So when White Europeans and White Americans see China and other SE Asian countries living better quality of life than...

So when White Europeans and White Americans see China and other SE Asian countries living better quality of life than they are, with very little immigration how will they respond?

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Asia will get more immigrants as the western economy plunges. As undesirable as it is, it is inevitable. There is already a fair amount of whites here.

Beats me
I only know I'll beat up every white suggesting >25% income tax here

You get the few smart white people abandoning a sinking ship, white immigrants to Asian countries are guaranteed to have a job, have assets and most likely a local wife and 50+ Asians vouching for their worthiness.

Here in America we get Home Depot homeless, have no assets outside their ass shitting on the street and a "wife" in Central America with 10+ kids to send money to, and half of them will migrate to America before age 12.

You mean losers that can't make it back home and has to flee to a third world country for sideways pussy while earning a poverty tier salary teaching English.


I'd rather earn jack shit, than pay taxes that fund the over excesses of Western government.


>sideways pussy

Try to migrate in an undocumented way, ofc.



They will be Dhimmis by then. Or eastern Europeans.


>chink beating up anything
There's a reason we owned you.

White people will do all the shit jobs and will beg in the streets in 2030

Only 13 years left, will the street-shitters make it?

The burger speaks truth.

Ultimatelly, you will only get a few million red pilled whiteys that will dilute themselves in gorillonz of Asians. At worst it will be irrelevant to your countries.

>beating anything but other chinks

diversity be our strenf


I'm assuming you mean Hong Kong specifically right? Mainland China is not near the quality of life yet of most Western nations.

>better quality of life
>east asia
>better quality of life
they have it good for sure, but it isnt as good as all western european countries.

No surprises here.

The liberals will say we need to import more niggers.

?and profit?

>Countries that can't even drink water from their taps trying to talk shit
Come on now..

aids is not a commodity

China will probably accept millions of foreigners. Its economy won't be able to handle the coming baby bust and elderly population.


You really think they'll compare the situation between the West and Japan and choose the immigration option?

>Dying on escalators
>quality of life

Chinese aren't going to take shit from immigrants like Europe does.

When your country becomes shit you will be flooding into Asia anyway. By that time we already see the horrible consequence of Islamization, we won't let you in. Your children, yes, even pure white ones, are all going to be Muslims.

You are doomed, in 3 generations.

IDK why dont you ask me when it happens

someone post that jewess and her book "a case for multiculturalism of japan" or something.

Why doesn't East Asia get the same heat for immigration like the west does? Is it because Jews can't into Asia?

You talk like our country isnt going down from the debt najib put us in, like obama did in the US

Thats basically it. Asians don't give a rats ass about political correctness.

The jews just can't infiltrate a system like that, Chinks are smart.