Why are Russians the niggers of the white race?


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shut up you white ass cracka
u just mad cuz we better than u n shiet

because there mainly slavs
ugly slow witted brutes only fit for slavery


Why do you insist on spammnig slide threads?

Kek. Russianbros are my favorite people on this board. Y'all know good bantz.

They arent, jews just turned them into niggers. They will bounce back.

Pic related.

Daily reminder that Russians are scum.

russia dindu nuffin
they a good people bout to get they country back on track
need more rubles for them missiles

... daily reminder that your country is fucked?

>inb4 "yours too"

Yea I know.

Sweden is still healthier than Russia.

Russia was established by Swedish viking though. Whole country came from viking slave traders looking for trade routes.

Well shit, that image gave me flashbacks to some of the shit tier schools I've been studying in.

What is that pile of shit in the middle of those prostitutes?

"Oh, look guys! I'm fit, I don't drink or smoke and I live a healthy lifestyle."
"What's that you say? Countless rapes of women and children?"
"Paying the people who rape your women and children while they don't contribute to the society?"
"Getting cuck at every corner in life?"

"LOL! I'm healthy. I'm better!"


russia, land of the degenerates.
Full of bydło mongoł descendants.
Everyone there resembles more a pile of shit than a human being.

yes it is

Buncha drunk vikings who were busy with raiding Europe while they were raiding Europe can't fucking come out of nowhere and establish a government, they just needed a warlord with experience to tell them how to live on a bigger scale after conquering territories of neighboring tribes. Rus as a government truly was born when Oleg was in charge.


Better watch out or that one finn will show up.
Don't fall for all the Cred Forums memes. Sure, it's shit in Malmö, Helsingborg and ghettos, but not in ordinary cities and towns, especially not on the countryside.


the eternal swede does it again, why am I not surprised. Behind every bad thing in history...

Negative pre-selection

Sunflower seeds

Without Sweden you would be 100% Russian clay. You'll do best to remember that.

Fuck man, I miss school so much

You can't separate us.


Brother? Take me away from here.

How much did you pay to that poor nigger to hold Estonian flag, Sven?

all whites should stick together tho, bashing other white countries is stupid.

inb4 slav isnt white...

Just fucking around, coming up with scams, which construction site has alcoholic guards that you can steal copper at, fighting with other lads from different block schools, stealing coupons from beta cucks in school to get food in canteen, just being part of top brigada was nice you know

*squat on the bench*
*opens a bottle of vodka*
*inject crocodile needle*
*clean up a bit adidas track suite*
*start killing hohols*
*dies in poverty*
*robbed by mafia and oligarchs*
*eat some AIDS*

>inb4 slav isnt white...
You're right, they aren't. You're a slav, aren't you? Either that or a jew.

>*dies in poverty*


smart guy, thinking that a jew would want whites to stick together...

doesnt matter if slav and germanic isnt 100% the same, they are still both white and should stick together vs niggers jews and arabs

calm down jens, you're an idiot

fuck off kike no white on white wwiii

the only ppl who want us vs russia will be gassed if they succede.
along with the terrorists because they will try to be like israel and false flag.

this has been their plan all along
they want to smash israel without getting nuked themselves.

>smart guy, thinking that a jew would want whites to stick together...
Jews want to exterminate the Germanic race (i.e. white). You do realize that having is intermingle with mongrelized filth like slavs will have that effect, yes? They dillute our gene pool. When you label slavs as white, actual white people see no problem breeding with them, and so it begins.

>doesnt matter if slav and germanic isnt 100% the same
That matters, actually. Slavs can't be trusted. And they should not be allowed citizenship in our countries.

>Slavs can't be trusted. And they should not be allowed citizenship in our countries.

>Calling a Swede Jens
If I'm not mistaken, that name is more common in Denmark. Are you an immigrant or a proxy faggot? Because I native would know this.

they look like they are having fun

Cuz they also used to be slaves a long time ago. Moreover, russians drink a lot and behave agressively because of shit life quality in their country

We've had plenty of experience with slavs throughout history. I think it's justified.

