literally started collecting Jews during and after WW2, now Australian Jew will tell me how i should care, American Jew tell me how Jews are the solution to Muslims and niggers, when they are the cause. Muh right-wing pro-Israel politicial parties can go to hell. Is there even one right-wing political party who isn't buddy with Israel and niggers?


état de paix.

Someone should make a list of muzzies with some or alot of power in Europe.

But they're not, and he's a retarded Marxist who doesn't understand markets.
This is like in the US: the media doesn't want to talk about it, but the "far-right" is big enough that we're forcing them to.

People who do these documentaries get huge free publicity thanks to the shitlib backlash, which is good for business, and is essentially trolling 101.

La cavalerie blindée c'est bien ? Je souhaite faire le régiment de mon arrière-grand-père.

>y a un soucis au niveau des promotions à un moment tu es bloqué car tu n'es pas "fils de"
Chaque fois que c'est arrivé dans notre histoire, on s'est fait violer à la guerre suivante.

what about sacré



This guy is number one.

Already enforcing "being modestly covered" for women in the street and have "anti hate speech" brigades.


T'es un sacré farceur.

>I didn't make it to the end, I turned of my tv (very strongly apparently)

You can't fix these "people"

>it's the Marxists
You literally allied with USA, UK and every Zion Jew to fight against Socialism. You know what Marxism is? That's in Russia and they done the correct thing. Lets think about all those monarchs who had slave colonies and priests who converted and imported niggers. Marxists never done such thing, Marxists deported Muslims.

je ne peux pas te dire, je fais parti de ""l’infanterie""

>Why is nobody talking about this?
>France Caliphate
>Being surprised by this
Pick one

>j'ai éteint ma tv fooort

Can't wait for the mudshits to attack the left if they believe they have enough power. Seeing how the libtard bubble slowly blows up is just so great :^)

>La cavalerie blindée
D'expérience, même si cette expérience remonte à quelques années, la cavalerie blindée c'est la merde. J'ai rencontré pas mal de pilotes de char Leclerc qui n'avaient jamais piloté de véritable char à part sur simulateur. Certains n'en avaient jamais vu un seul en état de fonctionnement. D'autres, n'en avaient jamais vu un seul tout court.

Pas que les pannes soient rares sur Leclerc, mais bon ça coûte, et avec les coupes budgétaires dans tous les sens, parfois ça prend du temps... trop de temps... pendant ce temps d'autres régiments démarrent tous les camions en fin de mois pour brûler le stock d'essence restant et recevoir un approvisionnement.

Après quand on rejoint l'armée française, faut s'attendre à ce genre de choses, juste que ça s'exprime de façon très différentes en fonction des corps.

Not really the same thing desu senpai though close

I actually have a Koran and that shit is attrocious. Even more than the Bible. I haven't read the jewbook though.

C'est ce que donne 60ans de paix.
ensuite les "fils de" sont quand même plutot redpilled et ne sont pas cons.
Le problème vient du chef des armées et de la politique exterieur qu'il souhaite.

>textual agression



Ironically enough (and a sign it may not be too late) the FN vote is much stronger in these exact same regions. People will keep getting redpilled, all they need is a leader.

A more appropriate term would be "assurer", and even then it doesn't quite pass the same meaning.

As for triggered, it would be something along the lines of "choqué" or "agressé".


Saudi Arabia is the biggest problem because they pay for everything they paying many many billions to spread this cancer worldwide. They must be destroyed

>can't wait for nothing to happen like in last 80 years and France/Germany continues to become more brown until it forgets it was ever not brown
Welcome to reality.

Most of the Bible is a jewbook Juan.

Mais est qu'ils sont plus talentueux que les généraux d'en face?

dont bother i ve tried readint torah a few times never managed to get into it, even thou my line of work involves going to country were knowledge of qoran and torah is usefull to know your enemy

as far as I know all the arabs in high positions are jews

That feel when i write a better french than almost all french people and a better english than almost all english people, and have a better logical framework than almost all of them ( when they have one at all ).

I know for a fact that i am retarded, so it's a very bad feel to realise most people are dumber than me.

No shit, the Qur'an is downright barbaric.

