Who is the most evil country on the planet?

Who is the most evil country on the planet?

Australia, by far


imperialist scum

USA No doubt

Any government that wants to replace it's native population entirely because it hates them.

Your Walmart nation.

Have you heard of "american imperialism" ?

The most evil country in the world is Iran, goyim.

My country

America. Land of the greedy billionaires. Someone has to stop them.

Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Murica is shit.


Eastern Europe.


They use us to fight their wars. While at the same time destabilising 3rd world shitholes and then flooding white nations with the aftermath of shitskins.

Excuse me its *you're* you Swedish fuck

It explicitly wants to ethnically cleanse its indigenous people.

Unashamedly us

France, UK and the US are responsible for 70% of conflicts jewing around with false flag nonsense and arming terrorists.

If you mean evil to their own people there's too many to choose from.

If you mean evil as in, their population is actually a bunch of evil fucks then Somalians take the prize. Even North Korea is nicer to their own population than your typical Somalian is to his neighborhood.

Murica no doubt.

Israel isnt a country.

somewhere in africa no doubt

>all these posters forgetting africa

>still no Mexico mentioned
>not even Germany

I am on Cred Forums rite?


Russia, Iran and North Korea.



Israel's crimes against humanity can not be compared to some African government killing its local opposers with a machete.

Very good goy! *gives cheeseburger*

Saudi America

I don't consider apes evil, they're just irrational animals


you dont get to bring friends

give us time

germany, absolutely

USA, Saudi Arabia and Swedistan

If you took away the kikes modern weapons, I'm pretty sure they'd resort to machetes, if you gave a nigger white phosphorus bombs they'd get used.


(assuming you recognize it as a country)

manipulating cunts, stop stealing our shekels

Israel, again.

Vatican City

The UN

The World, leader is Satan.

Africa is exactly what you would expect of a shithole like Africa.
Land full of primitive savages.

US on the other hand keep speaking about friendship but keep spying the whole world.
They accuse others of oppression and regimes and then they kill democratically chosen governments to bring democracy.
They cry about innocent and accuse others of bombing schools but then they drone and bomb the fuck out of cities and cry about inevitability of killing innocents "those were all accidents bro, damn terrorist hiding in schools, using human shields".
They speak about solidarity and friendship but then they try to break other countries with sanctions and put whole weight of it on the shoulders of their "partners"
They claim freedom but then they spy and waterboard and anal cavity search their own citizens because the end justifies the means.
They teach other countries about the need to help others and stuck ass-full on refugees and then they brain drain the best and the brightest and make it harder to come to US for everyone else.

Face it dude, US is a two-faced regime

Saudi Arabia.

He's talking about a "third world war" back in 1871… ?

Hate to say it but the U.S have become the bad guys although I do make a distinction between Americans and their government.

USA along with their manipulator Israel

USA by far.

Russia literally shot down a passenger jet.

Sweden are committing genocide right now

mine but we have the best people and we might just keep on winning

Finnish """""education,""""" everyone!

USA killed millions of Iraqis for oil. A couple of dutch isn't even worth mentioning.

>Replace Iran with Saudi Arabia

>And add Israel

Japan. Very much horrible crime in war.


It's main exports are slavery, rape, castration and murder since the last two thousand years

Germany...why the fuck is that even a question?

North Korea is objectively the correct answer, although their threats to other countries are sometimes overrated, the Kims have inflicted extraordinary human damage over their reign.

Runners up: China, Israel, Russia, USA, Saudi Arabia.

Many others at various stages of history.



lol IKEA


Iran Best Korea and Mother russia

The swede

The fall of europe is secretly our fault

USA is basically the neo-Roman Empire, no one else comes close to the evil shit we have done to this planet

Motherland maybe?
We do resemble Mordor in one way or another.
Then again, i fucking love being seen as the root of all evil. It's fun.

>china not the right answer

Lol nice proxy


The Eternal Anglo.

We are coming for you - Euro-PEONS.

Not a country but UN is indeed the worst entity

>USA wasn't the first post

Newfags get out of my Cred Forums


If born an orc, be proud of Mordor, fellow dark minion

Currently its USA by amount of grief it enables.
Other anglo countries are mere henchmen.
Russia wants to be like USA but can't.
China is probably evil but in an alien, insect-like way, and mostly to themselves.
Kebab is just the worst, not as much evil just shit.

>Then again, i fucking love being seen as the root of all evil. It's fun.