Why isn't everyone talking about this?
The UN wants to control the Internet to protect the world from """cyber violence.""" Say goodbye to your free speech.

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Niggers ruin everything

>implying Americans still have free speech

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It'll be fine faggot, we'll have the strongest cyber under Trump.

We're fucked as a country. Apparently the change will be irreversible even if Trump gets in. Say goodbye to freedom of speech and grassroots innovation

I'm not American, what can I do? YOU contact your representatives, Murricans.

I keep typing in the ip but I know I'm doing it wrong. How do you get on here when it's blocked?


is this really true? think there would be more outrage from people in the know not least of all peter thiel

Implying they can control deep web

Why are so many ruling bodies so hell bent on betraying their people.

>Other countries, particularly China and Russia, had put pressure on the UN to call for the DNS to be controlled by the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union.
>references to net might also be used to legitimise censorship and other interference in the operation of internet service providers (ISPs) and cloud-based operations, such as Google and Facebook.
>Its view was supported by the internet and web pioneers Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee who warned any changes posed a "disruptive threat to the stability of the system".
And so we meet again, shill leaf.

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>lets current internet get ruined by globalists becoming the niggernet. Ruins 0bungas legacy forever.
>creates Trumpnet. No porn allowed.
>remembered as the saviour of the white race.
>all niggers and cucks using niggernet are removed themselves from the gene pool.

>assumes nasally inflection when reading cruz quote

well seeing this site and the shit Cred Forums has done to journalists and people like Leslie Jones and Cher all I can say is "good riddance"

>all I can say is "good riddance"
all I can say is "good job"

Get a load of this goyium!
Enjoy never reproducing and extinguishing yourself from the gene pool on niggernet!

So how is Internet 2.0 coming?
We honestly should have an Internet for niggers and other various normies and a separate Internet for freedom.

Well.. lets see how many hours we got to "save the internet"
oh wait.. they blocked the god damn site.. well fuck

Can some American post a picture of the site?

Yes, the situation will be much worse than nowadays, when NSA controlles the internet.

Too busy looking at sexy Japanese girls in baseball outfits.

>The Obama administration is pushing through a radical proposal to take control of Internet domains and instead give it to an international organization, ICANN, that includes 162 foreign countries. If that proposal goes through, countries like Russia, China, and Iran could be able to censor speech on the Internet, including here in the U.S. by blocking access to sites they don't like.

Why does this cunt hate America so much?

I don't care anymore, If they shut this place down I will go back to what I did before I came to Cred Forums

>Play Nintendo 64
>Read shit
>Watch conspiracy videos

Australian. Why can't you access it?


it's not about hating America it's about wanting to unite the world under one government

Not sure actually, it worked for me yesterday but not today for some reason

Wait till you see what we're going to do to you.

For some reason, I can't access it ether.

Oh wait, I think I know
I got banned last night for shitposting and did the usual, delete history/change IP trick and I clicked the bottom (remove media licenses) option, so i might of lost access to the site
pic related

Should I just call my congressmen or others?

Obama wants to go work for the UN after he leaves the presidency where he can continue to troll Trump since he is still so butthurt about being called out on being born in Kenya.

they cant remove a single users ability to post anything. its just dns domain name verification.

and it went through a few years ago. the government is just grandstanding right now but it was already done 2 years ago

I don't care.

Since that PRISM thing I have been learning about cryptography and so on.

The thing is so advanced that if they take control over the internet and UN shutdown Cred Forums and boards alike, I will end up in a dark corners of the web more protected than Im currently by acessing this shit without any protection.

Tell me your secrets internet man

>USA porster
>7 quads

You will never know my secrets.

Isnt this a load of horse shit?

No, you will just have to memorize IP addresses like the old days.

The younger blue pilled me would have been outraged by this.

But I'm OK with this honestly. The web has become a normie infested shit hole with persistent identity and social media and everything getting policed.

