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stop putting women in the damned workforce

get stuff for free, get hit on constantly, sex anytime anywhere they want, get support, dont go bald, dont worry about height , small girls are cute too unlike men, get jobs easier than men, get by in life earning thousands of dollars a months whoring your boobs in youtube or cam sites.

are you ugly? dont worry just use make up, hair extensions, etx

>hurp durp it is so hard to be a women. Just wait till you become 40 darling.

poor gals

Being a weak, mental peace of shit does not make your life harder - it just makes you view your life as harder.

Men commit suicide at a vastly higher rate than women. In fact, I believe in Australia that is the most likely reason for a male between 18 and 35 to die.

>boo hoo my life is so hard because my make-up is just getting too expensive
Fuck women.

>do away with traditional gender roles and the nuclear family
>swap template of loyal, kind, quiet-tempered wife with grrrl power party slut ke$ha image imported from the JewSA
>thereby reducing all value of women down to crass physical sexuality, taking away their role as housekeeper, birthgiver, ect
>demand access to jobs that are too physically/mentally strenuous for them
>surprised when they can't handle the responsibilities THEY asked for and freak out

this is the result of feminism. They wanted the cold realities of being a man, not a coddled and entitled woman, and surprise surprise it's too much for them

>reported a common mental disorder

there's millions of depressed men with vastly more difficult lives keeping their mouths shut about it

They're like refugees and minority welfare bums, they just aren't able to simply be happy with an easy life. They are sado-masochists, they have to hurt or be hurt to be happy.

It's only male whites who can take their welfare cheque and sit on a park bench with their taxpayer funded alcohol and have a good time.

>dont worry about height
what are: high heels?

even when women 'try to kill themselves' they usually fail because its just for attention

Men report it less, shit article

The first sentence contradicts the title.

Report rate is exactly that. Not actual rates of mental health issues. Not level of impairment or distress.

Higher rates of report from females can even mean they seek help more, which means they're better off than men and less of a risk.

>high heels
Do you even give a shit about a woman's height? Does anyone? As long as they're not Jeb's goblin tier they're fine

No, women are just mentally unstable. We've known this for a Millennia.

men just choose more violent methods so are successful more often, eg a woman will try a pill overdose and a man will just throw himself in front of a fucking train

i don't, but they obviously do if they're wearing heels which was my point

>women are more likely to be mentally ill
really makes you think


I'm female, and the only way my life has been hard in any way was when I suffered repeated violence and sexual assault from exclusively black and muslim men that have been forced into my society. The first time happened when I was 13, and after that they plagued me through school and college, and now when I go out I find them to be the worst of men. They seem to think they have an entitlement to white women with blonde hair, and I don't mean saying hello and being polite, I'm not a retarded feminist triggered by wolf whistling and conversation, I'm talking about intimidation and actual aggressive harassment. So in fact, for all my suffering I blame liberals, feminists, SJWs, for creating this pressure in the first place and then for insulting me and looking the other way when bad things happen. They've done it to literally 100,000s of white women, right here in our own countries. In fact, those "Leftists" are the reason I finally left Tumblr and Twitter and stumbled upon this place ...

> One in five women reported a common mental disorder

Fuck off, I guarantee that they are just made up "I is special snowflake gib attention plz" disorders that they self diagnosed with the help of Dr Tumblr.

This, pretty much everything pushed in the media is a recipe for disaster


I read this as
>women are more likely to defraud ssi

Jesus christ

Why do men even pay taxes and participate

The entire society is setup to make them unhappy.

Burn it to the ground start over fresh

Said no woman ever.

I see you're spouting something you heard online one time without thinking about it.
Men both attempt and succeed more at suicide than women, in the US, UK, and Straya.

society would be 10x better if psychology and psychiatry never became widespread

without the DSM people wouldn't blame all their problems on spooks like 'depression', and could maybe get on with their lives

Post tits with time stamp, luv.

Why did men committ suicide at a higher rate than women?

Why are women obsessed with proving that their life is harder?

Quite literally the best sandwich topping with butter

It's all, just, so hard :(

Women don't wear heels to be taller. They wear them to make their legs look longer, their butts tighter, their walk sexier, and show off their feet.

forgot image

Fuck yeah, fairy bread.

>men choose more successful methods

Maybe that's because they don't just donit for attention?

U cheeky cunt

No. They are just mentally weaker.

T. Therapist

Hmm. Insightful

My stateside ptsd is real in my mind.