Calm down Jamal

holy shit its like a real life version of Cromartie Highschool

> this coming from fucking Churka

They look like my kind of people, personally.
>inb4 nigger, Jew
Blah blah. Learn how to have a little fun.

I guess that's why half of your country works here for food.

Now you're gonna have some with (sand)niggers. I mean, they're a lot better, right? Even Hitler loved Muslims.


This is not far removed from the British public school experience.

>Unironically calling me Jamal when we have an influx of dune-coons, not niggers.
Also, this is the truth. Slavs are not white.

You are but millions. Our unnumbered nations
Are as the sands upon the sounding shore.
We are the Scythians! We are the slit-eyed Asians!
Try to wage war with us—you'll try no more!

Kek, this. I have no idea why Sweden even shows up here. Must be that submission fetish.

sadly our country will go into the shitter with all these arabs and niggers... such a waste

>Hitler loved muslims
Nice meme.
>Now you're gonna have some with (sand)niggers. I mean, they're a lot better, right?
Nope, they're not. I never said that. The other Swede implied that slavs are white, and I called him out on his bullshit. That's what happened. Nothing more, nothing less.

Stop being so butthurt, slav.

Me and my brothers will soon invade your fucking country
20% but who fucking cares? We are talking about russkies

>American flag
I mean, when was your country EVER white?

lol that duck up front looks like Hitler :)

all these pics could pass as serbia tbhfamsmh



Hard times make hard people.

Just look at China and Russia.

Suffered immensely in the casualties unprecedented for their numbers (well maybe not China)

You just can't help but imagine the amount of death and carnage these two nations have seen the weight of it

Except Brazil, that place is a genuine shithole

Oh look, that's the same mentally unstable swedish guy

Daily reminder that Gustavus Adolphus got REKT en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Trzciana

Their slavic genes are making them considered human.
On the other hand, their mongloid admixture makes them human garbage.

>Butthurt polack
Go brush your tooth.

niggers never get hard tho, they are still useless even tho they themselves and others have made their homes a complete misery all the time...

You realize my country has a history of enslaving, whipping, and hanging niggers, right?

And that your country is famous for fucking meatballs and Stockholm Syndrome?

Yeah, quit posting and go take a walk, Jamal and your girl want some private time together.

Better be "google of the white race" than literal google or cuck degenerate like you.

Slavs are not white, period.
It's like asking why niggers are the niggers of the white race. They're not white.

gee i wonder what will happen next tho seeing as whites will be a minority in the future in the US...
(im not that idiot guy u replied to tho)

>You realize my country has a history of enslaving, whipping, and hanging niggers, right?
Breeding with them as well. Started in 1776 if I'm not mistaken. Slave owners used to fuck the slave women, and the woman of the house used the black bulls for sexual pleasure. They were aroused by the notion of being fucked by what they considered to be a wild animal.
>And that your country is famous for fucking meatballs and Stockholm Syndrome?
My country is famous for having the most aesthetically pleasing people on the planet, being paradise on Earth, and being THE science capital of the planet.

Try harder, burgerstains.

That is obviously fucking vocational school

In russia, the dumbest fucks imaginable attend.

go cry somewhere else baltnigger
>get wrecked by poland
>get wrecked by danes
>get wrecked by swedes
>get wrecked by russki

Europe is overrated, everything went shit

I doubt Slavs belong to Europe, that was a mistake

>whites will be a minority in the future in the US...
They're already a minority you oblivious moron. That 62% figure of theirs include people from north-africa, the middle-east and mongrels who look white (people with approximately 5-10% non-white admixture).

too bad we are destroying the best country on the planet with all these niggers and arabs then...

Looking at this.... I can imagine Poland being like underrepresented here
I'm sure like 1 in 10 kids see the dentist, and the stats are for only the kids that see a dentist.
The number is most likely substantially higher than shown

>Go brush your tooth

Alright, I actually laughed at that.

