When your money can literally break

>When your money can literally break.

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I remember having to work very hard to break our money when it first released. Never heard of one split incidentally.

You can do that with euros too

>christian cross for all to see


>putting a guy who hated money on our money
Never got that, to be quite honest.

I want my Guldens back.

(((they))) thinks its funny.


>tfw other countries wish they had coins as aesthetic as the glorious 11-sided (hard to produce fake copies) loonies and twoonies

Feels good man

pretty cool coin desu

we have one at the moment celebrating the time london burned to the ground

>this triggers the jew

I want my Aureus back.

I still have a three Reichsmark coin from 1923.

TFW I got that one from my sis' Dutch classmate

I have nine or ten of those from 1880 up to 193X/194X.
My grandpa took a bunch of them and rounded them off and welded them to an empty artillery shell. It was his ash tray



if you try to tear a dollar in half the microscopic computer in every bill sends up a distress signal to the government

We have some pretty dope designs.
This is all I got on my tho.

I always though money like that was just plated that way.


triples means you must post a pic

I like our coins. They've got viking ships and stave churches on them.

The bottom right is a based on a 900 year old carving from the Urnes stave church.


That's quite cool actually.
I fucking hate the euro though, it feels so wrong, like I'm paying with the devil's currency.

they're ok i guess

These 50th anniversary ones are neat. I accidentally used my Flanders Fields loonie at Tims, thought it was a regular one

still have a 50 Guilder bill, I forgot to spend it...

oy vey thats problematic and racist

We will have 2 million temporary 50 Ft coins for the Forint's 70th birthday.

The lion and crown seems to be very common in Europe.

Looks like the BBC.

The 10 cent/10 ore also look very similar.

Went to Japan earlier this year, and I actually really liked their coins. They are simple, but I liked the amounts.

Who is this semen demon?

5ish dollars in coin form is honestly the tightest shit ever.

1s are annoying as fuck though.

Oh and in case you didn't know, the dutch 10 cent was used as a base for the hole size in Compact Discs.
Our old 10 cent coin fits perfectly in the center of any CD.

>tfw american money used to have pictures of greek/roman mythology figures on it
>now its used to commemorate corrupt politicians or historical figures(FDR, Grant, Lincoln, kinda Franklin as well to an extent) those who despised the idea of real people on coinage (Washington, Jefferson), or those who despised the banks themselves (Jackson).

we need to go back to columbia, eagles, and wheat desu.

The one yen coins were my fucking bane. But the 100 and 500 yen were glorious. coming back to the states sucked because everything was back to our shit numbers.


oh boy the stars 'n stripes are here

I get that people often rail on Leaf posters just for being Canadian. But even on a simple, light-hearted thread like this, people are dicks to you for just being a leaf...

we understand the jealousy from other countries, it must be tough not living in the great white north

low crime rates, huge country, low population, free healthcare, based leader with a true fighter's spirit, and successful multiculturalism by cherrypicking the best 1% of immigrants (not having to worry about cartel spics from the south like USA does or waves of turks and syrians like all of Europe)

>That immigration part
Not true
t. BC user who has to deal with mainland Chinese

vancouver user here

you dont like all the 10/10 asian food around?

go learn some mandarin and you might deal with them better

multiculturalism is a two-way street, integration > assimilation

>Mainland scum
I'm not going to lean a foreign language just to live in my own god damn city

Our money makes a shield when put it together.

What the fuck is wrong with you.

That's based as fuck.

post your rarest coins itt

>tfw every time I see "2015" I think of Trudeau and John Oliver and my blood boils

2015, the year of the Current Year. Didn't seem to be as bad this year with that shit, thank fuck.

forgot to mention, a german1 pfennig from 1908, found it in the ground from back when germany decided to rape us the first time.

thanks user. i'll put this to use somewhere

French occupation money, 1944.

have you seen the new £5 with Churchill on them, they're like plastic and see-through and shit it's creepy as fuck monopoly money

They're making your bills like that now too?
The damn things stick together like plastic wrap. I hate that shit.