It's been coming for a long time now but darknets will eventually become the new "internet", based off the idea of strong anonymity, there will be no banning people by IP address and no takedowns of services people don't like. And because they're overlay networks there's the free market at play which means if one becomes a shit hole because a private enterprise buys out the protocol then you can simply switch to another.

Bandwidth was a big issue for the longest time but with the growth of networks today and cheap bandwidth it means speeds and reliability is better than ever.

What we need is a shove to push people onto darknets and the UN taking over the public web and probably censoring a bunch of crap will help nicely. So I say give it up, mark my words the dark web will take off just like the original internet did

Wtf are you talking about old man. I was born in 92 not 1905


These threads have to be satire. I refuse to believe you people are this fucking ignorant to what the DNS is and how this change will actually effect the internet.


>they'll let you have conspiracy videos

Can't we just do it without and? Cred Forums can just make a homemade as a static up and have it link to the other pages.

Heh, take it easy kiddo.

Not everyone is somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, okay?

>Russia, China and Iran block American Sites from americans
How the hell is this supposed to work?

>Why isn't everyone talking about this?
Because you're stupid.

Made my calls folks, it isn't hard please do it.

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>Obozo gives away ICANN
>Trump leaves the UN, demolishes the HQ and builds a new Trump Tower there

network engineer for aussie ISP here:

nobody knows shit about anything to do with computers nowadays. i'd be stunned if my company could continue running if i didn't come to work for a week or so.

nobody knows what DNS is, or what TCP/IP is, or anything else. they just use computers and treat them like fucking magic.

if you put this much faith in other people, you're destroying your own chances of success.

do you agree with op?

Name one thing the UN has done competently

The 400 pound haxxor known as 4cham will save us...

I'd rather talk about that sexy way she licks her lips

no. the design of pretty much every networking protocol in existence stops specifically the exact scenario OP is talking about. the closest thing to "blocking sites you don't like" just involves blocking customers from connecting to specific servers on the ISP side, and that's already been done before (Libya, Syria, Turkey once IIRC, etc). there is simply no way to 'block' a website from 'the internet'.

the internet has a decentralized architecture (pic related), so the most any one group could do is just cutting themselves off from the internet at large. network of networks senpai, there isn't a central switch to block a website.

notice in Cruz's website as well, it deliberately uses weasel words. "Could" block websites. "If" that proposal goes through. he knows it's bullshit and has an ulterior motive, the design of the website is to make people get angry at something they don't understand and cockblock ICANN's move.

yeah it's just bullshit - thanks for explaining

I think the major treat here is not blocking sites but taking down sites and being able to easily see the users of a particular site.

Give this power to a crazy whore like Merkel and everybody on Kraut chan will end up arrested in the following week.

In the end we will need to use P2P kind of forum to shitpost cause Cred Forums will be no more.

that is literally already a thing

right now i can remote into my computer at work and have the complete internet browsing history of anyone using our ISP (one of the biggest 4). it might technically be "illegal" but i can still do it. it's standard practice here and it's standard practice in europe and the US.

because it is stupid
raw ips wont be affected, just use a different dns and are googles...
biw that i think of it we need a better one now that google has been pozzed by the fucking skypes

All you need to do is reset your IP and do pic related.


Once the net becomes virtual 1984, people will stop using it and return to reality

Remote Viewer?

Anyway, I think CIA/NSA are going for a ride they really dont want it.

If they give the internet to UN, ppl will start to cryptograph the shit of everything to protect themselves.

Im not talking about common users that dont even understand what that it, but ppl that have shady motives and shitposters like us, that just want freedom of speech in a planet that each day resembles more and more a Cyberpunk reality.

This desu.
Obviously it will only apply to normalfags, since anyone who knows what they're doing will get around it.
All will be right with the word once this happens.

I already got the IP address for Cred Forums so I'm safe

America is owned by Jews. The UN are puppet organization run by Jews. Nothing will change.

