Cred Forums's Opinion on Racemixing?

What does Cred Forums think of Racemixing? And if you are against it, then why do Black men fuck blonde young teen girls? Later these young blonde teen girls will find white guys to marry, and will tell them they were pure all their life. The White guys will be happy to have a beautiful wife, but they will not know her pussy has had litres of Black man cum. The baby will look "sort of" white, but be black in genetics.

America has 13% Black population, so for the average
girl with ~8 boyfriends, it's highly likely (almost certain) that she has had a black boyfriend.

Also, posting more.

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i love race mixing. but my opinion is biased since i just started hooking up with an incredible black chick



Of course.

racemixing is fine as long as the racemixer has an numerical superiority over the racemixee

for white people that's pretty shit


>racemixing is fine as long as the racemixer has an numerical superiority over the racemixee

yeah, that's what I'm saying

In the US it's 60% whites and 13% blacks, so it's totally ok to racemix.

From your link:

>There is no evidence of such effects in humans

Kill yourself.

"no evidence" only means "no evidence yet"

I ask myself how come black man/white woman couples are pushed so much, while white man/black woman couples are rather neglected.

I'm only posting the truth. Like f.e.:

You could only dream of having such a pretty white teen as girlfriend, but Black men fuck them on a regular basis.

>having one black sexual partner
>that means that any offspring she will ever have will be black
spotted the virgin lmao

Trust Germany to make this thread

I admit I find these videos hot because they are similar to why people like bestiality.

It's to see how low a woman can get for sex, especially when there are big dicks involved.

The "what a slut" is what sells these videos, not the black men or the interracial action.

Also porn =/= reality, I'd never have my wife to fuck anyone else than me.

Good whitey, you're at the Bargaining stage now.

Soon it will be over.

Why are you censoring nips and bbc?

Also you are misrepresenting that link. You cannot shitpost this irresponsibly. Some 16 year will read this and actually believe in your crap.

Literally everything a female has ever interacted with is absorbed. Even DNA from pollen. It doesn't mean that the DNA from pollen, or previous partners will be passed on to the child.

Up to kraut to post cuck images.
Please, for the love of god, kill yourself.
The fact you are breathing the same air as me is repulsive to me. Your cuck genes deserve no right to exist.

>watching porn
>in 2016
Enjoy your low test and fucked up brain.

>totally okay to racemix

Said the man, before he was hanged for promoting genocide.

>Literally everything a female has ever interacted with is absorbed. Even DNA from pollen.
>It doesn't mean that the DNA from pollen, or previous partners will be passed on to the child.

This is exactly how it works. You haven't paid attention in Biology class when they covered Meiosis.


DNA from sexual partners has been shown to indefinitely reside in females.

>modern day Germany
I hate the Americans for not nuking Berlin

But such foreign DNA may affect the genetics of such offspring.

>white men race mixing with asians
>white women race mixing with blacks

Don't worry Esti, soon the African enrichers will be at your doorstep too, banging their big fat dicks against your doors, and there is nothing you can do to prevent your pussies of girls from being strechted out by them.

thousands of years of genetic heritage

right in the fucking trashcan

this is why women need to be gassed


>Cred Forums - Politically Incorrect
It wasn't enough that along the millenia tribes constantly race-mixed in wars through raping the losing side.
It wasn't enough that southern europe(Italy,Greece) had to mix-race with the sandnigger ottomans and breed Spain then Mexico.

Now we have to willingly, consciously fuck up our own genetic code even more. I swear to Einstein, human stupidity really is infinite.

If I was in charge of education in schools I'd make biology, history and literature the top priorities.

I want a korean qt gf

She is basically white with dark skin.

And here's even a Youtube video of a young white teen girl:

White male + anything = good
Black male + anything = bad

Black boys should be aborted/sterilised

Because we need another race mixing thread.

I've seen one study on that and it was basically them finding tiny amounts of cells with XY in their blood. None of this is evidence that it will affect the offspring.

