We have a traitor amongs our ranks, Cred Forums, what do?

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He's trying to link Hillary to a hate symbol. He's just one of Trump's pawns in his 45D chess game.

If that's not proof of her racist ties, I don't know what is.

Seems like we will have to add a "Night of the Long Knives" to the TO-DO list after the election.

sounds more like damage control. everybody knows that you can't take shit back from the internet. Once it's out there, you don't own it, even the creator doesn't own it. Voting for shillary doesn't turn meme into shit, he just chose to become a cuck in exchange of not to be accused of racism

pic unrelated, an Eesti girl

What a shit tier """"girl"""". Moments like this is why I'm happy to live in Finland.

Kek existed since eyptian time.
He only designed the modern image. And its Good hes a cuck because now he will be rejected because kek is the One that should be praised not this Comic drawrer fag

>A shit cartoonist, with gay tendencies, votes for Hillary

Looks like the exact opposite of good'ol Ben

>complaning that estonian girls are ugly compared to finnish

this is a fucking joke of the year. your somali nigresses have nothing compared to eastern european girls, who are constantly praised for being most beautiful women in the whole world. fuck off with your fat feminist cows. I don't even hate finland but I just won't be taking shit from any of finnish posters

moot is such a faggot.

>bragging about being eastern european

Eesti is fine tbqh. Finland just happens to be a superior version of your country.

>Creator of evil white supremacist imagery votes for Hillary Clinton

finland also happens to have a shitty geopolitical location which means no one really wants to conquer finns anyways, thus you ppl always have it easy and you can enjoy becoming welfare-cucked fat americans, except with the added bonus of suicidal tendencies, autism and depression

Exactly. Feels pretty good.

although it does do a little good to be humble sometimes, the shitty attitude will pay you back sooner or later, but for now I don't really care much more, because most of the time when me and my friends talk about finns, I pity them, so joke's on you.

I hate to say this, but you are all dumb as stones.

Just because one's parents are fucking retards does not mean one cannot achieve greatness.


smartest post in the whole thread, fuckin thank you lõuna-aafrika

Fins have severe autism.


He didn't create shit, he merely got caught in the middle of it.
Our Pepe today has barely anything to do with the '""original''".

>Finland and Estonia fighting
Most irrelevant thing that has ever happened ever.

>Matt Furrie is a monumental faggot

Well ain't that surprise of the fucking century.


His last name is "furry"...

Please, Jesus... let me off this ride...

Thanks Estonia.

We created pepe, he just drew him.

>Fennoswede, A FUCKING LEAF and DUDE WEED LMAO-the country trying to insult me

Stay mad. Finnish people are the most powerful race in the universe and you can't do anything about it.

>pepe "creator"
As if anyone owns maymays

>Creator of racist icon is voting for candidate that referred to black people as super-predators


Nazis voting for Hillary, what else is new.


Well pepe first appeared in some cartoon. So there is someone that owns it



>there are anons who think pepe was created on Cred Forums
Sure is new everywhere on this board

Funny the "creator" was never vocal when fucking loli and "cake" posters used it a lot.
"Feels good man".

Fucking faggots.

That was before the hyper-war Mikko

Who the fuck cares, we praise KEK not facebook frog

You will forever be considered our Disneyland Eesti.

this is worth reading.
its pretty funny.

Trump Is Right About ‘Stop and Frisk’

Trump Turns Away 12,000 at Tuesday’s Florida Rally – Same Amount as All of Hillary’s Rallies Since July

‘She Would Put the Oval Office Up for Sale’


superior aesti girl coming through