They could at least in theory delist Cred Forums from ICANN though no?

no. every ISP has servers that do DNS shit locally. at my ISP (and pretty much every other ISP that exists) we have a system where we cache the top 50,000 sites that people visit, so ICANN can't do shit about that. the most they can do is delist entire address suffixes (aka .net, .com, .org) and that would get them shitcanned so quickly it'd probably be turned into a movie.

to be more specific: we cache DNS queries locally so going to websites is a lot quicker for you. we recheck said DNS queries every 6 hours or whenever customers are unable to go to said websites, whichever is sooner. and yes, Cred Forums is on the list. within the top 5,000 too which probably gives you a hint as to how many people shitpost here.

why are DNS queries rechecked? do they get changed?

occasionally yes, companies do shit like changing servers around for different reasons and whatnot. we have to recheck them because if we don't and we point customers towards the wrong IP for a long time we might end up in a massive amount of shit (people care about their facebook a lot).

the last time we fucked up something like 50,000 people got denied access to google before we caught it (internal stuff-up) , and although the individual user may not care much about shit like that the suits up at the top get VERY angry when shit like that happens

Ted Cruz warned us... we should have listened...

The Delegates Dahnald..

Wont happen. UN doesnt have power withiut america. We are most of the UN.

We also invented the internet and paid for it.

Roastie muzzie kikes can suck on eggs.

Does the US get a certain royalty for creating the Internet?

Now my question is how a britfag like me can help?

Yes. Its called sole ownership.

You download tor and visit (7+1)ch.net (or their onion service)
IP only affects DNS blocks

Interesting. Are SOPA/ACTA/etc the same as well?

I think the concern though is the potential for the UN to get every single group which is part of the UN to delist a particular website. What happens then?

Not really, but most of the connections have to pass through US because there is where most hubs are located.

Connections are a funny thing because they dont take the shortest pathway. They take the cheapest one.

If Im in Brazil and want to acess a site from South Africa, I type the adress and click enter, and the packeges are send all the way up to US, Europe them all the way down to SA instead of going straight to SA throught underwater cables.

This happenes because if the connection throught the water costs 0,02 cents, the ones that relay thruogh US costs 0,01. So your companies get this.

But aside from that, IP adresses and that it. No royalt whatsoeaver.

The UN can't even scratch its own ass without 50 subcommittees and 200 unanimous votes. Every time they try to stop an ethnic cleansing in the world they give their troops explicit, public orders not to physically intervene. They seriously put Saudi fucking Arabia in charge of its human rights department.

The UN is a joke and if they touch our fucking internet we'll destroy them.

Let's find the shill threads and direct anons from them to this one, this is important.

That's because of your retarded routing. If Brazilian monkeys could actually work together, they would peer directly.

Im talking about common ppl. I have nothing to hide so I dont care about what path it takes.

And if I needed protection, lets say, to shitpost in a board after Cred Forums is take out by the UN, I could just use onion based protocols.

Good luck trying to figure out what path my packages will take.

I'm not talking about end users using P2P networks. I'm talking about your monkey engineers and how the entirety of South America's routing is fucked up because they won't work together.

Oh, and XKeyscore means that Tor is broken anyway. Praise the NSA.

Tor is fucked up if use just that as a source of protection.

Ppl really think that just usgin a program that has "cryptography" eill protect them against everything.

If they knew how thse things works, and the strenghts and weakness of each method, Tor would have worked just fine.

No. Tor does not work when the government can monitor communications across the world instantly.

Go read through grugq.github.io/blog/2013/06/14/you-cant-get-there-from-here/

and you will understand that when the NSA wants to target you, they will, because they have nodes all over the world.

But you and I are not interesting enough so it doesn't matter for us.

If this shit ever really goes down, and I expect it won't, Cred Forums and other such places are just going to create some kind of mesh/tor-style network and we'll all be shitposting just the same. I'm 100% not worried. In fact, it's actually a pretty exciting prospect.

There is a difference between having nodes all over the world and having ALL nodes of the world.