This is why you should marry a young girl, and make her swallow huge loads of your cum for several months before having sex for procreation.
The bock saga says that back in the day, there was a breeding system that revolved around sperm.
A sperm cult. They chose the best men to cum their loads into the butt of the sperm collectors.
the sperm collectors would in turn give it to the king, who would give it to the maiden for 30 days before placing the seed in the womb. this would ensure the child to be able to draw on the best, healthiest and strongest genetics available.

>the fucking cuckposter is back because his dick literally doesn't work outside of the cuckshed watching his girl get dicked by BBC
user plz, this is just pathetic at this point.

You see, mixed race kids are totally cute!

nonexistent here but I'd say it's pretty universal to expect the local community looking down on alien looking miscegenation and introduction of unwanted aliens

coalburning whores are anecdotally all mentally challenged and (involuntary) single mothers


That's not how you spell


In any event, you would give everything for a wife like this, no? But you would never know she was blacked.

Racemixing is fine if you want to become eastern slav-tier.

>and (involuntary) single mothers

I think they know it, and yet they don't care.

Hmmm, really makes you think. One night with a BBC is worth more than a lifetime of child support from a white guy.

*racemixing with asians

>having saved "blacked" pics
This is fucking to perfect. Germany yes!

Also, from another thread. Translation:

>I would rather have 10 Big Black Cocks inside of me than the small penis of an AfD voter (=white guy)

>I think they know it, and yet they don't care.
show me an average woman that employs foresight and does not live in the present, especially so when in a social situation (grinding disgusting strangers in a poorly lit and ventilated packed room) - yeah, she doesn't exist

also that wealth redistribution is coming to its belated end soon; I won't get into how but it will come as a culmination of many a factor at work today

that cock non-argument is a myth, perhaps not to proxy """krauts""" or wherever your cuck self comes from

I have a 12GB folder!

Nothing wrong with racemixing, since this entire thread couldn't produce just one counteragument!

why does this thread have responses?

Look at that guys neck. That should give you all the arguments and reasons. Humans should only mate with humans imo.

because it unleashes your deepest fantasies

Necessary evil to preserve the white gene pool, since the white male is too effeminate to procreate

I don't know why but I can only fap to BLACKED videos.
Pls help.

Jesus.. why would someone this attractive reduce themselves to porn?

feels bad man

I don't really care. Most people stay within their race, but I'm a oil driller myself so whenever I do date a black women mostly of them have had a black bf never dated a white girl with a black bf... but i only dated white girls in HS after that black women only.

why does he have chinese tattoo

>after that black women only.
Because they are easier to get? Why would you do that...

hybrid vigor only lasts until F3

not to mention regression towards the mean in regards to intelligence

do whites and blacks have a different intelligence mean?

If it makes you feel any better, most of them heavily regret doing it and most white pornstars usually ask to be paid a heavy extra amount to do scenes with blacks.

I know one of the girls that gets shitposted around a lot specifically blamed porn for ruining her as a human being and quit, and I think this was right after she did the BLACKED shit.

>why does he have chinese tattoo
He wuz han-king back in chaina.

I would have rather died than date outside my race. Actually, although I was ''old enough'' (30) to get married, I really wasn't in a rush. But if one more Mexican guy had hit on me, I might have committed homicide.

I would lose my mind if I were dating age since these muds have gotten SO bold. Or be in jail.


>and fucked up brain
How so?

That's how you spot a douchebag in America. White, black, or Hispanic you are a douchbag if you are not Asian

okay i will bite

stop watching interracial porn germcuck. go outside and you will see its not as common as you think

Koskesh talking about stuff that he doesn't have to worry about since he has homogenous society.

Racemixing makes me puke. Why would any sane, intelligent white woman date a missing link.

from germany, not white?

I like big ass and lips also the contrast in bed turns me on seeing my white cock in black pussy is hot

High est?

Fucking jews man
This is depressing
All this good genes go to waste

Holy shit

You're confusing porn with real life, Ahmed.

