Who of you created this Trump ad?

The alt-right isn't mentioned and no memes, why?


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you did

you did, faggot. take your shitty video to reddit, not here.

Come on guyz, it is a good video and a lot of effort went into it. Give me some love now.

it's not bad user

Why the fuck is it 240p


I like it

nice work germany I take back all the bad things I ever said about you're country today

its probably still rendering because OP just uploaded this shit

I've seen this video before and with 10 the amount of views.

He didn't make this, you guys are so gullible

Its actually pretty decent. You can't upload videos at like 480P though man. Its current year.

Other then that thanks for taking the time to make it. I hope you guys can purge that fucking childless oaf from power soon.

Its cool. Thanks user. Don't spend 2 seconds worrying about the edgefags who just want to shit on everything.

Anyone know the specific remix of the song in this video?

That was actually pretty fucking awesome. Nice work.


Make it better quality and it would be bretty gut.

btw, I like the music choice, but it seems quite ominous to have Trump speaking while scenes of battle are playing, all the while Jack White sings about power.

Maybe put in a couple of lines from Hillary while playing those scenes, if your intend is to enforce Trump.

And maybe use the original version of the song, as this distorted BF1 version seems more ominous, which is contradictive to the message it is supposed to tell.

It's just the music that makes you think that. It's been a good song since forever.

It's been around for weeks, looks like some faggot decided to re-upload it and added a watermark

Glitch Mob did the remix

nice job m8.


Song plz????


>seven nation army starts playing
fucking dropped

fuck off hans

It's really great but too long for a normies attention span, a minute or so vid would be better as propaganda