APPLE Employee Racist Posts On Facebook

An Apple Inc. employee named ANGELA ANNE, went on an "anti white", racist rant in the comment responses to a Muslim woman's Facebook posting. ANGELA ANNE states: "...quit hatiing muslim people cause you bitches cant say some shit...bye plain ass redneck bitch...All yall dumb white folks have no right...pathetic immature jackass..." Does Apple Inc. have any problems with their employees posting publicly racist comments while representing Apple Inc.?

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Are we tumblr now?

1. Dox her
2. Contact Apple

Just report her to her boss and be done.


Welp she's certainly not working in the Genius Bar

>Islam is about peace
It was founded by a warlord and spread largely by violence, at least earlier on.

>and equality
Non-muslims are literally forced to pay a tax solely because of their status as non-muslims. And that's before even going into their treatment of women and gay people.

Is this person seriously fucking deluded? Was what I just posted "islamaphobic"? I swear to god the right's got it's problems but the left have just completely and utterly lost the plot, the shit they say just doesn't make the slightest bit of sense anymore.

>Works at Apple Inc.
I can literally put "Works for NASA" on my cuckbook profile and no one will bat an eye.

It's not racist if it's anti-white.

Can we not become the conservative Tumblr.

You don't want to lose your job for saying niggers, so let's not fucking make the horseshoe theory (which is bullshit) a reality.


keep it up guys

It's called using the enemies tactics against them, Svenskuck.

>he thinks this literal middle schooler works at apple
has Cred Forums became so fucking retarded they cant see straight anymoew

Check op
>1 post by this ID
It's a slide thread

She works at an apple store somewhere in nyc it seems like

She is

1. A woman

2. A fucking pile of refried shit

3. A woman.

Who in the fuck cares what this bitch thinks. It pisses me off but we have just little over a month until the election. I can't spend time trying to get some fat 4 ft nigger arrested from her pity hire at multicultural computers.

>dox her
>her name is right there

When idiots use words they heard on hackerman tv shows.

Apple employees are way smarter and cleaner looking than that.
Also the girl looks underage and still in school while you need to posess at least a degree to work in apple stores.

She's just mad because she has shit genes and could only ever get some disgusting spic for a boyfriend.

meanwhile white people are struggling to get a job having better qualifications than her.

She should be fired.

>thinks "doxing" means getting someone's full name
>I'm the retarded one

Her name is in the screenshot dude

Give me the link to the coon's profile

Her thumbnail is so misleading.

>Islam is a religion of peace and equality

When are niggers going to grow up and stop playing opposite day?

Underrated post

No she didn't say anything particularly nasty. Even Cred Forums should abide by a certain code.

But you would lose your job for saying Niggers, they must be forced to see their hypocrisy

>Dox her

Czech education, everybody

i think we are at a point where we should put all these islam lovers intona train and deport them to the middle the exact clothes they wear at the moment and without money...
and then let's see how many come back unharmed

To beat the jew/SJW, you must become the Jew/SJW

So do you know where she lives or works?

I guess we should all just cave in like you cuck boy

I want to see her sing Islam's praises while wearing that outfit in Saudi Arabia.

Newfags spotted

Cred Forums has been doing shit like this before tumblr even existed

That damn hacker Cred Forums, he's been around forever.

My wife's friend says she works at the Krusty Krab on Facebook.

Wow op it must be true!

They wouldn't hire this hambeast retard at Apple, let alone in a lowly apple store. Why would they hire this thing at the lowly apple stores? For what purpose? She couldn't put a phone case on a phone if her life depended on it. Shes too ugly to work the cash register.

Op got triggered and fell for the Facebook occupation meme

>if i put i work at apple inc on my social media it means i really work there

>An Apple Inc. employee
>employs tens of thousands of people

Americans don't know what dox means.

Who gives a fuck? Also this fat mullato is unemployed for sure, send her a dick pic instead.

You embarrass me.

Not your personal army, faggot

Why the fuck would you need a degree to work in a store?