How does it feel to make history, pol?

A small handful of 4000 posters on an anime imageboard are deciding the fate of the most powerful nation in history (and thus the world itself).

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Tortanic masturbatory self fellation isn't very becoming.

Trump needs to win before you can suck your own cock about it.


more then that, 4000+ people lurk at any one time



Feels good man, but we have to win to make history


>Trump needs to win
You don'T seem to understand how black magic works, he already won

A lot of people lurk, but only a small handful are posters


I feel like being watched when showering

How many people do you think are active posters? It seems like roughly 150,000 comments are posted on Cred Forums per day.

Ever since Hillary's speech everyday we have media shills lurking through our board to write articles on us and allegedly CTR trying to get our IPs. We're literally just a bunch of fags who shitpost all day. And we've somehow generated some social movement with all these public figures who unironically parrot what we say like it's gospel truth. We're not even a good boogeyman

Faith and optimism has never been my strong suit. I can only hope you prove to be correct.

Surely you mean Peruvian basket-weaving forum.

150,000 divided by 4000 = 30 posts per person.. seems legit..

There are people who post like 200 times per day, other that post 1-2... the median line seems right about 30...

Does it mean that elites and politicians are just RETARDED nowadays? Can't they find any better opponents or boogeymans? Are they mentally on the level of 20-30-something basement neckbeards so they can't handle anything more serious?

>implying it is the same persons who browse Cred Forums every time of the day

tfw you're on the right side of history

>referall sites
>gmod forums

>user frequented sites
>eight cnha

really makes you think

>4000 posters
Maybe back during /new/.
Cred Forums has around 40,000 - 60,000 users online at one time . Fucking newfags like you shit it up.

Fantastical thinking is the last refuge of the powerless. Kek (Kuk) is a bitterly ironic reflection of the impotence we, the majority, experience when it comes to our political autonomy.

Who knows. I guess maybe since the people are increasingly become disgruntled with mass immigration, etc they need to create a fictional monster to scare people into not demanding social change

How much did Cred Forums actually help Trump in becoming the nominee? Are you sure that you aren't just overestimating our influence?

What opening would Pepe play?

But a lot of those users could be lurkers, not necessarily active posters.

Last i checked, it's 1500 posters 300k lurkers daily on Cred Forums alone, not counting the others boards that are basically our colonies anyway aside from a cucked handful.

How did you check.

>out of 300,000 people, only 1500 have the balls to post

That ratio doesn't make much sense.

Some fag post a site that do analytics of Cred Forums traffic, i obviously can't remember the link right now because i'm a turbofag that never save links but maybe a fag that sucks less cocks will post it after seeing this post.

no homo

We have 20 to 50 million lurkers faggot

feels good man

I personally lurked for two years before starting to post.
Cred Forums is intimidating for multiple reasons so no posting, but interesting enough to keep coming back.

What a time to be alive

>I personally lurked for two years before starting to post.


that's very insightful

That's what oldfriends used to tell newfriends, Bong. Lurk two years before posting so you don't look like a faggot.

it contributed 0% to trump becoming the nominee


more liek 20 shitposters and the occasional 2 /btards

I lurked the site since 2008 and started posting in 2015. What does that make me?

I literally jumped right in and started posting when I was still bluepilled.

I remember the first thread I went in was a Nazi thread and my post was like "You guys know Hitler was evil. This is all satire right?" And I got like 47 (You)s.

My entire political worldview was basically changed in 2 more weeks of posting and lurking.

You just have to jump right in. It's the only way you'll learn anything.


He's French what do you expect

I'm calling bullshit on this unless I see some proof.

Based on the analytics sites I checked, ALL of Cred Forums only gets 300k uniques per MONTH.

Actually Cred Forums worths more than 8-9 zeroes

I still only lurk except when I strongly feel like responding or arguing.


Oh fugg, I meant 300k per day

but for the whole site, not just Cred Forums

>over 1/4th of those are shills and viral marketers




Dilbertman is right. Trump is changing the way people think about reality.


Tfw making history

Dude, have you checked site traffic? Its in the millions. Of course, calculating for the shills, its probably about two thirds that.

I post like 50 a day, probably...sometimes a lot more.

Let's see...50 a day for 10+ years is equal to....


