Surgical Strike Confirmed! War is finally here people!

Ministry of External Affairs and Indian Army confirms surgical strikes in Pakistan last night

38 terrorists and 2 pakistani soldiers aiding the terrorists were killed in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Prime Minister gave a briefing on the surgical strikes to the Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, President Pranab Mukherjee

Home Ministry has vacated all the villages near the borders of India and Pakistan, troops movements are high and all the cities are under high Red Alert.

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Stay safe, pajeet!

Don't shit yourself.

Good luck you curry munching bastards!


Just drop dem nukes pajeet


Its time to shit on Pakistan

Thanks and We will fuck them good

Just think, it's a win-win for all of us. India vaporizes the Pakis and Indians are forced to poo in loo or else get radiation sickness.

Because of no first use policy, we can't do that

We are your only non-jew ally on Anglo-Muslim war.

Now THAT is the attitude to have! Go hard fellas!

don't worry india's got this xD

prepare your sides.

implying India isn't (((their))) ally.
There are what, around 1,000 Chabad centers in India, amirite?

How will it escalate into a war? Pakistan retaliates with a small strike then India pushes into Pakistani territory? I doubt Pakistan will launch any sort of large scale retaliation.

based indian army removing kebab. Good luck ancient aryan

muslims are mad

u know they are hurt even if a butterfly lands on their shoulder

they are thin skinned inbreds these muslims

they will do anything

mad muslims

i spoke to an arab in dubai once

i asked him " why muslims do 9/11 in new york"

u know what he said

"becoz american women wear shorts"

Shiva bless you Pajeet. May you remove many skittles..

did you use the rafale we just sold you?

Hope you guys wreck the fuck out the sandniggers. REMOVE KEBAB.

Why the fuck do you sell India weaponary to remove people of your own faith France? You should support your own (the muslims) you fuck..

Shit, you get enough of them and we might look past the fact you blokes shit in streets!

god speed India!

as soon as u start slaughtering tunisians , algerians, morrocans in paris nice, lyon, chatres, etc....i promise we will start using them

poo in loos and pakistani muzzies killing eachother, its a win/win for the rest of the world. Please nuke eachother.


>u know they are hurt even if a butterfly lands on their shoulder
Well put Raj.

Good luck, and may your future be blessed with many convenience stores and gas stations

das it mane...

Pseudo-nationalist scum trying to divide the great Indians.

Reminder that Sikhs hate hindu fundies.
Reminder that India has the second largest Muslim population.

This is about porkis.

kill them all. all of them.

Poo Vs Kebab in deathmatch 2016

Nobody really expected India to be the one to start the purge that saved the world, but it looks like India went ahead and started the purge that will save the world.

Good work India. I always thought you were a good guy. Only worthwhile brown people to be honest.

Will this escalate really badly or no real happening here?

This, fuck Pakistan's bleed India with 1000 cuts strategy, enough is enough!

If India goes full remove kebab and is successful enough Pakistan might respond with a nuke...


The poos are evacuating villages within ten km of the border

This could be on

indians are fucking disgusting, pajeet.


War preparation? High alert! Villages in Punjab near Pakistan border are being evacuated, additional BSF troops move in

Go india

New Delhi: It seems it's all set for war as preparations are in full swing!

It has been reported that the villages in Punjab which are 10 KM from International Border with Pakistan are being evacuated.

Also, additional troops of Border Security Force (BSF) have moved in.

I can smell you from here Rajesh Puprani

Godspeed, India. May you defeat all the terrorists and may lord kek grant you victory. Also you have been promoted to the rank of grand crusader

There are chances of that since this will escalate the tension all time high since the war in 1999.

It sucks how I can't get my news from Indian media, those morons are always screaming rubbish at the top of their lungs and only serve you give us migraines. I can never know what's happening in this damn country

Pakistan Defence Minister says open to using ‘tactical devices’ against India

For the world, not Europe.
Rapefuges welcome

I really hope the poo in loos remove all of those Paki scum, they're the trash of that region and have done nothing but be Muslim invaders for centuries.

God bless.

