Let's team up

On behalf of the State of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people, I would like to extend my hand to the people of Cred Forums.

Muslims are conquering the world through birth rates and migration, and no one knows how to deal with them better than Israeli Jews.

We do not support or trust the liberal, globalist Jews like Soros either. They are a common enemy. Most Israelis are right-wing, redpilled, and conservative in many respects.

What do you say? Do you want to form an alliance?

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Shabot shalom friend ;)

Some of you skypes are okay

I'm on board mate!

If i leave now I can probably be at the Jaffa Gate in about 48 hours.

Yes. But how do.we.combat left wing ideals if its been ingrained in our education system?

well according to Cred Forums you're already in control of the US government and therefore the strongest military in the world.



Anything for you, my greatest ally.

Fuck Jews


and fuck Muslims. Whites could take both of you out if they wanted to.

fine with Jews sincerely committed to the tenach, but you really need to do something about your apostate brothers that are destroying the world

Thank you for all of the support! This will be a great alliance. Who wants to volunteer to go to war with Iran? It won't take more than a few years, and we can provide some intelligence and technology.

>jews conquer entire world
>no oxygen left because big noses
yeaaaa, noo. i would rather muslims than jews


sure..just at least wait till they are all dead before you backstab us pls

We are literally in your debt merchant, how could we refuse?

Are you the real Ben? Or am I being baited?



>Trusting Jews

They are the most evil, liars and backstabbers you could conceive of.

They backstabbed Britain, they backstabbed South Africa, they backstabbed Germany, they backstabbed all nations who fought against Hitler. They even backstabbed Hitler himself because they broke multiple Jewish transfer agreements during the 1930s. Adolf Eichmann went to fucking Palestine on 1941 so that they could make an agreement with the Zionists to ship all the Jews to that country, but they fucking refused!!! The holocaust could have been prevented 10 times if the Jews truly cared about their own, but they don't! They wanted the holocaust.

Israel, I would accept, but there is no need as we already have a fine alliance. Let's keep up the good work.

>be 2020
>ww3 finished
>jews win
>jews need to plant 100trees for every citizen because nose is too big
>oxygen is rapidly decreasing
>stupid kikes make oxygen the new currency
>no more shekels just oxygen
inb4 "counting my oxygen"

No, this is all your fault.
We're voting in clinton and converting to islam and then we're coming for you.

Fuck off homo, make you're own bullshit thread.

This thread is about getting an army of supporters together, to make the world a better place.

For jews that is

Never forget the USS Liberty and you double standard and deceit, who are you to tell us in the west to disarm ourselves and allow in refugees, when you do the exact opposit in your nation, your coutnry is nothing but a Rothschilde fiefdom, and i will not fight any wars for you.

I support Russia and Iran in ushering in a new order in the region, one where Turk-roaches, Jew's, and Saudi's all burn in the same grave as ISIS.

Honestly geo-politically, Syria and the Assad are your greater threat, hence why you allow ISIS to operate along your border with Syria, you people aid them, you supply them. Palestinians have no love for ISIS, hence why they ask Iran for aid.

What's up with all this skypefagging lately...? Just cut it out. I like being the villain.

>won't take more than a few years
Seems legit

I got one have always supported the Jews who actually follow Judaism. Even if they are the ones who persecute Christians, as a Catholic, I believe there will be a day where the Jews unanimously acknowledge Jesus as the messiah.
Id support the Jew in a war against Muzzies. Shit, even if I didn't have my superstitions, I'd still support teaming up against Islam solely on the grounds that it's a religion of bloodshed and horror.

The whole reason you fucks hate Assad so much is because they are allied with Iran and Hezbollah, ISIS is your defacto ally.

I am trying to save you brother! Don't EVER make an agreement with Jews. They WILL BACKSTAB YOU! They will laugh at you, mock you behind your back. THEY"RE THE DEVILS SEED!


If you are a zionist fuck off skype if you are a true jew i will tip my fedora to you

No, I don't trust you.

Revelations 3:19

T. Ahmed Abdullah El Goatfucki


Zionists are the true Jews, goy. Anti-Zionist Jews are the very cucks you hate the most.


>it's a religion of bloodshed and horror
Give it time like we did with the christians in the middle ages... or just bomb the middle east whichever

>this whole thread

Goyim don't react well to the word "Zionist", Schlomo. You can tell them Zionism is just about having a Jewish state in Israel all day but it's kinda like when feminists say feminism is just about equal rights for women. :\

Tbh Jews are some of the best people to hang around with

any time I find a new group of people i always radiate to people who end up being Jewish, make great friends, sometimes tell them im jewish even though im german, sometimes rat on them for being jewish and we laugh

only hate liberal jews who i can always spot

Israel is just a kike honeypot tbqh famberg.

Europeans were sick of them, so they gave them Palestine lol. What a bargain!

what are you talking about? dont be such a cigány

>be me
>be 17
>hang out with group of jews
>almost suffocate because no oxygen
>where oxygen?
>jew big nose steal all oxygen
>true story
pic related, its me

That's totally fine by me, burgerbro. Send in all your kikes.