That was half the appeal in saving that gif.

compared to ALL the others yes, but not compared to any of the other races on their own...

Look, a slav living in Norway. Not that uncommon, especially not with polacks.

Get out.

It's like a win-win to be a Slav
>extremely intelligent
>naturally strong
>blonde hair
>blue eyes
>always slavic qts first choice

I couldn't image life as an Anglo, Swedcuck, or Germanstanian

Looks comfy

>American calling any other country a cuck

haha, you got me there, janis
your country is literally irrelevant in any context

not even a slav but, quality bantz friendo.

>too bad we are destroying the best country on the planet with all these niggers and arabs then...
>too bad we are destroying
So I was right then, you're a jew.

Yet another divide and conquer thread. Fuck off you dumb cunt

>11th photo

u havent noticed that swe politicians are doing it and swe ppl are voting for them? wake up.


Why are Swedes the niggers of the white race?

>don't fall for the "we took in the most refugees per capita" meme and the "if you mention in public you support SD you'll be fired" meme
>they're just memes guys
>aside from our third largest city being majority Muslim everything is fine guys just memes ya know?

Shut the fuck up faggot


There is something about smoking low grade smokes during a cold Russian day wearing jackets I haven't saw anyone wear since the 90's that just sounds incredibly comfy to me.

Russian PTU is trully a magical place

Why do you slavic faggots get so triggered when someone points out that slavs are not white?
It has literally nothing to do with a small country not having the military to defend itself against bigger countries.

I am probably half-slavic myself.

Why is Breezewood PA, in that pic? It doesn't represent shit about America except that Breezewood is a shithole

russia cant spot the difference between an actual depiction of life and a joke photo

Shh, no tears, only dreams now.

What the fuck is that? A tumor in their mouths?

The idiot thinks that Latvians are out to get him.

I'll admit both native male and female Swedes are beautiful, but I really wish something would break over there.
>breeding with them since 1776
Yet you managed to overtake over 200 years in about 10. Bravo. Please do something, watching Sweden burn is painful for all of us, banter aside.

I deal with a lot of people on a daily basis at my job, and see a lot of residential properties, as well. More of us than you think are prepping. I hear guys who own big businesses and drive Porsches talk about changing our state of affairs all the time, and where I'm from, there's no doubt they own firearms. I'm just relieved there's still a crucial foothold left here for us. Things could be a lot worse.

You most likely don't mean me, as I'm definitely not the only one who has become interested in speculative history. That's because nobody has a fuckin' clue about our history, and that's a fact admitted by the mainstream. That's why we need to throw ideas around and hope something will lead research to the right direction. A century ago we were assumed to be literally mongols mixed with swedes, and just some time ago it was a widely held belief that Finnic people came here around year 0. Then they found the over ten thousand year old Antrea Net, the oldest (?) fishing net ever found, and suddenly ''real history'' changed completely. The official history has so far assumed that the Finns were extremely backwards and didn't do anything but praise bears and live like hunter-gatherers in small tribes, but that conflicts with the hundreds of high-quality swords found in Satakunta, Häme and Varsinais-Suomi, and it really makes me wonder why the supposed raiding vikings would had left them there for no reasons. Swords were not peasant weaponry.

I've got reasons to believe that the majority of Novgorod population was finnic, but about the rulers, I honestly can't claim to know. Nobody does. It seems likely that the people ruling that place were most likely partly or mostly Swedish. I've still a lot to read, as does everyone else.

>Slavs always insulting other Slavs not realizing we're all the same shit

Never gets old.

i know all that, hard to debate the fact that swedes voted for this tho.


its a light swedish drug called snus
u usually take just 1 not 20


t. cuck union

....................that is a disgusting school

absolutely no discipline,and wtf is up with them desks? where is this pripyat elementary?

>What are Syrian rapefugees
Tldr, pay debts, Greecemonkey.

...Oтceль гpoзить бы бyдeм швeдaм
Бoльшим шepшaвым дилдaкoм.

