Trump General - Ap edition

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>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Waukesha WI 9/29/16
>Trump on ORLY 9/29/16
>Pence Rally in Leetonia OH 9/28/16
>Trump Rally in Council Bluffs IA 9/28/16
>Trump meets Pol American Cong Chicago IL 9/28/16
>Glorious Trump

>Trump Rally in Melbourne FL 9/27/16
>Trump TH at Miami Dade College FL 9/27/16
>Trump stops at Miami Diner 9/27/16
>First Presidential Debate 9/26/16
>Pence Rally at Milford, NH 9/26/16
>Trump Rally in Roanoke VA 9/24/16

>Trump on F&F 9/27/16
>Trump/Hannity Post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/CNN post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/Bloomberg post debate 9/26/16
>Trump on Full Measure 9/25/16

>The Lion
>Trump Ad: Movement
>Deplorables Unite
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero


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awoo is cancer

So what do you think is gonna happen with assanges announcement next week from his balcony?

its probably gonna be the mythical october surprise, im hoping it shows some deep collusion with the hostile foreign entities and Hillary's camp that is literally too fucking bad to cover up

Was in that thread(s), gonna be following it closely.

I like chicken. Believe me


What the fuck's their problem?


Trump supporters! Unite!

Remove awoo from premises

I'm out for the night so one of you guys has thread duty.

No maga hat = GTFO








I'm more concerned about you having a giant image of a catgirl with giant boobs on your wall.

Assange has a big legal case going on that he just lost. I suspect his announcement is in regard to that.

Fuck you dude, I'm not voting

I don't have the skills to put MAGA hats on all my waifus. Can you help me out?

Morning joe starts in a few minutes right? Anyone got a link?

>Can you help me out?

i was just about to ask that of you...

Have they made the connection yet?

He voted against the 9/11 bill

If he was up for re-election he'd be fucked

user PLZ

Jews are beaten in poland

What exactly is happening here?

save this user







>ABC's IP TV links[email protected]/index_2500_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on[email protected]/index_2500_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on[email protected]/index_2500_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on[email protected]/index_2500_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on[email protected]/index_2500_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on

>CBS News:

720p:[email protected]/index_2200_av-b.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on
1080p:[email protected]/index_4000_av-b.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on

C-SPAN's IP TV feeds:[email protected]/index_1000_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on[email protected]/index_1000_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on[email protected]/index_1000_av-p.m3u8?sd=10&rebase=on

>still watching Morning Cuck

What are we talking about today, Cuba?

I don't perform sexual favors on neckbeards, sorry. You'll just have to use your hand.

want a (You), jewbro?


I miss the good old days.

who /MorningJew/ here?


Lightening finally crossed my sky

Trump kids ranking

Ivanka > donald jr > barron > eric > tiffany

*muffled party of lincoln*

We're still going to win, right?

>Colin Kapernick


I really hope they nuke each other, benn kind of bored lately and I want another happening

Perfect ordering desu.

Who /MUHLEGACY/ here? I wish we could vote for Michelle. ;_;

Want to cum inside fluttershy


Not with that attitude, we won't

Yep. Although, Eric's winery puts out some pretty good wine.


The media never lies

Me, in the way that I follow your reactions to MJ since February without actually watching it

Have faith in Kek.

Weirdly enough, whenever I watch they're fair and people in the thread even comment on it. I am meme magic incarnate

I wish we could slit your throat, why the fuck would you want to vote for Obama 4, the Obamaning?

Personally, I would rather bang Tiffany than Donald Jr.

Don Jr > Barron > Eric > Ivanka > Tiffany

I want Barron to grow up, he's going to be very qt

>I am meme magic incarna
Trump, is that you?

Me too


i meant post moar

put some MAGA hats on those lewds faggot, this isn't Cred Forums

Uhhhhh maybe because I'm not a literal Nazi??? #duh

>saving a thumbnail

I'm writing a book

But what if I told you that Hillary's turnout in PA should be 250 less and Trump's should be 150 more, winning him the state. Would that make you happy?


its a good way to get your blood pressure up



Can someone explain to a non american how important appointing supreme court judges is? If Trump stacks the deck could he revoke citizenship for anchor babies?

