I found this in the most visited news website in Spain

I found this in the most visited news website in Spain.
It's in the front page, you only have to scroll down a little

My sides are literally in L2 orbit, guys.


>The Pepe frog declared hate symbol in the EEUU
>A popular cartoon frequently seen in the social media, has been used by white supremacists.

Good lord, Pepe outrage is going global.

what will the punishment be for having rare Pepes on your computer?

Oh yeah, a news agency posted about it also

>Lagrangian reference

Good point, Rodrigo

I have made a Pepe and never shared it. They would send the left wing death squad if they knew.

What the fuck are they doing? Do they really plan to crash the meme market?

They're so desperate to label Trump a racist that they're fucking with the frog. We can only ask our lord for forgiveness for them but as Pepe would say, nah fuck em.

Pepe is surely responsable for the socialist party decay


Sounds like they don't tolerate other cultures.

I think it's really wrong that they are trying to marginalise a Muslim frog.

Very bigoted.


Ben Shapiro hasn't aged a single day past 12.

why don't they put the obscure memes on the news?

This is Great

>Pepe should be banned he is a symbol of hate, used my nazis
>Cred Forums continues meming "not all pepes" "not all /pol" but in overdrive
>get to use leftists tactics against them
>they might actually see how stupid they sound if fail other people will see how stupid they are

Win win for us



What month was this picture taken in?

Man, there's something really satisfying about reading the Spanish language. Everything rolls off of the tongue.

>La Rana Pepe

Looking forward to seeing "O sapo Pepe" here. This is especially funny since the largest search engine in Portugal, before Google became really big, used to be called "sapo" (frog).

>"not all pepes"
fund it

>its mission is to fight antisemitism
>and now Pepe

>Pepe is iqual to antisemetism

my fucking sides

I wish they used some of the grotesque
poopoo peepees

liberal media has trying to kill its self for some reason for the past decade; I don't even know why