Are you ready for the Intermarium Alliance?

Are you ready for the Intermarium Alliance?

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Seems cool I approve fuck NATO.

>alternative of the EU


>Fuck NATO

Theres nothing wrong with NATO as an alliance, the problem is the politicians and their cucked generals.

Ukrainian language is so funny. Especially how the narrator is trying to sound seriously while speaking Ukrainian.

Anyway, good luck grabbing Belarus'.

What do you think of the logo?

Poles will be the Germany of this alliance. Ukraine will be the Greece. Rest of us won't matter either ways.

Is this a mod for medieval 2 total war ???

No Latvia. In Intermarium all lives matter. Even yours.


Why would they become the people they hate?
It's a great idea and finally you won't get fucked by rest of the world.
Maybe even Lithuanians will stop suicide.


>html code in background

There's a mistake on your map, OP.

Crimea is Russian

Belarus is with Russia, Ukraine is not. Crimea is part of Ukraine in that picture.

Troll thread.


It's not the worst idea ever.

Belarus would never join though.

>siding with poles
>siding with literal drunkard nazis



Actually, Estonia is ours. Don't take it or else we need to annex whole eastern Europe.


Jebać ich, Kijów to Polskie miasto, przez przypadek poza granicami macierzy, Wilno to samo, Litwa na tylko farta że jest z nami w NATO.

Na wschodzie nie mamy sojuszników, mamy wrogów, Litwini nas nienawidzą, Ukraińcy lubią po rewolucji, ale UPA w nich nie umarło. Nasi sojusznicy to słowianie zachodni+ Węgrzy, tutaj należy szukać wsparcia. Jedynie Białoruś od bardzo dawna jest do nas pozytywnie nastawiona, tylko że politycy w Polsce oczywiście nie będą rozmawiać z dyktatorem, bo to nie etyczne... żart, rozmawia się z krajem, nie ważne kto nim rządzi, szczególnie że Łukaszenka był do nas nastawiony pozytywnie, ale odtrącony tyle razy, że teraz to już nic nie wiadomo.

Z obecną klasą polityczną czeka nas los Grecji, albo 4 rozbiór. Zamiast bawić się w 500+ i stanowiska władza powinna obniżyć podatki, znieść 3/4 idiotycznych przepisów, i wyjebać tyle samo niepotrzebnych urzędników. Kase przeznaczyć na podstawowe potrzeby +armię. Z silną, nowoczesną armią jesteśmy w innej pozycji. Kraje naszego regionu zamiast patrzeć na Niemcy albo Rosję będą patrzeć na nas, i w oparciu o naszą politykę prowadzić swoją. Dzisiaj prowadzą politykę w oparciu o Niemiecką albo Rosyjską.

Nie musimy mieć armii która pozwala na pobicie każdego imperium, wystarczy nam taka armia żeby Rosji nie opłacało się nas atakować. I już jesteśmy bezpieczni, i już polityka w regionie wygląda inaczej.

Eksperci od wojskowości i polityki zagranicznej mówią o takich perspektywach, ale poza TVP i poza TVN, wystarczy poszukać. To nie jest łatwe, ale na miłość boską kto ma tego dokonać jak nie my? Przecież Polak nie raz pokazał że niemożliwe robi od ręki, a na cud trzeba poczekać kilka dni.

PiS buja w obłokach, nie ma dźwigni wobec wschodu, żeby prowadzić taką politykę. I nie robi nic żeby ją mieć.


Not while their governments are full retard.

>slav union
How about no.

Why are you hating Poland?
Aren't you brothers?

Hey it's the Lithuanian airforce roundel, pretty ok I guess?

we can take you both tho

my polish is bad, but i'll try it

dlaczego polacy tak nienawidza UPA? ja rozumiem, ze 'muh wolyn', ale wy chlopaki zabili nawet wiecej ukraincow po pierwszej i w czas drugiej wojny

mysle ze musimy miec cywilizowana dyskusje na ten temat na poziomie nacionalnym.

just memeing mate

Please accept us Senpai

>ale wy chlopaki zabili nawet wiecej ukraincow po pierwszej i w czas drugiej wojny
Here is the problem. Our propaganda is shit and your propaganda is shit as well. Both sides lie on how many people died and who attacked who.

You are taking in refugees, mate.


At first I didn't believe you.. then I looked it up.


poland is owned by german capital and some other countries, all have high debts, old population and over -9000 net internatioanl investment position

polish autistic butthurt is enourmous, they dont have army or capital even to dominate own country lol


i think the truth is we both killed each other a lot, because in galicia and wolyn there was mixed population, but Soviets solved that problem for us (in the worst possible way tho, but hey, as long as it works)

i think we need now to mutually mourn the dead on both sides, and have a joint historical inverstigation.

don't be mean mate. before the war it was 3 times higher, but our currency fell to shit, and those counts fell along with it.

>they dont have army or capital even to dominate own country lol
You are watching Ukraine Today or something? What the fuck is wrong with you?

>Piludski isn't alive to see this
why is the world so unfair lads


It's not even a country.
Most Ukrainians don't even know what they are.

No, thanks.

They have resources and land, fag.
Poland lost WWII because you can cross the entire country in 2 days max.

No, fuck you. We don't want to be associated with retarded pooles.


How many days would it take to not lose the war?

