Is there any real apocalyptic scenario that could wipe out most of the planet ?

Is there any real apocalyptic scenario that could wipe out most of the planet ?

>tfw i just want all of society to break down completely so only real things matter

Probably not.

Humans could very easily survive any large scale extinction event the earth has seen before. It could easily survive both a Yellowstone eruption and the detonation of every warhead on the planet.

It would take something truly horrible to end all life. Like Armageddon tier (the movie) it would take like a Texan sized asteroid to annihilate everything.

Or some really advanced Ayys that just want to snuff us out for fun.

What about super bugs ?

.... full scale nuclear war, obviously you dumb shit

Yellowstone is pretty real but the likelihood of it erupting is extremely low. Also the survival rate would be high if you aren't retarded. Besides that, maybe nuclear war?

Foreign object collision, massive nuclear exchange.

Anything else and there would still be humans living underground with geothermal/nuclear power farming mushrooms and bugs.

There's enough of us that the sheer amount of genetic variation makes it unlikely that one single disease could wipe out every single person on the planet. Plus, the solution would be easy: put a bunch of people on an island somewhere and sink all the boats that arrive. At least a few million would survive.

to save our mother earth from any alien attack

If Zika turns into a global pandemic the human race is over. Longevity will become the main priority as humans will no longer be able to reproduce. Of course without birth control there will be hordes of Zika babies that will need to be culled. It's pretty scary in my opinion.

Yellowstone's super volcano.
Space rock impact.

Would be like a squashed head zombie apocalypse

Chernobyl nearly wiped out all of Europe, and would've done if the second explosion hadn't been prevented. Much of the area is a helluva lot less volatile now, but all it takes is one dumb asshole to try it again, low safety to cut costs.

a super-flu + the very real and present danger of super-bacteria.

Basically our only real weapon against bacteria has been rendered useless by 3rd world countries abusing antibiotics, giving bacteria a chance to build resistances.

All the more reason to glass the fuckers.

you're gonna kill all the birds too?

OP said wipe out most of the planet.

There's a big difference between something that causes humans to go extinct and something that causes society to break down and ~90% of the human race to die.

A massive nuclear exchange would fit the bill of society collapsing, but only if it were truly all nuclear powers firing all nuclear weapons in a massive WW3 scenario.

A foreign object collision could fit either scenario, depending on how big it was.

imagine aliens coming to earth to find a bunch of tiny headed monkey tribals camping out in the ruins of skyscrapers and airplanes

Gamma ray burst

>second explosion
user, I

Okay, N. M. Rothschild.

these two. some sort of asteroid but more likely an effective virus or bacteria. Just like how the population of ant colonies is basically regulated in the amazon by disease we will be regulated by disease.

i live in florida, holding out hope for matthew to knock me into the atlantic

Is any of this likely to happen in the next 50 to 60 years ?

>living just far enough in East TN to have the lowest ash rating



If you seek the ending of this word and birth of a new, white one... seek that which is under the left foot of the Sphinx.

>Chernobyl nearly wiped out all of Europe

Go on. Tell us more.

Your mom awakens from her ancient slumber

Eta Carinae.
Give it a look and all your fear of talking to that cute girl will go away, i promise you

>Toba eruption
>Giant asteroid
and more likely
> Arctic Methane Bomb

Hmm made me think...

>Eta Carinae.

A typical core collapse supernova at the distance of Eta Carinae would peak at an apparent magnitude around −4, similar to Venus. A hypernova could be five magnitudes brighter, potentially the brightest supernova in recorded history (currently SN 1006). At 7,500 light years from the star it is unlikely to directly affect terrestrial lifeforms, as they will be protected from gamma rays by the atmosphere and from some other cosmic rays by the magnetosphere. The main damage would be restricted to the upper atmosphere, the ozone layer, spacecraft, including satellites, and any astronauts in space. At least one paper has projected that complete loss of the Earth's ozone layer is a plausible consequence of a supernova, which would result in a significant increase in surface UV radiation reaching Earth's surface from the Sun. However this would require a typical supernova to be closer than 50 light-years from Earth, and even a potential hypernova would need to be closer than Eta Carinae.[123] Another analyses the impacts and also discusses more subtle effects from the unusual illumination, such as possible melatonin suppression with resulting insomnia and increased risk of cancer and depression. It concludes that a supernova of this magnitude would have to be much closer than Eta Carinae to have any type of major impact on Earth.[124]

Eta Carinae is not expected to produce a gamma-ray burst and its axis is not currently aimed near Earth, but a direct hit from a gamma-ray burst could cause catastrophic damage and a major extinction event. Calculations show that the deposited energy of such a gamma-ray burst striking the Earth's atmosphere would be equivalent to one kiloton of TNT per square kilometer over the entire hemisphere facing the star, with ionizing radiation depositing ten times the lethal whole body dose to the surface.[125]

Nukes on the whole world

Might not be the Eta Carinae, but a focused gamma burst could still fuck our shit up from another point of origin. That's the only fucking scenario that keeps me wake at night.

Only the hemisphere facing it though. So it's like a 50-50 chance that if that ever happens, you'll be totally fine on the other side of the Earth.

>a fucking death ray of gamma radiation burns 50% of the atmosphere and all living life on one side of the planet
We'll be good on the other side bro, I WOULDN'T WORRY ABOUT IT.

>Yellowstone/super volcano eruption
>Nuclear War
>Society collapsing due to economic collapse
>Biological Warfare/Diseases
>Deep space impact
>Large scale society uprising in general could ruin a country

Believe it or not there's actually a few very real possible scenarios.


we could be wiped out in a heartbeat and we'd never see it coming, although the people on the dark side may have a more agonizing time

all the same things would matter OP.