The Indian Army Kills muslim inbred terrorists IN PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIRE in pincer attacks

The Indian Army Kills muslim inbred terrorists IN PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIRE in pincer attacks .

Jai Hind Jai HInd

Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akal


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lmao, what is going on over there? Is ww3 brewing? Would we technically have to declare war on you since we're allied with Pakistan?

>implying any other countries want to side with either India or Pakistan

yes yes NUCLEAR WAR NOW!!!

who here is #teamPOO ?

WE go to WAR MAN

we will slaughter these muslim filth

u dont need nukes to kill muslim terror filth

u need a good aim and shoot,

I think they're both poo tbqh. Brazil is also poo

Don't push it or they'll start making
the poo in the loo jokes again

u sit and watch ur white mom fcking black thugs and vote for hillary clinton u useless american liberal leftist multikultural filth

Its going to be raining poo and poppyseed

can you make sure they kill you simultaneously? indians might be worse than muslims.

I'm rooting for India in this one.

Wow, rude.

slurpee nigger

Brasil is monkey hue, India is poo in loo, Pakis are goatfuckers or something in those lines

Poo in loo, and we might help you
You can be western too, if you poo in loo

Fucking go Pajeet. Kill them all.

face the reality friend...face the reality

>Not nuking Paki scum to save time and scare China

This is why you will never be a super power, Pajeet.



Poo, please fuck off and kill each other. No one gives a fuck about you

Now nuke them and wipe the clay clean. We already have paki rapefugees. We don't want anymore of them. We're full.

we will yes

we will

u will see how we motivate germans to kill kebebs also

A weapon to surpass poo

Yeah, honestly if it happens, India needs to win. If India loses, Islam wins. The Islamic sphere of influence will stretch from the Western Sahara to Turkey to Saudi Arabia to Indonesia

BASED, americucks love niggers and jews

we will annihilate paki muslims IF they u use a single tactical nuke on our forces.

>insult pakis
>inb4 a british flag responds


wtf is monkey hue? You guys had human feces in the Olympic swimming pools. Why do Latin Americans on this board think they're better than Indians. At least they retained their native culture. All you do is invade my country.

Good job Aryan shit skins

Dont usually side with muzzies but India's the one thats igniting a war this time.

indian army attacked paki muslim terrorists at 8 points IN PAKI OCCUPIED KASHMIRE.

Bhimber was one point struck....indian army killed hundreds of islamic terrorist holed there.

It's called... Kashmir!

Good for them. At least the hindus don't believe in subjugating non-believers around the world.

Sikhs are brotier. Proof right here.

U HAVE to go to WAR to kill these intolerant muslim inbreds.


If ALLAHU SNACKBAR nukes you guys, who is going to run all the call centers?

Ill take a hindu or a seikh over a fucking inbred muzzo religion of piss bachi bazi loving cunt anyday

Are you going to wait for them to do so?

Surgical, preemptive, deep poo nuclear strikes.

Hindu nuffins

start working at lower salaries u silly lazy yankee and take ur jobs back.

no no

ten megaton nukes on peshawar AND karachi.



U will also HAVE to attack pakistan ...u will have to.

Poo, can I ask a question ? Totally unrelated to removing kebab, which I wish your country all the best in your endeavours.

No, the question is; what's with the head wobble you guys do? That little back and forth wobble of the head when you're happy or embarrassed or being polite. Fucks that about?

you don't know what is happening that is why
they drew first blood when they killed 18 of our soldiers 10 days ago through terrorists
now it is our chance to end it

We got your back. Go give them hell, Pooistan.

"Significant casualties have been caused in these strikes," Director General of Military Operations Lt General Ranbir Singh said adding, "the operation has now ended."

Wed back India up long before Pakistan. Not even because of Islam, but because of our economic interests.