Just for you, baby.

The Supreme Court is the reason why shit like gay marriage is legalized now, so pretty important.



We all do

>when the disavow is just right

what is mr. trump's stance on anime?

Would you fuck Miku in a dirty bathroom stall?

The shilling fills me with endless mirth.

>We're going to win

>It is going to ruin their decade

>And all they can do is impotently fling themselves against our meme armor

would be great without the text.

mm good

The reason it's legalized is because the constitution doesn't provide a provision for the government to give different rights to citizens depending on their gender, simple jack

What a fucking charmer Trump is good golly jeeze oh man


>tfw Mika and Joe have lost their way.


so completely unconstitutional decisions made to appease a minority?

SC was a mistake
Democrats were a mistake

i'd cum in my pants.

>VP debate is 6 days away

His stand is The Orange Wall

nice poster lad

So important. People say to me all the time, they say to me, and others have seen this, others have heard it- they say to me "please Mr Trump, please appoint good judges", and I will. We're gonna WIN and we're going to appoint good judges, people have said that I make good choices and they've seen my list, the media- the media they don't like to talk about it, they want to think I have no list, but I've got a good list- a GREAT list and it's SO important. But we gotta win, and we're gonna win, and we are going to win big league. Believe me.


>being this Marxist

I bet you all the money in my pocket versus all the money in your pocket that if you asked Madison if the Constitution covered fags or niggers he would laugh in your face.


Yeah, she was just pretending to be retarded.

>depending on their gender
Being gay is now a gender?

oy vey NBC SurveyMonkey, literally the most jewish poll

>50% say she has the temperament
>50% say she doesn't
>this is somehow a win
I get Trump was 40/60, but jesus

Except if it's called Title IX

Yeah, right cunt

That's a very nice awoo user.


>want an omelette or a burger
>nowhere is open this early

More importantly, is Trump a Reifag or an Asukafag?

Following the US constitution is Marxist now? Okay there spanky

You're so stupid I can't believe you exist

Wasn't even an argument in the dissent

Thank you! Yours is pretty swell too, desu.

She lives in my collection now, in a big pile of cuddly awoos.


>MJ absolutely shitting all over Johnson

top kek, hopefully he never runs again.

that guys is a mess, a total MESS!

>sharing awoos with you

she's so fucking small like I could probably grip her with one hand

Denny's is a 24 hour chain right? Go there.

>Clinton surging in early voting
literally what

The data shows more Republicans than Democrats voting.

Miku would be very disappointed if you did.

Asuka is a belligerent uncooperative terrorist who uses military hardware for her own personal agenda. Trump is a Reifag.


what does that even mean? GWB had a great "temperament" and yet he destroyed the middle east. Nixon was an asshole but ended Vietnam

Trump, having Alpha-tier patrician tastes, is a Misatofag.

>Farage reacts to the debate

pay no attention to the lasers user

she'd understand. i hope.

>tfw I thought this was Al Eppo

>trying this hard for (You)s
embarrassing desu

that's a very non christian post, my friend

W-what's wrong with sharing awoos with me?

People in the crowd shining them in the camera lenses to ruin the media footage.
Probably a 50/50 split between leftists who want to stop people watching Trump things, and people who hate the media for being biased, bought fucks and want to ruin everything for them.

he looks pretty stressed out this week

It dawned on me that we've meme'd another passage into reality while they've slowly sunk into an echo chamber of their own

I feel dizzy, why was I so fortunate to be born into this timeline. Truly blessed

It was legalized in a 5-4 decision among the judges. Basically, one dude got to decide for all of America if gay marriage should be immediately legalized all over the country, rather than each state should deciding on its own. Keep in mind that SC justices are not elected to the position, and serve for their entire lives, so it's extra fucked up.