>hard to produce fake copies

I thought coins were intentionally produced so the metal in them costs more than their monetary value, so making fakes would be impractical.

Did I just imagine that or is that a real thing that is done?


Just ignore that chink.


Actually these are Allied temporary notes, sorry.

Note from Grandpa to Great Grandma:
>To mum, hospital in France, Aug 22/44, Bert, xxxxxxx

He was bit by a dog belonging to the Wehrmacht. The story goes they retrieved it while pushing out from Normandy and it went berserk after a bit.

>tfw put hand inside Canada goose bomber jacket
>5 toonies

Feels good to be Canadian

> the metal in them costs more than their monetary value
that's exactly the reason we stopped producing copper pennies (two fucking leafs), so if it was true it's not anymore

Coins that cost more to make than they're worth are that way due to inflation.

No, otherwise people melt the coins since the material is worth more than the coin.

They avoid what you suggest by making coins low value yet detailed, while notes are hard to replicate properly

That is some Exodia shit right there.

did he hate money, i just thought he hated the money lenders which were abusing their powers.
>>modern banks

so your granni got fucked by a german shepperd.


You what. Grandpa got bit by a hound while coming to liberate the Lowlands :^]

Seems that way.


5 year old me is finally happy.

>wearing Canada goose.

Good goy.

>He didn't put them on train tracks
Most fun I ever had. Before VIA Rail stopped operating here you could go to the local lake which had the railway cutting right through the main park of it. Every hour or so dozens of kids would be listening with their ears to the track waiting to hear the train, and it would just me penny after penny for a solid 10metres or so.


I love it.

And nah the nearest tracks for me growing up was almost a half hour away by car.

Multiculturalism just is another word for conflict and if they don't assimilate you can wave goodbye to any Canadian identity pretty fast.

>collecting the coin jew

Even if you make it out of other materials, the low value of each coin and the elaborate pattern on one or both sides make minting such coins too difficult.
The profit on each coin would be low while the risks the same or worse than robbing a bank in some countries.
Not to mention the difficulty of laundering the coins. You can't just go into the bank with x hundred kilos of freshly minted coins (possibly with errors and differences in weight and chemical properties) and ask for the money onto your bank account.

>Before VIA Rail stopped operating here
I miss having trains around here.
Why did we gut our rail system?
It drives me nuts we don't have a bullet train from one coast to the other. When is the future going to show up?

much better get

>Canadian identity
thanks for the laugh

maybe we were a much older European country like you Denmark, then the 'Canadian people' would care about their culture but we don't adhere to such outdated modes of thought

>‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,’’ Trudeau claimed after the October election. ‘‘There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice.”

I hope Canada exterminates you chinks.

I doubt there's really a demand for a Vancouver-Toronto. At least my area might be getting light rail, but it's not the same as those beautiful yellow beasts we had before.

i'm white

No, you're not.

i just drank a litre of milk

does that not make me white?

I still don't know why don't we just leave EU and take back our godtier currency. No one has ever left Euro-currency after getting it yet so i'm interested in seeing what happens to the currency values.

National identity is the glue of a nation.

What the fuck else are supposed to keep you together in bad times? The rats will leave the ship and you get conflicts between the remaining groups.

>depiction of a land consumed with fire

edgy as fuck, we have the all seeing eye on our one dollar bill with iluminati pyramids and egyptian symbolism, also twin towers burning and that Allester Crowly alien thing

>government currency
>having any significant intrinsic value
Oh goy, how little you know.

That was only true with the penny, so they got rid of it, because God forbid our money might actually be worth something.


>tfw I have a stockpile of around 10k silver swiss francs

>naming your money after looney toons
Fucking furries. When will leaf degeneracy end?

>Leave EU?
Stupid ignorant daft. Its the EU that put our country back on the map. Before EU, we were literally nothing. What uneducated dumb thing to say.

I would melt that down if I were you, looks a little light on the mix

I have a box of european coins from before the euro, and some arab gulf coins.
Commie coins, silver coins from when we were a monarchy, silver ottoman coins etc.
No idea what's the rarest though.