Ukraine should be like a younger brother to Poland, come and ask for help.
Poland should take care of you guys and Belarus should help as well.
No idea why is there so much hate between you two.
Say sorry for those killings, say you will be this way no more and live together in peace.



Current inventory[edit]
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
Aero L-39 Czech Republic light attack L-39ZA 1
Alenia C-27J Italy transport 3
L-410 Czech Republic transport 1
Mil Mi-17 Russia transport 3
Eurocopter AS365 France SAR / utility AS365 N3 3


The company we use to fly people out to well sites have more aircraft than this.

As long as its not some sort of Russian plot to control you all, yeah, I think its a great idea!

Africa has resources and land, and it's the biggest shithole on the planet Earth.

Its the people that are niggers.

Poland lost not because you can cross it in 2 days. Poland lost because it was left alone vs two biggest superpowers on the planet.

Even a space marine chapter would have a hard time beating these odds.

Ukraine is still not a country, though.

Says the vassal state of the IMF. We had to lend you niggers a billion euro since your economy is so shit.

Your entire nationality was invented by austrians back in the XIX century because poles were occupying every government position in Galicia.

Your ancestors are all runaway peasants and bandits mixed with indigenous population - known also as mongol rape babies.

You have no national heroes other than a balding cuck who achieved nothing and got buttfucked by everyone.

Your economy is on a brink of collapse. You are unable to even pay for petrol and gas.

Your president is a fucking chocolate maker.

Your biggest export is prostitutes

Most fertile lands in Europe and biggest known deposits of coal in Europe yet you need to import both.

You are literally the niggers of Europe.

Some how because UK leaves the European union all the old soviet union states will forgive Putin for invading them and just be friends the Russians. What the fuck are these people smoking.

>butthurt belt the union
>powerful armyconsisting of three non-states, Poland and Ukraine
>assuming Belarus will be on your side
You're a funny guy.
>belarus as part of poland
Hey, Germany bros! Do any of you feel like playing 'divide poland' again?

>powerful army
Poooland stronk

poland is dominated by foreign capital, in 5-10 years it will be like in greece

to make a trade union you need to be like russia, germany, china etc or to print and give reserve currency like usa

i do not watch ukrainian tv lol, i simply explained you truth

eastern urkainians are russians, they killed poles so many times that it cant be even counted.

olol belarussia is already a part of russia, also they are geneticaly russians.

cossacks rebelion in 1648 centruy ended polish occupation of ukraine that started after mongol invasion


as you can see from this thread, no union can be created, because poles are nazis, and ukies are mostly just retard shills, like this guy so yeah, you can close the thread

>chocolate maker president
Wewlad didn't know it was that bad over there. Kek

>nazi poles

ukraine is not a state anymore

it was doing ok and was going to join russian trade uniuon, but CIA (with help of come oligarchs) started a coup and civil war.

soon JSC Ukraine will be closed and it will become "malorossia" with another borders and shit.

currently ukraine is run by jews that were elcted by former polish slaves in western ukraine

GDP/capita in western ukraine is 2-3 times smaller than in pro-russian areas liek capital or east

there are no such nationality as ukrainian anymore, it is artifficial.

Yep, he is a businessman with chocolate factories.
Has one in Russia. Pays taxes.

holy shit i can't stop kekking at this, its hilarious.

Says the fella hiding behind neutral wall just like us.
Your country wasn't Blasted to pieces after war so I wouldn't go memeing like that.
When will you faggots learn that memeing is serious business.

hello i have a better idea

I'm amazed a Ukrainian is saying that.
It's all true.

>Poland lost because it was left alone vs two biggest superpowers on the planet.
So...why do you want us to be left alone AGAIN?!
In case of Nuclear war you need as much land as possible to scatter your bunkers all over the country.

you guys better protect your child models. OR ELSE!

Is even better if you say this out loud with Russian accent.

>poland is dominated by foreign capital
That's why our current Government is trying to nationalize banks and tax the shit out of foreign companies. Why do you think Germany and the entire EU hates us so much all of a sudden? Is it because of Democracy? NO!
It's because we want to tax German business in Poland in a way that would stop them from avoiding taxation in Poland. Check it out. EU Parliament shits on us for that right now.

kill yourself. I wypierdalaj z mojego kraju banderowski śmieciu.

This already happened, and ended with a African-nigger-tier disaster.

For the last 1,000 years everything Russia touched turned to ultra poverty and hunger.

Stay away, lol.

>eating low-class russian propaganda with such passion
You pooles are pathetic.

>currently ukraine is run by jews that were elcted by former polish slaves in western ukraine
Oh yeah. I remember when you let people who we consider traitors into your government xD

In case of a nuclear war its GG anyway, Piotr.

why Austria tho?

>Your entire nationality was invented
yeah, by us, in XII century, i won't even deny that
>Your ancestors are all runaway peasants
no, we literally HAD KANGS AND SHIET
>You have no national heroes
we have Chmelnicki, Mazepa, Petlura, Danylo the King, etc.
who do you have, a nazi retard Pilsudski?
>Your economy is on a brink of collapse
yeah, because we're in a war. and we didn't lose it in a month, like you retards.
>You are unable to even pay for petrol and gas.
lies, we get it from muh Europe
>Your president is a fucking chocolate maker
and a great businessman
>Your biggest export is prostitutes
not even a bad thing
>Most fertile lands in Europe and biggest known deposits of coal in Europe yet you need to import both.
first one is pure lies, second - coal sites are captured by russia, and that was the sole reason of this war.
>You are literally the niggers of Europe.
>slavshit calling someone a nigger

yeah, so there's that

It's OK Sasha, at least I know there is 1 Ukrainian that is intelligent.
Pretty rare, tbqh.