>he doesn't shitpost 24/7

We struck a big blow on the CTR tonight u know.

im close to 300 posts a day

how do you think trump got to where he wuz?

/new/ threads moved about the same speed as now, but that was mostly due to spam/bots/etc

I don't really care. It doesn't mean anything more than the entertainment value of watching stupid people choke on their own bullshit. That's just how it should be.

I like you, Sully; I'll kill you last.

Guys im searching through all the archives and goggles trying to find legit traffic stats, anyone wanna help

need dat autism teamwork

But he already won. You don't win an election like this at the end. His campaign was destined to win before he even knew he was running. It's the result of years of cultural phenomenon inevitably swinging in this direction.


It feels good desu red piling so many newfags and normies that come here never has been so fucking entertaining.

Comfy AF

Memes have played a big part, but honestly this was/is a movement regardless of the God Emperor. Trump is doing well because so much is going wrong for so many people in their daily lives and the pendulum is swinging back. Trump is just at the right place, right time and happens to have the right attitude for this time/place.

probably doubled desu in the recent months

One thing i've noticed going through the archives is that shills constantly are spamming the

"Cred Forums is dying!!!11!"




Constantly. It's quite pathetic desu senpai.

I've been here for 3 years and I maybe post two posts per week on average. I've also only made like 10 threads, ever. Am I a lurker?

explains why you are all such faggots pretty much

t. low energy low test cuck german 'man'

>low test
my girlfriend always tells me that I'm the best she could hope for, after abdul, so fuck off

The actual contributors are much less than that.

> Over a million people visit Cred Forums
> That's enough people to raise an army and fuck over the shills, globalists and leftists



It's over 100M a month m8

ye but we have to take into account that not everyone is redpilled and physically fit for "service"

I am a newfag, and only started coming here with the recent 'Pepe a hate symbol' bullshit.

Where do I start if I want to become redpilled?

we're soon 6 million!

Jump in the deep end lad

Just keep reading and lurking and posting

>most powerful nation

Are you talking about China?

There might be more than 4000

I've been lurking for a couple weeks. Just keep it up and you'll get the hang of it.

watch "the greatest story never told", lurk and read Mein Kampf.

>Cred Forums in 6 minutes

Let me tell you about the group known as "the jews"

Just watch this.
The cheesy music and terrible acting will put you off, but keep watching.
By 2 hours in, you will be questioning everything you learned in school.
By the end, you will be saying "Hitler did nothing wrong."

We will be stopped on October 1st. It was a fun ride lads.

>The Good Goys Lost

Also the holocaust was exaggerated for zionist propaganda reasons while other genocides are ignored

>did nothing wrong

Well he lost.

The greatest story never told should be mandatory Cred Forums viewing. You can take it all with a mountain of salt but it will still massively change the way you look back on ww2. Incredible stuff really.

I'll see you in the mass graves friend

>The Good Goys Lost


>living to old age at your mountain retreat in South America fucking Brazilian bunda

Pick one.

And dunkirk but in general, his idealogy was superior to degenerate hedonism and jewry


Just look at this worthless thread you're all posting in.

*chaos magic

dialectic process of history

have some memebombs

Great vid,

and another for all newfags






Dunkirk was an act of mercy, he let us go. Call it a mistake if you like, I think it was quite noble of him, he didn't want to crush the British.

Fucking Churchill.



nobility doesn't win wars, unfortunate as that may be






Look up george soros on dc leaks

We are merely a distraction

He didn't want to fight us to begin with God damn it, we all fucking turned on him because he was rightfully furious with the treaty of Versailles and the Wiemar Republic, we snuffed out a bright and righteous flame.


do this too newfriends

Lol, rekt

There is a comic called Prez (ongoing, set to resume in Nov) that is about how Cred Forums literally elected a 15 year old girl for lulz. Guess the author wasn't very up to date on the degenerate woman ideas passed around here.

time will tell whether or not we can fix this mistake, user. If not, the real sadness is that history will never again have the knowledge we do, they'll erase it all

i enjoy reading this, being someone who has red pilled people in real life about the holocaust it's nice to know /pol is fighting the good fight, and winning.

results on a recent worldwide survey broken down by nation, on whether or not they would prefer hillary or trump

Yfw we are the global elites and we don't even know it.


no, we're their counterweights

Cred Forums is really popular now, it's like the naughty reddit. the fappening pretty much fucked our shit up.