Nice man, I'd love to see some dirty Paki mudslimes getting bombed.
Go pajeet true ARYAN

Gods speed my son. Clear the ground & return your clay to your hands.

I hope you guys poo all over there loos. All joking aside, fuck the god damned kebabs. And deport your muslims while your at it. Make India Great Again!

Going by the speech, doesn't look like India is planning on war unless Pakistan attacks them over this.
It's all up to Pakistan now.

>mfw pic becomes reality

remove kebab hindufriends

God bless India

>world war poo

The fallout of shit will blot out the sun

Did India only do this so people would stop telling them to poo in loo?




And the mutated pakis swarm our refugee centers. God, do you want us to be screwed Hans?

>No one fund "Azadi" after the nukes fly
Be careful what you wish for.

I can only wish. Please make this come true, I invoke the magic of kek

>implying you need to fund it after the nukes



It's funded by China.

That fucking walk!
XD Funland epic video.
I upvoted you :")

Really everyone that isn't the west is redpilled as fuck on muslims. In America we hate nice things so expect Obama to be "deeply concerned" about this.

Cmone Pajeet! You can do this.

Were on your side.


I only want us to keep Kashmir so we can keep shooting the ISIS and paki muslim pigs every Friday who have infiltrated kahsmir. There is literally no other reason I want us to keep Kahmir. Added advantage is it triggers the mullahs in pakistan,

Pakistan is still fucked from the US drone strikes. They stand no chance. Destroy them pajeet. Take back your rightful clay. Cover it and their women in many poos.

India is a shithole, they'd better not be fucking with the ganja up in the Kush.

Tandoori >>>> Kebab.

Who would of thought it was India that saved the west.

>religious moron politicians
When will war and migrants ever end with those retards around? Never.

If you want to attack a sovereign nation and get away with it just say you were killing terrorists. Thanks America. This is the precedent you have created.

>war is finally here

Have you not paid attention to kashmir for the past 20 years pajeet?

USA gave India every space and army technology. What do you think this is if not more McDonald's expansion. Then migrants will follow for Jews to employ them in UK.


>USA gave India every space and army technology
Out space industry is totally ingenious we are a competitor of US in commercial space launching and US doesn't provide us weapons, we buy them.

Keep us updated Indian user

>India inventing anything on own when can't even build toilets
Your rich people are making deals where they get part of the money pie, they basically building dependence on USA, selling your country from one Anglo to another. Just because monarchy left doesn't means Indian princes stopped. Famous Indians aren't even pure blood, they are some Anglo mix.

Poo in paki

Good luck India, fuck those cunts right up

Get nuked patel and don't forget to nuke back.

>muslims are mad
>u know they are hurt even if a butterfly lands on their shoulder
>they are thin skinned inbreds these muslims
>they will do anything
>mad muslims
The thing is they rarely attack conventionally (since they usually lose) I would expect them to retaliate via islamic terrorist attacks. I suspect some upstanding Syrian, Saudi and Afghani citizens will suddenly decide to visit India for reasons completely unrelated reasons.

good luck india. remove paki.

>Hundreds of millions of people don't poo in loo

Kill yourself Pajeet.

You guys have planes?

>Super power by 2020
>Poo in loo

Memes aside. Only good muslims is a dead muslim. Keep it up.

Calling all sharts to vote

Spotted the Paki cuck.

Go home Umer

Actually, the space work has helped India economically. I can list various sources and explain you in detail but you are just a fucking leaf so I wont bother.
>The United States government on 24 January 2011, removed several Indian government agencies, including ISRO, from the so-called Entity List, in an effort to drive hi-tech trade and forge closer strategic ties with India
>The United States government on 24 January 2011, removed several Indian government agencies
>The United States government removed Indian government agencies
Don't fool yourself Pajet.

meme this war into reality.




India buys almost everything from Russia.
U.S. hit us with sanctions over and over.
Now they're selling, because they've no other option.

Space, we are independent and Americans want to stop us since they're losing money to us.

The light skinned Indians almost never have Anglo blood. It's a myth.