"Muh dick" niggers is a myth promoted by the porn industry, niggers are the least desirable men on the planet by official statistics.

Fuck off.

You're no better than a cuckold.

Literally half of Iranian are T*rks

Handsome white dude with blue eyes and perfect skull shape, check.

Gorgeous black female with feline eyes and perfect bone structure, check.

Let's look at the son... it's fucking ugly!

He doesn't have any trait of their parents, this is a fucking disgrace.

This may be the perfect image to demolish racemixing propaganda.

Tired of your scat porn Hans ?

She's mixed

I wonder if she'll flashback to saying that when ten black dudes run a train on her and smash her skull with a rock...

>America has 13% Black population, so for the average girl with ~8 boyfriends, it's highly likely (almost certain) that she has had a black boyfriend.
Only if you assume that the probabilities of the races of the boyfriends are independent. In reality, there a probably a lot of coal burners that have had multiple black boyfriends, as well as a substantial portion that have not had a black boyfriend.

He is probably one of the leftists, muslims or niggers polluting our country.

> German

But of course. Kill yourself cuck.

>Good genes
>Pornwhores tainting themselves for price of couple of iPhones.

Please reconsider.

>as well as a substantial portion that TELL YOU that they have not had a black boyfriend


Race mixing is good if you want your ancestors rolling in their graves, don't want children that look like you, want to invalidate your children's identity, and want to help the Jews create one brown skinned low IQ race which they can easily manipulate while they reside in their homogeneous Greater Israel.

Look there can be good results but it's not worth it
Racemixing propaganda has to end, it damages both races
mulattos are fucked in the head they are all apolitical, perfect tools for consumerism.
And most of them are not beautiful nor unique.

women don't have opinions they are the result of society influence.
Their genes were good, they were good looking wich is what matters.

But at least I feel myself not so much unhappy.

i see this fucking post once every two days,it's fucking bait

>white pornstars usually ask to be paid a heavy extra amount to do scenes with blacks.
>If I say it a few more times It'll become true

LOL these women happily fuck with black men because they have bigger dicks, they don't ask for more because they love it. They're not racists like you.

It is a fucking baby with a squishy round face and a squishy round body. It looks and acts the same as every other stupid baby ever born

>>White male + anything = good

lol keep kidding yourself needle dick


Azeris are turks? I thought they had iranian ethnicity

(You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You)

Turkey and Israel should conquer and split the middle east

They do get paid more tho

> It looks and acts the same as every other stupid baby ever born

this is how I know you are a millenial
This baby hate that comes from hollywood movies is retarded
You are not cool or funny for thinking all babies are the same.
When you look at a baby you can tell if he will be goodlooking in the future

Vielleicht h├Ąttest du einen Vater gebraucht

Still not going to stop drilling oil and I dated a mulatto that was hot... a little controlling but good looking

>good genes
Pick one

So how many lashes if you get caught shit posting in an American website?

>oh no this guy has a bigger dick than all white bois, better ask for more money because he will make me feel better

LOL look at the interviews with some of these women saying that they love doing BBC porn and that BBC is their favorite. Sluts love big dicks no matter what color.

A mixed black and white baby can be a real abomination, usually they either look just black or they look like vampire niggers or orcs.

But I don't think white women are really attracted to niggers that much on average, I doubt racemixing will bring much destruction.

And mixed kids that don't involve nignogs usually look fine.


>they dont have good genes because they do porn

LOL fucking idiots, they're hot and they choose to fuck BBC instead of your little white dick. Have fun going extinct.

It's just cheap temporary escapism, like drugs. Start working out, find actual hobbies. If you're depressed talk to a professional. Your life will improve immeasurably.

cuck bestiality, disguised as """serious""" discussion
Nice try. What you sliding this time, (((Chaim)))?

Crashing this thread...

And that's what I love about interaccial porn you could actually see their disgust while being degraded by a nigger.

It's like watching a hentai where a high elf getting raped by a lowly orc.

That shit makes me hard.