Dead end train track,
>right behind it came another car, and another


I post probably 10 posts a day between here biz and x

4000? evidence? likely 100 max

We LITERALLY have the power to warp 'reality' itself. Meme magic is real because what we call 'reality' is holographic in nature. The late scientist Emoto used to put written messages next to containers of water, then freeze the water and examine the crystals that had been formed using microscopic photography. The water that had been placed next to positive messages like "I love you." turned into visually pleasing crystal formations, while the water that had been placed next to negative messages like "You make me sick, I want to kill you." turned into irregular crystal formations. In the ancient Indian poem 'Ramayana', a bridge to Lanka is being built with stones for Rama by an army of monkey-like humanoid beings. However, the stones don't stick together to form a continuous structure. Hanuman, Rama's devotee, suggests that Rama's name be written onto the stones so that they stick together. This is done and the stones then stick together to form the bridge that they want to build. In both Emoto's experiments and that story from Ramayana, it's not the mere act of writing that accomplishes those seemingly miraculous results but the VIBRATING ENERGY FIELDS OF INFORMATION of what was written. One of the COMPLETELY FALSE assumptions of modern mainstream science is that our internal world (i.e. our thoughts, our emotions and our intentions) has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on our external world. But the truth is that there is NO BOUNDARY between our 'internal world' and our 'external world'. They're BOTH movies that originate from the SAME projector room.

Why is Tunisia purple?

i would have liked to get 1990's trump, but this is the perfect time for him, the stars aligned just right for him to make a long standing change to the geopolitical landscape and it is amazing meme along side it


That and the fact that leaf posters are a negative number.

it's not real bro, that's the point
we say holohoax round these parts for a reason

What we call 'reality' is holographic in nature, so we are in fact smaller versions of the whole (which you can call 'God', if you want). Every part of the whole contains the whole and, to be more accurate, IS the whole. And just as a drop of water contains the same qualities as an entire ocean of water, we likewise contain all that exists within us - but merely on a smaller scale.

"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour." - William Blake

Not only did our ancestors know about the holographic nature of 'reality', but there is also scientific evidence for the holographic nature of 'reality'.

"That is whole, this is whole.
From that wholeness, this wholeness comes.
Add the whole to the whole and the whole still remains.
Remove the whole from the whole and the whole still remains.
The whole remains the whole." - Isha Upanishad

"Know the world is a mirror from head to foot,
In every atom a hundred blazing suns.
If you cleave the heart of one drop of water,
A hundred pure oceans emerge from it.
If you examine closely each grain of sand,
A thousand Adams may be seen in it.
In its members a gnat is like an elephant;
In its qualities a drop of rain is like the Nile.
The heart of a barley-corn equals a hundred harvests,
A world dwells in the heart of a millet seed.
In the wing of a gnat is the ocean of life,
In the pupil of the eye a heaven;
What though the grain of the heart be small,
It is a station for the Lord of both worlds to dwell therein." - Mahmud Shabstari

is that what you think? dumb frog poster

The base state of all things is energetic wave-form information, which has been confirmed by quantum physics. This is why everything can be perceived in an infinite number of different ways, because nothing can exist without being perceived and to be perceived, there must be a perceiver. When you see a rose as being red, a bee sees that same rose in shades of ultra-violet and a bat perceives that same rose as vibrations of sound. It all depends on the way that the information is 'read' (so to speak). We not only decode/re-decode information with our senses into what we call 'people', 'places' and 'things', but we can also ENCODE/RE-ENCODE information with our senses into what we call 'people', 'places' and 'things' - this is the basis of meme magic. We're encoding 'people', 'places' and 'things' with different information to what was there before, we're altering its informational substrate. The base state of EVERYTHING in the universe is ENERGETIC WAVE-FORM INFORMATION. EVERYTHING. We are literally information decoding information. Energy flows where attention goes.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite." - William Blake

undecided, got the same number for both candidates

the KEK says Hillary get cough and shit in pants by debates.

so... i'm back to atheism again

Today I will be attempting to revive Nu, the Ancient Egyptian god of the primordial watery abyss, father of the Gods, and Kek. Rather, I am going to try to make us come to terms with the fact that in some sense we ARE Nu. Interested? First let's discuss some basic facts about Nu.