We have the capacity and the capability to use Canadians as leafs and wipe our butts with them so you better watch your mouth.

Just because your don't have a space program doesn't mean ours not indigenous. ISRO and NASA frequently collaborates with each other, their is a difference between "working together" and "Working For" you ex soviet trash.

Daily reminder you created Pakis and it's your duty to remove them

U.S. wants closer ties with India in order to counter China.
So they're removing the sanctions.

Your original point was completely different.
You either have Soyuz(Russia) or STS(USA). Nothing else. Even if something else comes in future it will be based on those two.

Daily reminder they both should remove each other simultaneously

Well only China has something else.

wtf India really is a superpower.

Congrats India.

But that would remove you guys twice, are you ok with that?

fuck 'em up india!

We are ready for the sacrifice, AllahuAkbar

Duh. Killing ~1000 of indians, doent even make us give a fuck. We will have more 1000 in a matter of seconds

>Pakistan becomes a designated shitting zone

for fuck sake i dont care how many pakis you kill or how many panjeets get nuked
just keep that war out of my country we had enough war for a bit thanks

There is zero incentive to develop newer launch vehicles right now. Soyuz is sufficiently efficient and has been tested over decades and decades

Brahman be with you Pahjeet

Remove kebab

:| mudslime, not based hindu

Aren't Pakistanis and Indians ethnically the same just different religion?

Yes,the war should leave SL and Kashmir

How the fuck did it last so long?

Fuck pakistan, claim back what is yours.
Just spare the Kalash and the Persians living there.

Yes. That is what Islam does to you.


go home isis, it's time for your namaz. Your ammi is probably waiting for you with savinya - dont dissapoint her by being a idiot. Renounce your devil religion and be a human being again.

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

What's the point going to space anyway? First they need to take care of people, so we have a home on Earth and good quality of life. Those space deals are nothing but merchant deals.

>mfw ww3 is started by hindu poo's killing muslim poos

Is this a real happening?




They are good, Shia's are bro tier just like Sikha. Are more advanced and want to get with times. It's the dirty Sunnis who are a problem. Pakistan is a Sunni state

This is what we get after literally feeding every one of you traitor.

Makes you not shit in a street?

Pakistan has tens of millions of street shitters too.

yes, google it

Dont want to be super power - just want to technologically advance and live in peace. However, peace can only be achieved when Pakistan is removed.

>implying pakis arn't just even madder street shitters

Does throwing shit at the enemy count as biological warfare?

are all poo army officials Sikhs?

they were dug in like fucking tics
and we didnt really have a modern army or much equipment
and the tamils had lots of foreign aid coming constantly,

at least we know how to poo in loo

Ayyy mulle.. fuck muhammed rasoolulla thulla lulla khullamkhulla

Gai tumhari maata hai
Usko ham khata hai

well hindus are hippys, and sikhs are based militaits

>are all poo army officials Sikhs?

No, we have different regiments.

Brigade of the Guards.
Parachute Regiment.
Mechanised Infantry Regiment.
Punjab Regiment.
Madras Regiment.
The Grenadiers.
Maratha Light Infantry.
Rajputana Rifles.

For details see this:List of regiments of the Indian Army

Because it helps industries, it helps in developing the tech needed for other things(like super alloys), it helps research, collaboration, technology transger with other countries. India has a GDP of >2 trillion $s. It can afford to spend a little on rockets.
Shias and Sunnis fight all the time. There is no peace wherever there is Islam.
Pakistan is full of street shitters too. According to some UN report they don't even wash their hands and this has led to stunted growth in the region

Go feed yourself first indian beggar

>paki thinks shitting in a carryier bag is pooing in loo

>Shias and Sunnis fight all the time. There is no peace wherever there is Islam.
Lmao no sunni shia fighting in kashmir. Don't listen to this poojeet

Better mark up some designated dying streets cunt.

>Pakistan is full of street shitters too. According to some UN report they don't even wash their hands and this has led to stunted growth in the region
Stop trying to outpoo each other.

Cow is not my mother, I enjoy bacon, steak and all kind of meats. Again, go home and be a civilized person. Dont be a terrorist and get a job and earn for your family.