Europe is pretty much finished anyways. Belarus is pretty much the only country that has a future

You autist, the rebellion is there to make sure you can't join NATO.
Coal is about as important as your salo in this case. Do you also think evil Russian Ivans steal glorious Ukrainian factory equipment from Donbass?

Jesus, so much delusion.

Do you remember Poland that time when Ukraine was so fed up with your bullshit that it voluntarily chose to become a part of Russia?

Don't ask me, I just added Russia to the mix.

maybe because poles speak with raguls

ukrainians do not exist

ukraine has 3-4 cultures indise 1 country - raguls, small russians and russians

raguls are submissive peasants that lived under polish nobility

poles interract in most cases with raguls. it was raguls who formed UPA to genocide polish peasants in wolhyn lol


you cant do anything - learn math and you will understand that you lose to anglo-saxon and german capital in any circumstances

germany will cut money to poland and you will go to stone age.

But i am on your side in this question! you need to make harm to germany

they went rampage and supported CIA coup in ukraine

they are 100x bigger thread than poland.

Half of those countries owe the EU their economy and the other half is Russia.

>in one alliance with Ukraine
no, thanks

Ukrainians will just blame everybody else, muslim/nigger tier denial.

you got me wrong
coal was a big part of our economy, capturing coal sites means out economy will stay shitty

NATO problem was solved by Crimea

it just seems kinda strange

And they ended up worse

>learn math and you will understand that you lose to anglo-saxon and german capital
One very important thing. Germany is going to implode and the rest of the EU will follow.
The fall of Deutsche bank and the inflow of refugees will take care of them. Their capital will be worthless. They all use Euro as their currency.

>it just seems kinda strange
It's all right there: By what metric?,Eastern-immigrants-to-fill-labour-gap-in-Poland

Apparently our demographics is shit and the Minister of Economy Morawiecki wants 2 millions of Belarussians, Ukrainians and Viets naturalised as Polish citizens by 2020.

>why Bulbas and Cockholes
immediate neighbours, also Belarussians study at our unis for free while the Ukraine is this gov's pet project

>why Viets
we had them here for decades since the Vietnam War and they've proven to be the best immigrants ever - hard-working, law-abiding, respectful and interested in integrating

by 2020 Poland will be a multi-ethnic state again, first time since 1939 (back then Poles were approx 69% of the population)

>(back then Poles were approx 69% of the population)
well back than it was thanks to captured native Ukrainian lands and jews.

By the metric they are poor as shit and on a brink of collapsing.
Russia is like a leper among countries.
Whatever you touch, rots.

It's been like that for the last 1,000 years.

ukraine do not exist as state, its a territory under temporary occupation of jews

it will be reformed to another state after conflict will be finished

current governemnt exists only because of USA and EU. but they are bankrupt and will be thrown away soon.

Take the Belarussians and Ukrainians, not the viets. Ethnicity matters in stability.

Autist, you're wrong yet again.
Steel and grains were very importer exports. Guess what happened when oil price fell, about which you cockholes were so happy? Metal and grains fell in price too, as they are tied to oil in a specific way!
A country which has an ongoing conflict can't join NATO. War with rebels backed up by a foreign force counts. Officially Crimea is still Ukrainian.
Pretty much this.
God, and we gave them so much... We should've just given the nukes and the high-level equipment to you, Poland, and keep Ukraine as a part of our country. You wouldn't have, st least, cut up state of the art bombers and sold your nukes.

Do you mean, like, now?
Because the event I was talking about kinda happened in the past, hundreds of years ago.

Sounds good to be honest. Just keep Estonia out of it. Maybe the other baltics as well, but at least Estonia. Wouldn't Slovakia/Hungary fit in that as well?

The steadily expanding EU really hit it's nail on it's coffin by shitting all over itself and making the wise Britons leave. It's only a matter of time before it collapses. I believe the EU members will eventually one at a time split from the union and form smaller ''alliances'', or unions, or whatever one wants to call them.

This :D fug :D

Yep, Alcostonia not going anywhere >:3

Kek wills us to make our neighbours butthurt.
We do what we must.

That's better.

Is this polans version of the EU?

you're delusional mate
crimea was already a reason for NATO to ditch Ukraine

but when war broke out, we lost 1/3 of out GDP
so yeah, Putin doesn't give a shit about muh russians, he just wants to keep what spheres of controls he got left


capital is the main question

more important are western goods, services and technologies and structure of expenditures of holdings

EU prints money and holds 0 interest rate to make european goods competitive

without europe poland will not be able to sell anything to anybody. you will not be able to buy spare parts from germany, oil-gas etc

so i wish you luck, i realy want poland to start trade conflict inside EU

your sacrifice may open eyes to people

Actually we have a lot of viets in Poland. Believe it or not they assimilate well and cause no trouble.

Nvm I'll take back my words, doesn't sound good at all. Scimming through this thread made me realize how much slavs despise each other and wouldn't hesitate for one moment to force their might over the other. Unions don't work without respect for the others.

>more important are western goods, services and technologies and structure of expenditures of holdings
There is a reason why our Gov wants to start making polish electric cars. They want us to have our own technology.