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the world is said to have been born out of the ancient primordial waters, that Nu himself is God of AND the 8 gods of what is called the Ogdoad. From Wikipedia:

> The eight deities were arranged in four male-female pairs: Nu and Naunet; Amun and Amaunet; Kek and Kauket; and Huh and Hauhet. The males were associated with frogs and females were associated with snakes.
> Each pair represented the male and female aspects of one of the four concepts of primordial chaos as follows:
>The primordial waters (Nu and Naunet) air, invisibility, and hidden powers (Amun and Amaunet)darkness and obscurity (Kek and Kauket)eternity or infinity (Huh and Hauhet).
>Together the four concepts represent the primal, fundamental state of the beginning

Now of these 8, very important to know that Nu became known as the Father of the Gods, and that includes Kek. The last thing we need to know is that like Kek, Nu is depicted as a frog headed man but ALSO a bearded man with green or blue skin

but hitler did something wrong... he lost

Group meditation has been correlated to a reduction in terrorism and crime:

What we're doing (i.e. meme magic) works on the same principle (which is collectively focusing on something and thus energising that 'something' with our collective focus), except our focus is not to reduce terrorism and crime per se but to meme Trump's presidency into 'reality' (among other things). What people call 'reality' is MALLEABLE. WE have the power. WE are the ones we've been waiting for. It's ALWAYS been us. All we're doing right now is REMEMBERING who we REALLY ARE. Now let's have some fun with our collective power! :D

this is just a roundabout way of explaining chaos magic
belief structures reality
the universe is the way it is because this is the way each of us, individually, wanted it

Hitler actually dindu nuffin

Have you went there recently?
The normies got to it. It's like 52% Trump now.

Also, the site owners changed the rule so that you can vote once every 24 hours instead of just once.

By praising KeK you are contributing.


See, i contributed.

I feel ya brah
wouldn't say it the same way but I feel ya

Now we are brought to OUR role in all of this.

Prior to Cred Forums existing, there was a board on Cred Forums named /new/, that was not at all much different to
Cred Forums today. We discussed the exact same topics; niggers, Jews, political incorrectness, etc, etc. Then one day out of the blue Moot deleted the board along with /r9k/ causing a lot of drama. Eventually two Cred Forums were created as replacements. A lot of the original user base transferred over, but not all of it. So in some sense we ARE /new/ and in some we aren't.

The parallels seem obvious. New and Nu are pronounced exactly the same. /new/ was the primordial water that created ALL of us, and we by extension have created Kek just as Nu had created Kek. Now the kicker, Nu is portrayed as a man with green skin and a beard. If you combine the classic green skinned Cred Forums tan with the old /new/ tan, you get Nu. In other words, Nu is a synthesis of the users themselves and the physical board.
I ask that we recognize our /new/ heritage and by extension Nu's role in creating Kek. Spread the word, Revive the Ogdoad.


The median is probably closer to 2-3 posts a day, if even that. A good chunk of the posts here are probably made by a very tiny majority who posts a lot, but I'm guessing about half the posts here are from people who post very rarely.

nope lol but I believe it

There is nothing inherently wrong with nationalism and there is nothing inherently wrong with globalism. Globalism could be good if everyone was civilised - but we don't live in a perfect world, so the version of globalism that we're getting right now is one that is planned to end Western Civilisation and cause the extinction of the white race. This is obviously unjust, so we ought to adopt nationalist principles to prevent this globalist plan from succeeding even while REMEMBERING who and what we REALLY ARE - Pure Consciousness (which is INFINITE AND ETERNAL) having an experience in a temporary human form. You can do ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO and you can be ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE. They want us to think that the average person is powerless, but the TRUTH is that we have INFINITE POWER - both individually AND collectively. There's only one of us here. If you hit yourself on the head with a baseball bat, they'll put you in a mental hospital yet that's EXACTLY what people are doing on a global scale. You can call Pure Consciousness 'God' if you want, but I don't because the word 'God' has religious connotations that I would rather avoid. Religion is the McDonald's of spirituality.
What we need is to raise our level of consciousness, both individually and collectively. If even one person raises his or her level of consciousness, it has a ripple effect that benefits EVERYONE ELSE, even if they don't believe any of this stuff - and this is because 'reality' itself is HOLOGRAPHIC in nature. One of the ways that they have manipulated us so deeply for so long is by suppressing our sense of the possible. What we call 'reality' is COMPLETELY ILLUSORY and thus MALLEABLE - and they KNOW THIS, while most other people do NOT. EVERYTHING IS ILLUSORY, EXCEPT PURE CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF. NOTHING is impossible in a universe that is ILLUSORY to begin with. We have the power to transform this prison illusion into a PARADISE ILLUSION, so let's USE that power.