Kashmiri is indian tell them paki fucks to get out jesus you could stomp em in a day why do you take so long

Good for you. Best of luck.

The world is watching you India. Do it for humanity.


I hope you both nuke each other causing wide spread famine in both your shit countries and both countries have MASS starvation and a mass drop in population.

good job guys, now you just need to learn how to shit in a toilet and you can be honorary members of the anglo sphere

even if your kind can't poo in loo, they sure can boom bang mohamedans, nice job

>all muslims live in peace with each other where ever they are and are rational problem solvers

O noes, please don't nuke pune, I have 2 more weeks of work here.

t. White guy

If this were to escalate would daddy Obama send the navy to come evacuate me?

Suwar muhammed ka baap hai
Jo meri tatti khata hai

The great poo wars have begun

Do you poo in the loo?

What's the context for this? I mean, I know that Pakis have been aiding and abetting terrorists for quite some time, but what triggered such a hash response from Pajeets?

this tbqh

The british spirit is strong in these Indians.

Stop coming to kashmir and begging first.
No it's not you pseudo tamil

If you win India, no more poo in loo memes from this aussie.

God bless you India

No you don't, kek 42 millions + of you don't poo in loo

Hahaha pick up a book instead of guns and you will realize that Kashmir doesn't earn enough to survive as a separate state, Ladakh and Jammu already wants to be the Union Territory of India which is more than 60% of J&K

Your exports are negligible to make you survive as a separate nation, we build your infrastructure, we sets up a separate huge sum of money so you street shitters get the opportunity for better educated life instead of dreaming of false independence.

Designated shitting warzone.

NATO would get involed if any army wished to cross the boarder

Wow tatti? Must be a popular dish in India.

Duh. A few hundred nukes? We Aint pakistan that we get decimated by that much.
At least ~2000+ needed.

>Hahaha pick up a book instead of guns and you will realize that Kashmir doesn't earn enough to survive as a separate state, Ladakh and Jammu already wants to be the Union Territory of India which is more than 60% of J&K
>Your exports are negligible to make you survive as a separate nation, we build your infrastructure, we sets up a separate huge sum of money so you street shitters get the opportunity for better educated life instead of dreaming of false independence.
That is our problems not your you bihari.

would bleach

Does this mean I have to stop shit posting to Indians until they win this war?


Also do you Pajeets have AA? Because those Paki F-16 may pose an issue


>Pseudo tamil
lol k mate when panjeet takes you out i will be watching your shithole of a country burn and 2bh it will amazing
yea sri lanka actually has a high HDI

so, no happening?

That statue is a white guy

poo arms race

Based curries

did you poo on the pakis?

Keep it up

>beggar trying to reduce competition.

Ha Sunni muslims don't constitute the whole kashmir, UN is never going to interfere. Either accept India and enjoy your already given freedom or die. India will get the rid of Kashmiris than Kashmir.

>lol k mate when panjeet takes you out i will be watching your shithole of a country burn and 2bh it will amazing
>implying a nuke wont create a tsunami which would wipe you off the map

I like sri lankans but you seem like turd, is your second residence the streets of india.

Based Pajeet

Yeah. Its a muslim favourite dish straight out of mecca.
They say its obligatory to eat as their prophet's favourite and he has clearly stated in koran to have it three times a day.

Indians are caucasians

True, they are unhygienic.

But at least Pajeet, unlike Achmed, is not part of a death cult that wants me dead for being an Infidel.

And that's good enough for me to root for him. Go for it Pajeet, turn the mudslimes into red paste. Maybe you can steal some real toilets while you're over there, spoils of war and such.

pajeet stop begging and go back to bihar. Remember to eat two spoonfuls of fair&lovely everyday otherwise you wont become white like your masters

>nuke creating tsunami that wipes off an entire country.