It just so happens Sihks are waaaaaaay better than goatfuckers.

we expect retaliation

then it is full war...we have 1000 T 90s and T 72s and Chieftains AND 500 armoured personel carriers BACKED with some 600 155 arty guns to ROLL into two paki cities....within 72 hours if there is a paki retaliation

It's considerably more complicated than that. Just a week ago Pakistan killed Indian soldiers. This conflict isn't going anywhere.

Everyone knows Indians are honorary Aryans

Indian Army Armored Brigade are already engines revving and fully loaded.

this is two russian T 90 tanks rolling across a field in punjab towards lahore right now

Will India be the light and showing us the new way of removing?

Does this mean pakis will have a legitimate reason to become rapefugees?
Close the borders.

Pakistan and India destroy each other.

>sees name
go back and live in curfew you scum

no causalities reported by india so far...neither in 9 para or 10 paracommandos of army ....all para commandos back to base...all dead are kebabs.


Atleast i dont live in poo

Check these numerals, pakistan will become designated shitting street for loos.

Muslim here, with a message for you Islamophobic people.

The West created this mess.

It was you who divided up the land.

It was you who put in the puppet governments.

It was you who built the oil wells on Muslim holy lands.

It was you who allowed the Jews to exterminate and enslave the Palestinians.

It was you who played geopolitical games with Iraq and Iran during their war.

It was you who gave Saddam chemical weapons.

It was you who caused the Ayatollah to come into power in Iran.

It was you who created the Mujaheddin, Osama Bin Laden, and Al Qaeda.

It was you who killed 1 million children with your economic sanctions on Iraq.

It was you who, with your gluttonous oil consumption, gave power to Saudi Arabia and turned a blind eye to their funding of Wahhabi extremism.

It was you who abused the Arab world so much that they felt they had to attack your soil on 9/11.

It was you who started an endless massacre across all of Afghanistan in retaliation against a small group that lived there.

It was you who invaded Iraq unprovoked, destroyed it's infrastructure, massacred it's people, and left it in shambles in your wake.

It was you who covertly ignited civil wars in Libya and Syria because it suited your geopolitical interests, only to let the bloodbaths stagnate when your goals failed.

It was you who not only caused ISIS to exist, but allowed them to grow like a cancer unchecked.

It was you who destroyed the lives of millions of Arabs and forced them to leave their homeland.

You are the cause of all of this. Still you go ahead and blame us for all these tragic incidents. I'm not easily triggered but shit like this makes me really mad.

pretty sihk, bro

Why the fuck do these images make me laugh so much.

Fucking hell.



Kill them all. It's the only way to redeem your honor. Only true anti-Islamic warriors can poo wherever they want with impunity.

it makes u laugh because UK is now like this including u


Of course england is the muslim

Are indians caucasian?

you used to be like this

> The Indian Army Kills muslim inbred terrorists IN PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIRE in pincer attacks .

Is there a video?

original aryans, where do you think the swastika came from
only the northern part though, the south is more gorilla than the gorillas in Tarzan

They are half poo, half loo.

Indians are literal Aryans. The term and the swastika are both of poo in the loo origin.

Is the poo in the loo army actually effective? How does the training and effectiveness compare to other countries? Is it high teir (british), mid tier (american), low tier (turkish) or shit tier (every arab and african army)

many of us in the north are whiter than caucasians u silly boob.

fck off u inbred muslim pig

Wow, white indians who eat a spoonful of fair&lovely daily

low tier
an army that big will suffer from corruption and caste bullshit syndrome

Just FYI India has more Muslims and Hindus than Sikhs, at least in the cities

Source: been there 5 times

>I'm not easily triggered

So you use one of those fancy cell phone detonators then?

numbers never win u a battle or war.


It was muzzie Babur who decided to subjugate hindus and sikhs 500 years ago. British Imperialists only exploit existing class structure.

Shit tier. But so is Pakistan.

three points were attacked in paki territory.


100s of muslim terrorists were killed

paki army tried to defend the muslim terrorists...many paki army soldiers were killed.