We're all one - and the beauty of this is that we don't have to be cucks despite this fact (and it IS a fact). We can STILL protect Western Civilisation and save the white race from extinction. We're all actors in a cosmic movie and I think of people like the Rothschilds as playing the role of villains and ourselves as playing the role of heroes (when we're not being dicks).

hail eris
this one is a doozy newfriends, follow the whole flowchart

The median among people who actually post at all, that is. Most just lurk.

there are 2 more debates ;)

great men are greatly dual
nothing but laughter is free

>the french ones

You should know, if you lose you win.


I am one, but millions are now thinking:

behold, my power



>We mercifully have more bongs than we do leafs


This is how I know shills post these threads.

Everyone knows Zionists and Israelis rig the elections and elect who they want. Thinking otherwise is de facto disinformation.

Fucking low tier tactics working on a whole new generation.

feels fucking great desu

and im not even american

how do you nazis feel about your hate website being most closely related to 9fag?

hahahaha Cred Forums nazis btfo

>not crushing an evil sadistic jewish puppet that wanted the german people genocided
Hitler fucked up

>tfw you could literally draw some retarded cartoon of an animal of your choice, put a swastika on it, and have it on fthe ront page of CNN, BBC and the Washington Post, within 24 hours

The fire rises.

have some mental pain courtesy of niggers
direct that at them instead

ya got us
and you are doing what, exactly?

>A small handful of 4000 posters on an anime imageboard are deciding the fate of the most powerful nation in history (and thus the world itself).

Ha ha ha! You mad, Freemason boy?

hahahahaha Cred Forums btfo eternally


this. its called a bubble. tribal mentality. crowd delusion. sheeple. watch some sheep vids on utub its educashionle

There is a mathematical substrate to the universe, it's a level of the universe that is pure mathematics. It's why things like the golden ratio are found in nature. This is what numerology taps into and the ruling families know this.
We live in a virtual-reality universe:

inb4 "Hurr, James Gates is a nigger!". No, James Gates is NOT a nigger. James Gates is based as fuck.


That's true on regular sites with accounts and screen names.

You have probably more than 90% posters, with maybe 40 infrequent posters who post once or twice a day or week or something, and the rest are frequent posters.

hurt my feels
>doubting meme magic out of all types of magic
make a sigil like it says in my pic, fap and look at it when you cum, then forget about it. see what happens

>read Mein Kampf
There's literally not a single reason for anybody to ever read that piece of shit.

chaos theory

Ahaha, as soon as we started dropping redpills this thread starting getting slid and hit by shills hard.

Fuck off cucks

it's like pottery

tfw we both got dubs

OY VEY!!!!!

Not really you worthless fuck.

I do this a lot, it always happens

there are no coincidences mane
synchronicity is strong lately, the fire rises

Someone who needs to lurk moar


everyone needs to lurk moar, when you're talking you aren't listening

You wouldn't happen to have the images that lay out the shill strategies? I had it somewhere, its like a bullet point list with how they try and take over message boards


>tfw I have to see his famously shameless warmongering quote "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat." imprinted on our new £5 notes and most people here think that's a thing to be proud about


The leafs must be burned and stepped on

There are no coincidences, only synchronicities. There are no hallucinations, only shifts in perception. There are no answers, only choices. There are no laws, only habits. There are no truths, only experiences.

don't think so but this should be enough lol
>why would they care so much about a frogposting board of 400 pound hackers?