>tfw back in elementary school, me and the boys would play around with the train tracks crushing coins in shit
>one smug cunt tried to see if he could flatten a rock
>train comes by, flicks rock straight into his head in front of his friends and I.

RIP you glorious bastard.

My Canadian grandmother said the only way to break them was to put them on a train track and let a train hit it

>slovenian tolar

I think I have some laying around as well here.


You're cancer.

gold/silver is money, I don't see any of it in OP's pic

This belongs on anyway

the first ones in 1995 where garbage, you could push the middle out with your thumbs. Today you need to pre heat it a little.

tolar was based and the notes were pretty

I remember when we switched to jewro in 2007, over the course of 12 months our purchasing power nearly halved

I've done that and the coins just bend into the rail. They end up looking like this and the centre part merges together with the outer part

belief in the gold standard is economic illiteracy

Have a rare phoenix

I have a few of those, quite a lot of drahmas actually

that's debatable but go ahead and enjoy your wealth redistribution through inflation and taxation, I'll stick to my store of value

reminder that the US has the best looking currency

Yea well shes wrong because when they first came out in 1998 I think it was, they broke all the time.

Based Russian


>I fucking hate the euro though
I'm 'mirin

Our currency looks like shit these days, but you're right because we don't really have much competition.

Do you have a 1927 one?

>loonies and twoonies
A faggot nation

Building up a sufficient currency supply might be difficult as well.

No, I'm not sure what's the oldest but I think I have older than the 1973 one

I have one of these

The US penny is a zinc wafer coated with a copper colored shell.

Take a pin and scratch a penny, it's very easy to do, the zinc isn't even a hair's width down.

It makes you fat

future western woman

Beat off back to Swedistan you liberal phaggot


It's because Interest based lending is forbidden in the Bible. The jews also believe it's forbidden, but interpreted it as only being forbidden to do to other jews. Which is why they started doing interest based banking after the French revolution because the church lost the power it had.

Eventually the church came to accept interest based lending as well and the jews won. They still have to convince the muslims though.

Varg Vikernes missed that church, he burned down tons of other stave churches and planned to burn down this one as well until his murder came in the way.

Still more durable than a dollar bill

>239 years of knife binning

Thanks to this thread I also checked my Kopejka from 1873 and they go for like 200 fucking USD

I'm selling this shit right now, thanks Cred Forums for new GPU

We're getting a light rail here. Be careful what you wish for. Basically entire city shut down for a year and a half so far, looks like it will be at least another year. Many small business getting boarded up as the streets they're on getting closed, the traffic is horrendous as everyone is funneled into the same couple of roads and it cost more than 500 million. It better be one hell of a light rail.

The only good coins to come out of the States are discontinued. Pic related is my favorite, the Mercury dime.

this triggers me. We have mother Mary on the 1000 denars banknote and Archangel Gabriel on the 50 denars banknote. Despicable. Christian Saints shouldn't be put on money famalam

Mine too.

>that axe
wasn't that the symbol of the Italian National Fascist Party?

yep lol, many Americans sympathised with fascism, they also used the stiff arm 'salute' in the Bellamy salute before hitler did to peldge allegiance to the american flag.

that's the exact opposite of how it is done
when the material is worth more than the coin then everyone will melt the coins and remove them from circulation

I fucking hate Canadian money so much. Everytime I go there I end up with 30 pounds of useless coins in my pockets all covered with that herpa derp hag you call a queen.

Use bills you fucking cocksuckers.

This was around before then.

The Roman Fasces. They were carried with people were untouchable, like the Tribune. If crowds got rowdy, the carrier was ordered to "Break the Fasces", using the wooden staves to beat people, and the axe within if necessary.



It was around that time 1910s-1920s

There was never anythig wrong with fascism per se it's just that they declared war on America so we had to set em straight.

This has happened in the UK several times now, mostly due to the rise in price of copper, and the fact our copper coins were the low value ones.

