Why can't you understand this?

Why can't you understand this?

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>people actually believe this
>people actually forget the existence of Saudi-funded Wahhabist schools that teach generations of Arabs and Pakis to utterly despise the West

>Murdering terrorist children


>how to create a terrorist

Let a brown man read the Quran. There, terrorist created.

That's a very good reason to NOT vote for Hillary Clinton.

Why not just kill the father alongside the child then?

Nobody disagrees with this, thats why we are behind Trump. We are talking about a woman who has destroyed nations.

So you bomb people because they hate the West?

>most of mudslimes can read

wtf has this got to do with pol

Pol is a board of peace that hates fighting wars for Israel

So we should kill the adults and the children?

This, they are just terrorists in smaller scale

they started it nigger...we answered with crusades...they kept quiet ..we let the in and made business with them even when we just could take their stuff if they want it or not..and now they start the same shit again like they did 1000 years ago...

oh and btw .we all know we should kill the whole families but mehh..you can't have everything

Eat shit faggot.

"Ooohh Mudslimes are so persecuted won't someone think of the mudslime babeez?"

>How to create a "fascist"
>Murder the innocent child of a man who never did any harm to you
yep i absolutely can relate to this actually

i never heard of your country but i like your attitude

"Mudslimes are normal slimes like you and me they just need mo money fo dem programz"

Ive been against the wars ever since i was a raging leftist faggot, and still am now that im voting for trump

Thats part of the reason im voting for trump

confirmed... missed one sandgoogle

It's mostly a monkey see monkey do thing

Muslims are actually retarded.


>implying Trump is any better

He's already said he's going to bomb IS, is proud of winning the Cold War and is going to tell Iran what to do like a little bitch.

There's a reason why so many leaders around the world are afraid of Trump, user.

Sometimes they're more professional than that.

>ISIS is a religion of peace
thanks america

What about if I murder the man too?



>There's a reason why so many leaders around the world are afraid of Trump, user.
>(((many leaders around the world)))

They should be afraid.

Muhammad was literally a retard.

Black lives matter should be on there, it'd be up there with islam if you counted every case of a white person being attacked for anything relating to BLM

Niggers just arent smart enough to make bombs



everyone here is against war you idiot

Thats a bad example of muslims being retarded, you shouldn't look at the sky when you pray because you don't look at the sky any other time, look around you at where god has put you, that will remind you about what to be thankful for

yeah i dont know many times we have to say we hate these wars for israel


No, you bomb people because they're international criminals or enemy combatants.

I don't agree with military strikes in sovereign nations at all unless they actually have legal authority to be there (drone strikes are appalling), but that is now how you create or foster terrorism.

It's really quite dangerous to suggest this and also to imply that any armed resistance against Western military action is simply 'terrorism' or that people who fight against intervention are 'terrorists'. Terrorism is grown in children with Saudi money, Wahhabist clerics and in schools throughout Arabia, Africa and Asia. It is NOT the result of drone strikes or other memetic things, that is TOTALLY ignoring and frankly absurdly dumbing down the root cause of Islamic terrorism and its seriousness.

that is not how*

The death of one's child is not equivalent to the death of a culture, history, religion; a race.

>If you kill your enemy's children they win

Infidels are degenerated scum, we live in a world full of gays and feminists, they all deserves death.

>Trump wants to destroy ISIS
>Hillary has overthrown peaceful regimes, fueled civil wars, armed terrorists and increase tensions with Russia

>Trump's just as bad


Trump MIGHT do something bad. Hillary ALREADY HAS done terrible things, and has also vowed to do more of the same.

Hillary Clinton is a guaranteed death sentence.

Kill entire wahabbi families dead.

they are not human.

These are my favourite Pepes.

Yes, then kill him too.

Kill entire infidels families dead

they are not human

Fuck USA culture, you are a retarded liberal scum.

Its kill or be killed, the infidels have right to kill us, thats what they will do, but we will kill the infidels too, and send then to hell.

So everyone from the Pulse Nightclub now has a family full of terrorists?



