What does Cred Forums think about Asian Americans?


I hate how disgustingly liberal they are.

they're not real asian
most are westernised and niggerfied

Where the fuck are you getting this from lmao, I've never seen them leaning towards anything on the political spectrum...

All minorities are disgustingly liberal. Asian people in Western countries however are the least liberal of all the minorities.

I don't think about asian americans.

Only in terms of Whites, which is they side with shitskins looking to destroy Whites aka America.

to be fair, they seem to get the raw end of the stick in western society.

A lot better than sandniggers

They're fine so long as you don't leave the Chinese ones in charge of any sensitive information since they'll probably just sell it back to the motherland.

Other than that they are like slightly smarter, somewhat less empathetic, gambling addicted, white people. Will probably side with you in a race war, oppose affirmative action.

Am I the only person who feels completely weirded out when an Asian talks with an American accent?

Like there's that one news reporter in the US and whenever she talks its just really weird to me. Almost like they dubbed over her voice or something.

they're fucking weird.
they claim that because they were born and raised in america they only want to be recognised as 'american'

and because they're so insecure about their identity they try to make up for it by putting extra effort into "fitting in" - and the only way they see as 'fitting in' is to be a liberalism cuck

yet deep down they feel extreme self hate for their fucked up cultural identity, which is why they are unable to have a serious relationship with another asian person.

No they don't.

I'm Hapa and although Asian people don't consider me one of them I'm still Asian enough to confirm what you're saying. It's unusual for a completely non-Asian person to have that level of insight. What race are you buddy?

>unusual for a completely non-Asian person
so it's usual for an asian person to have this insight??
do you even read flag??? i'm chink as fuck...?? lmao

also this is why hapas are weird, they chose to speak in really fucking ways. you fucking koala do you have any idea how confusing your phrase is?

Is that why male WM/AF kids always become murderers?

Pick one

>male WM/AF kids always become murderers
offspring of black male+black female always become murderers tho ;^)

the reason why halfu kids do mass shootings is because of
>lack of fatherly figure in life
>lack of motherly figure in life
amplified by
>huge internal turmoil over confused identity

So would mixed white/black kids have the same problem?

i don't have contact with black people in my life at all, so i don't know because i have no contextual experience to create a conclusion

but i would incline towards 'yes, mixed WB kids have the same problem'
>plus WB kids carry the black half which is naturally inclined to more crime anyway.

I don't consider anyone that's not European Christian to be an American or Canadian. Nor do I consider anyone that's not European Christian to be Australian or New Zealander.
They have an American passport and that's about it. I have the freedom to decide who I think is Australian, American or European. I'm allowed to be as bigoted and as racist as I fucking want to be about the issue. This is how we decided who was a member of our tribe thousands of years ago. This is our biological hardwiring.
So if you're not European Christian, I don't think you can be American.
I don't care for any shitty replies on how discriminatory this sounds.
Also sage goes in all fields, this thread is cancer.


I don't want to fuck them but they are good for the community and economy... but i like my chocolate girls more

Most of the men i know are republican and the girls are SJW freaks who think they are oppressed somehow.

I am one. Honestly I get triggered when I see anti-asian stuff here but I figure its only fair since every other groups gets trashed relatively equally.

I think they are natural allies for the anti-SJW right, alt right whatever but nobody reaches out to them. Also the adult ones are too tired and too ignorant to really join and the young ones get brainwashed by cultural marxism in college.

From interacting with them. The only Asian Americans who don't piss me off tend to be older immigrants who don't give a shit about fitting in with the Liberal-chic faggots. They don't give a shit about conservatives either but their behavior naturally coincides with conservatives due to their nature of naturally hating everyone who isn't part of their specific ethnicity. Have you ever seen one of those tv shows where some Asian white-washed yuppie wannabe tries to admonish their parents for being a racist? That's exactly what it's like in the USA.

Azn Americans try to do the same thing to me, but I just tell them to fuck off. Ironically I tend to get along with every ethnic in the West except Asian Americans because they're so fake.

This is the most accurate post in the thread.
Ironically I'm only part Jap, but I actually grew up in Japan so the end result is that I behave more like a native Japanese. I even get along much better with recent transplants from Japan or Korea than I do with American-raised gooks because the natives don't have that weird American self-identity issue that most azn americans have.

I don't even understand why they're so confused. I'm American, nut I'm just some asshole who has some primitive warrior culture mentality. Modern Japs are the same thing, but with business suits. I'm upper middle class so I just act like an elitist. A lot of asians make fun of me & label me as the 'rich guy.'