They have gradually been changing the metal mixture in them over the years. I expect eventually they will all become just steel or plated steel, the way the currency value is going versus metal prices.

in ancient history not in modern era government iconography m8.....

Yeah it put you back on the map at the cost of replacing your people with degenerate shitskins

They were making them from copper, but when copper they were made from was more expensive then the worth of the penny they changed it.

There is some crazy dude in the US, with over 5M in copper scrap price in pennies, waiting for law to change, because right now you cannot sell currency for scrap

Fascism was popular in the US. The Nazi alliance declared war on the West for that reason (as Hitler would call them (((The international clique))). Jews got triggered so they influenced US into going to war with the Nazis.

USA did cuck Germany into oblivion that's true.

Worriedabout money and how they look?
This is a slide thread made my kikes,mods move this to /int

>1 yen/ 5 yen coins
>literally worth less than any of our coinage

look at the marks, someone worked pretty hard at that.
I've tried, never succeeded, though.
I'm just happy we have beautiful money.

bro, your American is showing


This shitty things senpai

hmmm. I don't believe that these are for mass circulation. Usually colored coins are commemorative.

t. Amateur coin collector


>hmmm. I don't believe that these are for mass circulation
We've had several mass circulation coloured coins. pic related.



Do you live in the fucking jungle you don't got a train? How the fuck do you travel from city to city? Just run? Use a car like an uncivilised American?

who is the asshole on the 5'er? I got tipped that once by a traveler many years ago, just threw it into my coin box.

Do you really own ISIS coins or just a pic from the web?

Those aren't the polymer notes dumbo

That'll end soon thanks to that faggot drama teacher
Oh and the heroin clinics you guys have now
>Too polite to fight back Canadians have started shooting heroin to be numb to the destruction of their nation

if you throw rocks at the wheels it makes huge spark showers

>live in Calgary during university
train goes right through the city
>right near the tracks bars with patios close at 3 am
>we put all of the wooden picnic tables end after end on the tracks
>train turned it all to splinters

>tfw EU and the Euro completely ruined my country

Crazy like a fox

I have a 3 ruble note from 1905.
Worth about 10 USD :(

Very nice, I got a 1930's Canadian 5 cent coin in my change once. The oldest coin I have is from 1911. The old coins you could tell had real value they were huge and had a lot of weight to them.

I've always liked the sailboat on your 10c coin...

what a low T guy. Hope he doesn't catch anything.

CDC: 94 to 95 Percent of HIV Cases Among Young Men Linked to Gay Sex

CDC Warns Gay Men of 'Epidemic' HIV Rates

Ours is nothing special, just some native flora and fauna

Pretty fucking cool desu

I've always wanted to do this with a £2 coin, but they're well made

Not him, but a litre of milk + 2 scoops of whey after a workout is supreme bulking fuel.

I got your $2 coin in my change once, couldn't stop laughing

Sir Wilfred Laurier, he was alright. My elementary school was named after him.


Early Finnish silver markka.

The dumb bastard shouldn't have told people and just melted them down.

Well if he had tried to just sell $5 million in scrap copper, you don't think it would have raised a few questions on where he got it?

Far smarter to keep it above board and avoid prison time.

I have a couple of VOC Duiten ranging from 1680-1730
(small copper coins)
They are about 2€ each depending on their state

forgot pic

>When they want to turn my paper into plastic

found an 1918 5 Pfennig from the Reich

And a swiss coin from 1895 with my metal detector in my garden, but dont have pictures on pc right now but the one from the swiss looks like this

i like the new fiver tbqhfamalamadingdong

One of the justifications for taking Andrew Jackson off of our $10 bill is that he opposed the very idea of a central bank. Put any religious figure or freedom fighter and there is probably a reason it's very ironic that they are there.

I love how our money has tons of different designs on it and some are rarer and nicer than others.

My family run a Village event that draws in a lot of people as we run the village hall. we get £1000's and one of the best things as a coin collector is going through all the £2 and 50p coins to find the ones I need.