Sounds like a description of a typical Cred Forums thread.

found it

this is required reading for all

>mfw these articles are now a collector's item

everything is balanced out by its opposite, and everything is connected
there are no accidents and there never have been
we are each the universe experiencing itself
even emotions have their opposing balances, the chaos of laughter is the only one that can be gotten away with for free

If this hits Australia I'll wear smug pepe as an armband. Just to shitstir people.

That's a good one user, nice redpill there

saved tnx bby

>the screenshots are being analysed for any incriminating data on who took them
Nice. I wonder if they could roll out a slightly different HTML and CSS for each member, with tiny differences in colours, lengths, etc. and use that to trace the perpetrators.

so is this


Well kek is spreading like wildfire online

and this

and that directly feeds us power
good job guys

>being intimidated
Fucking cuck


>implying low quality posts aren't the true cancer of every board

and THIS

Perception is reality

So lets make perception great again



>everything is balanced out by its opposite, and everything is connected. there are no accidents and there never have been. we are each the universe experiencing itself. even emotions have their opposing balances.

I completely agree with you. We are SIMULTANEOUSLY one yet different in our oneness in much the same way that the waves of an ocean are one with that ocean but are also unique in and of themselves in that each wave has its own shape, speed and size. I think that's pretty neat.


read principia discordia and liber null and psychonaut

feels Shadilay, brother

How French of you to do that

Choose the narrow gate anons

>2 post per week

How do you even constrain yourself when there is so much shit on here that needs a fucking reply?

How do you go without the you´s?

I can suggest some other eye openers

this bitch starred in a vid singing the swedish national anthem while fucking a nigger on the swedish flag a few months before this happened
the universe gets its due in time, invite evil into your life and that's what you'll get

Agreed. Let's fuck shit up, bruh!

You are asking dangerous questions user. Are you sure you want to go there?

There is no coming back and its one, long ride my friend.


why is jesus such a dick?
why didnt he make the door bigger?
is it not enough to carry a cross for him, but you also have to shimmy it through that fucking doorway?
also, some big reward! a garland.

In Kek we trust

Much obliged, Ameribro!

48 million children learning about the frog god

this, be aware that knowledge is a dangerous thing to your sanity
ignorance is bliss
do you want the burden of having to stand on your own two feet like a human or the blissful existence of a cow being led to slaughter
your choice
neither is inherently better or worse, but I think most of us here would laugh in your face irl if you chose the second, if not worse

>Moving knives
>ponds of acid
>German peasants in 1940's

What the fuck am I reading ?

knowledge should be shared
don't let them immanentize the eschaton
u gon git your mind blown today if you read those, I promise

I would say that it just proves that when society works to deny free thought all over, ultimately all of that propaganda will fail in the face of true freedom.
The reason Cred Forums even shows a bit of success is that people are forced to actually defend their positions when they argue here, so when they're attempting to subvert the truth it quickly comes out. Also, you can't attack the source here because the source is just another user, so just digging up dirt can't be used like it is all the time outside of here to distract people.

Only through intense struggle and endless searching can one change enough to truly escape the snares of our degenerate modern lives.

The true reward is within.

holohoax bro
it's not real
they sure do come up with some sick shit though

no matter the destination it is in the journey, spiritually

It wasnt the same woman but yeah a white bitch did get raped and murdered

Nu will bring the nu-males back into our fold as newfags, to help create our new world

this is why I follow Kek, not Joshua of Nazareth aka Jewish Buddha

I've been here from the start but I only contribute by shitposting one per week.
Do I count?

this is for britbro if he's still here
churchill knew what he did after the war

can any of you guys explain reality to me or some resources to start with

get on my level, i've been here since 2001

Woah wait a second.

Pewdie pie is now sending subliminal Keks?

Those neets...They have nothing to do.

it was, tho
we researched it here as it happened

blz stahp bosting dis mab

has been for a while, something in him broke about two months ago and he started helping us

>knowledge should be shared

I completely agree with you. I copy and paste many of my posts about meme-magic onto many different threads on Cred Forums, because people MUST KNOW this shit even if they don't believe it. It's not about me convincing anyone to believe anything, it's about me SPREADING THE INFORMATION. KNOWLEDGE SHOULD ALWAYS BE FREE. We need to be empowered. We have the power. I do NOT care if people get sick of me posting the same shit over and over again, because it's gonna keep happening. It'll keep happening. I encourage other people to also copy and paste my posts WITHOUT GIVING ME CREDIT because the message is more important than the messenger.