Yet Holland was one of the first to boycott us, and Israel gave us nukes. Fuck off Ahmed

Give us a few months to activate the right wing death squads.

But be warned, they are all going to be liberal dicksucks and social marxists.

Natural born nation wreckers drunk off suicide and masochism.

I agree. Can you get the Supreme Rabbinate to excommunicate George Soros for being a bad Jew?

I like this plan

but we come for you next

The only way we're going to get our skypes to move to israel is if we enact national socialism in all of our nations.
And that's never going to happen.
So enjoy your haredi theocracy.
Hope you like funding lazy NEET skypes.

I guess you do have a point... Well, they're all yours, then.

Then why dont the atheist banking Jews that spent so much to create Israel live there?

They dont because your a damn sacrificial lamb, they will use you to try and create greater ISrael when the balkanize the region enough.

Only problem is your people will face possible destruction in trying to achieve this. I for one want the US to abandon you, let you and the Sunni and Shia kill each other off. In the end the Russian SAA, Hezbollah Iran alliance is the best for the region.

Turkey and Saudi's arent doing anyone any damn favors as it is i think they and ISrael need to go, Egypt will even side with Russia.

If only we can get Trump in to cut your "foreign aid" we send you, and then abandon you due to not paying us enough, mmm good times ahead, As for Iran god only hopes they get nukes, it will for sure ensure the Saudi's and Jew's get burnt.

One thing I have learned in all my years of the jidf/stormfag war is this:

We will never have a finer enemy than the eternal jew.

Israel is the head of which all tentacles that meddle in foreign affairs lead from, millions of gentile lives death because of your foreign policy, you meddle in all affairs, paving the way to destruction everywhere you go, backstabbing all those who make agreements with you, having no sense of morals, no decency, destroying all last fabrications of gentile hegemony and industry, filing the minds of our youth with sickness and filth, the controllers of media, finance, and banking, indebting and collapsing nations, causing great depressions, the creator of world wars, you are the seed of hell, the incarnation of the devil, the destroyer of worlds, you are the synagogue of satan!

Definitely not faggot. The British Labour party that campaigned for these fucking vermin to infest our land and displace us with enormous birth rates is FULL TO THE BRIM with kikes like you. Go eat a fucking lead bullet and die in obscurity you brillopad haired semitic cunt.

>enact national socialism
>The only way

False. You can enact fullblown libertarianism and have a society based on voluntary interactions, then refuse to cooperate with skypes (don't sell them things, don't hire them etc.) so the West becomes unlivable for them and they're forced to leave.

>still thinks jews run the world

That's an Irish meme

That's even less likely to happen thank to aleppo johnson and takes longer, by the time that gets any jews to leave you'll already be paying for 6 million haredi manchildren.

>fullblown libertarianism
That didn't work so well because the capital (you) was exploiting the workers (us). We fully support everything you want to do in the middle east but don't complain about us running our own country for our own benefit.

>teaming up with the people who blew up the twin towers

fuck you shlomo. never gonna happen

>If only we can get Trump in to cut your "foreign aid" we send you
You realize the "foreign aid" you send us is small change compared to our entire national budget, right? The people it benefits the most are your own elites who control the military-industrial complex and make profit when we use your money to buy their stuff

>Russian SAA, Hezbollah Iran alliance is the best for the region.
You have to be pretty fucking stupid to think this will benefit you in any way.

No backsies.

>honoring agreements
goy, i...

Israel has been using your gentile soldiers (and according to them, the live of 1 jew is worth 1000 gentiles!) for their proxy wars....they will collapse your nation, and cause a new great depression, because they have backstabbed you...you are not their friend, you are their puppet. They laugh at you, they mock you! They have no respect for you. They are the greatest liars and deceivers, the epitome of all that is wrong with this world. They have created an economic system that has a built in timeclock of destruction! Just wait...tick..tock...tick...tock

The red sea pedestrian is right on this one lads.

Truth is, we benefit greatly from having Israel healthy wealthy. We actually have a forward operating base, staffed by volunteer pioneers.

They suffer through constantly being attacked, surrounded by enemies, shelled, stabbed, spit on. And they are proud to endure. To make a 1st world nation out of desert scraps and a little elbow grease.

And the best part is, all those kikes are over there, jewing each other and not us.

It's win/win for all of us.

> the capital (you) was exploiting the workers (us)
Yes, I'm totally exploiting you right now.

>don't complain about us running our own country for our own benefit.
When did I? I was merely pointing out that getting rid of the Jews (which I basically support) won't fix your broken system. And please don't tell me you unironically think that implementing the ideology of a subversive internationalist kike is the solution to your problems.

You got no chill tonight.

do not believe jewish lies they will stab you in the back at first chance



I'd rather have a Jew World Order than a Muslim Sharia World Caliphate.

Side with Jews = Brave New World = Pleasure
Side with Muslims = 1984 = Suffering

Trump = Shabbos Goy
Hillary = Muslim Brotherhood Agent

>What do you say? Do you want to form an alliance?
Not sure. Wouldn't it be odd if I were grandpa's black uniform again?