Probably because your glorious sarmatian blood mix well with other asians.

why would anyone want to allie with poland? eternal victims and crybabies.

Whats funny about it?

well you say that like we're not sarmatian too

1 russians being insecure about their own language
2 we have same alphabets mostly, but we read the letters differently, so when a russian tries to read ukrainian in russian way it sounds funny and vice versa

Bring back Yugoslavia pls


electric cars are scam, same as extensive roads and suburbs lol

you will buy german and chinese spare parts in exchange of increase in government and corporate debts withuout reserve currency and demand for such shit etc

best way to fail ,

you need to check if they dont have german (or jewish) agents inside

It sounds very much like Russian and yet I don't have an idea what they are saying.

>that picture


Okay, bro

We are proud Ostrogoths, Varangians and shit. I can't understand pooles who love to brag how lots of asian blood whey has.

Nie wazne, genetika sie zmenia - i jak to unas w Hollandi jest ze piesze generaczie to sa okay ale 3a i 4a to maja krisis tozsamosci i radikalizuje sie. Idne nie assimuljacze i nie genetyzne ukladajacze ludze nigde sa potrzebne w kraju


>yeah, by us, in XII century, i won't even deny that
That was ruthenians. Ukrainians are an artificial creation.

>who do you have, a nazi retard Pilsudski?
A guy that BTFO'd Soviet Russia? A guy that wanted to attack Germany by 1934 but frenchies backed down? A guy that was so based that even Hitler attended his funeral and put a honor guard on his grave?

>yeah, because we're in a war. and we didn't lose it in a month, like you retards.
Imagine if Russians actually did use their entire army against you. You'd lose in a week.

>and a great businessman
such a great businessman that he actually let IMF run your country.

put romania in there too

>Intermarium - aльтepнaтивa ЄC

And again we see how hohols dont want to be great by themselfs, but want to be great being a part of something, meaning they wont have to pay shit.
It's like pottery

Stop dragging us into you shitty political alliances.

Yeah, no.

ruthenians = ukrainians

we changed the name in XIX not to be mistaken for great-russians, but the name of land Ukraine existed since X i believe

Pilsudski was an ugly polish Nazi

>Imagine if Russians actually did use their entire army against you
except they can't, because based diplomacy

>actually let IMF run your country
not a bad thing
your country is ruled by EU money, and you guys are doing great
Japan has 300bln debt, and they're doing fine too
us getting few spare bln won't make it worse

>implying Poles will ever die for Ukrainians and Lithuanians


eastern ukrainians, majority belarussians and russians are antes with some admixture of sarmatians

western - wends and sklavines with admixture of carpathia population like dacians.

ruthenians live in carpathia region

main ukrainians tribe of polans also was called rus'or russians in the past.

Dude... it's the coat of arms of the Jagiellonian dynasty.

>It's working

Well, it should have some other borders probably. Pooland can't into alliances, they either will try to drag others to war with america or try to colonise all the ally land. Latvians are retards just as pooles, but since they small and cucked by russians no one still notice that. We should include Romania and Moldova.

main ukrainian tribe - tribe of polans (that lived in kievan area ) was called rus'or russians (same way as russians)


>Åland is colored
Nice, thanks mate!

1% of Warsaw is Vietnamese and they are top tier immigrants
Vietnamese>>>>>>Ukrainians, IMHO

Ruthenia is literally the Latin equivalent of Russia

Well Jagiello was lithianian. Makes sense that it's them using the coat of arms.

Ruthenia is a latin for Rus
also ukrainian were call rusins (aka ruthenians) even in XX
learn history, retard

also this

>living in kiev area
And somehow they magically teleported themselves to the western parts of today Poland and called the country they formed - Poland. Yea Polan(s)/Polan(d). Are you literally retarded?

and this

well there was a tribe called polyany, living in modern Central Ukraine, they're one of the ancestors of ukrainians

Bunch of loser countries.

>Saakashvili unironically says that you need at least another 20 to 30 years to return back to the state of which you were at 2013
I honestly feel bad for a lot of you.



Too different both ethnically and culturally, I'd rather take V4, add Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and restore the House von Habsburg.

>yet another anti russian political pact
Just what we need, world war 3 can't start early enough!

anybody else here /comfy/ watching a slavic slap fight

Hurry up and join the in the glorious Intermarium

do you think it's genetics and not just mentalities?

>In any sort of association with lenkshits

I wish for Poland to get completely nuked and none of their people to remain afterwards.

I feel the same way whenever I hear Icelandic. I might seem like a weird comparison, but English is surprisingly linked to that language.

Yeah and Toronto has a bigger population than our whole country, what's your point mang?

russians dont use latyn

russians is the only correct name for all rus, people who tried to change it are now scatered across eurasia in mass graves

you lose all your glory in same moment as you submit

for example ukranians army outnumbered LDNR 4:1, but ukrainian army lost war and 4 times more people and equipment. one of the reason of complete stupidity and moronism was lach of glory from ukrainian side,

tribes that lived in thius territory always were called russian or rus'. it is said in primary cronicles lol, subhumans may accept foreign names.

thats why subhumans like upa and raguls always will be weak and poor slaves lol tof poles, autrains, russians and jews

for example this is reason why bosnians are not slavs lol

Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania may be only buffer states between us and Russia. Poland should unite with the rest of V4 representing the latin civilization, not with Eastern Slavs that belong to some completely different civilization

>tfw a conflict thread where nobody is bashing us, for a change

Savour the tranquility.

