Oh I see why you guys like Trump so much now

oh I see why you guys like Trump so much now.

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watching movies with Sean Penn is like physical torture.

They are anxious.
They know she can't win

Literally who the actor.

fucking cia rat faggot

Masturbating my way into Hell is what I was doing before Trump started running.

At least I didn't glamorize gay rapist and pedophile Harvey Milk for the Jew World Order when I was already rich and didn't even need the money, I'd pay the price of one admission to see you explain that to your Creator, fucko.

academy award winning actor sean penn

This is what suposed "right wing" is doing anyway. This is why you choose trump instead of cruz.

What is the point of buying all those figurines if you aren't going to remove them from the box.

Quick, name ten great films that were great because he was in them, let's see . . .

The one where he played Spicoli . . .

Uh . . .

He played a retarded dad, and they took his not-retarded daughter away.

Uhh boy . . .

There's one, I can't really think of it, but there's like, another one.

There's like three, I think.

>Masturbating your way into hell

what the fuck does that even mean? can someone enlighten me

He'd know.

yeah i'll explain


Isn't he that guy who always dies in everything? Also,, Jewish academy awards aren't that special.

I find it poetic.

Its basically doing what is pleasurable even though you know the end result is your own destruction.
Seeing Trump rise to the top is pleasurable as he decimates every politican and breaks away from the typical election mold.

But that pleasure will result in your destruction which is hell.

First post, best post!!

First post, best post!!

Why wouldn't you keep the box they came in and put them back inside when you're done playing with them?

That box is their home. They like it. They go to sleep and wait for Master to come back.

Those girls love me so much . . . and I them . . . and I them.

Were you a #CruzMissile?

Did you guise watch the South Park presidental debate?

Quit being an autistic virgin you fat fuck, you throw the box away like a decent human being and stuff those figures into a fucking shelf.

>notorious asshole Sean Penn, who no one likes, denounces Trump

Trump fans on suicide watch

says the guy who got drunk tied madonna to a chair and beat the shit out of her for hours

I think hes having flash backs to his marriage with Madonna.

It doesn't even matter that he won an award, he's just an actor. Nobody should take his opinion on politics more seriously than an average guy on the street.

Nigger, Hell is a pleasure palace. Non-stop orgies and chocolate sauce. Christfags want you to believe it's firey torture, but seriously, who volunteers for that?
Satan: "Hey join my club"
You: "What you offering"
Stan: "Fire and brimstone for eternity"
NOPE. Poor recruitment tools.

Is THAT why he's always doing charity work in foreign countries?

Oh, I get it now!

do you actually want this? you realize the only reason you fucking exist is because of your big brother America, right? do you honestly think for you guys won't get raped by Chinamen and hordes of North Koreans the second we fall?

You underestimate our great power burger.

Implying a (((Hollywood))) cuck's opinion on politics is worth anything.

These days I can't even watch a movie without thinking what faggot leftist cucks the actors are. Pol, what have you done to me? I want to be an unsuspecting normie again!

How about you shut your door and turn on your fan you fucking gook

>name ten great films he was in
you only need 2 or 3 good films to be considered a good actor. he's got them.

You only speak to me this way because you are safe and anonymous, hiding behind a keyboard, seven proxies, and your mother's skirt, not to mention the kitchen sink for good measure.

I could trounce you physically just as I have trounced you verbally, so it was wise of you to conduct this confrontation online and not to my face, faggot.

Oh Jesus Christ, she probably asked him to!

She probably ENJOYED IT!

Let me tell you, it wouldn't be the roughest sex she's ever enjoyed.

wasn't he in footloose

Hell is a punishment, not a club. You don't get to choose where you go.

>you only need 2 or 3 good films to be considered a good actor.

