Women btfo

why do women age like milk?

I'd like to see a curve for childless women.

they all go downhill from age 25

If it werent for make up many of the young ones wouldnt be pretty either

I am colorblind and hate your image's choice of colors

Also sage

who did they poll for this? why did they all lie?

I´d like to see a wasted pussy by age graph

Women have much thinner skin than males so when their delicate skin gets burned by UVB rays from excessive tanning, it has an even more detrimental effect.

>a 20yo woman is hotter than a 15yo woman
yeah, right

Because sexual instincts tell you to be attracted to women capable of healthy reproduction and most women lose fertility around 40.

Men on the other hand are capable of reproduction at any age so long as they can get it up. So the instincts are different.

To be honest women should stay high up until like 45 then it should be a steep drop downwards, I've seen milfs i'd rather fuck than 18 year olds.

There are only 10% of people pretending not to find 15yo attractive in spite of constant pedomania hysterics.

how many of those MILFS wear make up? oh yeah all of them. Fake teeth, hair extensions, wasted loose pussy, fake tits, wrinkled skin ... nah man a 18 years old is better

Women are done by the time they are 30+

women have no biological-reproductive role past the age of 25. Evolutionarily-speaking, they are there only to be grandmothers and nomadic grazers for nuts and berries and gossiping to fine-tune the social landscape of the less-than-150-people-at-maximum community we have evolved to inhabit and mentally navigate.

oh so thats why you let muslim rape your women? cause they are of not use anymore?

Nah, throw them into the bin as soon as you manage to squeeze 3 kids out of her

Hold up are you saying i look best when iam 40 and almost bald?

No you look attractive when you have a Benz in your garage.

>have a 17 years old cousin female
>she looks 30 without makeup

good lord

i have a set of 11 years old cousin and these are hands down the years in which a female is the most beautiful naturally

15yo girls are basically as pretty as they can get and the most fertile

exactly. Baldness makes you sexier.
Being older means you can grow a better beard
Childish facial features fade away

>a set of cousins
Is a set the common terminology for a litter of roaches?



are you telling me that i have still 20 years to get better? at least some hope.

I don't think it's that they age like milk, it's just that men are wired to find women in their prime more attractive since female fertility is bound to it.

Men produce sperm their entire lives and gain knowledge and confidence as they age, which is why they peak in their 30's-40's.

ITT: Pedophiles.

> who did they poll for this? why did they all lie?
I've seen girls whose tits didn't achieve their full potential until late teens. For that reason alone I believe that trend.

11 huh

So 70% of the population of 15 year old males is attractive, and almost 100% of 17-18 year old girls are attractive?

>Chinese developing breasts.

All women just have daddy issues therefore prefer older men.

No, the graph talks about the attractiveness potential and their PEAK/PRIME. Up to 70% of males reach their prime when they are 15 whereas most women reach theirs when they are 15.

You add more and more muscle to your face as you age...This helps men a lot

You're right, but we have some poos and malays here too.

oops sorry I am confused now. I think you are right. I dont know.

It means that at 15, a man is at 70% of his attractiveness power-level. He reaches 100% at 40-45.
Whereas a woman is at 100% of her attractiveness at 20 and she just gets steadily less attractive from then on.

Although I do have to put forward the proposition that this is because women and men mean different things when they say "attractive".
When a man says "That girl is attractive" he means she has nice tits and ass and looks fertile and he would like to dick her.
When a woman says "That man is attractive" she means that he looks rich and she would like him to spend all that money on her, and if she has to spread her legs to get the money spent on her then fine, I guess.

So it's not that balding men at 40-45 look sexier. It's that balding men at 40-45 look richer.