The koran is messing with your head allahufuckbar

Here is the original version. First I'm not from Bihar. I'm from North East. Secondly, I see that your religion has blinded you - you have accepted you have no future and will die one day on road and no one will care who or what you are. Be like that, no one is stopping you,

now you need your goveerment to stop supporting pakistain
I know america has bomb'd its own people but you need to stop supporting countrys that bomb there own people, like india

At least Pajeet has some tasty food, that may or may not give me diarrhea

God's speed, and remember to poo in the mouths of Pakis

I think the optimal outcome of this would be both nuking each other with Pakistan being rendered completely lifeless and with 1% of indians surviving so they finally have a indian to toilet ratio of 1:1

>so delusional.
Kek. Enjoy your limited days Ahmed, pallets are waiting for you.


Good luck and have fun

Paki and Poo at least can agree that both their countries and their people are a plague upon the world.

Lmao go back to china with your dog curry

The BSF forces are too lenient in Kashmir, they should send the Sikh or Gorkha regiment - no questions asked and we will sort it out in a week. There will be no one alive to protest and no one to raise flags of isis.

It's pellets bihari. Go back and enjoy your street shtting contest in bihar.

>we will sort out
You can't even sort out your own loo

ive watched Gandhi (1982) recently how accurate is the movie?


I am glad you know whats coming for you and your family.
Tbqh I want pellets to be banned too, you fucks deserve a bullet in head instead of pellets.

This will result in peace. This is not a happening. Digits confirm no happenings for the next year.

Quite "shit" to be honest

Trying to explore your origins?

Gods speed you Singh


>Long, drawn-out war between India and Pakistan, conventional weapons only
>Tens of millions of both indian and paki refugees start pouring into Europe
>Nothing we can do fám t. border guard
>Beautiful european cobbled streets, full of shit
>2017 the hottest summer in recorded history, the smell will be bad enough to kill everyone but the naturally immune paki and poo

>The Gorkha units are some of the most decorated in the Army. They have played an important role in all the wars and have won Battle Honours in Uri sector in 1947-48, Ladakh in 1962, Jammu and Kashmir in 1965 and 1971.

>The Gorkha Regiments have been awarded 3 Param Vir Chakras, 33 Maha Vir Chakras, and 84 Vir Chakras during operations.

You bet we know a lot more than you realise. If we are assigned there for a week, we will tell you to jump and all you will ask is how high.

>Its time to shit on Pakistan
KEK wills it!

>tfw India starts WW2



BTFO of that Pakis. Sorry Pakis.

>implying all the decent Gurkahs haven't already joined the British Army

Kek willing anarchy prevails. Praise Kek.

deebly concernd xD

damn you sure got me.......

Katju's post. What do you guys think?
For non-pajeets this guy was holding the highest position in the supreme court

This is boring. The traditional Cred Forums happening phase of this event has run its course.

Nothing is gonna happen.

Again, don't forget:
Sikhs hate right wing Hindus with a passion.
99.99% Indian Muslims hate Pakistan with a passion.

t. apostate

Also, good luck to the kashmiri. We meet often here. Don't forget to suck off the chink dick every night. You're too stupid to see it yet.

Poo their loo up, currybros.

>Its time to shit on Pakistan
Tactical shit inbound sir. They won't know what hit them.

Guys how bad would both of those countries smell if they nuked themselves simultaneously?


I thought it was the minsister of defence of Canada at first.

Good luck former colonial. Considering we used to be apart of the same empire dont embarrass us, kick the shit out of those kebab.

>Pakistan confirmed as designated shitting country
Go Pajeet, you glorious bastard

The eternal anglo strikes again.

We're working on it.

If we can elect Trump we're never sticking our nose into anyone else's business ever again, unless it involves blowing ISIS back to the Stone Age.

Send help.

Plz let this be the start!!!

based poo in loos. keep kicking paki ass friend, we stand with you.

u all do shit in an open nallah in toba dadu khan in punjab.

I would say the same but that would end street shitting suffering

Lmao I know a lot more than you think

I will post my reply to you muslim, what I said to you in other thread. UK has no MAN to protect and serve its country and thats why you have to rely on us to protect and serve you, while your women are being raped by african muslim negroes and you watch them and mastubrate,

>That image
No wonder Indians shit on the street. They put the fucking diapers on their head thinking it is a hat.

