Abo Diaspora

I'm think I saw an Australian Aboriginal woman at the bank a few minutes ago, but I'm not sure. I didn't think any were in Israel, but it got me wondering - is there an abo diaspora at all? Has anyone here ever seen one outside of Australia? If so, what were they like?

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I live in the Bronx there's a bunch of abos here constantly getting into fights with niggers it's hilarious also they usually win

Like this?

Abos are the super saiyans of blacks.

There's possibly a couple of professional boongs that are working overseas. Maybe in hospitality or arts. More than likely half caste one though.

There's no way in hell you would ever get a Tiwi Islander or Tanami Desert aboriginal leaving Australia. We're talking stone age petrol sniffing coons.

I'm an Aussie living in NZ and many in my circle of friends are Aussies. None of them aboriginal, or even have a hint of coon in em.

I've never seen one in the UK.
Sadly, I can't say that about all the other interlopers.

Someone red pill me on abos , what are they?

The indigenous people of Australia.

Aboriginal here, I have an aunt who moved to Israel with her fiance years ago. We don't generally move outside of our own lands, but every now and then, some manage to get their shit together and move.

I honestly don't think aboriginals have even any ambitions to travel. I've known a few. They seem to see Australia as entirety of the world to them. Props to the rest of the world.

Samefagging but I think a large part would also be that people will care even LESS about their victim hood overseas. No more sympathy and welfare.

>they are just like normal australians;
a pile of drunks!

> we don't generally move outside our own lands

> see Australia as entirety

Now youve explained it like that, it makes perfect sense to me.

the abos are mostly too dumb..there is a few half white ones that are vocal for them though

its the jews and white useful cucks using them for agendas mostly

This is incredible. Please tell more.
Also, most abos fucking hate niggers Asians and white people

how the fuck can you be using a computer if you are an abo?

i thought you lived in the desert huffing petrol getting rama rama or is that just a meme?

I knew a white Aussie kid who I played football with that claimed to have Abbo heritage

>Tfw our abos are just a bunch of chubby hairy short people that play dress up, draw weird shit on their face, and fuck around with bears
They honestly just keep to themselves. They don't even really pull the MUH LAND stuff that often

TELL ME MORE. I literally just Googled Australian Aboriginals in America. And got no results, this is fucking comedy gold.

They are the australian variant of a gypsy nigger. Likewise, australian variant of a dog is a dingo, their snakes are more venomous and so forth.

Abos actually leave australia? KEK.

holy shit!


fucking stealth england

> zomg, groups of Aboriginies living in NYC, having turf battles with the locals

No way guys, really think about it. Cant be too hard to see you're being trolled.

>Abos leaving Australia
No way. Only some white cunt who claims to be part Abo would do that.

Full blooded aboriginals wouldn't leave Australia. They wouldn't have the money for international travel and probably wouldn't have the temperament to even fly


And even if he isn't trolling, he's probably confusing them for Caribbeans or some other brown skinned people.

But Christ, some people on Cred Forums just believe anything.



Jesus, at least Native Americans keep to themselves and get shitfaced away from everybody else. Aussies are stuck with these things.

Abo Jews do exist.


are you actually aboriginal or ((aboriginal))

I have saw one in auckland a few years back. Was surprised that the australian government finally decided to give plants passports

Shut up faggot

yeah i studied with an abbo guy, wicked country guitarist, he spent some time playing music in the states. so i know at least one

Organising everything involved in flying international is much too complicated for 99% of Abos. When I went to highschool, there was a group of Abos they sent to America to take part in long some long distance run.

its about 50/50. also they are less than 2% of Australias population


This Abo-kebab lived in Saudi Arabia for a while, but is now in prison in Australia.

>on the bank


Fun fact: Ainu and the Australian aboriginals are related. Pic related.

Sort of, in that they steal more and require more gibs than regular blacks.