I'll only believe a Muslim person telling me their religion is peaceful if they disavow the Qur'an and stop worshipping this immoral gruesome book in their Mosques. Of course this applies to Jews and Christians as well. I can believe you're not religious nuts, but then stop worshipping these bronze age pieces of shit books


It's common sense, people that actually lives near sand people tend to be red pilled to the core.
Meanwhile suburban middle class kids are multiculti pieces of shit, because the only subhuman they have seen in their life was in a Jewishwood movie.

That's what happens when people use about 100 words of vocabulary in their daily life.

This completely ignores the etymology of these memes.

Based is meant to not sound like a real word. Triggered is a reference to PTSD.

Wrong we have too many big problems in the world in every aspect right before to explode and people will stand up again.
If we get a big economic crisis we will see that they don't care for brown shits + all the welfare if they themselves doesn't have any money anymore.

les generaux de daesh sont pas trop cons mais n'ont ni la formation militaire (même les anciens de sadam) ni le matos que nous avons... bon ensuite y a quand même des couacs, comme quand fabius a pensé que former daesh à lencription de donné était une bonne idée pour faire tomber bashar... maintenant qu'on les a former on en chie pour chopper leur comm...

Kill yourself

Upgraded it.

Atleast they banned the burka. That was an occasion where france was once again ahead of the world

>cette image
Chaque jour mon admiration pour cette homme grandit. Je redirige ma mémé-magick vers lui tous les jours au coucher du soleil.

Ça fait du bien de faire parti de la race suprême de ceux qui savent écrire en français

There was never this kind of demographic transition before though. You can redpill shitlibs if you own the TV stations, but the only solution for Muslims is throwing them out. The elites know what they're talking about, soon it'll be too late. This is why they're rushing with the refugee stuff, they see third-world immigration as a way of eradicating nationalism once and for all, for eternity. This is an arms-race.


J'ai besoin d'une biere, right fucking NOW

>Je redirige ma mémé-magick vers lui tous les jours
Not using meme magick for your own country. Frogs

>cette homme
I know, cet.

This law isn't enforced anymore, after riots happened. This is acacording to Zemmour, from a police source of his.

>This is the level of intellect that we're fighting here.

We're fucked!

He forgot
>He's going extinct

I don't speak retreat
Someone translate this shitty tweets

>Already enforcing "being modestly covered" for women in the street
Source? Smells like bullshit Francois

She can't even spell right, gas her.

Universalism is not bad... if it stops at the Mediterrannea.

There aren't that much, most of them are propelled by jews under "anti-racism" associations.
If it wasn't for the jews who sue everyone adressing a little critic against muslims (even other jews) they would have been told to GTFO and ratonné a long time ago.

yeah and unlike muslim a panda is so lowtest he doesnt bother about reproducing...

And lives mostly in captivity.

>He literally needs porn to be able to procreate
>He's vegan
>Mfw when after all Pandas are the mixed-race weeboos of the animal world

A demographic shift on this scale is literally unprecedentend.
The barbaric invasions of Rome, the turkish invasion of Eastern Rome, the arabic invasions everywhere, the mongol invasions of China and beyond...

I'm talking per capita here. None of those were as significant as the current rate. None.
Even the american colonisation isn't quite the same since the locals were killed by foreign diseases.
There's literally no known precedent to what is happening.

And i fear this also need a reaction with no known precedent : systematic genocide of both invaders and traitors letting them in.
Killing traitors, there's precedents. Killing invaders, there's precedents. But our situation is so incredible, it cannot be fixed for any meaningful period of time without both at the same time. Not banishment/deportation. Genocide. Ruthless, indiscriminate, without mercy or exceptions killings.

We are quite probably doomed as a people. Individuals may thrive in east asians countries as citizens, or in third-world countries as notables, but the european people is probably at an end is the trend do not change drastically.
Right now, there seem to be hope with Trump and the parties of Europe rising, but ALL OF THEM, when you get down to it, do not intend to deport, let alone kill.
All of their platform can be described with one word : normalisation.

I am really not optimist for the future. Not at all.
Not without a gamechanger arising through technological advancement.

>This completely ignores the etymology of these memes.
And it goes far too deep.