My grandfather passed on about 8 books when I was very young and 4 contained shit tons of old coins and the rest had stamps in them. I got them valued a while ago and I have a shit ton of money in them. Like £40k+

Canada has no culture

I don't understand why people like Varg, he's a retard who single handedly contributed more to the eradication of Norwegian heritage than most liberals would ever be able to do. Stave churches are an unique part of our culture and architecture, and the tradition for raising buildings like that goes back to long before the Viking age. Why would he want to destroy something an entire village of proud Norse men and women worked together to create, in the spirit of community and reverence?

Sure, we worshipped the zombie jew for a while, that sucked, but it's still a part of Norwegian history and it's not like that the old blood disappeared instantly in 1066 and goddamit Varg just makes me so angry, 10/10 jotun.

You have Wiener Philharmoniker now.




miss the Punts tb h
should be these or gold, fuck Euros

All the best coins have holes in the middle.

What is that, like 2.25 usd?

Seen one the other day. They're a shitter. I had to use plastic money abroad for a long time. Don't believe the hype. It feels like the government is trying to retroactively meme our old notes as fragile and germ-laden.
>tfw washed about £1000 worth of notes in my lifetime
>not even a flimsy fiver ever broke

Fuck the Australian 2 dollar coin. It's the size of a breadcrumb and the 50c is bigger than a manhole cover

Found a 20 Punt note on the street when I was like 6. Felt like infinite money when I got round to spending it on footy stickers. They were really nice looking notes desu.

Before EU we had Moomins. I'm fine with just being known for Moomins.

Like everything else in canada, shitty and worthless.

Moomins were real?

>that 2 dollar coin
The bantz are never ending in the land of dangerous wildlife.

Ex-Canadian here. That toonie has been tampered with, even the ones that have been through hell and back still have brightish colours. I'm pretty sure the metals are fused together somehow.

Why'd you move to this hell hole?

Slightly less shit than my shithole. And I can put on my rural Ontario accent to fuck your sluts. Also magazines that hold more than 5 rounds.

i thought yoru coins came in bags??

Ah I see. Well you've come to the right place for hedonism and awesome guns.

> When you know atleast 1.50 is going back to the state in taxes

Yah you suck

>the money lenders which were abusing their powers
Just say Jews, it's the same thing.

our coins are boring
The only good ones are the half dollar and the pocahontes dollar coins, but they're barely circulated

got a load more but not with me

wow what year is it you bigot?

but seriously, those coins are badass.

This is pretty cool.

Look at those cracks. That low test leaf guy literally needed the strength of 1000 exploding leafs to get that thing separated.

Show us please

Just nature adjusting your currency to its proper value


>glorious 11-sided (hard to produce fake copies)

you retarded leaf, the reason for 11 sides are:

> a segmented perimeter has a distinct feeling to help distinguish coins by touch
> more circular (higher side count) more comfortable to hold/feel
> curves of constant width (useful in vending machines) need an odd number of sides

It does though.

It's funny because it's true

When they were first released in the mid 90's, you could separate the two pieces with your fingers quite easily. all the schoolchildren had a broken coin.

Hundreds of years from now you will have a coin commemorating the "Great Niggering of 2016."

>tfw got away with using a 5 Mexican peso to buy a bag of chips over here because they look so similar to the €2 coin

felt pretty devilish desu


I snickered, thanks user

That's pretty nice


>Have a literal bag full of Thailand coins that look devilishly solar to our quarters
>I remember paying for candy using an English pound



>Coin obviously intentionally bashed to hell.

Our currency, despite being kind of weird is actually really great quality. We make New Zealand's bills and a bunch of other countries bills too.

t.former Bank of Canada security

We postin' coins?

I have a coin

>When your money actually has intrinsic value so people shave tiny bits of it off in order to collect the precious metal

Gotta have that veil for modesty.

Maximum file size is 4mb, well fuck.