The recognition of Pakistan as its own sovereign nation is the greatest insult to all of India. Kill every last muzzy and let God sort them out.


don't be fooled by indians
they are lying
take this an example
an indian navy officer was caught spying in pakistan and even the navy officer;s family admitted that he as stil in service
trust me its indians who are scared not us
also china already said they will defend pakistan incase of foreign aggression
first indian govt said they would do air strikes then backed off then said something else then backed off and now they say they will cut our water supply forgetting that more than 30 percent of india's water originates from china
we got nothing to lose but indians have everything to lose
they won't be a supah powah(literally how they pronounce it when referred to their own country) and only left with a nuclear wasteland
also if india nukes pakistan for using tactical nukes on its territory then china will nuke india


good goy keep Indians killing each other. Do not think about making living space for your 1.5 billion strong people and just kill each other

sikhs are bro tier

>Soviet Union

go to ur toilet....unzip ur pants and examine us little chamferred dick as u wallow in suffering and complexes u silly inbred muslim piglet


don't sweat bro, just let them have their memes

nice b8 m8

Voice of Muslim apologist checks flag. Is this a simulation. I wanna wake up in my goo pod.

Just rush Islamabad you stupid poos

Its like 2km away from Kashmir

yes soviets had a much bigger ground and air forces than United States.

>don't be fooled by indians
>they are lying
see this you scum
>also china already said they will defend pakistan incase of foreign aggression
>also if india nukes pakistan for using tactical nukes on its territory then china will nuke india

so are you admitting you are a chinese bitch
and you are betting your existence on them

May the streets of Pakistan run brown with the poo of 1,000,000 Street shitters.

Please, oh. designated poo in the loo, cleanse us from this curse upon our dying earth; remove pakistan from the map with your nukes. Joo Land will always be allies with Poo Land! REMOVE KEBAB AT ONCE

our forces were paradropped

paki air defences are NIL


its now proved that paki kebabs have NO AIR DEFENSE.

I came, I saw, I shit.
- Indian military proverb


in canada it is

1) i see my mom fck syrian muslim

2) i see my sister fck alferian muslims

3) i go into toilet and do cuck dance.

Pajeet your media along with your army just denied any attack on Pakistan

nice try paki

many indian media are also cucked liberal leftist faggots and lesbians

so dont listen to them

they are worse than Clinton News Channel (CNN)

they are worse than Wahabi Post (washintong post)

they are worse than Allah Broadcasting Corporation( ABC)

Excellent! For once, The indians have done something i approve of. Maybe you cucks aren't so bad after all.


The Empire of New Zealand has your back Prajeet. We have the best beef in the world to offer your hindu army.

A A. R
R R. A
E. E. R


am vegetarian


so are most of the indian armed forces

dubbs and we nuke pakistan

No. I live in the center of a giant target.

Time to make Pakistan a designated shitting street

Indian Poo Nukes Inbound

So saying reality means I am a Paki?

Okay I agree with you on that. But your army has also started denying it. Is there something to it? Last time Indian media also claimed that India crossed the local and later Indian army denied it

Villages in indian punjab, upto 10 km of the intll border, are being evacuated

the real battle will occur in punjab...we will TAKE lahore....As a first AND Stop azaans there

the indian PM, the military chiefs , the chief ministers of Punjab and Kashmir have confirmed the strikes

they are all LYING?

shut up

Oh let the (instant) sun beat down up their face

The less mudslimes are there in the world, the better. Cancer of the 21st century. Even poo is better than mudslimes.

the 1st, 43rd and 98th armoured brigades are already engines revving

they are just 60 km from lahore if war breaks out

the inbred kebabs have it coming

they have nothing to stop this huge armoured formation

its well SPREAD

a single paki tactical nuke is no use against this

Start eating meat and get strong. You'd probably get super-strength because your cows have mystical powers.

200cms height and 300 lb weight is enough

Dindu hindu here. I eat beef sometimes

>tfw 6'2" 90kg

posting Cred Forums approved stream
Cred Forums will love based Arnab


just slaughter these muslim hun bastards

Indians confirmed true aryans.

muslims are less human than indians. please kill them all india.

hindus are NOT dindus

stop degrading urself

Who /Gujarati/ here?