Originally it comes from "Based God", aka Lil B, who also had a previous rap group called "Based Boys". He himself tried to give the term a more positive image, when it originally was very negative, and refered mostly to cocaine addicts along with other addicts, using "free based" drugs, which are more "pure" than salt-based drugs. It's untranslatable from the very beginning.

As for "triggered", its term does originate from stress disorders, but its meaning drifted so much the original one was lost, and now it's closer to "choqué" and "agressé" as it is used in modern French, two words whose meaning was also altered.


ironpill coming through

>contre nos compatriotes maghrébins


This is gold. The don't even believe the buckshot they're spouting

Yes it's translatable, if you make a direct reference to the meme's history by simply translating the English word literally. Merely translating the surface meaning makes the meme completely use its linguistic utility and uniqueness.

Same deal for triggered. There's a reason people don't say "SHOCKED" or "ASSAULTED". It's because the usage makes fun of Tumblr pretend-PTSD sufferers. The meaning hasn't drifted with use. It's purposeful satire.


Most people didn't asked for this they just want to help some poor people thats jus how we are. Only the die hard libshit marxists want to change the population. If shit hits the fan we will probably go extreme again if it's already to late for a politic change. They should know DON'T FUCK WITH WHITE PEOPLE. This right wing death squad meme will probably come true

I would love for them to have a show on Christians and jews as well
>inb4 muh crusades

Completely lose*.

Auto correct is shit tbqh

Do you switch dictionary language when buckshot posting in English?


Never believe the marketing lies that are based on nothing. Never. Don't be as stupid as the US was/is.

Probably because it's a bit stupid.
Ethnicity is or should be about culture. The problem with most arabs immigrants are not integrating because they don't want to quit their stupid religion that's definilty not compatible with a globalized country.
Also I'm sorry but if you can't eat Saucisson or drink Wine, no matter what, you can't pretend to be french.

Don't forget every west Country have an army and the army stands behind the people and not the government(most of the time in history).

>implying liberal globalists are left-wing
I didn't know that Reagan and Thatcher were left-wing

The last tweet is
>Showing the reallity to incinting racism ?
Make me laugh first.. But im crying inside.
France is lost.

empty vessels are noisy



Well I say if you can't eat Andouillette you can't claim to be French.

Here is his official position.
And a good exemple of double think/

His unofficial position is to let the fanatics of the Sharia police shame or attack unveiled women in the street.

actually the problems our intelligence servicdes ran into with the newest brand of terrorists is that they're blending in quite will, on board with alcohol and pretending to be atheistic "cultural" muslims


Anyway I'm done translating but you guys get the idea

il est leur culture islamique qu'est rétrograde

L'islam ou l'islamisme, c'est la meme chose

Unfortunately this problem of reality denial is the biggest problem of this early century.
People refuse to see reality as it is and prefer to create a new world in their head where everything is fine. This isn't a problem in itself: it's what religious people did for millennium now. However if you start to believe that what's in your head is as much or even more important than the real world, the problem become real. Then you can't just keep dreaming, you have to have the rest of the population sharing the same fantasme with you.
That's how we face today people pretending a religion is peaceful when its holy book prone to be hostile with, non-believer or man pretending they are woman despite the obvious biologic evidence that no, they aren't.

Khan wasn't even a contender for mayor when the protein world ads came out. It's a populist position to ban those adverts that was always going to happen, he's just virtue signalling. Your unofficial accusation doesn't have any evidence.

I'm not a fan of his but you can't just make shit up, we lose legitimacy that way; someone just has to repudiate a bullshit claim and dismiss all the valid criticism.

I did not forget... And those armies are subhumanising at a feverish rate...
Not just the troops, but the chain of command too.

We are living a nightmarish scenario, and it is very hard to see notice a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, you are right, Achmed, he just want to ban things that are not correct in an islamist culture. Nothing to do with London becoming a caliphate.

I wish I could speak French ;_;


Watched it in my hospital bed.

I HOPE that's still true. I certainly know in the case of the British military, many of our top brass hate how much governmental involvement there is in breaking old-age traditions (no women, they break cohesion, no gays, they break cohesion, you should probably have some sort of loyalty to the flag you're fighting for, don't cut costs, don't disband divisions that have been around since the fucking 1600's, etc.)