>don't let them immanentize the eschaton

I won't.

>u gon git your mind blown today if you read those, I promise

I believe you.

Feels good mane

GLR was an American hero

"The Holographic Disclosure" is a good place to learn. Remember to assume it is all lies.

you're the second person to tell me that in thread
leftist shills get to it?

stop posting racist maps you bigot

If you have 2 people in a room, one that is "healthy" and one has "spastic disorders" and "deafness" ad "blindness"

I tell both subjects to please hit themselves in the head

The "healthy" one does so right away, but the other subject does nothing

ninety minutes late the other subject goes into a "spasm" and both of their hands brush and strike their head and body several times.

but we're all one and reality doesn't exist, right?

gott mit uns
I wish you much luck on your journey. Guard against obsession, it is the enemy of the magician.
take carroll's warnings seriously, especially about the augoiedes

>J E W S
>_ _ _ T
>D I E

Would you like to know more?

Nah it was just proven to be some other swedish girl

Show me proof and ill believe you but I have never seen any and I dont believe you at all

exit bag
I'll keep that map just because you did that
(unless you were joking, I can't even tell anymore)
>pic is of Carthaginian coins, they were not black and neither was hannibal no matter what the KANGZ say

I don't have any
on the strength of your image and the fact I have no hard proof I believe you and retract my argument

'Reality' is a hologram and a fractal. A phantom.
What people call 'mainstream science' has been hijacked by politics, religion and corporations - yet even mainstream science acknowledges that atoms are made of empty space. Furthermore, mainstream science acknowledges that no atom ever touches any other atom. This means that no object ever touches any other object. Your feet are made of atoms and the ground is also made of atoms, but an atom never touches any other atom because electrical forces repel them, so technically your feet are not on the ground. Appearances are ALWAYS deceptive!

>tfw we are the illuminati

Is Cred Forums the Illuminati?

This, I really don't contribute that much to the cause.
I create a meme here and there, like pro-trump comments on social media/youtube and dislike anti-Trump ones and vote on online polls but that's it.
I guess I should do more memes for the /cfg/ threads.



no one really is
this should be an example of synchronicity to you though, the thread is full of them

>Invent fantastical stories that normies somehow believe
>Can't write movies for shit and rely on white racists

Jews are an absolute parasite.

i guess my end of the bargain is finished.
one million souls gift wrapped yet here i am without my prize. i wonder how much longer i will wait?

Thanks. Godspeed, my friend.

>64 posts by this ID


of course they are
they were also the only ones allowed to practice usury in the middle ages, they've been doing this a long time

>"You must still have chaos in your heart to give birth to a dancing star!"
- Nietzche

spells lose power the more they are cast.
this was a big reason to write in code.


Remember that doing memetic warfare is something very different to anything the world has seen before. Many have tried but our techonological platforms have made this possible.

Being anonymous means that any ad-hominem attacks to us are impossible. To dox us is impossible. Attacking the leader hardly does anything to us, because there's no leader to begin with. The closest thing to it are high quality posters sharing their ideas. Their memes.

You can't aim to the head here.

Every big idea has some mysticism on it. Any religion have done it, any influence group has it too, like Mason's Great Architect, Illuminati's All Seeing Eye.
Having Kek, the ancient god of chaos is merely a fancy way to represent how we channel our ideals: Channeling the chaos that anonymity gives us to achieve our goals. As I've said, that's our strong point.

I wonder if that notion of non-existant-leadership can get us closer to an ideal society. Such a society was the democratic dream as thought by the ancient Greek, after all.

based polish

Let's make the world great again!

that's not entirely true
if they are cast properly, by those who control their belief and can apply it properly, they are even stronger
if performed in front of, told to, or otherwise found out by people not in on the cosmic joke, their disbelief acts against you in an extremely strong manner
this is why you will never succeed in irrevocably proving magic, especially to people who don't believe at all and actively throw it away
interestingly enough the endpoint of atheism, philosophical nihilism, arrives at the exact same conclusions as us, simply without the upsides

memes are dangerous

pepe the frog becoming a hate symbol is clear that the power has got out of hand and could have serious consequences around the glove

we should give up memeing, it's dangerous. At the very least we should be careful about the memes that are encourages and the ones that are shunned