White trash pls

just sad that white ppl allow this to happen so they have to build gated communities instead of gated countries

this. russian history is a tragedy, kikes literally turned them into subhumans by instilling communist rule

>no Russian gf

fuck i forgot Cred Forums allows chads

>people who are literally white aren't white

wew lad

have you cleaned their toilet yet?


you're thinking Irishmen

oh, i didn't know this poem's been translated

>stormcucks actually believe all this shit
Thankfully, most stormcucks are just basement dwelling shut-ins that can't even look a raghead straight into the eyes.

DESU famalam I don't even want to go to your country. But you are free to take our Gypos. I know you like them.

is the public schooling in the uk that bad nowadays? got some interesting info to share?


Enjoy the cultural enrichment

I don't get it, you drink more than Russkies and your country is literally shit-tier, how come you make fun of Russkies?

Somalians aren't niggers?


Most Russians are actually really cool. They aren't infected by MTV and fastfood like you Americans.

I think it's better in polish though

>Unironically calling me Jamal when we have an influx of dune-coons, not niggers.



Is MTV really still a thing?

there is school like that in every country

>that 2:12 w/l ratio
>the first Swedish victory was due to Poland helping
Lmao, talk about cucked.

The eternal

Communism - long-term atheism does that to people.

if you want russian gf prepare wallet

It'll be alright.
One valuable thing I've learned the hard way, is that if you give an asshole an inch, they'll take a mile. It's not optional to break out of your comfort zone and deal with a problem aggressively when the time comes, it's mandatory. Otherwise, you're fucked, you know? Sometimes, you HAVE to be willing to be tarred and feathered. You cannot compromise, ever. Remember that you're dealing with people who want you to go extinct, remember what's on the line, any time you're confronted with this shit, and act accordingly. Go to jail for a while, if you must. Niggers like Nelson "The Necklacer" Mandela turned hard time into a resumé highlight. Just fight back, at every turn, never be ashamed, and never be too scared to do it. They are counting on us to live in fear til the end, and if we resist, they won't be able to stop us. I want Swedes to survive, like I want Russians, Irish, English, Scottish, German, French, Norwegian, Danish, etc. to. I'm not sure where this "(x group here) isn't white" shit came from, but it needs to stop. We are only minutes from midnight. We have to collaborate. Otherwise, we're fucked.
Pic unrelated, your average American Walmart parking lot experience.

god, i laugh every time i see that
their faces when they watch that pig flying are totally priceless

Russians are subhumans, act like violent monkeys, look like some mordor inbreds and generally low iq fuck ups.


The Grand Duchy of Muscovy and Novgorod were pretty FINNED in the Middle Ages and possibly beyond, though the local populations were probably made to speak Slavic. But the Finno-Ugric populations were (and probably still are) pretty much the whole population of the whole area around Finland, in Russia, not just Finland and random ooga-boogas in Russia. It stands to reason that these huge numbers of people populating all that land will have managed to invent something, right?

Soviets killed all the good ones, we need generations to recover.

my highschool looked like this

muh dick


Look how Russians look, like some mordor ogers.

This is what you get for importing stan shits russian subhumans

Does anyone know the name of the painting to the bottom left of the Sean Connery pic on the right side?

It must feel terrible being dominated Militarily and Economically by a bunch of subhumans.


sounds like you are the nigger to me, faggot

So, Russian girls do have futa.
>tfw no russian futanari to peg you.


Is doctor salary wallet enough? 200ke/year?

It's more than enough, just remember to never reveal it

>2.86 MB
Yes it is and it's full of super trendy social media hillary tier liberal bullshit for millennials.

It has to do with history. The term slave comes from the word slav, as they were the favored slaves of the era, a good donkey was worth about 10 slavs for example. In order to keep this group nice and docile, the intelligent ones were killed off, so you had the upper class that were smart and educated and the rest were lowly peons purposefully kept dumb by breeding. Things start to change in he late 1800s. And then it starts all over again with communism killing off anyone intelligent enough to question how retarded marx was.