Independence soon

>taking memes seriously
reevaluate your life lad

inshallah my pakistani bretheren will eliminate the indian menace

You think China is willing to risk the wrath of the commonwealth by attacking India?

based tbqh

is this red pakistan?

So we talking actual war or is this gonna be something that fizzles out and goes away in a few hours?

>wrath of the commonwealth
my fucking sides.



>wrath of the Commonwealth

Why not. They willing to do it for North Korea.

Guaranteed the latter. It was an anti terror operation.

nice paint skills lad


Don't get too comfy turkroaches you're next.


two of the most disgusting countries ever going at it. this is great i hope they both die.

Dude we have much closer defense ties with India as of late. I'm pretty sure we'd cut connections with pakistan if we really picked a side. We only need them to keep alquaeda incheck, and they arent even doing that

No, they arent Achmed. your level of shit posting is not welcome here

Obongo apparently hates Pakistan as well

godspeed my fecal enthusiasts friends

Still buttmad about brexit I see.

Pakistan is Taliban

fuck them up India bro


>many paki army soldiers were killed

S i k h s

a r e

B R O t i e r


tfw Scatistan gets BTFO

I hope you aren't betting your existence on western countries like Britain and the US LOL

the islamic terrorists from pakistan will try to strike back at soft indian targets

something like 9/11 new york

or 26 /11 mumbai

Obongo used to support Pakistan. Only after shaming the US' position on the global stage and China supporting Pakiland, I think they have switched support


Obongo shittalked them all the time, called them essentially a failed state.

Luckily the based nigger continues to drone them.

India's alright.

Schools in the border belt were ordered closed following the escalation of tension along the Line of Control (LOC) in Jammu and Kashmir

Holy shit, is it really happening?

He supported them until 2011 when we killed Osama and then he got redpilled on Pakistan and started droning them.

Pakistani intelligence funds the Taliban.

but bungo obongo is a muzz kebab correct?

The US is only allied with Pakistan anymore to keep the government from collapsing and letting nuclear weapons fall into extremist hands.

Pakistan is funding terrorists which kill Americans, Indians and Chinese. Meanwhile the US just grits their teeth until they can figure out a way to secure the bombs somehow. The US is now conducting Naval exercises with India and Russia and China are now pumping weapons into Pakistan.

The US is going to pass Pakistan off to the chinks and become allies with India. In May, India and the United States met for a maritime security dialogue.

Yes but I'm going to miss him.

He's way better than Hillary and #drumpf

God speed Poo in loo's

Remove the kebab

Wow, that amerifat got #Designated

it was mostly because we found OBL in Abbotabod

everyone here was like wtf?

Look at those pubes all over the floor, have you been shitting on that floor and knocking your butt hairs on to it Pajeet?

That's more than can be said about the french tbf

India already declared victory after killing 2 Pakistanis. Pakistan have essentially already bitched out from retaliation also.

Imagine two schoolgirls, one hates the other so slaps her on the arm, then they both run off.

That's what just happened in Kashmir.

He was just about to provide them with free F16 worth billions of $s which would of course be used by the jihadis against India. After Modi's visit to US congress it was scrapped


>tfw when India will nuke Mecca

Its a storeroom lad. Nobody goes there

look at how u PUBES get treated by muslim pigs

The Pakistani military is in our pocket but the Pakistani intelligence agency funds jihadis

It's a failed state with different branches of government fighting each other.

Yeah true, but at least it isn't majority Muslim.

Based India.

fucking US always allied with muslims... WTF you stupid cucks??

They are mostly Sufi culturally, who are very different from Shia, Sunni or Wahhabi scum

i support you , pls kill mudslim

Surprisingly many Christians.

Is our country a failed state then?