Thats because ukranian side brings zero ideals worth fighting for

Don't call it alliance, we all know it would be greater poland
I'm okay with it though

he is moron

everything will starts to grow much faster

to accelerate the process we will simply sell them and raguls as slaves and rapefugees to EU LOL

I am on PC now.

Both matter obviously, but one is form-able and the other is set in stone. However as genetics remain, so does genetic loyalty and we can see examples of such things happening here in The Netherlands. Some of the initial economic migrants from MENA were hard-working factory employees/cleaners/etc. They built some prosperity for themselves, however as their parents tried to create a better life for their children - their children have a feeling of no belonging and they feel estranged. This leads to wealthy, integrated and fluently Dutch speaking 3rd/4th generation MENA immigrants to suddenly becoming radicalized and switching allegiance. Our well-being and wealth removed all struggles and thus purpose from many people's lives and as such people have to fill in that blank themselves, for them it's ethnic/religious activism support. They are a 5th column in society now as even some of our politicians have said and nobody knows what to do about it.

You have huge debpts now though, all your econimic grouth will be sent to paying of those debpts

I really don't get all your butthurt towards Poles. I know you need to find a national enemy, and your ethnic Russian population is too low to fill that role but for fucks sake, you had it quite well during the Commonwealth and their claims for Vilno were rightful.

FFS we have had more shit between us and Austrians during our shared history, we had it worse (we even rebelled many times), yet nowadays we consider them amongst our better neighbours.

>we get clay

I'm okay with this.

>ukranian side brings zero ideals worth fighting for
[citation needed]

Suck my dick, faggot. Literally there is not a single good thing to come out when having any kind of a relationship towards lenkshits. Vilnius has never been and never will be theirs. Their language is the most disgusting European language. I despise them due to my personal experiences, as well as just generally do.

>no Balkans or Romania
>at a time when Russia and Turkey are courting increased cooperation

HAHAHA enjoy being completely fucking surrounded and starving and freezing to death :^)

Or do you think Georgia and Azerbaijan will save you ;D

You could insist that you fight for the Alliance/for the Horde. Would be a more valid reason than Ukrainian "national" "identity".

country JSC "ukraine" will be closed LOL

no country - no debts

it has zero value and zero glory

its pigsty, thats why they lose.

but this lose is good for future as it opened eyes for people

>electric cars are scam, same as extensive roads and suburbs lol
They want Ursus to make electric cars so that Poles need to use more electricity which means more incentive to invest in our power supply system.


Yes, because your country is madeup, you have no history and no ideals

>piesze generaczie to sa okay ale 3a i 4a to maja krisis tozsamosci
Nope. First viets came here in the 90's and they are fine. We have no problems with Asians in Poland.

Polaks in my country? REEEEEEEEEE
>Another reason to kill yourself Zhmudz-bro.

>romania hungary and ukraine in the same union
i'd much rather have a /balk/ alliance with bulgaria and serbia

>Pooland can't into alliances
Without us you are nothing. We have the strongest army right next to the Belarus.

>your country is madeup
And still we have way more ideals worth fighting for than you do.

>Vietnamese>>>>>>Ukrainians, IMHO
I agree. They know their place and are not angry at Poles for some history bullshit. They can appreciate that they can live here and work here.

it may only work in case 100% of your financial flows go to polish companies - from transformators to IT and to the last screw

for such crime EU will make a coup in poland, will send back your workers, will cut funding, block goods and will rape in you in the ass every day

so i wish you luck as this is in our interest also

I rather don't care about genetics, any Vietnamese Catholic is closer to me than any Orthodox Eastern Slav, see:

Putin will eventually die of old age.

And this army led by retards. No, thanks.

I approve, slavs, do yourselves a favor and be friends under one nation, you may be the only group of people who are collectively redpilled, based and powerful enough to suppress the spread of globalism. You made your biggest mistake ever with marxist communism, now you have a chance to return to the world stage as heroes, purging the world of the disease that started in your nation and exposing those who wish to spread it further.

>we all know it would be greater poland
>I'm okay with it though
We already have Greater Poland. I live in it and it's fucking great. It's the heart of Poland.

also it will increase cost of everything so you will start to experience trade deficit and inflation

> (You)
>it may only work in case 100% of your financial flows go to polish companies
That's the fucking idea. That's why the Government wants to make polish power companies work with polish URSUS to develop these cars.

Is there any good channel on jewtube that covers the war from Ukraine? plz no vice

>a lenkshit replies to me

> gee, we want ussr 2.0 without russia

There's no war currently only arty exchange from time to time

Polak replied to me? REEEEEEEEE
>Another reason to kill yourself.

>will send back your workers
That's what we want. Give us back our young families. We need our babies in Poland.
>will cut funding
EU will die right after the money flow stops after 2020.

By the way, have you seen our new low cost satellites? It's called Światowid and they are printing new prototypes as we speak.

>Babylon 13
And Filatov dude that covers from the LPR/DPR side. All i know of desu

Also, without Communism. That's kind of important.


Go suck off a bydlo

Pooland, you should unite with Germany

Never. They are cucks and suck refugee dick. We have no respect for their ways.