We need niggers sometimes, they fill a role, and I'd rather have white niggers than black niggers. Niggers break the rules and cannot into forward thinking which is sometimes needed. Here's what I mean...

>biology professor is an ex-Soviet communist
>totally Americanized with a heavy accent
>Constantly brings up racial differences in class
>Constantly talks shit about political correctness and communism
>Sometimes spends a big portion of the labs explaining the methods used by the University to shape our worldview

He isn't thinking forward about job security or hiding his powerlevel because he is a white nigger, but the literal "nigger" in that designation should be taken lightly.

>t. American historian

How do you find a russian gf? I've never been to Russia but I've been planning to visit St. Petersburg. Also I don't speak the language obviously.

Their diet consists entirely of vodka and laxatives.

This damages their DNA, causing the familiar Slav Squat.

Are you looking for a quick fuck or what? Just travel the tourist part of the city with a group for starters - talk with girls find contact etc - most of russains in Spb know engish

Simple: Russians are subject to the same defeatist victim mentality as American niggers. This is because if you look at their history, Russians have always been cruelly oppressed by someone. Czarist regimes were brutal and refused to reform while every other European monarchy eventually did, which brought about the implosion where Russia essentially didn't exist as a country until the Bolsheviks finally cemented their power and established the same shitty oppressive regime that the Czars had upheld. At no point did the Russian peasant have any say on what was going on, he was oppressed and robbed by everyone. Hence the Russian mentality, they just don't think there's anything they can do to make things better, so might as well live here and now. That's the foremost thing one notices when traveling in Russia: They live in the present, they don't give a shit about the future, which makes them hedonistic, unpredictable and at the mercy of the circumstances dictated from whoever's controlling the Kremlin.


This just made me realize that slavs are what westerners will look like once (((they))) are through with us.

>t. croat (aka catholic serb) wannabe german

They're the niggers of the human race


Serbs= inbreds of ottomans and slavic trash no one wants

LeL, you are worst then stan niggers in russia,

lmao so the solution is white flight? in the US at least we didn't have a choice our niggers were already here.

Cmon man stop lying, Swedish girls are over rated as fuck and Russia has stunning girls too.

And how was Poland a bad neighbour considering the fact that it never intended to conquer Moscow? This is one of the fairy tales you learn there in Russia sadly

Nordics and anglo-saxons are the only true white race.

>When you fuck up so much but it ok cause you on easymode.

You conquered historic Russian lands. Cities like Kiev and Smolensk are not your clay.

Woah, where were you when Britain had the best teeth in the world?


>it never intended to conquer Moscow
1610 my ass.

>Children talking shit about their professors
Objectively speaking, you're the nigger

This was an anti-swedish war and it ended the Times of Troubles in Russia. See, you live in the world of fairy tales

>You conquered historic Russian lands
Umm. Poland-Lithuania created the borders of Moscow in 1447

You live in the world of fairy tales. Russia is just a Viking-German-Anglo hybrid. Bolshevism was a punishment for Russia for siding with the West


Easy mode is having a country surrounded by oceans with the only natural enemies being stone age spear chuckers.

>it ended the Times of Troubles in Russia
Yeah, because we got our shit together, BTFO you and chose a new ruling dynasty.
>Poland-Lithuania created the borders of Moscow in 1447
top kek. Even if it was true I guess that totally makes polan a good neighbor and not the conquerer of our lands.

>Russia is just a Viking-German-Anglo hybrid.
You forgot Mongols.
>implying there's anything wrong with it
>he fell for muh race purity meme


In what field do you work ?
t.doctor myself

are Poles any better?



yeah nothing happened during those times the soviets just bought some ice cream and went thier way

This is what schools looked like in NYC in the 70s.

>he fell for muh race purity meme
No, but polish-russian wars were inspired from London, Berlin, Vienna and Stockholm. Russia is a westernized country to some extent. So bolshevism was a just punishment

We mostly just watch you guys go at it most of the time.