>tfw Ismaili Khoja

you stupid americans give paki muslims money and they fool u ALL THE TIME...and u silly americans get fooled so easily. Muslims LITERALLY TAKE MONEY FROM your pockets and like good boys u let them take it all the time as bill clinton dicked broads IN the oval office.

THEY had osama bin laden in their backyard all the time



By now, I'd say so. Just give some useless land to blacks, throw out the Mexicans and kikes. Then we'd be talking. It wouldn't be paradise with that, of course, but it would be a decent start.

Nigga I dont mean politically fight each other I mean literally fight each other.

Paki intelligence agents get into skirmishes with the fucking military.

More than Canada or Australia I would guess. Thomas the Apostle did go there I believe...but we all know how that ended

Blacks won't fucking leave even if we gave them over half of the fucking country. All white people could cram into a tiny corner of the US and leave the rest to blacks and they would cram right in there with us.

Oh lol, I didn't know that.

You think they would let us drone 10,000's of their people if we didn't pay them off?

Why are hindus so cucked they have to post pictures of sikhs to appear tough on the internet?
You're worse than the greeks

You know that song remove kebab right?

Well behind that song there was an actual war where a bunch of Serbians had enough with these Muslim goatfuckers and would have exterminated them all and probably made any Muslim afraid to go near Europe but the US went and fucked over the Serbs because "muh poor Muslims"

Now Europe is being raped to shit.

It's too bad that the real-life kebab removal didn't happen because the SHART IN MARTS and their tolerance and sympathy towards human shit.

YOU are not a failed state

Obongo and his ministers are failed.

No nigga we aren't a failed state. Just a lot of political divisiveness.

I heard something about cows being almost gods is because in the past they used to trip on cow urine after the cow had eaten Shrooms.. what do you make of this poos?

>Blacks won't fucking leave even if we gave them over half of the fucking country. All white people could cram into a tiny corner of the US and leave the rest to blacks and they would cram right in there with us.
Didn't say it needed to be your land. Liberia, Haiti could work. I propose Israel, though.

>that whole pic

Now I basically woke everyone up with my laughing. Thanks

u need permission for that?

what a silly man u are

no u dont need the permission of a violent salivating inbred muslim terrorist

>having a leftist muslim nigger from kenya as your president
you tell me

>shit stain camouflage

He's a Para and SAS yet still can't sow his badges on correctly.

I least he shits in the toilet.

Our war song was better, judge for yourself

>not darkest red throughout the whole thing and all the way back to 1867


Yes we are a failed state. The only thing keeping us together is the US finds it more convenient to deal with one federal government rather than 10 potential countries in the north

the israelis dont take permission from HAMAS or AL QAEDA before they drone and kill mad muslims

take some inspiration from them u boob

Why are you panjeets pooing on Obongo?

That's my president you primitive cowfuckers.

Holy shit pajeets. Your markets are tanking.

yes , he is para/sas....his colleagues killed the paki inbred muslims.

Dumbos do you think Pakistan would not retaliate if we just started blowing up their shit?

They would probably try to nuke something.

So we have to pay off the military.

>T90 Indian variant, featuring non-stick tracks

Normal. They'll obviously crash when there are calls for war. I think its time to buy some stocks. The bounce back should be sweet

why did silly white liberal faggots and white liberal leftist lesbians vote for him in the first place. obongo has taken jobs from u. Obongo has taken ur homes away from u and given them to syrian muslims. Obongo has taken away ur money .Obongo plans to take away ur guns from u and will cancel the 2nd amendment while u watch 4 chan

>wrath of the commonwealth

Explain the pic pls.

North Indians and Pakis are both literally Aryans.

we are waiting for the inbred kebabs to retaliate

see what we do to their inbred islamic republic of pakistan

Where do you live
Dumbo the economy is doing good and we have record unemployment. Just slow growth.

I live in a gun-free gay state anyway reeeeeee

Pretty good. Like it. I like how they have a whole unit singing

I just realized that I didn't have my contact in (yes I have just one eye fucked up) and due to shit eyesight mistook your flag and basically lectured you on your own history. Sorry about that

I learned something though. I was under the false impression that you and the Serbians were together against Muslims

So it was a 3 way battle then?

