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and it shattered a wristbone after going through everything else

and another bullet was found on a hospital stretcher, barely mangled, as if "it were shot into cotton wadding"

I don't know the correct terminology but the bullet was designed to flow through flesh without impacting.

Also, the bullet had metal chunks lodged off of it and tiny metal chunks from the same bullet were found in the car that was the exact weight of what the bullet was missing.

They say a secret service agent accidentally fired a shot hitting kennedy.

back, and to the left
>back, and to the left
back, and to the left

That's almost as bad as a hockey player scoring on his own goal.

Irrelevant. The exit wound was on his forehead. He could've wobbled up to space and that wouldn't change anything.


Stop trying to slide, fag


Jews, yet again.

Fuck off, talking about politics gets boring. I miss conspiracy theory Cred Forums.

The dumb fucker deserved it.

I'm the one that posted "Magneto was just trying to save him"

I'm redoranguard-skyrimbattles




JFK was more alp/fa/ than you faggots could ever dream to be. He was decades ahead of everyone in terms of style and personality.

I feel for his wife, can't imagine how bad that must have fucked her up, having your husbands brains splattered all over you.

JFK was too young, shallow, dumb and incompetenent to be president. And nearly plunged the world into nuclear holocaust. If it was for the Russians level-headedness both countries would have evaporated.

>zipperhead education


Jesus fuck is this real?

My bollocks are rising into my body that's actually frightening.

Don't you mean /x/?

He wanted to take on the Federal Reserve

Do you honestly think that's a real quote?

That bullet was fired by one gun (oswald)
The Carcano rifle rounds aren't your regular fmj round and are designed to do exactly that and they barely warp

That being said the kill shot to his head was not a Carcano round, it was a frangible and is right, it came from the secret service follow car

>it came from the secret service follow car
There is no proof of this. This isn't even one of the leading conspiracy theories.

if you told me that picture was taken yesterday, I would believe it

There actually is
The bullet that killed him was a frangible round like a .223
There were people at ground level that smelt the gunpowder
The bullet that struck his head was not fired by Oswald


>designed to flow through flesh without impacting.

>Test fired into a wrist

would hate to be in the office on that day

the 0:19 mark, shows the moment where America died.