>man, this military controlled by a government of rich lobbyists just murdered my son

>better take it out on the super poor civilians and kill hundreds of them for my dead son


Islam is not a religion of peace, is a religion of war, we will exterminate de infidels, Italy will burn, Vatican will burn.

What a load of BS. Almost all terrorists are motivated by ideology not some personal experience.

In the Iraqi civil war the biggest share of the nationality of suicide bombers was Saudi not Iraqi or anything else.

is that what they teach you in your liberal arts college classes?

Well, if she keeps it up, she may be awarded the Nobel War Price.

Pls burn the vatican while that cuck of a pope is in power.

Back to imperial times where 5 generation execution is a thing

wahabbis are already targeted mohammed :^) just waiting for you coons to piss off the public again.

We will torture your fucking kids infront of you. Revenge for bataclan, just wait:)

This looks interesting. Why did he shoot her? Is this a good show?


Tell thay to the yazidis, ya fkn shill cunt.

The crusades were a RESPONSE to hundreds of years of rape pillage murder destruction and coccupation by islamists of neduteranean and south european lands.

Included Spain "Al andulus" from something like 782 to 1492.

And if terrorism was justified as a reaction, then, ergo, USA and UK can go daisy cutting carpet bombing the entire middle east as a response to 9/11? Happy days

Leaving the man unharmed.

>your not allowed to fight terrorism because they might get angry

>only "they" are allowed to fight whatever they label as such, and need not fear us getting angry

>why cunt ya unnerstan?

because the blame for that collateral lays squarely and entirely on those terrorists there around him that brought that on, not on us

fucking imbecile appeaser

Homeland (clip from an episode in season 5)

is this show any good? i hear good things about it. i love watching government related shit when its related to fighting diaperheads

its pretty ass now that the main guy is kill and the annoying blonde bitch is the main protagonist
sry for spoilers familia

>how to be retarded
>Blame the nation that does 2% of bombardments

The only attacks that ever happened in the UK were by UK born pakis

LMAO so the US is going ultra-soft on ISIS then, no surprise really, they are allies after all.


>Muslims only attack you because you provoked them

Then how do you explain the Barbary Wars?

In March 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli's envoy, ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman (or Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja). When they enquired "concerning the ground of the pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury", the ambassador replied:
"It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy's ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once."

Leaders around the world are afraid of trump because he won't be a bitch like obama is.

Retard get educated

You're assuming that a proto-sandnigger is a child and not just a parasite.

if we dont bomb them where else will we set the next call of dury game?

think of all those autistic kids who dont get their next cod title...think of the children user!

Totally understood.

Cycle of revenge killings = blood for the War God.

Casus belli is irrelevant. Win the war. Eliminate your enemies.

America should treat the Islamic World the same way it dealt with the Native American nations.

This is not racism or prejudice or any other imbecilic liberal concept. It is a strategy for victory. Eradicate the foe and bring home the spoils. Empty his land and then fill it with your own people.

If you kill your enemy, he is dead.

Exactly this


I figure if Hillary gets elected, she'll start a war with around after 3 years (maybe 2), so she can take advantage of the rally-around-the-flag effect and win the election in 2020. Then there will be only Yeezus to save you.

So Libya started shit with us first? Now I don't feel so bad we fucked them up.

Not just muslims deserve that. People who park their car like that, too.

Unless it's a race war.

I don't know if this has been mentioned, but this photo was taken after an Syrian Airstrike.

Muslims killing Muslims...


He should have picked up a weapon and fought the islamists, had all fighting age men done that the 'war' would be over and he wouldn't have been bombed. He supports islamists he's a Muslim I don't care that kid would have grown up a Muslim hating us wanting us dead. Better them than us.

>Every other candidate; Threatens Russia
>Trump; Doesn't threaten Russia

It's a no-brainer

You know, in France, immense majority of shitskins have voted for Fran├žois Hollande and the socialist party. And you know what ? Hollande is warmongering in Syria killing innocent people for sheckel...

French nationalists (anti-shitskins) have voted for LePen who is pro-Assad and against the war in Syria.

It makes you think...

Shitskin welfare in Europe = war in ME.

>1 post by this ID
Fuck off Jihad pedophile moon worshiping sand nigger.