>ukrainje getting buttfucked by some villagers with some guns and forks

antyhing that damages eurojewish expansionism is good

you will pay for this with your savings rate and additional debts

ukrainian army was superior to polish for a long time, before civil war ukraine even had competitive military industry with high export (6th in the world)

in terms of military poland = zero that rellies on foreign elementary base

You should flee united poland-germany land then.

We don't need Turks to make our Kebabs!
Polish Kebab, 100%! It's just as good as the original.

>before civil war ukraine even had competitive military industry
You fucking wot m8

>civil war
>15 posts by this ID

Great idea, btw
Pilsudski was right

>ukrainian army was superior to polish for a long time, before civil war
There is a reason why you got fucked in the ass by the US. Obama doesn't like you guys for some reason.

He actually believes that
>UPA education
My sides.

Sounds like more EU shit - all these "Unions" they never work.

>itt bandera education

my fucking sides

Russia should be part of the alliance.


>Alliance with Belaruse and Uk***ne
This guy has a very good channel, but not that many videos in english.

Invite Texas please so we can texit and having an entire army of plumbers at our side.

>south korea

Jesus fuck, fuck off slavs don't you understand we want nothing to do with you fucks.

>memericunt education
Polish union worked for a couple houndred years.


your presidental candidates are top tier shit m7

>he thinks his opinion matters

All unite before the Greater Estonia

ukrainian military complex officialy exported same ammount as france or italy. in fact ukraine was selling even more - to africa and other places

now they are only able to repair old tanks and ifv from storages (ammount of such vehicles reduced drasticaly during the war)


lol i hate upa, this shit belongs to poland

>he thinks our western and eastern overlords would let us establish our 3-balt state isolation bubble
thus we have to into with slavshis (excluding lenkshits, of course)

I feel bad for Estonia. Only country in that region that is actually worth anything. Best platform for business. Most stable economic growth in all of Europe. And isn't flooded with immigrants. And population is in decline

Poland is artificial country made from memes in xx century. And unions with pooland led to world war.

this is one of the reasons

ukrainian state do not exist anymore

it is a territory with jewish occupation administration

try for once not be a faggot

Is there something magnificent in Russia for people? Both total corrupt shitholes 1 to 1, but always some cucks must lick Putin's boots for free.

>this is how Ukrainian education looks like

>And isn't flooded with immigrants.
Estonia flooded with russians.

>implying we'd like to join with you balts either

I'm sick of you fucking indos, indos have been the scourge of the world for thousands of years.

We may have killed Ukrainians but you fucking massacred them.
Slaughtered infants and pregnant mothers, diced them into fucking pieces. A hundred thousand fucking civilians living in fucking nowhere, because they were there.
One of the most subhuman fucking crimes committed in our history, and this is fucking Polish history I'm talking about. You have literally even outmatched the Russians and Nazis who were both more selective in their genocide.
So fuck you hohol dog, you'll never be my fucking 'brother'.

The Baltic countries are Swedish puppet states owned by our banks, don't you dare touch them!

This makes no sense. Greenland is the suicide capital of the world.

dafucq is this jesus chirst eebebejanznzsbns

I'm out.

fuck off, i would rather live on my knees infront of german dick then on my feet but in some subhuman poor alliance

I just wish your teenage shits would fuck off from my country.
Your tourists are on par with Brits in how shit they are. Literally drunk monkeys.

nah, either you pseudo-mongols with us or you get pounded into oblivion by overlords' influence

>implying we weren't selling stuff that was left from the USSR
Babylon 13 has no English subtitles though. They have made nice shorts so there's that

nah, either you pseudo-mongols with us or you get pounded into oblivion from overlords' influence

So much falseflaging I dont know whos trolling who

>and their claims for Vilno were rightful.
Yeah no.

>don't you dare touch them!
Why are your banks spending your emergency reserves on refugees?

This. All 3 Baltics are flooded with Russians and degenerate slavs.


do you know that faggots from UPA almost killed the only one polish cosmonaut?

He is a survivor of the Volhynian massacres during which Ukrainian nationalists murdered 19 members of his family, including his fatherław_Hermaszewski

your chances to go into space were
close to statistical error

>Poles trying to expand into Russian lands
>keep trying for centuries
>wonder why Russians raped them
you're funny people
>inb4 BelaRUS and hohols aren't Russian
nice historical revisionism
>m-muh Kiev was capital, let's ignore all other Rus' cities
>m-muh these people speaking same language, having same religion and ruled by same dynasty were actually totally different
gas yourself

Relax, Janis. It is the way the world works, Finns come here to get drunk and buy alcohol, we go to Latvia to get drunk and buy alcohol. Enjoy the euroshekels.

All the other countries in that region is as well. Maybe not Ukraine because it's a worse shit hole that ruski

which is obviously a military alliance. send monies and ur people to die or you're not a bro.

Anyone else notice in Jewgle Maps that israels border is all fuzzy as if to say "oy vey this border is pretty hazy, the jew practically own all the land around here becuase ISIS has destabilized it

I saw pictures of German SS reports on the massacres, when they found destroyed villages.
Even SS was disgusted Ukrainian sadism.

Disgusted SS.
Now that takes some fucking effort.

No sympathy for Ukraine, fuck em.

>this fucking jewish level propaganda
>pooland genuinely thinks it's will somehow work.

>tfw saving up for a comfy baltic tour
Don't get invaded yet okay. I want a qt Estonian gf.


>all the butthurt belts - unite!
Not gonna happen. Sorry mate.