Asian Americans seem to think that being American means acting like a White yuppie preppy or acting like a nigger. Instead of finding their own identity they just emulate a mixture of identities from Kike tv like a bunch of retards.

>European Christian

What's "European Christianity"?

I always laugh at those Asian American people that wear nigger-tier clothing and listen to rap all day/do dance competitions. They look ridiculous to me lol

Keanu Reeves is actually a conservative, and he has some footage on Youtube of him shredding a weapons course.

Whatever I decide it to be

American can only be of British, Dutch or German extraction.

I think you need to get banned for posting non-political slide threads

I like their hairless booties.

100% untermensch
Omega bogan meets citizenship hunting ugly gook and here you are - something that would benefit the world more if it would be flushed in the toilet

Asian American women are race mixing machines, they need to be shut down.

Asian American men I think are pretty based but disgustingly liberal.

Hmm. Well I'll list some denominations and you tell me if they're Christian or not. It'll make things simpler for those just tuning in.

Seveth-Day Adventism
Jehova's Witnessesesism

Chinese born Canadian here. Honestly this, growing up I had an identity crisis. However, I still have red pilled opinions, but hide my power level. I've grown to live with myself and just accept that I'm just a chinese dude who can speak english and knows some mandarin/cantonese. I get perspectives from both western and eastern culture, I can just choose the most red pilled ideas to fit my world view. I identify as Chinese Canadian.

Rooftop Korean here.

Born and raised in the U.S. and extremely grateful for it. Love this country so much I'm willing to die for it should it ever be threatened. I realize a lot of Asians around me, not just Koreans, are extremely liberal or vote democrat because they benefit from it without really caring about long term effects on society and the country as a whole. But my family is pretty conservative; my parents especially hate almost all forms of welfare. They believe if a person cannot find or keep a job to take care of themselves then they should be polite enough to die in a gutter somewhere to stop being a burden on everyone else.

On a side note I also fucking love guns and CC a glock 19 or 26 everyday. However I keep it a secret because other asians are scrawny, liberal faggots that can't handle the recoil of a .22

Catholic= true faith

All the others are heretics

Now Evangelicals and Catholics are fucking cancer. Papists can't be Canadian, American, Kiwi or Aussie. If fact, to be a real CANZian you have to be Anglo-Celtic

if you have parents from different countries why do you have to identify yourself to a nation? if you live in Japan you adapt to their culture, if you live in the US you adapt to their culture.

anything else is being a nigger.

Why are so many of you subhumans doing on Cred Forums? We hate your guts here

>can't handle the recoil of a .22


Yes and Cred Forums loves slavs.

>I think they are natural allies for the anti-SJW right, alt right whatever but nobody reaches out to them.

Asian women yeah, not the men. Most Asian men are very clique-ish. A lot of times they'll form a gang of friends and then not include me, all the while laughing & talking shit about me because I'm not 'cool' enough to be one of them.

What's even funnier is when these gooks are alone and I'm the only other kinda-asian person around, that's when they try to act as if I'm finally one of them. I'm like fuck you, I fucked your sister but you ain't shit to me.

Native Asians from EastAsia are natural allies, but most American Asians seem to have that weird Eliott Rodgers vibe to them, as if they don't know how to properly interact with people.

Keep in mind that I'm mostly just talking shit about Asian guys. I do get along well with Asian women despite their liberalism.
Asian women are basically similar to White girls to me, they even treat me as if I'm exotic in the same way.

Being a mongrel, I'm only attracted to other hafu girls like the ones you see in porn (Anri Okita,Maria Ozawa, etc.) White girls are too white to me (except Italian and some French.) and most Asian girl are too... not my type, uggo. The only pure Asians I've been attracted to for a LTR are Korean women who may have had plastic surgery and Okinawan women who always ditch me for nigger dick.

Asians tend to stick to themselves and police their own communities so I don't have a problem with them as much as muslims and Africans.

They're okay, I guess. They'll still have to go back, though. They can keep being okay in Asia.

You're missing the point.
I don't care.
For me to accept someone as American, I want to see European features and I want to see that their morals reflect my arbitrary expectations on what I consider Christians to be like.
And I don't care that I'm unable to precisely define this to you.

libtards can't shoot guns good

i win again

that is some spicy logic you guys have here in shitland

I've only been shooting twice in my whole life, 'cause its too damn expensive, and I could handle a 22 just fine

>Asian women
>natural allies for the anti-SJW

this, asian women(at 100% purity untainted by white ideology) are either redpilled or have no opinion of their own and just follow whatever their husbando's opinion is.