Kek, you can't even afford bullets let alone guns.

if they nuke each other the fallout would fuck the whole world. aint funny guys, aint funny

indian mini-nuke test

Seems like a great leader tbqh famalam


Your whole family cant even afford a loo

Splitting the place up was the only way to stop a bloodshed. Stop complaining, stinky shitskins.


Meant for this.

>aryan menace talking about fucking the world
Kill yourself my man.


Pakistan was part of the empire as well.

We already had WW2, catch up Duterte.

Kek. You shit on street too ahmed so neither can you.

Indian army has claimed to capture terrorists alive. The next press conference scheduled in the evening could give more details

>Captured terrorists hailing from PoK or Pakistan have confessed to their training in Pakistan or in Pakistan controlled region,” Singh said.

>Sources now say seven camps were targeted. Reports also suggest 35-40 terrorists and 9 Pakistan soldiers killed

congrats on being the thread's biggest retard

never talk to me again filthy bloodhungry ANGLO

claim a thousand mudslime lives for each indian one lost pajeet

You keep saying "us"

You failed British Army selection and had to move to India, get over it.

thats fucking retarded

Uh Philippines?

>blowing ISIS back to the Stone Age.

They are already living in the stone age bruh

Also known in India as, diarrhea

Yes it was, that doesn't mean we don't want Indian colonials to kick the shit out of Muslim colonials. Muslims aren't civilised humanity.

Congrats on figuring out how sarcasm works. I hope you didn't hurt yourself there lad.

I side with the Sikh!

Hahahah epic joke m8 XDDd let me post it on /r/funny for those upvotes ;D

Can anyone be a Gurkha? Or do you have to have the ethnic background?

>Used a tripod
Must have been the one he unlocked on his knife

>Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Indian part of Kashmir is one that is occupied against wishes of it's population.

>Or do you have to have the ethnic background?
It's restricted to the Nepalese.

1.You are copy pasting the words from other thread muslim.

2. You are posting picture of Indian Gorkha regiment

3. The spelling is Gorkha not Gurkha

4. Go and read your namaz


pick one

>Indian part of Kashmir is one that is occupied against wishes of it's population.
Whatever you say Mongolia

something something swedish women gangrape something something muslim.

>Can anyone be a Gurkha? Or do you have to have the ethnic background?

>Indian Gorkhas (Nepali: भारतीय गोर्खा, Bharatiya Gorkha) are Nepali-speaking Indian citizens. The term "Indian Gorkha" is used to differentiate between Gorkhas who are Indian citizens and Nepalese citizens who are allowed to stay in India as per the Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship (1950).

>There are Gorkha military units in the Nepalese, British and the Indian army enlisted in Nepal, United Kingdom and India. Although they meet many of the requirements of Article 47[5] of Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions regarding mercenaries, they are exempt under clauses 47(e)&(f) similar to the French Foreign Legion.[6]

>Gurkhas are closely associated with the khukuri, a forward-curving Gorkha knife and have a well known reputation for their fearless military prowess. The former Indian Army Chief of Staff Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, once stated that[7] "If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gorkha."

Apart from that there are Burmese Gorkha's too

>You are posting picture of Indian Gorkha regiment
That's not the Indian *Ghurka* regiment. That's how we spell it here, have always spelled it and have never had any complaints from the Nepalese who are the only ones that qualify for the program, you Indian street shitters are not involved in that regiment, at all. So fuck off and stop Pajeeting around, go back to your call center and tell people to reset their modems.


Swedish women gangrape muslims? Since when?

Hey Ana!

What does the total destruction of your culture feel like?

It honestly, would not surprise me.


I hope their space program will help in all of this.

Lol you should read your wiki links, the "Ghorka" doesn't serve in our military at all.

Ghurka's do, Indian street shitters don't.

But it's not 2020 yet? How are you to beat them before you're a superpower?

Not my culture so I don't give a shit.

>inb4 mudslime arab

Did I get under your skin or something? You must be hindi.