I found a Belgian one.
In Frogspeak.

Did it cure you?

The legitimacy problem in a nutshell.

They finally see that the "moderates" don't exist, just like the "lone wolf" when it comes to terrorist, all bullshit.

Some french bro pull some strings and get him hired at Charlie Hebdo

Charlie is going after the religion of peace again, so he wouldn't like it.

>She can't even spell right, gas her.
This is a tired meme. You fail to provide the public education system with resources to teach children to learn, then you blame the victims of that under-funding. How long has this been going on ?

friendly reminder that WE don't speak frog

about as long as it's been going in the US with underfunded black or poor districts
how's that no child left behind polciy work out for you ?

What does it say?

>use linux
>go to m6 replay
>they require facebook
>clear so they get the bare minimum of info
>still requires me to manually input redundant info
>ask me to select three mandatory interests
>whatever just fuck off and let me watch


i though after charlie hebdo shoting the editorial line decided to stop doing anything against islam since they lost friends and coworker in january 2015.
the muslim won they instilled fear and censoring into the heart of the opposition.

Also after thinking a bit isnt the fact that such a TVshow aired an attempt to make it look like that France is waking up so the people will have less incensive to vote Lepen.
If you are lured into thinking the media, the current politic are starting to deal with the problem a lot of people will think hey let s "not vote extrem". ...only to be betrayed again by traditionnal party like everytime.

Chrome was the only browser that run it for me.

I'm on chromium, oh maybe they updated pepper.

Les gauchistes n'a pas comprends la varitie, si leurs fabrique excuses
That's my French I remember from French class 5 years ago.

If you dont have a tv
If you dont have a phone
If you dont have a google to find a stream
dualboot with w7

Don't eat this. I made the mistake and got sick for two days in Lyon.

Thats google trad kek
Make no sene

Je ne sais pas grenouille. My phone said no, Opera said no, Firefox said no, Edge said no and on chrome it finally run, didn't tried Netscape 2.0 desu

Not google translated. I must just have a poor memory. Desole :(

did you eat those rue Mercière? that s the tourist restaurant street wich cheap shit.
a quality andouillette s really great. but cheap restaurant dont do them anymore.

use pepperflash chromium plugin.

Oh sry... Idk use google trad

They did a cover this summer.

As for trying to divert people from FN I don't know Hollande/Socialists are dead the rest of the left ies still split, for the right people still remember Sarkozy and what he did, Juppé and Fillon can't gather support by a huge margin.

Then you have Marine who's playing it very smart, the only threat would the "front républicain" cucks who would for anyone that isn't FN.

Updated to pepper-flash- and after a restart it still doesn't work. I'll try to find something, thanks anyway.

>g-goym reality incites hatred! please keep painting rainbows and unicorns so that people are happy

I agree with you that kids aren't learning. But is it really their fault ? Or is it the fault of the adults in charge ? In France, you have the problem that nobody knows French ; whereas, in America, we have the problem of nobody knows English. C'est la même chose. But don't blame the kids. It's the fault of politicians, who want to keep the public stupid. Who gains when the people are kept stupid ? That's the ultimate question.

More like : Les gauchistes ne comprennent pas la verite, ils leurs fabriquent des excuses.

I guess.

yeah i know about that front republicain aimed to prevent democratie from expressing it self.

unfortunatly i will prolly be in OPEX in 2017, beside we almost never vote in the army... imagine voting for a president then having to fight for someone who betrayed your vote.

usually the collegues that vote, vote FN same deal in the police.

That's weird. I'm able to use sites like Newgrounds and Youtube and haven't had a problem since I updated...
I hope you find a solution. Maybe Wine? (I haven't used wine though)


You can vote during OPEX ?

>i will prolly be in OPEX in 2017
Stay stafe bruh

Europe is a never-ending source of embarrassment.

no, when in opex you have other things to worry about than go to the isoloir and vote.. you mostly think, is that sandnigger going to shot me ? should i shot first ?

I was overlooking or very near the equestrian statue of Louis XIV on the place Bellecour, I think, in the presqu'île, that's all I remember.