Orlando Bloom.

you guys are just jap rape babies. you have no fight in you. you owe everything to the US.

once a retard always a retard

another one for the Trump curse

>Its basically doing what is pleasurable even though you know the end result is your own destruction.

masturbation isn't destructive. It makes no sense

2 or 3 films that aren't part of a series.

i get it, sean penn is a faggot, but he's not that bad of an actor, just thoroughly unlikable.

Sean Penn found dead

>masturbation isn't destructive.

Every God fearing christian in US should. Trump stands for gays and fedoras but Cred Forums seems to do as well.

>liberal atheist thinks he knows what hell is

Give him a few years. He'll find out first hand.

tfw eternal kraut stare

Masturbation is a sin.

Lol I've been masturbating my way to hell long before Trump was running.

Ah but not if you do it thinking about fictional characters. As the part of it that is sinful is committing adultery in your heart. 2d wins again! 3dpd BTFO



LOTR & HOBBIT (I'll count as one series)




Retract, motherfucker.


LOTR is the only good one you've listed. All the others are pleb-tier but you're American so I see why you liked them.

But Trump called a lady a fat pig! You can't get lower than that. Trump is supreme darkness and evil, Sean Penn was in a Terrence Malick filme!

Mark Cuban/Sean Penn 2020

>LOTR is good
>call others plebs

You probably don't even know who Alan Clarke is.

You said good, not great, retract you fucking cunt!

Motherfucker, do you think I won't name Hayden Christiansen? Jared Leto? Robert Pattinson?

This only gets worse for you, dude. Longer you argue . . .

But I thought (((God))) gave us free will just for that reason, to choose what we want to do with our lives.


some average writer that Cred Forumstards claim to know to give off the impression they have any knowledge of film or tv.

Oh look, it's that actor who sympathises with murderers and terrorists. I sure am interested in what he has to say!

>you throw the box away


>Sean Penn
an alcoholic woman beater
fuck you op

Hayden Christiansen has never been in a good film

>Implying Academy Awards aren't just given to the highest bidder.

>Sean Penn

I have been skipping any movie with him billed since the 90's

you should watch Milk, you would really relate to it its story.

The average Korean Male is a scrawny effete manlet, more concerned about bowing to his superficial, social climbing, rape-baby GF than defending his country.

NK would fucking roll you if the US wasn't guarding your fucking border.

I just display mine and keep the boxes in a closet. Makes it easier to transport them whenever I move.

Shattered Glass.

Virgin Suicides.

Harrison Bergeron.

King of the Elves.

Fuck you.

That's too bizarre of an insult to get upset about.

Man, if this retard is against Trump then definitely I want him to win.

Soo... you'll have a good time and never end up in hell?

>the shit eating grin
he knows he is ruining this country and wants to rub it in our faces :^(

Sharia courts

>going against Trump publicly
The Kek curse is already in effect, expect him to be captured by the cartel in a few weeks.

makes me sad

>oh I see why you guys like Trump so much now.
pretty much
literally every shitlib cunt won't stop having mental breakdowns over the thought of trump as president
imagine 8 entire years of it

Mystic River was pretty good.

mystic river tbqh

>I let professional liars dictate my moral compass

I couldn't give less of a fuck what he has to say.

His handlers made Madonna his personal MKULTRA cum-dumpster back when she still had sexual market value.

That's pretty much the only thing I can think of worthy of note in his life.

>watching movies with Sean Penn is like physical torture.

Being married to Sean Penn is physical torture.

t. Madonna

I've been masturbating my way to hell for about 10 years now and I absolutely do love my self-destructive tendencies.

Putting on a sock is like 'driving your helicopter to heimdall'

wow nice random words Sean Penn

I know everyone on Cred Forums likes to pretend to be autistic and it gets boring, so im always delighted to see some true honest and proud autism on display. Good job.

>Sean Penn the liberal asshole actor of exelence who made friend with south American dictators and endorsed the policies that destroyed generations worth of progress said a bad thing about Trump
What other reason would you need to vote Trump? always endorse the opposite party that Sean Penn does, its the soundest political advice one could give.