They attacked them in a conflicted zone, not actually Pakistan. I swear you uneducated fuckers never know what's really going on. Calm down.

only Porkis are denying it like Bin Laden attack that means Pak armies are coward they should have accept it & then strike back.

ah a white faggot

shut up and get out of here u silly soft US faggot,


will a poo please answer this question? I need to know.


it is a disputed zone....FINALLY a american ADMITS it,

Muslims need to be purged whatever race

Yes I would gladly take a white skinned blonde haired blue eyed Muslim soak the bullet in pigs blood and fire it between his eyes

I'm half Gujarati you fuck

I'd rather obongo than shillary

wew party town

Russia, your new military uniforms are fucking hideous and derpy af, I miss the 1990s era look of ur guys

Gorkha reporting for Paki killing

wobbling ur head is better than sitting in a car, watching a white woman and jerking off u helplessly do every saturday evening in london.

fuck off you stupid nationalist cuck. you're so damn angry. maybe you're hungry. stop eating leaves and eat some meat like a human being you fucking idiot.


Your soldiers look badass, godspeed poobro

slice them head downwards in a sigle swipe....split a mudslimes head into TWO.

"GO RKHA"...means protector of cow".."gau raksha....remember?

India is brown people that don't have an ideology that wants me dead.

India is my doctor and my IT guy.

Go India.

Why don't you design your own badges instead of ripping of ours?

ah JOE BIDEN himself in person.

No, US suggested we fight together with the muslims agaisnt Serbs. But first it was a Free for all.

I'm actually Bosnian catholic, and our part in Bosnia was fighting against muslims.. until US interventions.

Clintons seem to care very much about muslims. Muslims are a pest, as soon as they get a chance to take over a country, they'll take it and attack you. Too bad they are inbred retards who cant into war..

>Why don't you design your own badges instead of ripping of ours?

Every one of your children has done this, what's so bad about that you should take it with pride

My friend is in special forces - para trooper dont know what regiment though. I will try to speak with him

I don't really give a fuck what sparked this but Pooinloo bros should wipe those paki scum off the face of the earth and purger their own society of muslim scum.

How could anyone not back pooinloos in this conflict?

hmm...u trained us ...remember?

we also killed nazis , turks, and japs for u

our insignias are ALL from (EX) Great Britain.

>Pakistan says Indian claim of surgical strike in Kashmir an 'illusion'.

top kek they are on full damage control mode


lol, they got smacked and now they're pulling the "didn't hurt" tough guy act.


I hope this doesn't escalate. So many neckbeards from my country hoping for a war.

Based Sikhs remove kebab! YES!

i mean right now, the British Dont even KNOW the meaning of those badges

all englishmen have become faggots

why dont u IMPLEMENT Brexit NOW?

why is that flacid theresa may wavering.

meh this is propoganda month, it is media war going on













Ratko Mladic

Radovan Karadzic

GOD bless them

whereever they are.


Just girl stuff

abbey mussaley fck off....get out of here....go fck ur sister and increase ur muslim population u pig,

Burdo! HA!

I see that the kasmir discussions are progressing swimmingly.

All of them. I've been getting 15% year on year on some top bluechip stocks. Imagine how much you can make on midcap and smallcap. My grandpa who's a Phd in Mathematics had invested 30$ 40 years back. Worth 30,000$ now. Plus all of that is tax deductible. India is seeing a huge growth no matter what you invest in.

You're a US proxy state

Except your flag, you left yet you try and pick and choose parts of the Empire to keep.

Early 2017, super power by 2020

THIS is how the teutons from germany must talk with turk.

your reality is full of over generalizations lol. you are a very simple man. loud, but simple.

are those jew rifles?

They need to give it back
There's no compromise. Only fight now

I seem to remember reading/hearing that China has close ties to Pakistan.
For the Opium maybe?

thankless white muslim loving piglet from london

Pretty sure America is allied with nearly every country

is this a retaliation attack?

