Pepe Counter-offensive

While ADL added Pepe to hate symbols, because they saw some of his memes with swastikas etc. What's stopping us from memeing ADL logo or maybe photo of some high level ADL douche with swastikas and shit? Will they add their logo to their hate list?

Nothing some have already done it, hold on ill get it (on mobile).

It's the Aryan Defence League now.

Here it is, if someone can change the bottom text to Aryan Defense League that would be great.

Fucked up here it is.




Noice lads, have a bamp

Get this rolling on all social platforms

And this too


I think this has potential

Why is the swastika backwards tho

Wow ADL, such racism would not be unpunshed!

Because the ADL is an organization of peace not of hate.

>Why is the swastika backwards tho

Because I flipped the eagle and forgot to turn the swastika back.

Let's see if I have the file..

>Why is the swastika backwards tho

Quick fix.

I told someone it's because the ADL is a symbol of peace not hate.

..okay? I don't really care.

I forgot to flip the swastika, now it's there the right way around for anyone who wants it.

Do whatever you want with it.

Oh, I mean "original content do not steal".

Unfixed the text though.

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