Have YOU apologized for being born white yet, Cred Forums?


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I put an apology in the mail to Ethiopia. It got lost in their mail system.

That only works on christcucks and jew indoctrinated.

I'm sorry

Nope and never will nigger

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That cuck will be off the air by the end of the year

I wonder why there aren't more parodies of all the racist shit that niggers do. It's a comedy goldmine, and so easy to replicate.
But I guess most people don't want their lives destroyed.

Late Night TV in America is so cancerous goddamn.

Also Stephen Colbert is a dirty cuck and a faggot. I hope he dies.

I'm sorry slavery ended

Where's Morgan Freeman?

Oh yeah!


honestly though, why do white people kiss their dogs on the mouth?

>he's never been knotted
wow, feel sorry for you. Try it sometime

I actually laughed at that. The rest was 'HAHA LOOK AT ME IM WHITE, MY ANCESTORS WERE GREAT WHAT DID YOURS DO?'
I feel apathy

>that comment section

Only suburban valley MILFS do this.

Based Free man
Also Iirc Raven Samone is pretty cool about this, too. I think they take they right attitude. We are americans first

>john oliver

like fucking poetry

All statistics considered it's probably safer to kiss a dog than Jon Batiste.


Holy shit fuck John Oliver


All these people cheering. Why? Do people like getting mocked and having their culture generalized and made fun of?

How can you be so disassociated with yourself that you sit there and ho "haha white people are crazy and dumb" while being yourself white?

Kys I'm a chink. Stop presuming my race you asshole!

You have to go back

Some of that was kinda funny, some was meh. Le current year man ruined it though.

Because the jews make it trendy and cool to hate yourself. Stupid weak minded liberals who herd think instead of thinking for themselves.

I worked with a white guy who would call other white guys crackers. It's how he tried to fit in with the niggers and spics who were also employees there.

Liberalism is a mental illness.

Thankfully, I've always resisted ideologies based on shame and repression.

holy shit

I wonder why "West Africans" were even involved in being put into slavery? Do not forget about "Western Africans" being slaves around the world during specific periods in time. Especially DO NOT allow the Arab Slave Trade to be blamed on so-called whites.

But why West Africans (or that's where that group of people were located at the time.

Families were completely divided from each other. Names and identity absolutely destroyed.
A person of reason would wonder, god damn, what did these "West Africans" do to be "punished" in such a way? It's surely must go deeper than the "muh racism only skin deep" meme.

A sensible intelligent person that didn't glue "education blinders" on, would look at this, and question why? Why such a specific group of people? Fuck off with your generic "because black" racism. Their identities are so much deeper than just "color".

It was very apparent not all "blacks" were created equal. So what are we not being redpilled on? Why "West Africans" and/or specific "tribes"?

Any good books? Or at first, some good intro videos and websites that promote further reading?

Everyone does it in Germany tbqh