The best they can do is to monitor the package send by my computer, and the packages received by the target adress and compare the size of them. If they match, there is a good change that that is the site Im acessing.

But still, this is not enough to know what Im doing there.

Is not that simple to target someone if you know what you are doing it on the first place.

Not saying is 100% garantee you will not get caugh either because on technology, you can only go as far as 99% of certainty that someone is safe.

Who gets to fornicate with these women?

>In fact, it's actually a pretty exciting prospect.

Rich korean producers, probably.

Such networks already exists but there is a lot of drawnbacks with it.

One of them is that since they dont rely on servers, but on it's users computer, every computer ends up downloading the entire content of that network. Once someone logoff, that computer is out of the grid.

When you turn back on, your computer update all that happened at the time it was offline.

Tought this custs costs down to zero, if you accept images (like an image board) you will end up with Terabytes of informations in your disk AND the possibility of holding illegal information on your harddrive without knowing it like children pornography, defense blueprints or whateaver.

>Say goodbye to your free speech.

implying our little opinions actually matter

Nothing will change, you a-technical undereducated dolts, except that we might get less disasters like the .sucks domain.

how the hell can the UN take control of a US military property?

They are not taking it.
You guys (i.e. Obama) wants to lend to them.

Globalists gonna globalism.

yes but as an American I am deeply disappointed that the president would give away technology built from the tax dollars of US citizens

fuck this asshole

the internet is the property of the US military having been developed by DARPA

It can't and it isn't. People like to talk big about shit they don't understand.

>You guys (i.e. Obama) wants to lend to them.

fuck that, the internet is the property of US taxpaying citizens

how the fuck is this asshole giving away US property?

this also creates precedent if Obama or another president decides to just gift a carrier group to the UN well we already gave them the internet derrr

>implying anyone wants to be forced to use the deep web just to use a South African scuba diving forum

>He is finally connecting the dots

the internet was created by DARPA funds, that is not in question

weather this makes any changes or not is irrelevant, the symbolism of giving shit to useless cucks at the UN is unacceptable

fuck the UN, make them hold their bullshit meetings someplace else

well why didn't you mention that before?

next up Obama decides to give all our armaments to the UN?

why not we already gave the UN the internet nobody said shit and thats way more important

what the fuck is this crackhead smoking? he still has to live here when he pulls his dick out, you think George HW Bush has it bad with people yelling at his old ass in public all the time

Nobody is giving the Internet to the UN. ICANN isn't the Internet, it's a private organization, and it isn't the UN.

Daily reminder:

UN promotes white genocide. In black and white at this link.

"Replacement Migration"

>all the asian women on vacation stare when they see my face

He isn't.

if it's a private organization and not US property what fucking business is it of Obama's to do anything with it?

if Obama has authority over it then it is US property and US property belongs to the US citizenry,

nobody can give away US property without being remembered a giant scumbag no matter how many drugs they make legal in their hail mary play

Armament seems unrealistic because all the weaopns yuo have, China and Russia have it too and they would not give them.

Still, the fact that you are giving control over the internet to UN is horrific.

The fact that internet works worldwide the way it works is that they have embeed on them the First Ammendment. Even so, every country is trying to get control over the internet (see Merkel in Germany and Putin in Russia, or China).

But if UN really take control over, them we are all fucked because they are listen to Anita Sarkisians on how to operate the internet, and this will be not good for anyone.

Understand that this is a problem that is bigger than US? By giving them control over the internet, the entire planet will be affected.

are you an actual retard, op?

what in the world made you think ICANN is the internet?

Thats some fine looking plastic right there

Are you seriously blocked from viewing it?!?

Jesus Christ inform yourself you retard. You don't even know what's happening. IANA is passing from government control to ICANN. That's it. The UN is literally not even involved in any of this.

no scroll down it was cookies

the UN is fucking done, we're going to dissolve that bastard and throw the pieces to the junkers

I doubt the US military would allow the internet to fall into different hands, this is simply a means to divert first amendment cases into a UN court

fuck the UN it needs to go, let's get rid of it

Is that at HEB or Whole Paycheck?

