Pepe is becoming a world wide celebrity now.
Here's just a sample...Frog is "grenouille" in French.

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Of course those fucking media bastards are demonizing him..

he's everywhere..

and another


For me the most amazing thing is how the media copies each others little quirks of language, like referring to him as "Pepe The Frog", even across languages. These derps live in their own little bubble.

pepe didn't deserve this.

A fucking lit cartoon frog!
How on earth can people be this fucking retarded



>Pépé la grenouille


What's next? Are normies actually dumb enough to fear a meme frog?

we make billions on the illegal meme market


>pepe le moko
>pepe le pew

anymore pepe of note?
>pepe la grenouille


They're going to take your pepes away. They're serious. I have proof but Cred Forums won't let me post it because they shill for the CTR.

Watch out, Pepe! Don't let those Frenchies eat your legs!

Pepe la rana.

>that feel when you were there during the Pepe market boom
>that feel when you sold all your Pepes and caused the market to crash
>that similar feel right now of the market slowly rising again

It's a good time to invest in memes my friend.

They fear whatever buzzfeed tells them to fear.

This is getting out of control.

This whole thing is getting out of control.

>Pepe la grenouille

>About 4 days ago ask a French girl I like to draw me a smug-pepe-wizard.
>Now she probably thinks I'm an alt-right racist.

Did I anger Kek by mentioning pepe to the uninitiated?

But Denmark. That is his name.

Лягyшoнoк Пeпe

>le meme
Literally 9gag: the country

this is on snapchat today too

World famous baby!

Cred Forums, winner of the meme awards every year.

>non-governemental organisation said...

Who cares?

>that feel when

if meme is pronounced 'meem' why isn't pepe pronounced peep?

Meme isn't a french word, Pepe is a french name.

You all niggers should start making sigils and altars to support Kek, because they are using the reject and hate of the plebs to fight agaisnt him.


Meme is a french word. It means same

Hi could you explain to me what pepe is and why it's important, thank you

hey, it's the same text as

Look up the owners of your media, they're jews.

The meme we use is a term made up by Richard Dawkins as a culture equivalent to a gene.

Pepe is a hypocoristic from the name José, and it comes from Josepe, which is the old form of José, in Spanish. In Italian is Peppe from Giuseppe.

It's a french word but it is pronounced maym, it would sound awkward in english so it is pronounced meem

Kek at the two books.

The first one is titled: "Will church bells still ring tomorrow? The truth about islamisation of France" (by a former politician)

The second is "A mandate for nothing - Chronicle about the war of civilisation"

Everything is going well in France as you can see.

>tfw I thought Greninja was a mix of "Grenadier" and "Ninja
>tfw "Grenouille" changes everything

Laughed harder than I should have.

>tfw pepe is now normie-proof

>(...) one of the most famous internet meme since the end of the 2000s
Quality journalism.

how fucking dense are you
xy are set in poke-france

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha shit those guys are fucking idiotics , you know what we should do after the US election ? start a new coffee and wait until those libtards will go full "coffee is patriarchy , racism , biggotery" and watch how they will force themselves to stop drinking coffee.
Then we should do the same with any products until they understand that they're controlled by a bunch of idiots who shit in their mouths.
True redpill for normies.

wtf did you just type you barely literate fucktard? everyone who tried to read that abomination is now dumber for it.


that is some choice EU education you got going there pierre

This is what happens when Baby Boomers try to use a computer.

oh that flag , go smoke some weed with trudeau you autist.

>unironically fighting a divine plague

>hurr you should know French
>because . . . .
>German humor
Also, it's set in Kalos, fyi, not France.

Is that really the same girl?

How rearded was the person who made this image? Vegans get all the protein they need.

wtf dat albino



>normies love coffee shops
>normies can't mention "coffee" in public without sounding like a White Supremacist®


>le pepe

why are French SO cringeworthy?

That phenomenom apparently made international news. We also have had couple of articles about this whole pepe thing.

Kalos is Kalos.
France is France.
You can't grasp that? It's based on France, but it's not France. Why are you angry?

Don't drink all that urine just yet Benito
It's only starting

The media has basically turned into a Cultural Marxist Jewish CircleJerk.

>white supremacists appropriate human language and iconography
>human language and iconography are racist

Made me chuckle


There's a huge frog statue in a neighbouring island

I'm gunna make a pilgrimage to pray for trumps victory

Pepe makes headlines in Poland too


>Zaba Pepe