It's pretty funny.

you actually made me think. now I don't hate slavs as much.

I've got to say that germanic guy is beautiful. No homo

They aren't. Fat, poor, uneducated, entitled, middle-aged Americans are.


No I'm still in med school xD Right now I want to be a gastro surgeon most. Maybe anesthesiology/oncology if I'm not fit for surgery.

What about you?

shit genes


>first country into space
>only county with acess to iss
>invaded berlin
>only country activley fucking up isis

""""niggers of the white race"""

me too...only 2 years left till graduation. Dont' wanna go in fields with patient contact, because fucking refugees ruined it

Maybe if you didn't invade and occupy our lands or try to hijack our throne we wouldn't have those wars.
I guess Polan was punished preemptively.

those are simply cheeky russian antics. nothing to see here

>girl having her dick sucked

Wait what.

Do Russian chicks have dicks?


Buy some consonant, srpski.

Yup I hear about this all the time. My mom is a doctor too and she fucking hates those sand googles. They can't even speak English so they have to be translated via phone etc. Then when I was on a "job training"(basically just as a spectator) in health care center I had to leave the room whenever there was a female sand google patient.


That's it, I'm moving to Russia.

Many of those images showed here are describing the romanian students too.
Russians are not the only niggers of the white race.

What the fuck was that?

Why are there in Finnland in the first place ?

>I guess Polan was punished preemptively.
We'll see who gets to laugh last, history didn't end. Have fun with your KGB government with assets in the West

All the girls in those photos are qts though.

Once they get old they start turning into babushkas.

Free money and white girls to rape.

But I thought finish people aren't as pansy as german ones

The worst thing that could happen to us is becoming a worthless irrelevant shithole like Polan cleaning the toilets and sucking dicks in the West. Laugh or not, we don't give a fuck about you. It's you and other irrelevant butthurt midgets who are obsessed with Russia.

>>invaded berlin
>this is a good thing

We invaded Paris too. :^)

>tfw u go into the store and the clerk says hello in russian instead of latvian
literally suffering

Your still cucked sveeden
>no space program

>Prepare to here your ass fucked in ww3

>Pagan degenerate atheist dicksmoke

a movie about Polish-Russian relations

wanna more?


Slavs are the epitome of the plebian class. There's a reason why you have always been ruled by tyrants and always will be.

And we took Sevastopol

>protip: Suffolk isn't in France

Everytime I get pissed off because of those Filthy BR's on NA Servers, I feel sorry for EU because they have Russo's that infest their side. They are worse.

Its not like understand any of this shit, but it looks fucking mental

Pick the first one.

Ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha SLAVS UNKEKed nords rekt

>photoshopped pic

Cuz we wuz juice n shieet.

Your self hatred is your only problem



These images are just another example of the evils of addiction. Cigarettes and alcohol- I wouldn't give a shit if they were banned.

Kek, I want to date a Russian girl now!

>insulting other countries

ty user.

your flag says you are too poor for those gold digger semen demons.

Russia looks pretty comfy.

To Sweden


>m-muh whites are great
>then I remind them about Russia
hehe u lost whities


>too poor to date a poor girl

It's true tough, a lot of slavic women are gold diggers

Fairly sure they accept bitcoin as well

They're sexy and they know it.

because rich guys want pretty women

> 2016
> I am teaching a Pole on free market

Slavic women at the end of the day will always want muzhik no matter how broke that will slap them around from time to time to prove that he deeply loves them.

why would you be rich anyway

not to do some research on quantum physics, wouldn't you?

some experience it seems you have

>Love how they give the pig a final drink of Vodka first.

they learned more knowledge in that cheap education system than your expensive meme party college

talking about efficiency....