>A muzzie hipster


I know Israel needs more cultural diversity.

There are plenty of people in America that die horrific deaths yet their families don't become terrorists. You can't ignore the underlying ideology that motivates people to become terrorists.

Kid was fucked anyway and his daddy is a terrorist
pic related
BTW when you share that image you are sharing ISIS propaganda

There should be all kinds of Christian terrorists in the middle east considering the amount of persecution they experience. How do you explain this?

how is this not treason, justifying/sympathizing with the enemy.
love them that much, go live with em you champagne socialist.
death=terrorism? good argument bro
also 1 post man at it again lol

>mexican shoots white kid
Whelp guess its time to go terrorize mexico. I mean its okay right :^)

>Why can't you understand this?

We do. Why do you think our governments would love to label us people of Cred Forums as terrorists?

>implying that isn't exactly what the west is counting on so we'll have reasons to keep the war economy going indefinitely

heheheh stupid muslims

Name me one fucking terrorist who fits this profile.

9/11 must have created a shitload of American terrorists then, yeah?

>religion of peace

>implying Cred Forums wants to waste tax payers money killing sand Google children

We're not Jewish OP you fag

Why have Obama and Hillary created so many terorrists? Really makes you think.

How come the only religion labeled as "religion of peace" is the one that will turn into a murderous rage when poked at?

Yes, this is true. This is why I am voting Trump so we stop our part in bombing their shit in. You want war? You want this? Vote Hillary. Trump wants us to stop.

Terrorists = mercenary army of the Military-Industrial Complex

Why can't you understand this?

it's all retaliation, even the 9/11 from 15 years ago is retaliation. And every orphan becomes a future soldier.

Did they ever do this in Korea, or was the 'Corruption of the Blood++" an exclusively Chinese thing?

That's why you kill their entire families

>America was murdering poor innocent child brides in 900AD

Neber furgot

underrated frog eater, ho wait...

because he has been brainwashed to dismiss it as a mere conspiracy theory

>What is September 11, 2001?

How can you not understand this?

can someone redpill me on this? Every time I talk about foreign policy with people, all they remember is "muh republicans, muh Iraq war was bad" and seem to forget all this shit that happened.

It's the religion you should leave at peace.

>the same way it dealt with the Native American nations
Give them a casinos?

Fuckin saved

Good burn it. It is not the source of our power. Break that final link in the chain that binds us.

There's nothing to understand

We killed muslims

Now we are inviting in the families of those muslims

We are all going to die unless we finish the fight we started

Thanks you

Oh dear


Good. Systematic execution of muslims should be an Olympic sport.

thats why we need to bring back carpet bombing so we dont miss the guy

By that logic I should be murdering sandniggers right now, as they invaded my native lands 500 years ago. Strangely, that shit only applies when they get to blow shit up.

I do get it. Trying to fix this by getting rid of hitlery and the rest of the globalist so.

There's no excuse for Islam. Middle East's existence is pointless, nothing is ever going to change.

I just hope for the day they piss off the chinese, so they can glass the shit out of this place and end this bullshit forever.

I just have no sympathy for shtiskinns. If they cant defend their families they deserve to have them blown up.

That's not how law or justice work.

>lalalala Brazil

the Pakistani muslim grooming gangs in England had no children

one of our colonies i think off the coast of france.

Filtered, namefag filth.

I prefer to think of it as nipping a potential problem in the bud.

Wow, really?

Drone strikes don't kill them either

Sounds like a bud nipped in the head to me

Too dark. Should look way more pink in the middle and doesn't show any jaw bone color or fat.


You are never going to contain the terrorists attacking the US because american politicians like to suck Saudi dick.

Why can't you understand that (we) had absolutely nothing to do with this. It's the crooked polititians who create these problems in the first place. Then the hard working civilians get blamed

So how do we stop isis from meeting children I wonder?

how to not care about terrorism

end muslim immigration

Speak for yourself leaf. Its a savage ass backward religion thats creating terrorism and I dont give two shits if the whole middle east explodes. They were attacking our ships before the ink on the constitution could dry. I dont trust them anymore than I trust blacks.