>>keep trying for centuries
We fucked Russia and occupied Moscow multiple times in the past. Check the history book.

There are many people still alive that remember Ukrainian sadism and barbarism.

You can take your denial and shove it up your UPA ass.

No, fuck Ukraine.

And yet you still cry about Khatyn.
How do you guys sleep at night?

The bugurt in this ITT makes it apparent to me that there will be no Intermarium without a necessary precondition: that Russia falls into disorder.

Which isn't unlikely, let's be honest. The budget is looking Venezuela-tier right about now.

>multiple times

dude we're not even denying that but why lie about "multiple" times

sure so why are you so butthurt about the fact Russians responded to your aggression?
why do you think you have some moral superiority here?

Moooon pride na-na na-na

And you cry about everything.
How do you sleep at night?


that stuff (and maintanance of that stuff) allowed to get money to pay bonuses to develop new stuff, leopars was developed in 1970 for example.

moron lol

after you will repair all remaining t-64 in your storages you will close arms industry because there will be no money to pay competitive salaries to people and no money to buy parts, i dont even mention that average age of worker will be something like 80 years

you will fight with wooden dildos like bandera

>How do you sleep at night?
Very poorly. I honestly feel ashamed for our figureheads who constantly cry about retarded things, ask for compensations as if it's someone else's fault for the fucked up situation we're currently in today.

who /kalisz/ here?

I thought all of you already starved or got a shell to the face or something

Belarus? Belarus is permanently wet for Big Daddy Russia.

The part of Ukraine that isn't Russian is a corrupt poverty stricken disaster and was like this before the current war kicked off.

Poland should concentrate on the Visegrad Group while thinking about bringing in the Baltic States.

Actually, they are strong. Strong and butthurted. They have the potential. But when intermarium will come to realisation the war between Ukraine and Poland will become unavoidable.

>slav slapbox

It's like we're on the cool version of Cred Forums

Do estonian qts like anglos?
Where do the pure estonian waifus live?

>Being this ignorant of history
Kek, you seem less important than Poland.

>Georgian communist dictator allows his Georgian secret police chief to shoot Polish prisoners
>this is somehow collective fault of all Russians
I love how all these narratives pretend there were no communists in Eastern Europe who were happy as fuck to dance to Stalin's tune, and who weren't Russian or even Soviet

>there were no communists in Eastern Europe
Capitalistwash happend, desu senpai

this union economically wont hold a day, trust me.

slops: the thread


They aren't AFAIK. they just loan money to poor Estonians.

uh oh, poland lithuania is back
hide the potatoes and vodka

Pls respond.
Kek demands I get my estonian gf.

>be a citizen of fascist ukraine
>call people from other countries nazis

Fucking kill yourself.

Either Grosspolen with camps for Ukrainians or fuck off.
They're animals and I don't want anything to do with them, they may all perish.

Poland needs:
>nationality revival
>Polish dictator
>to kickstart Polish industry(instead of getting fucked by germans)
>our own nukes
>modernising military
>overall militarism (we have so many bydlo and gopniks sitting on their asses, drinking and mugging people) - why not use them?
>land claims :^)

Fuck you ukrainian animals, your day will come.


he said that others pretend that there were none, he actually says otherwise, that there were plenty of them ready to suck Stalins cock

>be a citizen of fascist ukraine
I wish mate

Stay away.

see Extermination camps for Lithuanians too.

good luck with that

2 milion population.

It would took one day to genocide you all. Women would polonize themselves anyway lol.

And you stay away from my retarded cousin as well.

I want to make love to her in a forest, as the snow falls on our naked white bodies.

Better anglo than russian, don't you think?

Funny you talk about genocide :')

>soviet bloc gets back together
sounds like a plan

You're both enemies who seek to genocide the Estonian peoples demographically. Go die.

The only good idea itt. REMOVE BALTS


>he thinks we won't bring the russians to rape you like we did before

It's about time we learn something from germans.

Poland went too easy on you eastern animals. You deserve nothing but full extermination. Ukraine would be better off if Poles lived there.

why? It's so funny seeing them butthurt cause they don't get the billions of monies they got during soviet time

and call it Kievan Rus' for example

It was Lithuania that got raped, not Poland
t. Mykoła Jebiewdenko

hows that gonna work ?? you cant even beat ukraine

I don't remember Katyn happening on Lithuanian soil



I will not give up until I get qt estonian gf.
Someday we will be friends.

Holy shit why would anyone have such pics on HDD

That's true. It only happened once. But still we held it for two years untill polish soldiers being there started chimping out and pissed off the populace who promptly kicked them out. Isn't russian national day on the anniversary of that happening?

Dump poles ruined the only chance we had to form a union with Muscovy. Not mentioning the swedish kang we had at the time who refused his son being elected a tsar because ruskies wanted him to convert.

>So close :

We should unite to genocide pooland.

>He thinks Russia and Ukraine are at war

You can unite to clean my toilet.

fuck Bolsheviks, Poles suffered a lot, so did everyone
but this ''it was Russians'' nationalist narrative is dishonest and is just a disgusting way to put the widespread collaboration under carpet and put the blame on Russian people as if they elected Bolsheviks or Stalin to power
even Walesa was an informant

>poland in charge of toilet jokes

>What do you think of the logo?
Looks fucking shit mate

Needs less edgy army men, maybe a traditional sword or some kinda of ancient eastern European weapon

There are only 500k female Estonians alive, and most of them aren't 18-40 years old.