If frauke ever assumes office, yesssss. That doesn't possible in 2017 either.


The AfD won't win, I can already tell that
Its just a protest election, but nobody will vote for it when the Bundestagswahl arrives.

Its the same reason why die Grünen get right now more votes than before: The people just protest with that against the CDU/CSU and the SPD.

Frauke Petry NO

elect BARBAROSSA....get him back from somewhere.


Time to see if I can buy through my brokerage.

>I hope this doesn't escalate. So many neckbeards from my country hoping for a war.

Fuck off bitch. I'm talking to a lot of people right now and we are all ready for war and go on front lines. Which state are you from so I can come there and kick your ass.

its an INSAS automatic scatgun

>kicking ass
you literally only gained independence because the Britcucks got sick of a diaper wearing Hindu nationalist talking smack about the union, so they left.

>are those jew rifles?

We buy a lot of stuff from Isarel


Now I get the song

then get a dragnov....sit on a vantage point and take out the top leadership of Cucked Dimwit Useless(CDU)

t. Pajeet in Auckland

hahaha triggering poo in loos. i like it

what did they mean by this?
first pakistan then britbongistan reeeeeee

>Wrath of the commonwealth

The gun was introduced in 1998
And still it used wooden furniture?
Hats off to that.
it weighs a ton for a 5.56 tho

So it's not a big deal then?

Keep the diamond thieving nigglet. We remade our country and will keep doing it. Come to north east and I'll bet you will get the taste of my khukuri.

Try it faggot and we will set the superior Kukri wielders on you.

The FDI laws are relaxed now. Also whatever you do do not panic sell stocks. The market can be extremely fickle at times. Some years back Sensex was falling to 7k INR and lower from 20k INR but it recovered to 30k. My family held off and bought more so it was good for us. India is the only economy that is seeing huge natural growth year on year even during global slowdown.

forgot pic

a real story of a Gorkha in world war 2 , in Libya

a huge german officer charges at a gorkha with a bayonet

5 ft 5 in gorkha swings his 2 feet long kukree

the german roars laughing

"ah KLEINER maan u KLEINER maan...HAR HAR"

gorkha says " shake ur head mein freund"

german shakes his drops off....

it was a clean kukree cut

AYo Gorkhalee.

I just posted that picture retard because I'm a Gorkha you little bitch

but gurkas are from nepal
>appropriating based muntain gooks

Pajeet going full-in

Lt Tul Bahadur Pun

My maternal family is from Nepal. Most of Nepalese Gorkhas live in Darjeeling and surrounding areas.

What the fuck is a Gorkah?

yeah i totally see nato caring about shitskins fighting, the only valuable things they have are their kidneys

Incredible feats! British Gurkha soldier Corporal Dipprasad Pun killed 30 Taliban militants on his own in Afghanistan,hero soldier honored by Queen with Victoria Cross.
A Gurkha soldier who single-handedly defeated more than 30 Taliban fighters has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross by the Queen.

Corporal Dipprasad Pun, 31, described how he was spurred on by the belief that he was going to die and so had nothing to lose in taking on the attackers who overran his checkpoint in Afghanistan.

Corporal Pun gallantry award is second only to the Victoria Cross – the highest honour for bravery in the face of the enemy.

Corporal Diprprasad Pun, from the 1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles, was presented with the CGC during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, during which a number of other soldiers were recognised for their bravery.

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Two ways to spell it Gurkha or Gorkha. In Indian language it is pronounced as G"ö"rkha, rarely anyone pronounces it as Gurkha.

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>Since the independence of India in 1947, as per the terms of the Britain–India–Nepal Tripartite Agreement, six Gorkha regiments, formerly part of the British Indian Army, became part of the Indian Army and have served ever since. The troops are ethnic Nepali Gurkhas of Nepal and ethnic Indian Gorkhas of India.

12 Facts About The Gorkha Regiment That Completes 200 Years In The Indian Army

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