>women's liberation movement starts
>men's suicide rates sky rocket

Really makes you think

>given womens mens lives
>they literally break down

Pop kek

How much of a fucking idiot are you OP?

Women report more because men are taught that they shouldn't be emotional, and so bottle it up and consequently neck themselves at a far higher rate!

Notice how the suicide rates spiked at the 60's?


No, they're just more mentally frail.

Holy shit look at the droop on that roastie

noticed how men suicide dropped when the internet became popular and they started distracting themselves from their pathetic unsuccessful lives through porn, videogames and basket weaving mongolian boards

>Young woman 'high mental health risk'

I thought this was common knowledge?

basically true, except for the bit about being a woman.

wow suicide rates went up with women rights/civil rights.

>stop putting women in the damned workforce

good idea. they should all be at home, stoned to fucking christ on valium all day every day, vacuuming and shit. like in the good old days

>I believe in Australia that is the most likely reason for a male between 18 and 35 to die.

nah m8 that's getting into a fight with a bogan at a footie match

Let me tell you why women have it harder

A)constant reminder that men are all out to oppress them everyday

B)Constant reminder that they are likely to get raped because one in four myth

C)Constant reminder that what they want to be will always be put down by the Patriarchy

D)constant remainder that who they are is in fact nothing more than a mere construct designed to keep them in line

E)Demolishment of identity


Its common knowledge in the mental health field that men are less likely to seek treatment and many kill themselves or have serious health problems. Go ahead though and keep posting on things you dont know about.

Just don't forget that to every each man there's seven women.

Straya making a comeback.

Yes, it's definitely that they're more sick and not that they're more likely to be hypochondriacs while a man insists his rotting leg and constant tendency to stand on the railings of tall bridges are perfectly fine.

This must be why men that talk to a therapist about their depression are called pussies. It's very effeminate.

What? is this a quiz or something?

I recently read the headline of an article that said that women need on average 10 minutes more sleep per day than men and that is because their brains work more and harder. Guess life is just more exhausting and challenging when you "think" so much more than men, it's easy to understand they would also develop more mental illnesses, considering the constant "load" of their brain.

why was there a high in the 90s, they were good times

No they fucking weren't

Just listen to the music of the 90's

Did Nirvana sound happy to you? Did any rocker sound happy? Did comedians sound happy?

At least if they're fucked on valium they won't be fucking the country in politics

>Just listen to the music of the 90's
Best decade for music apart from the 70's.

Go fuck yourself

Why don't more of you kill yourself.

Look at what you did to society feel some shame and do it.

it would have kept going up without the internet. We men simply stopped caring once we got the ability to jerk off to porn videos and videogames to distract us from reality.
90's music was depressing as fuck, and the fact that it was substituted by hip hop shit and commercial, empty shit in all other genres kind of proves the point. We live in the era of nihilism because when you reject the natural order of the world, there's literally no point to doing anything anyway

>So women DO have harder lives than men, especially the younger ones! The FACTS contradict Cred Forums once again!

The facts show women to have weaker psyches than men and as such are unsuitable for most stressful positions or positions of authority.

Nobody cares, consider suicide

that's what you get with a smaller brain.

See pic.

Wtf why are you so rude?

I am trying to show that the SJWs and the left are the ones responsible for the problem

lol no

nice digits

>mfw cousin says marriage makes women miserable
>say how could that be when they can strip the man of 100% of his assets very easily

I don't know a single female my age or near that doesn't claim to have some kind of mental illness. Most of them have even been """diagnosed""" and take (((medication))) for it.

Women are just kids who never grow up. They go jealous when they see people around them develop and start to become interesting people with varying experiences so, to compete, they decide that there's something 'special' or 'unique' about themselves that they can use as ammo to prove how special and interesting they are to other people. Sometimes this is in mental illnesses, other times it's sexual gratification, usually it's in liberalism.

Guess what, there was other shit than """Grunge""" or depressing music. 90s parties are extremely popular here. Maybe life was better here in Germany, I don't know. I'm old enough to remember those times well and I'd certainly want them back. Besides, back then my town wasn't filled with Turks and Negros.

I don't give a fuck. You can blame it on politics all you want. But if you ever had that thought that genetic replacement of Europeans was a good idea you should blow your fucking head off. Or use a spork or whatever you have after you disarmed your men and surrounded them with hate

Why the fuck do they need to fit in, they're probably more interesting people than the cookie cutter cardboard cutout they're dressing up in whatever new brand hit jc penny's this month

I don't even support that you meanie

That little speech was just a bit too perfect to be true

Slide thread


I woke up in a bad mood then I jumped on Cred Forums to watch a bunch of niggers say they are the kings of Germany.