You're literally being a MUH DIKK dindu right now who wants a Swedish harem. There are millions of Anglo women, go fuck them. But the Estonians will be for Estonians.

Ahh but of course, it's an American who doesn't like to see praise directed at Russia/Slavs. What's the problem? Don't like remembering that there are people in this world who wont ever yield to America's globalist bullshit?

ukrainian niggers are literally storming to Poland in millions.

they work shitty-paid jobs.

you do know gpd doesn't mean shit? it was about state/free stuff overall. you prduced great automobiles, radio's, you had good perfumes and other stuff too! what do you have now? more debt, cleaning toilets in other countries, and sproty

a sabre perhaps?

>comparing Western economies at their height with communist economies in full collapse
communism is shit but difference was a lot smaller, plus you can't really compare command economy and capitalist economy dollar for dollar

And the Russians genuinely didn't elect Stalin. But if you look at what the Russians think today - they worship Stalin like he's a hero, meanwhile he killed millions of Russians. But hey, we killed like 100k pribalti fashisti, so Stalin is a hero and Communism was so great.

>We are proud Ostrogoths

This is why the butthurt meme will continue forever.

Estonia average monthly wage july 2016: 1163.42 euros
Russia average monthly wage july 2016: 481.16 euros

Yeah we're doing just fine thanks.

such intolerance from the EU, be ashamed of yourself

>poolooish education

well do it already

Not Swedish, Estonian.
I am good anglo stock, blond and green-eyed. Better than a mongol slav mix, or whoever else is taking Estonian qts.

Fuck that shit
We must settle our differences with Ukraine, not kill them
Our population is on the decline, we have around 38 millions of people, in a few decades it will go even DOWN
What would you do with 33 million of population in 2050, when only 10% of that would be men in age 20-40?
Would you send old, sick people to frontlines?

Would you treat Russians better than those unpredictable Ukrainians?
Ukraine has 45 millions of people
It's a great manpower and if we would settle our differences, such a gift would be essential
They don't have much industry, wealth, but I wouldn't flush so many lives down in the toilet

This is why you will always remain a poor shithole, Ivan.

you still don't understand it and this one gets it right:

I don't care. There are male Estonians who need Estonian wives, and we don't want your degenerate women who go clubbing for 10 years straight 20-30 and then cry about no good man wanting them after hitting the wall.

life isn't about money

where are those Russians? it's a minority by any research conducted, and they're bound to die off as old commies die off
those who still believe that shit are simply victims of lingering commie propaganda, and keep in mind most of those say SOME things were good, they aren't uncritically praising Stalin
read some books, I recommend ''The Court of the Red Tsar''
it follows Stalin and his inner circle, and you'll see how Stalinism looked like and why blaming entire nation for that period is simply wrong
even in Czech Republic commies got almost 20% of votes last election. it's hardly a Russian phenomenon, people are just dumb and uneducated

>they worship Stalin like he's a hero
there's just one place in the entire Russia named after Stalin, it's in the ex-Georgian region

i dunno what you're talking about, i haven't seen nothing like that on RT

Oh polsky, poland has longer been german than polish in the last 2000 years.

>Ukraine has 45 millions of people

It's less now and will continue to decrease too. But it's the hohols who need to admit that UPA were killers and rapists(but cant since they're their only heroes) to start any kind of mutual understanding


Yeah, whatever. Make a new thread.

Only when you have none :D

when i was a neet i payed a poolish cunt to clean my mess because i was too lazy. 10€ per hour so i didnt had anything to do for 40€ per month. (had a very small flat)

inb4. she stealed

there was nothing. belive me xD

Holy shit Ivan, I actually remember standing in line for food with my mother. Why do you think people risked death trying to escape to the west but never the other way around?

>facts don't matter because muh feels, russia stronkkkkk

If you want to remain poor and miserable, as is Russian tradition, go ahead, just leave us alone so we can make shekels in peace like the evil capitalists we are.

Yes. That or have the 4 men, but two facing forwards with guns up and two facing Left and right with guns facing outwards.

Just adds more symmetry


>dUPA education

Tell me Ivan, is it about getting drunk, shooting heroin with your bydlo friends and dying from AIDS at 30?

i dont understand why do you bark

estonian gdp per capita is only 20% bigger than in russia or kazahstan

even more - almost everything in estonia belongs to business from finalnd, denmark and sweden , so de facto ethnic "estonian" lives worse than russians and accumulates less money.


who is bothering you? that' what I wrote in the beginning (to the statement that baltics should ne extermined). nobody gives a fuck about your baltics, calm down. I sincerely hope Russia stops all kinds of support of every country except maybe Belarus, but even for them we should make it less


You know, you should read a bit about basic economy, before trying to shove statistics somewhere like said.
Not only that, but most major business in the Baltics doesn't even belong to us. It belongs to foreigners. We produce, but get very little of it. Often it's sold back to us as export.

Our education is so shit tens of thousands of your people come here to study.

>topest of keks

no, these degenerates will eventually go away, we are in a changing phase
I remember seeing many of them in the 90s, but now they're a rarity
I live in Perm right now (considered the most depressing city in Russia), lived in Ufa and Moscow, travel from time to time, so I see stuff

yeah, no

Wilno je Polska

that's what I'm talking about
at least some remember that you were doing great stuff that actually never broke

so why did rooskies invade ukraine or liberate it or whatever