I know, never got a problem with flash before either, it's just their fucking shitty website that forces an unnecessary flash check down my throat I mean come on it's fucking 2016 nobody actually needs flash anymore.

ok so that s the shitty rue mercière, a pedestrian street with only restaurant in it.
it s a tourist trap.
horrible food (likely outdated) and huge price.

there are still a few good restaurant where the chef does his own cooking and goes to the slaughterhouse to select meat etc etc.

Flash is annoying on Linux.

I just read this

There's absolutely nothing wrong with flash on linux: they use fucking DRMs on FREE CONTENT.

I'm watching it right now, god I want to punch the wall.

Luckily we have the dumbest Mudslimes.

Si t'es vraiment dans l'armée, tu peux nous éclairer sur la situation des musulmans dans l'armée française ? Il y en a vraiment tant que ça ?

>Les attentats du 11 Septembre et l'état islamique sont un complot pour faire haïr les musulmans!

>L'islamophobie est un complot pour que les non-musulmans haïssent les musulmans!

Just... just elect FN, please.
This is painful.

I'm still kind of new to Linux so it's all a little bit above my head.
I'm sure it's simple to understand after a while though.

wow c'est un peu islamophobe c'que tu dis là non?
The FN is leftist now anyway. Best choice, but still. Pic should have been elected.

He was our Trump, and smarter.

That's a shame he isn't running the fn now

Sujet tendu.
pour faire simple sans dire des choses qui pourrait me faire passer en cours martial.
le service militaire a été supprimé par l'armée pour ne pas former de futur enemie de la patrie au vue de la démographie et des stat ethniques qui n'existent pas en France.
Lorsque tu t'engages y a une selection, ou tu passes du temps à te lever le matin à 5h à marcher au pas, à faire mumuse et tu tires 1 ou 2 fois au FAMAS(rip).
Parmis ceux qui font cet engagmeent on en repert certain qui sont vraiment la pour la France et on les aiguillent vers une véritable formation militaire avec entrainement au controle de territoire, prise d'assault etc etc.
Donc oui on a des musulmans mais ils ont été selectionnés, ensuite t as ceux qui font parti de la reserve et ceux qui partent au combat et la c'est pareil y a une selection.
ceux qui font des revendication genre prière ou repas specific finisent juste le centre aere et n'accèdent pas à la vraie formation.

He was more than Trump.
He was Cred Forums the politician, really. Does he still say that the gaz chambers where just a detail of WW2 and all?

Can someone explain this shit in English? No news sites are covering this

ha oui un autre point.
surtout ne vous inscrivez pas dans la reserve citoyenne ou je sais plus quoi le truc qui a été créé après les attentats.
vous êtes direct fiché S pour être """"patriote"""" et vouloir prendre les choses en main pour que les choses changent dans le pays.
A l'heure actuelle les service civique que le gouv veut rendre obligatoire dépend de l'armée.
En cas guerre mondiale ce qui approche à grand pas les service civique sont classé comme réserviste donc seront appelé qu'ils le veuille ou non, mais les premiers à être appeler seront tous ceux qui se sont présenté pour faire partie de la réserve citoyenne...
a bon entendeur...

It's a very good investigation on the "salafist" movement in France, aka Saudi arabia and the muslim brotherhood and Maghreb pushing millions of euros into Mosques and radical imams on French soil..and much much more.

The whole thing deserves an english translation, but it's two hours long

Merci, ca confirme ce que je pensais. Bien fait de ne pas signer pour ca donc. C'est tout de même scandaleux de dilapider nos moyens matériels et humains à ficher S des """"patriotes"""".

Sur une ampleur moindre, tu aurais un avis sur les périodes militaires supérieures (PMS)?
Je suis bientôt bac+5 en Stratégie d'Entreprise (pas d'une très grande école), je suis plus ou moins un "fils et petit-fils de", j'ai envie de bosser dans la Défense. Un avis?

Un peu dans la même idée, ça vaut le coup de rentrer à bac+5 math/info/physique ou pas ?

This is a tweet in support of the dossier. It's asking that mayor who sold municipal land to Muslims for a religious school to resign.