I really don't feel like being nice, I feel like going to war.

>implying a woman would say that


It's probably all histrionic-like bullshit

Stop trying to be a man, and everything will be fine, that's the fact.
Trying to be something that you aren't isn't a sane way of life, sooner or later you will be depressed.

There are no women on the net, darling, and those brutish animals in the leftist electronic zoos certainly fail to qualify as human let alone female. The sooner you come to terms with this the sooner to can go to /k/ and discuss boy butts and bad dragon dildos like the rest of us.



>Everything a women says is taken seriously
>Women say, "Help I'm being oppressed because he said hi to me"
>New law states saying "hi" is a form of harassment
>Women say, "Help I'm being oppressed because he said I'm wrong"
>Media comes up with mansplaining
>Women say "Help I'm oppressed because i think that guy is a rapist"
>Schools come up with content classes in schools for men only
>Women say "Help, he raised his voice and asked if i cheated on him"
>Cops arrest the guy instantly
>Women say "Help, I think nobody finds me attractive"
>Media comes up with fat acceptance
>Whole world is on women's side
>Sympathy from everyone
>More help services when in danger
>More government pandering to make women feel satisfied
>Being a woman can be the determining factor of getting jobs
>Every demand, accusation or claim they make is treated like the word of god
>When they do face hardship they get more support than anybody will ever give to a man

Women are coddled children. Nothing more.


Literally because they aren't breeding age 18. The long women put off reproduction the more depressed and insane they become.

Nolito speaking the truth.

>be female, get encouraged from a very young age to express feelings
>as a consequence, always seek help and go to specialist with the slightest anxiety
>sometimes cut yourself or take pills to get attention

>be male, get encouraged from a very young age to suck it up
>as a consequence, rarely reach out and seek help
>have four times higher suicide rate than females

>be retarded psychologist, ignore the actual death rate and the bias sex specific differences introduce into the data, conclude women need help a lot more than men
>allocate further resources to women, who already receive a disproportionate amount of mental health spending
>let the state of male mental health further decline

this. they should never have gotten into jobs, let alone positions of power


tfw I survive jumping off a fucking bridge and I see this shit.


its like the old saying 'greasy wheel gets the oil'

I'm happy you survived man and I hope your life will take a turn for the better. Years ago one of my friends killed himself by jumping off a bridge, it still gets me pretty hard.

Thank's man, desu I don't see it going any other way but good keks keep me going.

Well, we all know from the beginning that women are generally dumb and crazy. So its not surprise at all. But this also means that we have ban woman voting and feminism as a form of mental disorder.


>women self-report that they have "anxiety", become a disingenuous figure in bullshit studies like this

>men are 5 (five) times more likely to kill themselves that women; suicide is suicide, it's not left to anyone's interpretation of mental health

>the number one cause of death for men in the UK aged below 55 is suicide

Really makes you think.


Well, probably propaganda, but even if it was true they have choose this path

>Breaking: Women are crazy

Probably why they have it easier in society. They can't cope.


tits or gtfo.

If you have "suffered repeated violence and sexual assaults" then it means that you constantly keep putting yourself in a situation where you are in danger of these things. Stop being a whore and stop burning the coal.

The thing with women is it's always just feels,but never any actual symptoms.

I mean with men they commit suicide or get depressed and completely stop functioning, get erectile dysfunction and other shit... But women, beyond whining they very rarely (relatively) show any change in behViur or physically.

Call me when they start killing themselves nearly as much as men, hell, call me when it's anything more than just whining

Just don't even bother with the NEETs.

>stop treating illness
>illness spreads out

Extacy pill withdrawal.

>and then everybody started clapping

The squeaky wheel gets the grease

Why would an oily wheel need grease?

The grease goes on the loud annoying part.

Women are the loud annoying part, thus they need lube

They are still stoned out on pills user. Now we just are being told to keep changing things till they are happy.

Protip: They are incapable of happiness until people stop babying them. Satisfaction comes from success. When someone else does it for you its not as valuable.

Where is this from?

I don't know whether you're familiar with mindfulness meditation, it helped me a lot with my own problems. It's nothing religious, just a simple technique, that can help you relax and perhaps heal.

If you have the time, check it out or just bookmark it, it will come in handy when you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Ill take the bait,

Well thank you for doing your part as a women who saw the light.

also for Cred Forums its impossible to believe a women can be redpilled so ignore all the shitty replys these people are just trying too hard to fit in but they look like retards in real life.