Cred Forums is a decentralized affinity group, a la post leftist anarchism
so yeah, what you said

Oy vey.

you are close but are horribly wrong about some things

I am now going to do my best to trigger everyone in the thread. Focus all that hate on the ones that deserve it.

ideally write out what you want to happen to them
do not use the word want, use the word will
remove all repeating letters
then arrange them in a way that does not immediately suggest the meaning
either stare at it with total hate, or easier, fap and look at it when you orgasm

What we call 'the world' is an infinitely small frequency band. It is not solid as most people think it is, because the atoms that compose 'the world' are made of empty space. Furthermore, 'the world' as we know it does not even exist 'out there' - it exists only 'in here' and is projected by us only when we tune in to it. What we call 'ghosts' are beings that are so close to our frequency band that they can 'bleed' through like a form of broadcasting interference. A radio accurately tuned to a radio station frequency will produce a clear, sharp reception with no interference, but when the dial is slightly off-centre, another station or stations can be heard alongside the main one. What we call 'ghosts' are based on the same basic principle. To us, a 'ghost' would not look solid - but to that 'ghost', WE are the ones who would not look solid. Most of the beings in this frequency band do not perceive anything outside of this frequency band and most of the beings in other frequency bands do not perceive anything in this frequency band. There are an infinite number of frequency bands and they all share the same space usually without interfering with each other.


this is the thing the normies outside this place struggle to understand, we're the Alpha Legion of shitposting

Post real quotes not fake ones

bill's not the only pedo btw

the necronomicon is not real. it is an invention of hp lovecraft. Perhaps Antecedents of Dwemer Law?


I make mistakes sometimes. Only human after all.
as for the webm I dunno what he thought would happen

either would work
you do not understand how magick functions, you can summon fictional characters, everything is belief



hate niggers



They're just witch hunting. Let them be.

I think the most enraging part about these is the sheer callousness with which they do it

It was a very common rumor with a few shitty memes connecting a vague facial similarity

It was just too huge a coincidence to have that famous actress ride a bus and get raped/killed by a real life version of her actor friend

Irony does happen, just unfortunately, I severely doubt this case was that ironic.

The point still stands though: white women welcome in violent rapists and then pay the consequences. They are like children running wild and breaking things without strong men to lead them

that's fine, but if Cred Forums or reddit starts a dangerous meme or a bad meme there could be real world circumstances that would alter the course of history for the better or worse...
more likely worst

here's one camera angle I have of hillary's collapse for those who haven't seen it. Does this look like pneumonia to you?

They live in the normal world and adapt their thinking to it so they can't understand how online media really works. If you've been here a while you probably have no social filters blocking your view and you see how it really works. A retard with experience will beat a retard less experience.

The jews are the illuminati

We are the servants of greater gods restoring balance to the universe

there is no we



Wait.. Did he purposely put the kid in there?

All we need is free speech and humanity will eventually fix itsself

when you read it like that it feels different. :^)


Yes, well done Cred Forums, well done indeed...


but still leave

and that's all she wrote bros
good thread but it's gonna die soon
gott mit uns

I'm just an old fashioned necromancer. Words of power to press things. What is this "magick"?

Don't be afraid. Think as these memes as something necessary in order to balance what's happening on the other side.

The owners of the "official opinions" think diversity is a good thing because it would mix the good qualities of every ethnic group.
We think otherwise, because we're seeing evidence that it's not working. But the owners of the "official opinions" are too much into their own idealism to change their opinions the easy way.

And here's another advantage of being social outcasts. Not being too much into one opinion allows people to be more realist and insightful. For once, we're using the fact we're that group of "childless men who masturbate to anime" for our favor.

When mass media try to censor us, it's just them showing they don't want balance, and labelling all opinions outside the official ones as hate speech is the perfect excuse.

It's 100 million visits, not 100 million individual people.

Population of Cred Forums is only around 150,000

I completely agree with you.

>not sure if shit posting...
a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

why do faggots misuse this word so much?

I agree, Schlomo.
chaos magick
git ard magick
magick without filler text
read this if you want to know how
*your way still works though*

for those who actually read this it was written in 1987
when you read the chapter on aeonics you'll see why I said that