>converting to islam

You might have won now, Jew, but not for long! We have CHRIST ON OUR SIDE!

>posts picture of a Rommel who back-stabbed Hitler

No, fuck off, kike.

> the homeland of the Jewish people

Your homeland is Khazaria you nomadic scum.

>tough luck, Jews, we have (((Christ))) on our side
Wew lad!

>american wars in the middle east were proxy wars for israel! what is the petrodollar?

Judaism = Satanic

I thought Saudi put their hand up for this

What's the deal with your diaspora? Why are they such anti-white reptilian cunts?

>and no one knows how to deal with them better than Israeli Jews.

I beg to differ


It doesn't really work when (((you))) are (((a kike))) too.


theme : youtube.com/watch?v=0VutA6Bj_ZM

>worth a shit at war
>not arab muslims

Everything that rejects Jesus Christ as the only Lord is satanic by definition. Glad to see a redpilled dutchman.

(((Mossad))) is made in Norway (tm) (c) ltd actually as you are aware of I assume.

That means you know about our doomsday devices all placed on the sea floor!

Yes dat's right! We are willing to face total nuclear annihilation over our fisk, and we are taking them all with us.

Yes, Fuck these fucking globalists KIKES! Worse than rome ever was! Fucking carving eagle timuuuuu!

Trump will be all our savior, we're all of Ask!
But we cannot sit around slacking off waiting for Hillary and Merkel and the rest to die!

It's time to set SAILU!

No temple, no priestclass and no sacrifice. Your 'Judasim' has no basis.

Friendly reminder that you can NEVER trust ANY kike. NEVER EVER TRUST THEM.

I agree, Judaism is anti-logos

1984 is more like what you'd get if you turned absolute power over to the cultural Marxists: no privacy, no property, doublespeak, doublethink, etc etc. However if they let the Muslims in the way they want they'll ironically destroy their chance to implement their vision. Muslims could never build anything so organized, they just want to swarm over the earth, destroy civilization and force medieval style theocracy. Basically Muslims will usher in the second Dark Ages. Definitely agree that the Jews are probably the lesser of two evils here.

Hahaha, it was the leftists, the (((COHEN))) who have hijacked our government. The dutch gentiles had no say in that, and they were misled by the tribe of JUDAH!


Is form an alliance with Israel. Honestly just to stab you in the back though. Don't take it personal, just a little retribution from you guys trying to ruin everything.

We're South Africans. We know exactly who stepped out into the streets in Holland to protest Apartheid and who boycotted us. There's a reason Eugene hated you fucks too.

Just stop ruining everything for the West you fucking eternal Eldar.

Read the protocols, it will explain everything.
Yes, there are hundreds of brainwashed leftists gentiles who have fallen pray to the Jewish cause...it is our duty to heal them

Thank you Israelis for helping Muslims reach Europe and helping them on thier journy to Germany. Without your aid, thousands would never reach Germany.

Thank you for your pivotal role in making Europe multicultural.


Attack the leftist globalist Jews publicly then.
You are the only guys who can get away with it.
Until your people publicly declare their side you will stay untrustworthy enemies.

I'm talking strictly about the Apartheid era.
Your government and your (nearly whole) population that boycotted us and protested us. Dutch citizens of all faiths -- like the rest of the world did to us.
Now fuck off Ahmed.


This, I've heard so many fucking Jews say "oh yeah, we hate the Soros and Rothschild type-Jews, we just wanna get rid of Muslims ourselves" and I don't necessarily DISBELIEVE it since they're basically richer than most Jews will ever be, but fuck, if you dislike them, show us you dislike them.

if you ever need evidence as to why racemixing is terrible

just show them a picture of a jew :^)







>trusting a jew
We may have a common enemy, but trusting the merchants and chosen people has been one of the biggest mistakes of the west
How about we end the muslim menace and then we just leave each other alone?

Imagine America without porn being mainstream, all white neighborhoods, banks controlled by whites, media for whites







These are all well and good, but maybe link something like



gib us toys to remove kebab, judio

- - - - - JUDEOISLAM - - - - -



WW3 will be started between Israel and the middle east muslims. You should google this, its interesting especially on youtube, there's a lot of good content about it.

>What do you say? Do you want to form an alliance?


Call me to arms Jew. I will fight the Arabs along side you.

You speak sense but it's not the Muslims that are the main problem as the whole European immigration crisis is a COMMUNIST PLOT! The communists have long tried to subvert the western world and this is just a symptom of that plotting. The KGB installed leftist media, leftist intellects and leftist leaders in western countries to destabilize them with immigration and SJW degeneracy that in turn allowed the immigration policies to take place!
>We can no longer allow communist infiltration, >communist indoctrination, communist >subversion and the communist international >conspiracy to destroy the western world!
Evidence: youtube.com/watch?v=5gnpCqsXE8g

Palestinian territory fertility rate: 2.83 children born/woman (2014 est.)

West Bank Jewish fertility rate: 5.07 children born/woman

I'll choose Jews any day

Cuck. You would supoirt the kikes over Arab Christians. Good job.

My sides are in orbit.

Sure make a deal whit jews, what should go wrong.