>they love doing BBC porn and that BBC is their favorite.
That's why for interracial porn you need to pay more to starlettes, and why a good chunk of the well known pornstars never do it.

Since the janitors are doing fuck-all to clean up Cred Forums I'm considering dumping THICC until this thread reaches the image limit.

wtf i love sweden now

Yea and I'm all for race mixing but you are wrong


>It's just cheap temporary escapism
And that's why it's works for me, quick and cheap better than nothing.
>Start working out, find actual hobbies.
I don't have any time or power to do something after job and university.
>talk to a professional.
No such things, at least in my city.

>bragging about paid whores

top kek

I poison every nigger who enters my store. Mostly it's antifreeze in small doses. Guaranteed liver failure, and since they're all alcoholics, they'll never get transplants.

Since Niggers are at 1.0 fertility in America, each one I kill is one fewer than plagues our country in the future. I especially target nigger women. They are worth extra.

I find black women getting BLEACH hot desu

But I need them for sexy time bro
Can a Italian be a oil driller?

>what is porn addiction

Mating with blacks is rather speciesmixig than racemixing

like for real? are you really doing this?


i need to burn some petroleum

>flies are the same as people
>Deutsche caliphate
>cuck thread
Are you kidding me?

Coal mining

There is nothing hotter than a black bull mounting a petite fragile white girl.


I think that racemixing is somehow something good.
If everybody had sex with someone of a different race, we would all have the same skin color in a few generations, and racism would disappear

mortii matii


> (((you))
That will give you some good pics
Oil drilling is for men coal is for women

>America has 13% Black population, so for the average girl with ~8 boyfriends, it's highly likely (almost certain) that she has had a black boyfriend.

Lol no this is not how statistics work

dude just face it you're doomed

You know white men date outside their race even more then white women.

>posts a bunch of porn
>why do white women do dis?

This place is legitimately retarded. I need to stop coming here.

I like it when lesbians racemix. The skin contrast is sexy yo

that's even worse then

That has to be a fake profile?


Why I'm a happy oil driller

Meanwhile, in reality...

Humans are identifiable by phenotype and genotype. High quality humans exist in every group, as do low quality. The majority are - as we should statistically expect - simply average.

The retards that we all encounter here on Cred Forums and elsewhere in the Interwebs believe in absurd fantasies. They either don't get out much, or they are filled with hatred fueled by self loathing and a sense of insecurity and inferiority. They may well be low quality human specimens, themselves.

Low quality persons of any ethnicity or race are properly defined as "googles," and should accordingly be gassed. High quality persons should be encouraged to breed with one another. Average folks should be left to their own devices such that they can try to elevate the genetic value of their lineages over generations. If they fail and decline, their progeny will become googles and these should accordingly be gassed.

Appearance is deceptive. Look to the actions and behavior, look to conduct and character. Intellect is more important than media-driven perceptions of "hot." Health and vigor outweigh media controlled concepts of "sexy."

Stop listening to subhumans like Nazis, BLM, we wuz kangs, la Raza, Orthodox Jews, fashion moguls, the globalist media, and other pathetic supremacists. They seek to manipulate perception in order to justify their own inferior existences.

Such people are trash, and we need a new political movement dedicated to their eradication, along with the eradication of all undesirable populations.

True genetic supremacy is the future of human political order.

Race is bullshit intended to control the stupid. The only valid prejudice is favor for the capable and the elimination of the parasitic.

>I can now only cum to sissy hypnosis porn telling me to worship the big black cock
Are they right? You only hate degeneracy because you're one?

She's some rich Pole living off daddy's money in Bavaria. She also deleted her twitter after Cred Forums started giving her shit.

>What does Cred Forums think of Racemixing?
Should be outlawed.
>And if you are against it, then why do Black men fuck blonde young teen girls?
Most teenage girls fuck white guys, actually. Coalburning is not as common as you might believe.
>The White guys will be happy to have a beautiful wife, but they will not know her pussy has had litres of Black man cum. The baby will look "sort of" white, but be black in genetics.
You watch too much BLACKED.
The child will have the genetics of whoever shot the load into the mother's womb and concieved. Genetics isn't affected hugely if at all by any past sexual partners.