None nearby



We all love Christmas cake, but when it comes down to it, there are only two types of people in this world. You HAVE to have a preference for Rei or Asuka.

What do you think? Overrated shit?

Barron> POWER GAP -1000 > all his ratty russian off spring > tiff

Meant for

That's a great way to get a free cavity search

No, he didn't.

Asuka obv

>yfw Rep Cummings is already pushing to have the Oversight Committee look into this


Joe being kinda reasonable.

I'm surprised

aren't they still trying to find the gamergate terrorists that are raping all the women on twitter?

Her name is Mikan you idiot

Thanks for taking a break from building your cuckshed to share your enlightened opinion. Carry on.

After Trump loses and all you GOP bootlickers flee this board who will I troll?

who cares, it got the fags to shutup, now a lot of them are becoming republican

Due to recent difficulties we are forced to reduce payouts to all CTR employees for the indefinite future. We're sure you understand and will stay with us during these trying times. $0.01 has been deposited into your account.

>Rep Cummings
He's a nigger, right?

Why the fuck would you vote early, smells like a sure way for a rig to happen.

he does this every time he's up in the polls

it's as if he has to be the underdog

From the article:

Though it has long been illegal for corporations to spend money in Cuba without proper authorization, there is no chance that Trump, the company or any of its executives will be prosecuted for wrongdoing. The statute of limitations ran out long ago, and legal analysts say OFAC’s enforcement division is understaffed, so the chances for an investigation were slim even at the time.

It is basically just some bullshit hitpiece


Our gal Katy Turd!



I, for one, am against degeneracy.

>This doesn't fit the definition as laid out in the Constitution
Try again


How many decades into the past did they have to go this time to find something?
I don't give enough of a damn to read it.

So much for states rights

>posted a bunch of crazy-sounding shit about cartoon frogs on her website which will sound like paranoid lunacy to most normies in an attempt to strike a half-assed blow against a website that most normies have never even heard of

I personally love degeneracy.

It's before the sun rises yet lightening here



fat nigger yes

When will Joe disavow his cuckoldry?

"Roberts stated that same-sex marriage bans did not violate the clause because they were rationally related to a governmental interest: preserving the traditional definition of marriage."

>thinks the government should tell people how to live their lives

Get the fuck off my board faggot

You don't mind that Trump is a male prostitute ?

The guy will suck any leader's dick so long as he gets paid.

have a rare rei


i really want Chaffetz and Gowdy to throat punch that old nigger

Dude just tell them

>kennedy v nixon
>reagan v carter

They b dead

How many people attended Hillary and Bernie combo rally?

>fat shaming
>a thing

When Joe is NOT Joe.

It sure is.

The problem is that five unelected fuckers decided for the entire country. I've got no problem with gay marriage, but leave it up to the residents of each state to decide for themselves.


>her smile and optimism gone

How the fuck did Gary get anywhere

something is terribly off with her arms. Are they hers?

It's amazing how he can photoshop people IRL into "Just fuck my shit up, senpai"

>basically just some bullshit hitpiece
>article written by Eichenwald

EVERY TIME. Why must you always be right, pol?

Is this true?

Enough to fill out the 80 seats in a circular fashion around her.

Certainly wasn't no massive Trump rally.

Should post this in reply to every shill post that happens, to show them how much illary supports their efforts.


The (((MSM))) pushed him because they thought he would siphon votes from Trump but they fucked up and he siphoned votes from Hillary and now they're trying to make him fuck his campaign up. The Jews are scared.

I live in DC, it is lighteninging

Wut u want senpai?

Thanks. I am severely lacking in vitamin Rei. Have a lolibutt for your trouble.

I'm amazad at how much attention Cred Forums got this election

nice try Channel 7

Maybe 1000, maybe

Is this edited in any way aside from maybe looping? This is some uncanny valley shit, like the dog-heads on Sesame Street.