Call some russians

I heard they can hack into anything anywhere anytime

It's awe inspiring how uninformed you are.

it's definitely some fucked up scam, their offices are next door to the same park that holds Brookings institute, anytime those fucks are involved it's always bad news

this is a UK MI6 operation, probably designed to protect heroin profits

funny that another heroin profit protecting law is coming into effect the same day

fuck Brookings, fuck Tavistock

>create a website that sells domain names on a new system
>host it in America
>recode browsers to use the new system
>problem solved

what the fuck are you smoking

who the fuck are you wise guy? seriously give me your clearance code or I'm pondering sending F16s to your country or whatever fucking office you're sitting in where ever it is

dipshit, you have no fucking idea



>the UN is fucking done, we're going to dissolve that bastard and throw the pieces to the junkers
UN started as a way to stop world wars but now is just a way of each voter country to push their agenda.
This is why US have been waging war alone for the past 20 years. Every time they ask for UN help, they get a veto from Russia, or China, or whateaver.

UN is not worth for shit anymore. It needs a huge reform or to be dissolved.

>I doubt the US military would allow the internet to fall into different hands, this is simply a means to divert first amendment cases into a UN court
Is not to them to accept it or not. Is to them to carry on the orders or not.

They are soldiers first and foremost and they have two possibilities: awnser the order issued by corrupt politicians and lend the internet over to UN or say NO, and a coup will issue. I doubt the second will happens. We are fucked.

The Brass is as politic as is the politicians. Collin Powell and alike are all politicians in uniform by now.

>fuck the UN it needs to go, let's get rid of it
I wish it was that simple.

It changes every country everyday

It will be lost forever if yours doesnt end in .205

>different opinions are hatespeech and rape
>triggering facts are hatespeech and rape
>not respecting arbitrary pronouns is hatespeech and rape
>promoting white culture is racism
>wiolations will lead to fines, internet ban and jail
>tfw Chinese internet will be more free than the rest of the world by 2018


look up the address of their home office in California dummy

you're so informed you must know the other international bodies in that neighborhood, or maybe thats beyond the pay grade of an uninformed keyboard warrior

boards.Cred Forums.org/pol/thread/9085966890859668

>Is not to them to accept it or not. Is to them to carry on the orders or not.

you don't know, the US military issues it's own orders and has done so for over 4 decades

>I wish it was that simple.

it is that simple, if the public decides fuck the UN it will eventually go, mob rule thats how it works

until then we can all go back to radio comm


This is the way it should remain forever

If they don't want the first amendment forced upon the internet: nuke us


do you think they will let me use the domain whitepower.com?

For the last time, this has been in the works for years, and it's not a big deal. The IANA functions cannot be abused easily; ICANN is a glorified janitor of the internet.

> Muh internet freedom

Fuck off, it'll be much more transparent in stakeholder hands than under the NTIA

>if they touch our fucking internet we'll destroy them.

time to destroy them already, all those years of surveys given to special forces teams about would they be willing to fire on US civilians would they be willing to disarm US citizens, enough is enough, time for the UN to go

who's in to get rid of it?

praise KEK, destroy the UN


any of the above

I already downloaded all the major terror manuals so I will be fine.

How the fuck does Cred Forums turn "IANA gets privatized" into "THE UN IS TAKING OVER THE INTERNET"? IANA has already been a part of ICANN for nearly 20 years for fucks sake.

>you don't know, the US military issues it's own orders and has done so for over 4 decades
An army that dont do what the central command and the white house say to do is an army at the verge of insurrection.

Never heard of such a thing from US before.

>it is that simple, if the public decides fuck the UN it will eventually go, mob rule thats how it works
Dude, this shit will happens in less than 48 hours and not even Cred Forumsacks where aware of it. And almost everything is on our radar.