Then why didn't Jews become terrorists after the holocaust?

Islam has been attacking non-muslims since the pedophile crawled out of his cave and created Islam in a syphilitic hallucination

Hillary voted on basically every major military action we've taken since Bill was president.

She supported the war in Iraq, when asked about it now she just says "we made a mistake."

She supported killing Gaddafi and she actually laughed about murdering him when asked about it. Whether or not you see it as a just action at the time, we were wrong in voting to do that, Libya is an ISIS stronghold.

Also she ignored our U.S. soldiers when the embassy was being attacked in Libya, some people theorize that if we sent reinforcements instead of letting the embassy be destroyed Libya wouldn't be as much of a failed state.

She voted on bombing Syria. This is a so-called liberal we're talking about, supporting war and conflict at every chance she's gotten.

Don't know enough info on Honduras or Yemen.

The Republicans being war mongers shit is a meme. It's a lie manufactured by the Left, because the Republicans believe that spending money to build the military equals peace. It's true, the longest peacetime in U.S. history was under Ronald Reagan, largely because of the peace by strength philosophy. Also, might I remind you under Bill Clinton we bombed Serbia.

Republicans like George Bush, neo-cons didn't help the image that the right loved war either, but if the conflict we've gotten into under the Obama administration tells you anything it's that in the 21'st century everybody's a neo-con.

If history tells anything it's that the Republicans are more anti-war. FDR started our involvement in WW2, Eisenhower finished it. The war in Vietnam was a huge mess with quiet bypartisan support, but the truth is that Nixon did the most to end it. Reagan led us through peacetime and Bush senior saw the fall of the Soviet Union, a direct result of Reagan not letting us get into war.

>implying I favor interventionism
let the enemy kill each other


And then they recruit the father's who's sons were killed by 'murica.

Do you get it now?

Of all the terrorists that have carried out attacks in the US or have been caught before they managed to do so, how many have had kids killed by the United States?

I'll wait.

Fuck the prophet, and fuck that little kid too.

Genocide of German people, and the only solution you have is Genociding other cultures. That's not what Hitler wanted. Hitler was pro every culture.

>live in shithole
>let religious leaders actually control my country's government
>let fundamentalists grow into an actual political power
>said fundies start talking about killing civilians living in the country with THE MOST POWERFUL MILITARY ON THE FUCKING PLANET
>let them
>the madmen actually do it
>do nothing
>fundies start hiding among """""moderate""""" population
>do nothing
>fundies launch attacks from civilian positions
>collateral damage because despite your baaaawing American lives are worth more to Americans then your backwards sandnigger life
>I know I'll join the terrorists!
>I'll then use other """""moderates""""" for meat shields
>the cycle must continue! For Allah!

To think all of this could have been avoided if Osama was dragged into the streets and shot the moment he started suggesting that their ragtag group of goat shaggers should kick the hornet's nest that is America's desire to avenge civilian casualties.

Do you concentrate on the health or on the dissease. In Hot countries, I imagine there are many flies. So that's why it is teached.

If they concentrate on the dirt and diseases, it gives room to dirt and diseases.

A fly can be dirty, but it's no reason to throw precious water away.

>There's a reason why so many leaders around the world are afraid of Trump, user.

Really? China and Russia have both approved of him. It's only the cucked leaders of the rapidly eroding West that oppose him.


I have 2,996 reasons why we are bombing them.

It's a pretty good reason. Do you want the West to be consumed by our enemies or not?

>proud of winning the cold war

That's a bad thing? You dumb faggot

How did he create that, out of fire? Plus, it's too small to be a good terrorist.

Yes. We're not done yet.

>how to actually create terrorists
>let them live and breed more """"""innocent"""""" terrorists
>give them the opportunity of infiltrating the west and destroying it from within

The hijackers were saudis

>Being this uninformed

Would you rather drink from a bottle you KNOW contains poison, or one that might?

We should kill him too. No more half measures. Kill whole families or don't kill to begin with.

What's the excuse for the past 1400 years?

The people of the middle east are like a dog.
Destabilization has pushed the region the point beyond redemption.
Much like an abused dog that lashes out at everyone, they must be put down.