Men CAN Be Raped By Women

Here, I hope this will end all doubts.


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is it safe to click?

Also how can people seriously doubt that, anyone having sex with you when you obviously do not want to have sex nor have the ability to resist is rape

yeah its just weird as fuck

Yes, but be warned it's not pretty and the guy probably did an hero because of the humiliation

I don't think his dick was even out

No penetration no rape deal with it :^)

>a fat chick rapes you while passed out
That ironically sounds better than been awake while a fat chick rapes you

And then your friends chuckle and grin whenever you're near for the rest of your miserable life, and everyone else loses respect for you because that's how society is geared towards men who get raped, gg no re


>that's how society is geared towards men who get raped,
get over and stop sounding like a whining nigger

>it's a fat chick

Surprise, surprise.

While in the Air Force, I recall two incidents of female on male sexual assault. Both were big girls. One entered a male's dormitory and basically rode him while he was out and the other was a young lady who had a guy up against the wall with her hand down his pants.

>was a young lady who had a guy up against the wall with her hand down his pants.

Man up, it's not rape when woman does it.

She was built like a linebacker.

she's a big girl

Everyone knows that. The woman just has to be ugly is all. Pretty females who rape men shouldn't even be punished at all. It makes no sense to make something a crime when it doesn't hurt anyone, just for equality's sake.

Women are obviously affected by rape by men on a scale incomparable to when men are raped by women. There's nothing wrong with sexist laws sometimes. The reality of the situation should come before political correctness.

You say that like it's a bad thing. I'd like to be that man in the moment, just not after because you'd be shit talked to oblivion.

anything can be raped by anyone. it's just a question of determination

what are you smoking, linebackers have naturally large builds, she's built like a pile of mashed potatoes.


for you

if it's a pretty girl and she """rapes"""" you, would it be rape?

unless you're gay or something

tfw i for you 1 second later than you

are you me?

yeah no I am not clicking this
make a webm or gtfo

And a bitchboi that gets raped by a woman is probably better off if they accept their place in life. Maybe she will use a strapon next time. It is better than being a faggot twink, though she may insist on watching that sometime

If you don't want it it's rape.

wtf, it's only rape if you're attracted?

Pretty girls are incapable of rape.

t. Someone who sometimes catfishes as a sexually aggressive pretty girl (someone please tell me to stop this, its consuming my life!)

Sure. If a handsome guy rapes a girl, is it still rape?

Of course not.

i mean, most guys allways want to have sex regardless of the situation.

girls are difficult and like to pretend they are on top (the boss) in terms of access to their vagina.

They'll still sleep around, but they try to pretend they have some decency/integrity.

Rape should only be considered rape when

>Fisical damage

Then thing is that if you use condom, don't have STDs and you lube it well there's no rape involved.

With man is different as the anus is not made for sex but the vagina is.

If you're gonna do it at least harvest money out of the horny fucktards.

How about if you get pegged?
No matter the attractiveness, it's rape.

>tfw im really just looking for attention
>thats right, i do it for free

>Some fat chick stuck herself on your dick while you were passed out
Honestly, unless she has STDs, what is the issue?

Of course they can.

It just gets brushed off usually because a lot of people hold stupid double standards.

I mean, if a pretty girl pegs you and you're into that, then whats wrong with that?

as long as she warms up on you and use a significant amount of lube / proper stretching, then it's okay.

if it's abrupt and forced then it's p much rape, as you physically injure the rectum

Put she did have STDs user, she had all the STDs.

>Men CAN Be Raped By Women
I never said they couldn't, only dumb niggers, kikes, and useful idiots think they can't.

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So your sister and your mum were in the Airforce together?


Yeah but make sure you have a tissue to cum on ready

That link name. Never clicking.

Dafuq? This guy obviously passed out.
So he couldn't give consens for any form of sexual act.
So it's rape.
Or do we now give women another extra treat? That's how we give them superiority placing them out of reach of laws but we have to bow down in front of them you pathetic fucks. Is /pol now full of b/tards permavirgins whos only chance to fuck women is being raped by them. Dang boy.
We gave women power over men by giving them sexuality it's the only thing nearly every men let's off his guard, it turns them into brainless fuck toys instead of making women our fuck toys.

that fat cunt, always

>I-its not the s-same! haha
fuck off feminist.

Men can't be raped shitlord

if a fat ugly bitch mounted me in my sleep id gouge her fucking eyes out

i have standards...rape is rape

if i wouldnt fuck em while im awake i dont want it while im asleep.

Women here.

Men are all disgusting pigs

Pretty hot desu. Think I found my new fetish.

God here
humans are all disgusting pigs


no, he's right
what are you gonna do? go "haha, yeah, it happens :D" every time someone brings it up? do you think people would think better of you?

its not rape..... it's theft

She stole his sperm without his permission

Some parts of the US it works like this

If both the man and the woman is drunk, it still counts as the man raping the woman.

spread this on tumblr, and watch all the landwhale feminists shit themselves

I was a man who was raped by a woman, I still feel disgust when I think about it and rage over it.

So men can handle alcohol intoxication better than women?
You must have a strong mind to be tolerant to drugs an their effects.
So man are better at having control over their minds and bodies.
So again women are inferior to man.
Don't feminist see their paradox bullshit:
Women are equal to men.
But to achieve this equality we have to give women extra rights, because women are weak and man strong.
So woman are weaker than men and not equal to them, with all their bullshit their putting women down.
The suffragettes would kill themself if they could see what feminism turned into.

Confucius say: better shitty sex than no sex

Women getting raped:
Oohh poor women they must be better protected against these evil men they are all dirty pigs.
Men getting raped:
What this pathetic being claims to have been raped? By a woman? Hahhahahaha lolololololol
Rape? Mor like a gift. Do men not want to get desired by women?