> which is why they are unable to have a serious relationship with another Asian person

Ouch that really hit home for me there, American Korean here. I have never been able to stand being around other Asians and their fucking MUH AZN PRIDE.

I find it disgusting and annoying as fuck. I hate their liberalism and need to fucking fit in with those empathetic groups. I can't believe so many are empathetic to minorities when they're the ones who fucking treat you like you're 3rd class citizen. I sure as hell know blacks and Latinos treats Asians like their beneath them.

There is no real place for Asians to fit in here. Just need to be yourself and do whatever the fuck you want and do it without being a prick about it.

Also hate American white women, complete trash. Hate Asian American women , they think they are some sexy version of white women. Black women and Spanish Americans think Asians are all Chinese food delivery people. Everyone asks "hey where are you from? No really where are you Actually from" fuck them.

So I married a based white Eastern European and having a happy life keeping quiet and building a legacy for my future children while I watch the rest of the world burn and watch Asian Americans siding with the wrong retarded political party that will just use them and abuse them.

>building a legacy for my future children while I watch the rest of the world burn
if you hate asian americans, and american women so much, why don't you move out of america? ;^)

>they're the ones who fucking treat you like you're 3rd class citizen
like i said
everything for an asian in america works against them trying to 'fit in' to society
the mainstream american asians' attempt to fit in has alienised their fellow brethen as a result

They integrate well as long as they don't concentrate too much in one area.
They tend to be smart and hardworking, and generally not cause trouble, although its becoming common for young adult asian americans, either 2nd/3rd generation or recent immigrants who grew up in the more wealthy westernized parts of asian countries to be massive spoiled cunts who think the law doesn't apply to them because their daddy bought them a $200k car.

good job my friend.
but being ethnic in america is piss easy
try living in Sweden, can't even buy any decent Gochujang. I'm the only korean in a town with 500k people and all the other asians are chinks.

Because subhuman cancer is everywhere. We should make Breivik attacks weekly to submit the government

source? thanks.

I'm curious as to how a revolution in Western nation would work nowadays.

Everything seems so intertwined and interconnected that I don't even think it would be possible.

minorities are always liberal cause liberalism hurts the majority.
The more liberal a country is, the easier for the minority to grow and take power.
It's simple really.

The only race that are underrepresented in American cinema, yet don't complain.

Well who the hell wants to be part of American cinema

Fith column.
Not american,distinct.
Replace them with polish people.

You just need to murder people daily

All the shit with America began when they got "Poles"

>at bar the other day with friends
>sitting next to a group of 2 short fat asian girls (one looked much older) with one decently attractive white dude
>both lecturing him on how trump is a misogynist and that his son comparing refugees to skittles is OMG I CAN"T EVEN

>later overhear some asian dude saying he sees all illegal mexicans and potential doctors, lawyers, and scientists
>says he wants to join a BLM protest if given the chance


Don't ever think for a second that the Asian man is your friend.

Asians have just about no morals and they hardly believe in loyalty.
They're liberals just to spite you even if they don't believe in anything liberals say.

There's something missing in the Asian man's brain.
You'll notice it right away.
They over simplify.
Don't mistake it for being concise or polite
There really isn't much there.

cause going againts the majority is what minorities do
They don't want a nation with white majority they want a nation with an asian majority so they support policies that makes the white majority a minority.
They are 5th column.
By definition, all minorities are.

Asians hate whites.
Don't be fucking stupid.
This is exactly why they do it.

Am I a Westernized asian?

Why do Asians enjoy torturing animals?

Because, for the time being , I can make money here like no where else on this earth with my skill set. My state is ultra liberal. Hard to make friends. I've been to more conservative areas and yes they are better. But I plan to probably leave to my wife's homeland someday if I can get enough investments and passive income going. Already bought 2 property there too and soon a summer home so I can leave anytime. I'm just addicted to the money here.

Plus who knows? Maybe America is gonna become better ? I see Trump as a sign.

Chinese are terrible in my experience. Easy pussy though.

If you can't get decent gochujang, learn to make your own. I did. Though I don't eat as spicy as more I did learn to make my own. It's time consuming but simple as fuck. I was surprised seeing some good brands out in middle of no where Russia.

A majority of them votes for Trump, so.. I love them.

Asians are obsessed with power and they believe your worth is based upon your status in society which under celestial law (whcih is what asians beleived in for millennia) was based upon how many people were under your power. It is why they are desperate to appropriate western culture and buy our designer brands, it is to suggest that they are at the top of western culture and therefore above everyone.

Yfw no one agrees with you or cares about your outdated nonsense.