Don't mind them, they're just trying to Correct the Record™

Holy fuck that was my first time seeing that Chris Matthews Gary Johnson interview

Jesus Christ, and this guy literally called Trump a pussy.

What a fucking fag

>online trolls
I don't consider myself a troll desu. The CTR people are trolls but we're just guys in our little TrumpGen hugbox.

I'm not pleased with his debate performance but I sure as fuck will never "turn" on the God-Emperor. That's some bizarre gaslighting.

What does Mika's face trying to imply?

Yeah, good storm tonight.

Cred Forums was overrun with shills after the alt right speech. At first it was satirical but it never stopped.

CTR flooded the board, of course its not real

Yeah... Trump General threads stopped.

On behalf of members of all Four of the Chans, I firmly support our change of support to Clinton. She always has been the superior candidate to institute policies necessary for the coming race war. We sincerely apologize for any disloyalty to her.

>Cred Forums will end up being mentioned in future grade school history books

Do what must be done, user

do not hesitate
show no mercy

may it be over when you have the high ground,amp.html

Fucking idiots


>I'm amazad at how much attention Cred Forums got this election

The world is burning, and when the hugbox junkies on the left need a scapegoat, a boogeyman, ANYONE to go to war over...they choose a FUCKING CARTOON FROG.

What a fucking time to be alive, Jerry.

hand is moving steadily

My president's face when President Gary Johnson visits our country.

Just another woman Trump has broken

If it's about the 400lb comment
>implying we can't handle the bantz


Not sure why anyone would vote early like this. If there's anyway CTR would try to rig the election through a big base of trump supporters, this is it.

>implying we're all fat

she is dead inside

Suuure Putinbot 31358

The fact they're even bringing us up shows how desperate they are.


Even the fucking confederates couldn't cross the river

Good evening anons.

I want to deliver an intoxicated message to you lads. I know it's degenerate to be in such a state on a Thursday Morning, but I have to let you nigguhs know.

I've lost 60 pounds in the last three months. This isn't a (You)-baiting tumblrina-tier blog, nor is it some plebbitfag trying to bandwagon off of Trump's victory in the debate.

This is just a humble user, that has shared in the hopes shared by you lads since the times when the only bright spot in the advocacy of nation-states was are Nige yelling "WHO ARE YOU!?"

For the desperate, and for the Fallen. Embrace the new order, and the motivation that comes with it.

nope, real, unfiltered hillary

>(((own research)))


She really is broken she doesn't know which way is up anymore

TFW Cred Forums has come up more this election than actual issues.

>an anonymous imageboard, where it could just be one person using thousands of ideas to stimulate conversations

You can't call shots like this.


Haha live Duterte. The local Socialists at my uni have put up posters on "Duterte: The dangers of Reactionary Right Wing Populism".

Duterte is fucking god-tier. Love that motherfucker.

You're doing it wrong, you don't even know where these chicks came from

>That evil Aqua

wtf, it looks like the body and head are both independent.
Reminded me of this

mm thats what i like user.

It's a subliminal message to the fatties that use this board to lose weight





is Duterte really right wing?


>We're going to spend a lot of time this morning on Miss Universe so all of America's women know how offensive this candidate is.

Changing the channel.

Can you blame her?

I think he is just fed up with all the corruption and started a purge. That's all.

He doesn't even know Neps exist

>Right Wing

Tell them they are retaded.

mmm, dat some kobato

even the canadians burnt the white house down

>not best girl

>Mika's face

>Socialist being scared of socialists

>I had a dream that 14 yo me was about to have kinky handcuff sex with Donald Trump in his car OH GOOOOOD


Technically it was the Brits considering there was no Canadian country at the time.

he is a massive commie

You really think I don't know who they are? I've literally worked on a translation for one of these girls.

It's not my fault that Neps is so lewd.

Mmm, dat is indeed.

increased speed

Trump is losing you collosal retards. Stay deluded.

it has come to my attention the cascade mall shooter was able to vote despite not being a citizen.


ty for correcting the record friendo

Stay tuned, nigger.