The US penny costs about 2.2 cents to make. It costs more to make a penny, than its actual value. Turns out there is some support to eliminate the penny, however the largest zinc supplier is spending millions to lobby to keep product of the penny. That zinc supplier only supplies metal to the US government. How fucked is that?

That fucking monopoly money

>mfw our coins are boring


Grandfather gave me like 10lbs of old pennies when I was a kid. What did I do? wrapped them in coin wrappers and exchanged them for a few bucks at the bank. Looking back I regret not having all that copper on hand. Copper pennies are now about 2.5 cents worth of copper.

It is against the law to destroy currency, such as melting down pennies or burning a pile of paper bills. Doing this causes deflation of the US currency, and the government doesn't like it when you control currency without them.

This breaks the euro.

>That zinc supplier only supplies metal to the US government.

Don't they have other things they can use zinc for?

How much more expensive does that press fit center bit cost to produce I wonder?

quit reading reddit. Ive seen that shit 50 times on that website back when i was a retarditter.

Spot what makes this bill unique

this is very true

t. rural ontario canadian in america

it says "redeemable in gold on demand"?

Hi bongs

Gold backed note

>Muh gold standard!

Melt down 5 million in copper? lol

I don't read reddit, its a confusing site full of morons.

There are other uses for it, but if your company makes tens of millions selling zinc to the government, and you only need to spend a few hundred thousand a year to keep that sale going, you're going to become lazy and not bother branching out.

This. While facist parties adopted the symbol, the Fasces is an ancient symbol of authority derived from Roman times. We still use it today.

>pic related from Congress

I throw Canadian money in the trash.

Your money and everyone else's has been broken for a long time. Also, it's not money, it's currency.

Yeah its from back when there was an actual gold window before our dollar system went full monopoly money

They were. We captured them and bottled their essence.

Is it a reference to the whole "one stick can easily break but many together cannot be as easily broken" or however that goes.

I only know it from the movie Ran where the guy does it with arrows...and then gets shown up by one of his sons when he manages to break all of them at once.

I must admit, silver coins have a bit of heft to them, and they feel good in hand. But, this was back when $1 had any kind of buying power.

i remember saving my 5 and 10 colones coins until i had a sock full and throwing them out the window of a taxi into san jose traffic. watching the bums play real life frogger over the puny sum of money was hilarious. many lulz were had. gracias costa rica

So if you were to present that note today would they still have to give you gold?


No, they don't offer gold to you anymore.

>mother Mary
>archangel gabriel

>only female human to give birth despite never being inseminated
>magical heavenly being

kek yeah
it's super offensive

>used to collect coins as a kid
>that part of me wants ISIS coins
>will never have them

You need to go back Zhang.

I'm getting tired of your shit.

backed by gold

I have one of those from 1899.
It's in horrible condition now, nearly all the detail from the face has worn off leaving only a silhouette.

I have a shitload of foreign coins, all kinda worth about face value, even have a 50 cent confederate bill.

Out of curiosity, what would it take to crash a dollar or currency to force a government to tie it back to gold or some sort of value, rather than a fiat system?

ISIS has their own currency now?

Pretty sure that's what is, but I've seen before they announced intent to mint their own coins

They won't last long enough to make use of it. Trump & Putin will crush them before that.

Which is why I want to get some before US and Russia come in and melt it all down and they all become museum pieces.

Fasces are a symbol millennia older than your nation.

that ship was sold to niggers and they sunk it on a reef in the caribean

dat corals be rasis

Can comfirm, pumped vending machines with many of those

We had these back in 1927. Compared to the ones we have today even the commie ones looked better.

That's who he reminds me of!

>tfw late to the coin thread

heres my coins

>tfw we can't have an overwhelmingly single female migration from the middle east
>tfw we can't have nice things

>Greek king Pyros
>Greek Trireme

>not drinking a gallon of milk
enjoy your nogainz

>Christian saints
you mean catholic

go away no one likes Catholicism

The only reason that one looks as pristine as it does is because I polished it (which was probably a bad idea desu).

>mfw none of these coins have holes in them

Smart cookie, Ireland !