I personally know many redpilled women the thing is that they get too emotional and is likely to start poping out kids none stop not complaining

the only fucked up part is that they pop out kids with total blue-pilled cucks and they always cheat nomatter how red pilled they are...

its mind blowing for me to see this.

>that ID
thank you for posting that, Chef Fucksy™

>this many (you)'s

wow I should mention more often that I'm in fact a female.

Thanks based Hungarian. I shall.

This, this, and this.

I genuinely don't know what's wrong with """bipolar""" girls. Me, I'm fucked in the head, don't get me wrong. But I know where I come from. I can't fathom from what background these women come from that they're so fucked in the head they get institutionalized and resort to drugs. Must be for attention.

kek be praised

Because mass media and leftists tell them they cannot be fulfilled if they don't have a full time career and don't marry.

Some women do it fine. Many don't.


But working jobs and getting fucked constantly completely screws women up.
It's like sticking your entire foot in a fleshlight. It's useless afterwards.

>I'm female
stopped there nigga

>I was raped, and now I am suffering.

Nobody buys this bullshit anymore.

Men are aware.

You may claim that being sexually abused was wrong, but you probably have rape fantasies.

Women usually talk a certain way, but act completely different.

The fact is sexual assault is over played and over exaggerated by women.

Why are hungarians so based?

>women are retarded and go insane when they don't get attention
>this means they have harder lives than men


manlets ARE cute!!!!!!

inaccurate, men have a higher percentage of mental disabilities because of the weak Y chromosome. this is scientific fact not some glossy magazine shit.

>I personally know many redpilled women the thing is that they get too emotional and is likely to start poping out kids none stop not complaining
>the only fucked up part is that they pop out kids with total blue-pilled cucks and they always cheat nomatter how red pilled they are...

which is why pol thinks they can't be redpilled.

I was posting all my depressing pictures but now I just want to post all of my /ss/...

Heels are for making women's calves more shapely, leaf.

you should kill yourself instead

>Young women 'high mental health risk'

That's a fucking understatement. I think I was going to have an aneurysm just watching those cunts at the mall today. Women should come with a health risk label.

That's not right

Nah m8 women try more odten but men succeeded more
Just like everything else

>women are crazy

oh wow, what news, not like everyone already knew

All of these are things that are said by women to women... So women are literally giving themselves mental disorders by acting like people with mental disorders?

Are you replying to a different thread?

Freedom is slavery!
Dependance is justice!
Work is salvation!
Autonomy is terrorism!

Suicide is THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH for men under 40, and yet the media still goes on and on about "muh poor oppressed womyn". The situation has become a joke. No wonder so many men are going their own way.

Because 99 percent of all females never know, what they want, but in order to succeed, this is crucial.

underrated truth

>work is salvation
Arbeit macht frei

>heroin use is the highest its been ever
>this is do to the gov coming in to stop prescription pill abuse which was the fastest all throughout the last decade
>worse then the 50s
Kike pls

If that's so, that would explain why men are more suitable in the workforce. And leading a government.

Which means Hillary is more suited to just sweeping the White House floor.

Meta analysis of the studies on mental disorders, show there to be no way of valid measuring mental disorders, so you could assume it is acting on both parts. While the Patient takes the role of the mentaly ill, the doctors and nurses take the role of the care giver/shamanen who knows how to cure them.

>what are: high heels?
A device to place a woman's hips in the mating position with buttocks outthrust

men are expected to look strong. Admitting a mental disorder let's you appear weak for many people. I know it's stupid, but thats how it is.

>There was points in my life where I felt like every other teenagers felt, so I need to get attention for it.

Why not do something cool like attempt to kill a croc with your bare hands? Best case you become a fucking legend and no longer need to kill yourself worst case you get what you want. If your all hopped up on bath salts you wont even notice the whole getting eatin alive thing.

I think, what the data suggestes, is women are geneticaly predispossed to have more difficulties, in seperating feelings/emotions from incoming data, than men. This leads them to relay more on a net of social contacts, who help them to deal with it. The net was eroded more and more and now we treat them in institutions instead.

Fuck off
I knew a girl , she was physicality abused by tard dad, molested by cousins , lived in absolutely squalid conditions, she was completely fucked in the head and she managed to pull herself up (for the most part) .

How is that contradicting Cred Forums?
Cred Forums is mostly opposed to feminism to begin with, that's a mental health issue right there.

It is very likley that much of what is discribed in the dsm 5 are in fact chopping mechanisms of humans to deal with problems in their enviorment.