Why do conservapoors vote against their own ecoomic interests?


Sure does. Lyndon was based.

>libshits think any politician besides a republican gives a shit about their interests


> 2016
> voting Repukelican , ever


>200 years
>lose to Nixon after term


I hate this leftist argument. Is it really so hard to believe some people don't believe in excessive taxation, regardless of their wealth? nope, it's all gibsmedats

Even funnier, with the left attempting the destroy the 'patriarchy' and 'sexism' and 'oppression,' you could say voting Democrat today isn't in the White Man's interest either.

Never ceases to amaze me that liberals can conceive of no other "interest" a man might have other than gibmedats. None. To them that's mankind in whole: there are those who get gibmedats and those that pay for them. Everyone fits into this matrix and this is how they define them.

>planned economy
>in my economic interests
really activates those almonds don't it

I am a low earning white male and I lean conservative. And I'll tell you why I "vote against my own interests".

Because I don't believe my own interests should dictate the system. I believe in fairness. I believe that my low earnings have been affected by my life decisions, and that I could have gone farther in life. I instead chose to do things like waste my time on Cred Forums.

I don't believe in "voting in my own interests" when that essentially translates to "create a system that unjustly rewards laziness and poor decisions".

I've never understood the argument of voting in self interest. Shouldn't we be voting for superior systems and not just what works out best for us? If I voted in self interest, I would just vote for as many government programs that redistribute wealth to myself.

because I don't care about money, I'm not a materialist. what I do care about is being able to walk around safely without getting assaulted by googles.

Because we vote for our race-people interest

This is called altriusm

The worst white will always be superior to the best nigger(pic related)

That's because white people have evolved to have altruistic desires. Non-whites are subhuman and are still at the self-preservation stage of evoluation.


Think about this shitty liberal meme.

What do liberals believe in? A larger more socialist government with wealth redistribution and programs.

Higher taxes=emptying pockets

What do conservatives believe in. Smaller government. Less spending. Personal responsibility.

lowering taxes=letting pockets stay full

This is some fucking shit memeing right here faggot.

If decades of socialism/welfare has not solved 1 fucking long term problem how then is it in the interest of poor or middle class whites to vote for government doled benefits? Because this is the argument you are making. Welfare has completely annhilated black people. It has made them utterly dependent on the government to live and kept them in a permanent state of poverty.

It's not in my interest to destroy western civilization for ten years of free food and a degree in Wiccan basket-weaving

The black vote has constantly been overwhelmingly democratic.

Hell, I just heard on fox news that it would be unprecedented and monumental if trump were to win more than 15% of the black vote.
When 15% is considered ridiculously high for a Republican to win, you know that blacks are almost exclusively Democrats


Look at how BTFO OP got.

I love it when a thread comes together.

You're confusing socialism with Keynesianism.

Say what you will about Marx, but at least he wasn't a Keynesian

>why do conservapoors vote against their own ecoomic interests?

Probably because there generally is no option to vote in favour of their own economic interests.

You might be a wanker, but I like you.

First off, all politicians are fucking crooks if you think any of them give a single fuck about the average american then you need to pull your head out of your ass you fucking tool. The powers that be have a vested interest in driving a wedge in the racial divide. This allows "them" to continue to manipulate the system and ensure the rich get richer the poor get poorer. Fuck republicans fuck democrats. They have done this so well that they have been able to impliment a police state where the cops can indiscriminately kill whoever the fuck they want. There have been 715 people killed by police this year 330 white 174 black 111 hispanic and the rest are listed as unidentified or other (this information was gathered from the Washington Post database that is actively updated). The media acts as if it is only white cops killing black men to start even more shit. The point is rep or dem makes no difference they both plan on ass fucking all of us raw dog and no you cant get a fuckiing reach around

Fucking underated.
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you think paris hilton did anything to deserve her wealth? no. the poorest among us still have human dignity and deserve to be cared for by the rest of society. though, if you can't take care of yourself, you probably shouldn't be having kids. maybe some sort of elective welfare state that you can opt in to by getting sterilized?

This. And that man is right and the problem in all our societies is that everyone is doing this. Rich and poor alike try to manipulate the system to get the most of it and the competition of parties is just trying to get the best offer to buy enough votes to get in power.

i don't mind being poor or rich, the most important htings aren't materialistic, but the left is based on materialism so i will fight it.

>Every form of failed leftist measures is not true Communism/Marxism its some other name

KYS faggot

>you think paris hilton did anything to deserve her wealth?

yes, she showed her cunt in a very clever way to maximise her earnings. The problem isn't Hilton, the problem is a society which is so degenerate.

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she was born into a massive fortune numbnuts. you think anyone would give a fuck about her skank ass if she lived in a trailer park?