Through shitposting or not, Cred Forums has bent space and time to allow Kek to use his magic on our world...

Through shitposting or not, Cred Forums has bent space and time to allow Kek to use his magic on our world. This has been done through multiple people using memetics scattered across the world
The question is, could we summon kek into a physical manifestation if we gathered in one spot to worship him?

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>The question is, could we summon kek into a physical manifestation if we gathered in one spot to worship him?


Meme magic is real because what we call 'reality' is holographic in nature. The late scientist Emoto used to put written messages next to containers of water, then freeze the water and examine the crystals that had been formed using microscopic photography. The water that had been placed next to positive messages like "I love you." turned into visually pleasing crystal formations, while the water that had been placed next to negative messages like "You make me sick, I want to kill you." turned into irregular crystal formations. In the ancient Indian poem 'Ramayana', a bridge to Lanka is being built with stones for Rama by an army of monkey-like humanoid beings. However, the stones don't stick together to form a continuous structure. Hanuman, Rama's devotee, suggests that Rama's name be written onto the stones so that they stick together. This is done and the stones then stick together to form the bridge that they want to build. In both Emoto's experiments and that story from Ramayana, it's not the mere act of writing that accomplishes those seemingly miraculous results but the VIBRATING ENERGY FIELDS OF INFORMATION of what was written. One of the COMPLETELY FALSE assumptions of modern mainstream science is that our internal world (i.e. our thoughts, our emotions and our intentions) has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on our external world. But the truth is that there is NO BOUNDARY between our 'internal world' and our 'external world'. They're BOTH movies that originate from the SAME projector room.

What we call 'reality' is holographic in nature, so we are in fact smaller versions of the whole (which you can call 'God', if you want). Every part of the whole contains the whole and, to be more accurate, IS the whole. And just as a drop of water contains the same qualities as an entire ocean of water, we likewise contain all that exists within us - but merely on a smaller scale.

"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour." - William Blake

Not only did our ancestors know about the holographic nature of 'reality', but there is also scientific evidence for the holographic nature of 'reality'.

"That is whole, this is whole.
From that wholeness, this wholeness comes.
Add the whole to the whole and the whole still remains.
Remove the whole from the whole and the whole still remains.
The whole remains the whole." - Isha Upanishad

"Know the world is a mirror from head to foot,
In every atom a hundred blazing suns.
If you cleave the heart of one drop of water,
A hundred pure oceans emerge from it.
If you examine closely each grain of sand,
A thousand Adams may be seen in it.
In its members a gnat is like an elephant;
In its qualities a drop of rain is like the Nile.
The heart of a barley-corn equals a hundred harvests,
A world dwells in the heart of a millet seed.
In the wing of a gnat is the ocean of life,
In the pupil of the eye a heaven;
What though the grain of the heart be small,
It is a station for the Lord of both worlds to dwell therein." - Mahmud Shabstari

The base state of all things is energetic wave-form information, which has been confirmed by quantum physics. This is why everything can be perceived in an infinite number of different ways, because nothing can exist without being perceived and to be perceived, there must be a perceiver. When you see a rose as being red, a bee sees that same rose in shades of ultra-violet and a bat perceives that same rose as vibrations of sound. It all depends on the way that the information is 'read' (so to speak). We not only decode/re-decode information with our senses into what we call 'people', 'places' and 'things', but we can also ENCODE/RE-ENCODE information with our senses into what we call 'people', 'places' and 'things' - this is the basis of meme magic. We're encoding 'people', 'places' and 'things' with different information to what was there before, we're altering its informational substrate. The base state of EVERYTHING in the universe is ENERGETIC WAVE-FORM INFORMATION. EVERYTHING. We are literally information decoding information. Energy flows where attention goes.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite." - William Blake

Group meditation has been correlated to a reduction in terrorism and crime:

What we're doing (i.e. meme magic) works on the same principle (which is collectively focusing on something and thus energising that 'something' with our collective focus), except our focus is not to reduce terrorism and crime per se but to meme Trump's presidency into 'reality' (among other things). What people call 'reality' is MALLEABLE. WE have the power. WE are the ones we've been waiting for. It's ALWAYS been us. All we're doing right now is REMEMBERING who we REALLY ARE. Now let's have some fun with our collective power! :D

>>actually believing that this frog is not a ruse created by the semitic demon gods as a diversion

But Kek is an Ancient Egyptian god and the Ancient Egyptians enslaved the Jews.

Eat shit and die KEK Fags. Soon you will all kneel before my LORD. The Horrid King Besmear'd in Blood will see you either in chains as a cringing slave or as a valued disciple.

Kek should we do this?

I would totally meet in secret to worship, we can have fruit punch and and little sandwiches

We could be the counter to bohemian grove
Giant frog statue and masturbation rituals

>The question is, could we summon kek into a physical manifestation if we gathered in one spot to worship him?
But then I'd have to leave my basement. Why can't he come here? I have cheetos.

should we make a ritual of summoning?

ive got the lesser key of solomon if in need of inspiration

I would assume you need mass life energy and focus to summon a being through space time.
We should ask /x/ for help creating a greater key of Kek.

We are watching.

>being afraid of moloch when you have the god of chaos on your side
plebs, please.

i will try to make one

here is for inspiration the greatyer key of solomon

We don't have to gather in one spot, his strength is growing at an incredible rate to the point where the MSM are even unwittingly showing his image and allowing Kek into the consciousness of millions of viewers.

That was planned.

ideas for what to write on the invocation key?

This is great

Praise kek

You knwo the whole meme magic thing was inserted into Cred Forums from the outside, right? Google Luckey Pepe.

Man, what is this shit? Do kikes actually believe this?

dont know

Meme magic has been known about since Kek crashed the German Wings plane into the Alps, although the first observed example remains the Boston Bombing.

That's great. You can watch us win.

>Kek worshippers summon an old god

Not sure if we should. But I kind of want to anyway.

what do you think?

Kek already has a physical form named Donald. There is also the spirit of Kek, known as Pepe