>both countries have nuclear weapons
oh boy



Brits are just penis envy that their formerly ransomed son India would kick their shit in, in a pitched battle.

While America could wipe India out with the price of heavy casualties, the UK would disintegrate into the massive subcontinent.

Even with wave after wave of Aussie and Leaf shit posters conscripted for war.

I'm pretty sure you're on our side in WW3.
Which pretty much sucks to be you, but hey, it is what it is, Hapu.

Neither of which work, considering both of them stole them from us in the 1960's.

Out of date nukes, all Pakistan has is suicide bombers and all India has is fecal bombs.

Hindi is a language you dumb shit. lol.

True, kashmiri here supporting this claim

You are not a Gorkha so you have no say here muslim. Any living and true Gorkha knows how it's spelled.

The fact remains, you have to rely on the blood and manhood of my people to protect you while you sit and watch african negroes rape and molest your women. You will never be a MAN of your country, my kin is the MAN of your country.

No fucking shit.

Oh give it a rest America, we're not like you, we actually can put shitskins in their place on a battlefield.

Tell me how successful Vietnam was again? You've got not, now be silent. I know Hillary winning the election is getting to you, but seriously go vent your anger out on Libcucks in your nation instead of projecting your own inability to win a war on us. You fat turds are getting way too cocky on here lately, you need to tone your shit down.

Reply to me once you Military starts issuing 21st Century equipment.

>You are not a Gorkha so you have no say here muslim.
>Calls me a Muslims
>Literally an ackbar living right next door to Pakistan
Seriously Pajeet, go clean up the shitted up beach you stinky, unwashed piece of turd skinned trash. Your nation is nothing but slums and shit particles in the air.

In Nepal it is known as Gorkha, you retards have changed the spelling because it is too hard for you to pronounce Gorkha.

Are they using bubble wrap to protect against bullets?

Give 'em hell Amandeep

If l come fight for you will l get paid in qt Indian waifus?

nukes when?

Jesus christ. You fucking swedes are retarded

wooo pijeet dis is thotaly unaccaptabal

Gorkah is the name of the failures who couldn't pass selection and rise to the rank of Gurkha.

Stay safe Pajeet

>Surgical Strikes
>Remove Kebab
>Poo on Paki streets
>Super power 2020

No that's a map.

Ok Muslim I do clean up my street and serve in community. I bet I can put a big smile on your face from ear to ear with my blade and you will not be able to do anything.

You Indians have your own brigade in our military, the Gurkha selection process only happens in Nepal you fuckwit. What aren't you understanding about that? We don't have Indians, we have Nepalese and only Nepalese in the Gurkha regiment.

And we'll spell it how we want, who the fuck is some scrub, dot headed little toilet dodger like you to tell us otherwise? Go drink some cow piss you faggot.

Give em hell India.

Commonwealth pride world wide.

Is that the best you came up with? I am done here.

I'll pray for you as the Russian armored divisions roll through Suomiland.

Enjoy that non existent missile defense system you guys can't afford.


More paki refugee children.

Do you have a bidet?

You really don't know about our history. I know you have no reason too because you sleep under a warm blanket under my kin's protection. Advise for you learn about history before you spout your nonsense.

>Gorkhali (Nepali : गोर्खाली) (/ˈɡɜːrkə/ or /ˈɡʊərkə/), also pronounced and spelled as Gorkhas. Historically, the terms "Gurkha" and "Gorkhali" were derived from the hill town and district of Gorkha from which the Kingdom of Gorkhasthan expanded.[1][2] The name may be traced to the medieval king of Khas tribe, with Gurkhan meaning a king[3] who has a historic shrine in Gorkha.[4] The place name called Gorkha from where the battle begin to form great Gorkhasthan and with the troops of Gorkha king, in leadership of The Great King Prithivi Narayan Shah.

As long as the paki war refugees don't head to Europe have fun India

You're very mad about failing Selection prahjeet

>How successful was Vietnam again?

You can spend American dollars on their streets. You can get a Starbucks in Ho Chi Minh City. There's 3 McDonalds. A half million Americans go there every year for fun.

