Turdy Curry People must die

Why are Indians such degenerates?

Which side are you rooting for in the upcoming Indo-Pak war? Also, how do we make sure it actually happens? Personally, I would rather have both countries nuke each other so that a new nation can be built over their ashes; a nation that's actually potty-trained this time.

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t. pork



Be a good useful idiot and take them out.

>i want to brok you vegina

"give me yourself"

All of these chat conversations are quite reassuring because I know that shitskins will rarely ever be able to breed with anglos except for when they rape them at the Indian countryside.

Because of this.

Arranged marriages and a caste system seem to have left them absolutely unprepared for Western courtship. It's really strange that they have sub-autistic levels of game.
Surely even if they learned all their game from romcoms they would act better than this?

I think the other part of it must be the Indian perception of western women. Their mothers tell them what awful sluts white girls are. Their mothers aren't completely wrong but Pajeet gets the impression that Cindy will drop her panties for them after they say these things.

> mudslimes fight versus curryniggers, both have nukes.
Best day of my life

Indian-white hybrids seem to be underrated. You don't see them often but I have seen attractive ones.
This is probably down to deviant behaviour involving exceptional people though, right?

ie. For a street-shitter and a white to breed it was probably Chad and a Bollywood actress-tier girl.

Indians look the same as Europeans except brown insteas of white. Their features and bone structure are the same though

grab some marshmallows and pass the vodka

t. un-flushed street excrement

Saw one a while ago at a theme park.

Two children, both looked like Indians.
Not much white in them.

Ah yes, Indians truly are the real Aryans. True anglos if I've ever seen them.

I knew one who was a bloke and he was a suave guy. Spotted this one on a dating site recently. I would.

it's true though. they're not Aryans, but if you would give an Indian European coloring, white-pink skin, light eyes, softer hair, you wouldn't see a difference. If you did the same with a nigger, you'd have pic related

They idealize and are obsessed with whites. Bollywood is just a pathetic copy of Hollywood, but significantly less entertaining. They've forgone their own culture in favour of Western culture. Perhaps they might achieve greatness in doing so, but pajeet will always be pajeet on the inside, and his poo will always be on the outside and always on the street.

>getting rused by based ketan vora
that page was one of the best on normiebook

Yes they would be completely identical except for the smell and the fact that they are covered in excrement and hair.

No just Google Indian albinos. They're different.

Are they really like that?
I've never seen one in my life.

they aren't

Does laughing at this make me a bad person?
>"How do we make sure a huge war breaks out between 2 nuclear states that could upturn global politics and give rise to an unimaginable tragedy for mankind? I really want it to happen guys."


besides poo in da loo smell n being too cheap

indians arent half as bad. nice ppl. prefer them over googlez anyday

Laughing at it makes you stupid. You should be shitposting with us, attempting to make it happen

>bobblehead language
>what's your problem
top kek, hydros BTFO

hory shit. they look european af

Damn, some of the males look almost human

T. Pahjeet Poormagadem Taj Shwarmijad

Just like south park did we write a mail

Pakistan you sucks
T. India

Aside for maybe the bottom-left, they all look very different to whites. The nose (particularly the size of the nostrils) gives it away.

Anything is better than Googles. Try living in Brampton if you think Indians aren't half bad.

Yes, they are beyond pathetic.

You're absolutely right, looks like the average hans


>he thinks attractive people don't exist outside his internet message board bubble

Lel shut in ugly Newfie

That's a good idea actually.

Pakistan, you sucks. Fite me mein. I want brok ur vegina. Forget our frndshpp. I will dik u in the poos-poos.


>indo pak war

I'd pick the Indians

Because Pakis are basically indian anyways but they are also muzrats

I'd always cheer for kebab remover over kebab

And hopefully the Indians here start attacking Muslims. Remember most of our Indians are Sikhs and their whole religion is basically "how to deal with Muslims" in fact their religion was started for the sole purpose of kebab removal unit when the Muslims tried to invade india

TL;DR kebab removers > kebabs

I don't actually dislike Indians, but their online antics are always amusing.

The future is bright :DDD

>asking a Russian to pass the vodka

You forgot rule 1 about interacting with Russians. Never ever ask a Russian to share his vodka and never take his vodka unless he offers you some.


OP here. Going to start a new thread with this brilliant idea. They must go to war.

Indian men
>thinks that rapey autispeak is courtship
>smallest average penis size worldwide
>thinks that wife 1.0 is just an upgrade to mom 1.0 with reusable vagina access

No wonder they resort to raping so much


>personality akin to a womanizer, but without any women
So accurate

so they look like arabs at best?

New thread. Come on guys. Giff me (You)s

They also have an aunt fetish, these weird ass motherfuckers

Well it doesn't matter who I root for, it will be the jews who win anyway

I believe they use the term loosely and an "Auntie" is like... Any woman of a certain age in proximity to your mother.

this is too fucking accurate holy shit. fuck indians

Why the fuck are Indians so creepy? Has anyone seen these little fuckers in nightclubs? They're always like 10 years older than everyone else in the club, and they travel in these groups. Sometimes they just flat out don't let them in because they make everyone so uncomfortable
>"you see dat hot girl over there, Pajeet?"
>"Yes Patel, I will go and start stroking her hair and run my fingers on her neck."
>"Good idea! I will hold eye contact and make humping motions at her while you do it. There's no way she can resist our charms"


I actually seen a group of Pajeets get expelled from nightclub and have the shit beat out of them in Thailand for walking straight up to girls on the dance floor and grinding up against them.

Unsurprisingly, they are absolutely hated by the Thais. stickmanbangkok.com/readers-submissions/2010/10/racism-towards-indians-in-thailand/

Must be why bus rape is so popular in India.