Do you really thing that the average citizen (normie) that has a normal life, a work, bills to pay, and is paying attention to the most intense political debate in the history of US are aware of what is happening?

Ask yuor father if he knows about this. I doubt he will say something more than "I think I heard something about it" and thats it.

How to redpill an entire country in less than 48 hours under these circunstances?

We are all fucked. Thank God I know how to hide myself in the internet if things become 1984.

Wasn't it already under stakeholder hands or am I just misinformed?

how can you be in awe of stupid shit

choose you're words wisely or you'll be next on the chopping block

Basically yes. This is mostly a formality.

How you can help


>I will go back to what I did before I came to Cred Forums

you guys need to know how to use a radio comm tower, download instructions before it's too late

>no girl will ever look at me like this

Post more of these semen demons while you still have the freedom to do so.

exactly, clamping down on the entire net will push those with ability into smaller groups allowing easier control

No, It was under control of the US executive branch group, NTIA. The past two years, the NTIA has been working to move it into stakeholder hands. Nothing significant will change.

>It'll be fine faggot, we'll have the strongest cyber under Trump.

It won't be fine. This cannot be reversed. In two days this happens unless its stopped.

No matter how great Trump is, it's too late unless its stopped in the next 48 hours.

>Why isn't everyone talking about this?
because you fundamentally misunderstand the internet, the proposed change isn't a big deal, and quite frankly nobody gives a flying fuck, unless they hate capitalism and don't want to see market competition between DNS providers.

>Russia, China and Iran block American Sites from americans

They would no longer be American sites.

>based off the idea of strong anonymity,

for us here in America strong anonymity means you will pay a centralized service to scrape the entire net for your keywords of choice, the data will be dumped onto a sim card and mailed to your post office box on a postcard

thus anybody interested in any data you are searching will need a court order to get into your post office box, libraries have similar protections

but you're in the UK so you get nothing

>wants to lend to them

You mean hand it over and sign a document stating we can never take it back.

just pay someone else to make another list with the things on it you like.

this could be the next step in big data finally going off, and once that happens there will be a boom you can hear anywhere on the globe, a literal shot heard around the world

>This cannot be reversed

anything can be reversed, we're already working on a decentralized net based on wireless cards

no, DARPA paid for ARPANET. the internet you use today isn't the same product, just (mostly) the same technologies. college universities have borne most of the costs.


mods pls

Why do Anglos have such bread-eyes and disgusting mutilated lips?

>soon saying nigger, or saying that you hate muslims anywhere on the internet will be a hate crime, and your location and IP will be given to british authorities who will have you extradited and charged in the UK

>Turkey MKEK

Because it's a meme.

Literally nothing will happen, they'd have to put together a govern before anything becomes restricted.

good I didn't want to go there anyway

Here's lookin' at you, kek

Still, they should not take for grnted the level of autism Cred Forumsacks have it.

Niggas will end up using cryptographed non-centralized networks that may give them some headache.

All, just for the right to shitpost and post shemale webms among ourselves.


>woah woah yes we spy on American citizens and governents
>woah woah b-but China and Russis oppress freedom of speec on Inetrent even worse
>woah woah we din nuffin wrong

So the CP must be legal

Deep web here we go!


if anyone had the same urge as me



he is letting other countries have control over sites with .com .net .org

that is the majority of the internet right there

meqaning if some faggot cuck in sweden finds Cred Forums to be hate speech, he can bypass our rights and shut down this whole site without needing any permission to do so

obama is letting all of europe asian and the middleheast have control over what gets put on the internet and what they think should be allowed. there will be a mass sweeping of sites being shut down and forever erased

Cred Forums will be no more

free speech will be no more

there will be no free though or information anymore

it will be no different than the heavily regulated television industry

this is what will happen in less than 48 hours


>no reddit??
Jesus fuck.

If they only knew user...

He get ipfs, we all do.

Should we do something to force trump to publicly say he will protect the internet and take it back?

The internet is one of the most important national resources we have.

You're such a retard.