Tell me again, who really won that war?

All I need is this to put a smile on your face from ear to ear.

Are you mad because I just told you about the history of Gorkhas? Have you ever been to the village of Gorkha in Nepal? I know the answer, it is no.

Go ahead enjoy your freedom that my blood gives you.

hate to agree with a leaf but you're pretty unfunny

What does your useless military do anyway? Protect Anjam Chowdhury's right to free speech and halal food?

Why the fuck would I goto Nepal? They literally run up mountains just for the chance to be British.

Not if the British QM's store won't issue you one.

The great war of the silly walks has begun!

Only thing required to know it is basic knowledge of history.


kek. pic related.

Why isn't this on any news?

>be gorkha in british military
>knife gets taken from you because they are dangerous weapons

You mean the guy who has been literally thrown in Jail?

If you nuke Pakistan can you also nuke the southern half of your country while you're at it? Southern indians are one tiny notch above nogs.


conspiracy theorist rubbish. the evil anglo keepin us down.

ah my dear liberal leftist faggot. The muslim refugees will all crowd ur cities.

YOUR prince charles , the queen, the foreign office, scotland yard, theresa may , have been adequately bribed for that.

Is that an AK firing 5.56?

Who the fuck would do that?

>Why the fuck would I goto Nepal?

Then dont talk about us ignorant fool.

>They literally run up mountains just for the chance to be British.

Not for long:

>Almost two centuries of Gurkha service in Britain's armed forces is set to draw to a close after Nepal MPs backed a ban on recruitment when economic conditions are strong enough to generate alternative jobs.

>Nepal's parliamentarians now want to end the relationship and use their talents at home.

if you nuke south indaia send a few to tamil nadu with our best wishes


>south indaia send a few to tamil nadu with our best wishes
Not true. I'm West Indian masterrace but many south Indians are based, especially Kerala. North Indians are scums and are hated universally, especially Biharis


You're not Nepalese you retard.

London has a muslim mayor who has called for open borders for Muslims. I hope all muslims go there.

Oh you sweet summer child.

Weren't a bunch of Pajeets rioting in India not too long ago? Need a war to calm (cull) people down?

Biharis are street shitters.

Thanks. Kerala here.

It's Cred Forums.

>30.000 out of 2 billion muslims are experiencing peaceful islam. Nice.

We want war. We are hoping that Pakistan retaliates with everything it has got so we can finally bring an end to it.

>The muslim refugees will all crowd ur cities.

That might be the case in England, but not in Wales. I dont live in a city anyways so I'm good.

In war, do the Indians have designated shitting trenches? What happens when you get pushed back and have to pew in poo?

hi Kerala i knew another Kerala polack that lives in mombai
anyway love from lanka
fuck tamil nadu

Giving them independce was a mistake
>you'll never travel to the Raj and get off at Victoria station in Bombay with your Hindu manservant

> I dont live in a city anyways so I'm good.

You have no nationalism. You dont care if a part of your country gets destroyed and that is why you are weak.

Isn't APNIC conference happening in Colombo? My friend is there


That coming from country that spends millions to develop bullet proof turban is pretty rich.

>Is that an AK firing 5.56?

It's mixture of AK, FNC and FAL with made by two different factories to different specs. Magazines and furniture made of plastics so brittle that soldiers leave some of their magazines to barracks to avoid damaging 'em.

>Who the fuck would do that?

Finns, Indians, Israelis, Hungarians, Chinese, Poles, Romanians, Russians.... pretty much everyone making AK's or derived designs.

Whatever customer requires.

If Muhammed loved getting his ass pounded by a hung black bull would every Muslim terrorist want to also?

yeah it is
is he some kind of important guy

It's a shitty weapon and about to be obsolete. I was watching Trump the other night and he rightfully said that country should invest in it's defense forces. He talks great about the military, I like him.

He visits almost all conferences around the world


Says ppl from a country that was literally subjugated and assraped by foreign powers half a world away for the longest time. And they didn't even have to try very hard because the ppl there were too busy shitting up the streets to actually fight against em.