Oooga booga boo, we comin for YOU

Au point où on est, poster sur Cred Forums te fait atterrir dans le fichier S


No :^(
I'm quadriplegic

Je sais que je suis déjà fiché pour plusieurs raisons, m'en badigeonne les couilles avec le pinceau de l’indifférence
Si ils veulent pas de mecs avec ton profil alors je me demande bien ce qu'ils peuvent recruter

>I am sure that you have not opened the koran

Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed [alone] for two years or so. He married Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old.

When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

Whoever changes his religion, execute him.

meh, nobody believe in a WWIII in the army.

>tfw want to watch it but my French is too shit so I can't keep up

sent mauvais homme

si t'es à l'étranger essaye la marine
ca vaut toujour le coup de se battre pour ce que l'on aime.
ensuite pour vous deux vos études font que vous devriez eviter le coté trouffion de base comme moi.
le génie offre de bonne possibilité de carrière mais vous serez des pousseurs de crayons plutot qu'avoir la possibilité de visiter des pays de rencontrer les population local et de la tuer.
yep yep

Well that proves it works : it detected you as a non French


absolument degueulasse

So what did this program show?

un jour tu comprendras plébéien
andouillette véritable + salade de patates maison

Sauds finance the spread of Islam in France

what are the actual reason according to the show?

Perso je veut m'engager aussi mais je sais pas si c'est préférable de venir en métro ou de rester sur mon île .

Because they're butthurt camelfuckers seeking revenge for perceived slights

>Sauds finance the spread of Islam in France
Sauds finance the spread of Islam worldwide

This. There's still millions that have never even seen a muslim or a nigger, especially among boomers. They live completely insulated from reality and the world outside their bubble.

>>French channel shows islam support pedos and executing homos

What exactly did they show? Was it a poll or interviews or what?

Thanks for the tip m9. Spread it on T_D and a twitter.

English translation of article for those curious.

How the fuck do you manage to translate such bloubiboulga?? It means literally nothing in French, are you some kind of language expert?
Chapeau mon ami.

For the fun, and to show you the level of degeneracy in my country, here's a "real" translation:
>again a bin who com the france to frighten and increase the fear of people well sour before the elections

if you want to talk about european problems , at least live in Europe.

Merci user, j'avais pas vu les choses sous cet angle

Quel est le point de vue dans l'armée sur la possible guerre civile qui arrive?

France forfeited their right to exist as a country the moment they banned paternity testing

Muhammad was a soldier, and a pretty good leader. Him marrying a kid was completely in line with the morality of his time, it was a thing in Europe as well.
I personally admire him because he used religion to achieve his goals. He was a master of the memetic art.

His followers being inbred savages are another thing entirely. Which is too bad, men from middle east literally built civilization. Their ancestors were great. Look at Egypt. Egyptians used to be based as fuck, now they are just inbred, deformed manlets because of the inbreeding

je sais pas si en métropole aussi vos préfecture vous on demander de déposer toute les armes que vous avez ? legal ou illégal sans risque je sais qu'ils l'ont demander pour nous dans les dom .

Well Cred Forums? Wouldn't it have been better?

Shariah law favorise inbreeding, even non-arabs moslems have abnormal inbreeding rates.
If islam were to actually gain control of the world, Humanity would be doomed to subhumanity, fucking crows would probably be smarter than the average hominid of an islamic world.

translate it, faggot.

Non, pas ici.
Do you have any gun in La Réunion? Is it even possible to hunt?

>i want to be reassured, no matter the danger
This is not even funny anymore.

OP: fuck off, you retarded faggot, and go back to France. nobody gives a fuck.

>accuse someone of being fascist
>Why has the government let this be reported on???

C'est possible de s'inscrire dans la réserve de l'armée si on est non-citoyen français?

Who is the major force here, people supporting it or people against it?

Tweet translation
Tweets to the guy who made the vid:
>aren't you ashamed of soiling Muslims? Wouldn't it have been better to reassure people rather than spread fear?


Go légion étrangère
Prends un prénom francais
Fais tes preuves
Bienvenue dans la communauté nationale

Je peux faire une demande de naturalisation immédiatement, de toute façon, vu que j'ai passé plus de 5 ans dans un établissement français à l'étranger.

C'était juste pour savoir si je pouvais m'inscrire avant que ma demande ne soit potentiellement acceptée.

Frog here, large majority of positive comments about the show. Don't worry about weak leftists, people are starting to understand.

