Can Iraqi migrants be called "refugees" when they come all the way to Norway?

Can Iraqi migrants be called "refugees" when they come all the way to Norway?

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Shut up racist, don't you understand they are fleeing from bombs in Denmark and Sweden?!

Truth bombs?

>A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Most likely, they cannot return home or are afraid to do so. War and ethnic, tribal and religious violence are leading causes of refugees fleeing their countries.

A refugee is still a refugee even when they pass through multiple countries.

Maybe you shouldn't ask such a loaded question, might have to unload on yer mam.

But yes ""people"" that travel through multiple safe countries in order to reach a country where there's better social services can no longer be called refugees but migrants.

why dont muslims just stay in turkey then?

Can they be called Iraqi or Syrian when they're neither, and just profiting from the unrestricted immigration to do some social tourism and drop anchor babies here and there? Is there any reason to accept those people when they're supposed to be mentally scarred by war, thus unable to function normally within society and hold a job?

Oh so many questions, and only one answer: let's end this stupid idea of a European union that can't agree to shit, overthrow our socialist governments, and kick out anyone that ever immigrated illegally in our countries regardless of whether they were naturalized or not.

Know how hard it is to find shelter/some form of income for them in Turkey?

So, by their definition, as a "right wing supporter" i can claim refugee status as i am persecuted for my beliefs?

Excellent! Ill take 6,000,000€ and ill rape your prettiest daughters please :)

t. A white refugee

Why do they make a B-line to Nordic countries? Is it purely for the white teenage girls?

Uh-huh? When was the last time your were materially persecuted for your neo-Nazi beliefs, Helmut?

They literally just ferry them over from North Africa to Italy, then most of them leave Italy for the northern states ASAP

They are blatantly not refugees yet they keep pouring them in

We can't keep them here, bro.
We only have a wall int he south. Once they pass, they go wherever the fuck they want.

Everyday in the media. Errrryyyday people go to jail for not paying a TV Propagandha fee. Errrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy damn day i see a bunch of niggers or muslims here.

All day erry day Worst Korea

Welfare in the Nordic states is higher than any other.

Sweden is best tier for Invaders. They get the moat gibs there. Swedenistan literally gives them houses, here they have to sleep in old schools.

They are actually, Turkey has taken the most refugees from Syria. Those are however, real refugees, its families, men, women and children.

Its just the economical migrants who are mainly young men who want to be able to buy the latest IPhone with welfare money that comes here.

Sweden, you need to produce the next Hitler or your country is done.

I can't even imagine how fast it must have happened. One day you are in "white paradise" and the next, literally rape central.

Iraqi needs a women from Norway

A study that cleverly proved some cultures are more violent than others (7 minutes):

A clip that shows the insanity of the current migration policy and offers a proposal on how to fix it. Excellent to redpill even the most bluepilled on the current migration madness (3 minutes).

Several EU intellectuals have said to basically adopt the Australian policy of immigration.

It's just so obvious that EU leaders WANT migrants to fuck their countries up.