This wine, bro

>some experience it seems you have
For example look at Russian lasses, they can be most drop dead gorgeous 10/10s, which there are allot. They could move out to Europe and catch a decent Rich man, but they choose to live in some shit tier alkasha city in shit tier block flat that she shares with her mother and grandmother and have a average man that works at local factory

because it makes them like REALLY vulnerable

in a small village they are safe even if beaten a bit

you guys messed being rich with being happy

Kids being kids what is wrong with this?

I don't know, they live in a cold environment, this is supposed to select for high IQ, they should be geniuses. Really drives one to ponder.

Researching quantum physics while rich as fuck sounds great

never tried that, though

But that nigga with the long ass straw tho.

I wonder if you wash your toilet paper too?


-Nord fags.

You guys were based, but stop trying to steal other white's history as your own.

Lol thats fucking beautyful.

Reminds me of elementary school

>country of manboobs
Opinion discarded.

No brolems, dogtor, I'll find a wife for you :DDDDD
just give some money :DDDD

>Russo-Poland space program

Guess which one is the Pole...

Ok I'll gibe after I get pusi :DDD ebin

Well, maybe I should really open the date agency aka hidden brothel for western autists?

>implying im autism :D

I could get 3-4/5 finnish girl easy but i want some exotic bitch

That is a big zipper

This is what autism looks like

>3-4/5 finnish girl easy

99% of finnish people are 3-4/10.
And you know it.
t. knower since I'm of finno-ugric ethnicity

Tru xD

Nvm that's pretty lazy of you to post Sami girl. Should have searched for actual Finnish ugly woman.

Russia is like the Ohio Valley of the east.

Why are russians so funny? I love them
All the crazy climbers, all the crazy drivers are russian (Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia are russian in my eyes)

Daily reminder that based Peter the Great turned badass Sweden empire into today's cuckoldry bastion.



She's a mutt XD

>Iyabode Ololade (Lola) Remilekun Odusoga

The whole contest is a joke anyway. You're a funny man I'll give you that.

How 'bout this. You shut your mouth. Or I'll kick your teeth down your throat and I'll shut it for you.

Bring it on


Can Russians explain crocodiles/aligators in Russian culture? What do they symbolize and how are they used in metaphors?


>some stupid high school students are representitive of an entire people

Cool meme bro

What is it you got there? Can I see?

Where can i get a russian boyfriend to smash my chink pussy inward

send vlad and alexander to Cedarcrest Rd, 4462 NYC thanks

id say russians are just fucking used to being broke but nowhere near nigger levels. when do you meat a nigger who is good at fucking math, russians will beath the shit out of you they know math and they have a work ethic, i see them as the most manly race on the planet, u dont fuck with russians,

Yeah the Russkies have had it pretty rough.
Russians were also barely out of serfdom before Communism came down.


You want me to keep that for you?

fuck communists and their autistic abbreviations, seriously

Would you smash?
The nose is kind of a deal breaker for me.

Fuck off kike.

keep calm and clean toilets, you, rzhech pospolitaya


Look at these rap skills tho

I live around black niggers so Russians would have to be an improvement if only in at least their women look better than the little Harambes.

>look better than the little Harambes
Of course.
But they ages horrible.
Superhot at 15.
Superpizdets at 30.


The ugliest Russian woman on Earth would still be hotter than the average porch monkey in America.


Because of the tits I thought that was just an ugly chick

Did he try to insult Serbia?
Or he is just at vacations?

if she watches after herself, don't drink and smoke-she, our baba\soska\tyolka will be fuckable even in 50-60.
problem is in our "beautiful" ecology, alcohol, shitty food, and cigarettes.


Both sides had bad leadership actually. UK literally only sent left boots once. One British general called the Russians ''The French'' actually, really makes you think.

2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 4/5, 1,5/5

t. alpha chad

I fap on the american schoolgirls.

He's retarded rapper, really big meme in Finland.

Belarussians actually clean up a lot, from what I've been told.

Have fun with your president election :)

That means 7/10 in Suomi.

t. O' Brian O' Sullivan O' Conner O' Drunk

I was referring more to this.

Maybe in her womb Harambe will get a new life in eternal cycle.