>vu à la TV
Never been this true.

In Italy you can't theoretically wear the burqa either because you can't cover your face in public, no need for a specific law.

Finally watching it.

Not even 1h in and leftists are absolutely

Shitstorm on the newspapers today
>The mayor of Sevran is particularly annoyed by a particular sequence. Bernard de la Villardière and his team in front of a mosque, they are set upon by a group of young people.
To the mayor of Sevran, visit this neighborhood is simply provocative. He believes that this is a form of manipulation.


>yfw even No Man's Sky on Steam is more popular than François Hollande.

Is that like "microaggressions"? Will we now be blasted with whines about our "textaggressions"? Haha.

Damn right.

>There isn't a single far-right Master Persuader.
There are many whose words I've read here who could do it. I believe this is some Cred Forumsacks destiny and I hope to see it someday soon.

Praying for that. Hope people are spreading it like crazy.

>It's the same all over the world. Globalisation has cucked us pretty good
Ain't that the truth. Fox a shit but I'm still grateful for it because there are some individuals on that channel and its subsidiaries (like Lou Dobbs on Fox Business) who are truly redpilled and more and more, every day, they are letting it show. Helps keep me sane.

Painfully good posts, thank you

>This doesn't surprise me. The disconnect between feminism, gay rights and Islam has always been a headfuck for them. It's easier to think someone is lying than accept the truth that they backed the side that really hates them while fighting those of us who warn them. They'll be the first to be thrown from buildings when they hand over complete control to Islam. It's the only comfort I get: they're gonna realise we were right as they splat on the pavement.
Checked. And exactly this.

>17% confiance

Je comprends pas, franchement

>«Toutes les télés sont venus dans ce quartier et aucune n'a eu de souci, mais lui est venu après, et comme c'est lui qui est venu, il y a eu une crispation par rapport à ça. […] C'est de la provoc., il sait ce qu'il fait»

Putain, impossible de DL cette merde d'émission de télé de mes couilles de bordel de merde pour faire des putain de sous-titres. Aaaaargh.

>Saudi Arabia is the biggest problem because they pay for everything they paying many many billions to spread this cancer worldwide. They must be destroyed

This. Very pleased today to hear that Congress overturned King Muslim Nigger's veto of the bill enabling families of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia for damages. Of course the Saudis are already responding with threats, which is great because it shows their true colors to at least a small percentage of the idiot normies.

Oui, il y a des flingues à la Réunion. Oui, il y existe des pretextes pour chasser. Du style le Tang, une sorte de hérisson qui court très vite à la manière d'un petit sanglier.

Marrying kids aged 6 and consummating at 9 was not normal and it never was because it's not biologically normal.
Said that, even admitting that child marriage was more acceptable back then, it still comes that Muslims worship Muhammad as the perfect man today.
It'd be like saying that you can't really condemn Gengis Khan for killing countless people because it was normal back then (which partly was) but then worshipping him and his warring methods to this day and pretending to apply them.
Plus, all fucktards who say that the Bible is full of shit ignores that most shit is in the OT which was outdated by damn Jesus himself (who was an infinitely better person than Muhammad btw) and that nonetheless nobody in the fucking world applies the OT anymore.

When I read about Muslims "need" and support for their boypucci, I was done entertaining any of their "spiritual" ideas.

Goes the same with these radical Talmudists.
Ce machin a l'air de marcher.

Ah ben non je retire ce que j'ai dit, DRM

Niquez vos mères bande de sacs à merde, vous pétez les couilles à toujours parlez d'islam, on s'en branle de ces conneries.

France is not a cuck, they banned the burka and are planning to remove the calais jungle

Les Lycées Français sont un scandale là aussi. Ca coûte un bras et le fait qu'on puisse demander la nationalité française en plus ne fait que le confirmer.


NT does not supersede the OT, also the book of revelation is full of crazy shit.
Most religions are about power, and it seems to work quite well.

>on doit s’habituer au attentat
je n'arrive pas a croire que hollande a vraiment dit ça.


Thanks doc

Even No Man's Sky is more popular.

Surtout que j'étais dans l'un des plus chers... Plus de 2000€ par trimestre, c'est exagéré quand même.