Again, you're just an idiot who watches too much cuckold porn.
>girl with ~8 boyfriends, it's highly likely (almost certain) that she has had a black boyfriend.

That's why you don't date women who've been with more than three men, or any men at all if you're willing to spend your entire adult life searching for a virgin girl who will marry you.

Race mixing would be pretty good since you would eliminate the chance of incest blood. Mixing google with a white person would make a pureblood human being

Good. Hope she get's gang raped.

But honestly still can't belive it's real...

If she did it on social media it's for attention. It worked.

0/8 b8 m8 just like this thread...

>Genetics isn't affected hugely if at all by any past sexual partners.

But over time change from non-conception sperm can be great.

Your thread is shit, i just came here to admire the sperg who actually spent time to censor the pics.
Good work lad.

Just like alcohol you need more intense doses to get the same feeling as when you started. Porn is no different and leads to all kinds of obscure fetishes.

>not caring about your genes...literally the only reason you are alive is to pass your genes to the next generation
yes goyim have kids with the black people , don't listen to the nazis subumans
*rubs hands with visibile joy

had sex with black semi jewish qt from new york once... worst sex of my life

Candidate for eradication identified.

Thank you for your comment.

I will pass them on just to a beautiful ebony goddess and have a mulatto child that will be the best of both
No shit it was bad


My dick

a mulatto child that will literally look nothing like you and probably have 80%+ the genes of his/her mother. it's not like how you think, if you have mulatto kids your blonde/blue/green eyes genes are lost forever , pls reconsider

Why don't you check the archive instead of spamming this every day, you massive cuck, Hans.

even if you take this poly racial eugenicist approach to mating, you deny yourself the evolutionary advantage of mating with genotypically similar females to increase the chances that the genes you have are passed down, whether via your line or hers. We could also talk about racial social structures and the advantage racially similar people have (white privilege, ability to form large ethno alliances). Mating with the best most fertile women of your people gives your offspring the best chance for the survival of your genes, there is no need to breed outside of your race, there is plenty of high quality females within your own.

I agree with some of this but race isn't BS it is real the fact that my ex had black skin and I have white skin is still a difference, one of many.

Do all white women prefer black men? Do you think they do these scenes for the money, or do they really prefer blacks?

I'm finding the oposite happening where my girlfriends are 100% against dating black guys. My girlfriend and sisters, have stated they aren't attracted to black guys either. I had the most cringiest moment last weekend. Went out to celebrate my promotion and subsequent relocation with my friends. My girlfriends sister tags along. She has an amazing body. Blonde, blue eyes, triple D rack, curvy ass. Works out almost every day. The point is she gets hit on alot.... We're out at a nightclub dancing having fun, my boy is trying to holler at her. He's a good looking successful young, and black works for some big hedgefund, loads of dough. Always see him with a pretty girl. He asks me if she's single. Had to be real and lay it down that she doesn't date blacks. He then goes about getting into a butt hurt argument with her in the car ride back. She was like sorry but I don't find black men attractive. I could feel him die on the inside.
I have a mix of white, latin, and Mediterranean girlfriends. All dating white guys. I feel like the trend might be shifting back the other way. The days of experimenting with a black guy might be coming to an end.

without breeding in our own race we wouldn't have all the beautifull features we have now.

lol "what does Cred Forums think of racemixing" why not as a Fransiscan what he thinks of abortion, or the Taiwanese what they think of China.


Nopeople just read my post below. Not sure if I live in a bubble here in Dallas but you don't see race mixing very often, especially among the more wealthier crowd.

ITT: Stinky krauts who have never so much as uttered a single word to a white woman talk about their desires.

Upstanding white women will NEVER have sex with niggers. Thats just a straight up fact.

I think it's aesthetically pleasing.

Other than that, I couldn't care less.