Thanks for Correcting The Record!

k, keep me posted.


Looks like another poor 'groid failed by their social sciences education.

What was it like, getting gold stars for TRYING REAL HARD on your 5 paragraph essays?

We are one, you and I.

All the more reason to support him.

fuck off faggot, go jerk off with guys somewhere else




Is that meant to be Rommel?

Trump is so alpha, women just go crazy over him. We could learn a thing or two from him.

>not relieving stress with helpful anons

no bully pls

Why don't you join us? :3

does anybody have a pic of the beauty pageant girl?

Miss Piggy the Venezuelan murderess?

Requesting image of all the Media/Obama Administration ties so I can see who's about to yell at Joe during commercial.

How is Trump gonna win the election, if he has lost the Cred Forums vote with his 400 pound hacker comment?

evens fap, odds sleep


Goodnight, user.

ya, I want to shoop her

>it's a 'let's go to war with Russia, goys' episode

>Cred Forums still hasn't realized that Trump's run is an elaborate conspiracy where he plays the villain and ensures Clinton becomes president while he makes bank off of the publicity
It's time to wake up, sheep.

>onii-chan didn't smash that
fuck that bullshit ending


why is the girl you posted heterochromatic?

time 2 shill for Jill

Who is Obama genocidal towards?

Let them not forget why we gave our lives

>14 months later
>this meme is SURE to work now!

Just means that she went to college and got smashed by a bunch of frat guys because she didn't get the love she deserved from her onii-chan.

Because Kobato.

I would bang Katy Tur desu

They're contacts, she's a cosplayer.

Get that Fear-mongering shit out of here, user.

New thread:

Trump is doing well in the LA Times tracking poll

Now, how can both these be true?

1) Hillary consistently polling +3 to +5

2) Trump will get a monster 70 million vote

The polls suggest Hillary will match or exceed Obama's win over Romney. My gut feeling tells me that isn't right.

What gives?

Sure, why not... I-I mean, the enviroment doesn't matter, as long it is a good quickie

10tth anniversary of Wikileaks

The LA Times/USC poll was made to prevent kikery. They don't have the ability to Jew the statistics like (((Reuters))) or (((NBC))).

Awww shit Yosuga no Sora, its going here real hot, some user found my imouto complex, going to my real sister immediatly

contact lens, she's a chu2 with a wet motherfuckin' p ussy


>Imouto complex
>Probably sandnigger

why are girls you posted wearing such revealing clothes?

Yeah not sure how anyone believes Hillary will get even close to Obama's 08 or 12 votes. If she does, either massive voter fraud or this country really is demographically fucked.

We all would.

to tempt you into becoming the worst kind of pervert

>CTR drank its own fucking Kool-aid
They're completely goddamn retarded, aren't they?

>the worst kind of pervert
Thread's dead, time to turn the degeneracy up to 11!

it's working you cunt

Calling it right now: 90% of "Clinton's female support" is going to vote for Trump because he makes them moist.



Xion is definitely best girl, but she can not be tainted.

You motherfuckers.

Oh man, that is so fucking VIVID.
Trump may send us all to the mines, but I'll go smiling.
>Going to hell never felt this good.


that little jew bitch at the end of this clip. She needs to be waterboarded for an extended period.

>This video is not available in your country.

Thanks, Merkel.

Little white pill for you guys

I just overheard my brother on the phone talking to his illegal immigrant wife, he said "I don't know, I kinda want Trump to win just to see what happens"

Yes I know, he's married to an illegal. he's a piece of shit and won't reproduce, don't worry.

>marrying an illegal
I wish he was deported too. He is a traitor.

who /comfy/ here

I wouldn't be opposed to that either, but just giving you an idea of an average pleb's thoughts

Wait a minute. I will upload it for you on a different site.

What? How? Why?

here it is


Why do shills love this image so much? Seriously, it's a straight giveaway that you're from CTR, they all use it.

F-, go back to shill school and repeat the grade.