Mais bon, c'est soit ça, soit l'éducation privée marocaine (qui coûte aussi la peau des fesses), soit... bon, même pas la peine de mentionner le public marocain.

>t. Ahmed

they are removing the jungle by spreading the clandestins all over France.
this is why i cant trust a fucking politician they are spreading the cancerous cells instead of applying kemotherapy and watering the calais jungle with napalm and lighting a match.

is incest legal in France?

I'm sorry. How do you type? Spoken word computer program?

Je me demande pourquoi le rafiot amiral fdesouche n'a toujours pas mentionné ce reportage dans ses colonnes...

déjà il parle dans un français correct et veux servir la France et non pas s'en servir comme tous les algériens et autre merdeux.
le PS a besoin de nationalisé ces futur électeurs car il a arrêté de s'occuper des intérêts des travailleurs au profit d'étranger a qui il donne l'argent des français.

I'd assume also, because France is much nicer than Saudi Arabia.

c'était Valls le dictateur de """"gauche""""

Les andouillettes c'est trop sain pour les amerlos.

daily reminder that 29% of french muslims are extremist garbage supporting sharia law according to a recent study (actual study, not some right wing propaganda). And a lot of these people are young because this phenomenon is fairly young.
We're fucked, young muslims make up 10% of the population of the under 25 (while muslims make up 5.5% :^)) and Islam fondamentalism will just keep developing for a long time since it's a recent thing in our time.

What leftists don't understand is that while we should acknowledge that most muslims are not terrorists (everyone with half a brain already knew that) we must also not be blind to the dangers of a dynamic and relatively new religion going through such a phase. Because it is true that a big part of muslims are radicals, especially in western countries with the rise of communautarism.

>don't put all the muslims in the same basket
What about several baskets?


Yep je l'ai mentionné plus haut, M6 met des DRM dans ses vidéos gratuites.

Peut etre faire un rip degueulasse...

I'm not a Christian but the NT does supersede the OT in terms of actual laws (Galatians, Matthew, Hebrews are the main sources as far as I remember).
Certain rituals are retained but other laws are considered outdated.

Il faut sous-titrer ce truc et le faire tourner dans le coin. Là je suis au taf coincé sur un laptop linux tout pourrave, je ne peux pas faire grand chose... Ah cette frustration...

ALWAYS with these fucking animals.
The charade need to stop at some point, we can't allow these monsters to fucking live.

Straight white male genocide when !?

You can't marry a close relative (cousin is legal tho) or be legally the parent of a child born of such union, but you can still live as a couple with your sister if you want...

Ouais, j'ai fini par céder et regarder sous windows puisque deja que firefox est a chier en natif, sous wine c'est encore pire.
Je vais voir si c'est possible de faire quelque chose quand je fini de tout voir.

A moins que t'as deja un plan?

C'est assez chiant, quand même, que le lecteur ne tourne pas sur Linux. J'ai le dernier pepper flash à la fois sur Firefox et Chromium, et pourtant il affiche quand même le message d'erreur.

Ça doit détecter le user-agent ou quelque chose dans le genre puis auto-bloquer si l'OS est GNU/Linux...

>haha i just got dismembered by a bomb blast but at least i pretended not to judge based on the bomber's massive mohammedan beard :))))
--french people in the future

I'm no christian either, but heres a verse from matthew. 5.17-19
Then, again that side of the abrahamic religions aren't well known to keep what isn't profitable (see: First Council of Nicaea)

Sinon il reste l'ultime moyen de la mort que je n'ai plus utilisé depuis 2007, la vidéo par capture d'écran. Style via vlc ou je ne sais plus quel programme sous windows... Avec un bon PC ça devrait être concevable sans trop avoir une sale gueule.

Sinon si qqun a la tv en replay ou via hdmi ce doit être possible de faire un enregistrement avec une clef usb directement via le téléviseur (ce serait probablement moins dégueu).

Il manque un spot pour les chinois

I found a pdf from an exmuslim who was basically after a lot of questioning his relgion with various scholars was told real islam is only taught to those who are ready for the truth, everything else is taqiya

Bandicam le fait très bien

Sound like this book.

new thread?

Vais essayer ça, il y est sur t411.

Froggies - make a new thread