Sweden Yes!

Local Swedish government is blocking a possibility to enter a architectural competition for a new Town Hall to the only non modernistic architect.
Lefties break the law just to block a mere possibility of building something traditional.


(use translator before crying)

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So they're also blocking the possibility of adding traditional muslim architecture? Fuck those nazis

Haha you wish.

Just think of all the great rapes that are going to take place in the bushes around this new modern building.

Pretty neat svens.

I really wish Sweden had more brutalist architecture. My social welfare state doesn't feel social welfare enough with all this culture around me still standing.

We can send you some help, no worries.

See, that is what we are talking about. But really if you ask me there are a few too many angle changes going on. I think that the best thing to do, would be to make just raw concrete boxes for all public institutions. All this over designing shit costs money. Money I would rather see go to more welfare.

>not enjoying art deco

>Money I would rather see go to more welfare.
True, we just need next generation of an architects that will be able to get rid of windows, doors, stairs and all that money wasting nonsense. Rise our kids to be architects of a future!

Are you fucking kidding me? They are actively oposing this? I just thought they would shill for the modern stuff.

Holy fuck, these people belong dangling from light poles, im sure Denmark is infested with them aswell, all our newer townhalls look like absolute marxist cancer. FUCK. it makes me so mad.

Do you know the name of the company offering the traditional building?

But why?

Art deco is /beststyle/

Oy vey, can't allow the goy to be nationalistic or proud of their heritage

I wonder?

>Destroy any sign of the original culture, so the goyim living there dont get too attached to their heritage! That way it will be WAY easier to ethnicly replace them, eheheheh.

Dont worry tax increase and some more borrowing will handle the influx for the next few years

Spread this far and wide with your peers because this is what the trash that comes in your country thinks of you at 3:30. Nothing but the next mark to be taken advantage of

In every country you have 2 or 3 companies that will be able to create something non modernistic, but it is hard to get.
Most architects simply CAN'T create anything better, since they were not tought that during their time at uni.



Look for your local website, I am sure there must be at least one in Denmark.

>Only nice one in the pic is denied
>Want to make some shiny commieblock instead
>This is happening everywhere, not just YES land
Disgusts me tbqh

I follow architecture mmxii on faceberg, but i cant seem to find a danish group... I could start one of my own, i know of quite a few architectual projects i would like to start myself. Some of them very easy too, just mending some of the damage done by (((modernists))). Im sure i could get a small crowd to follow that.

If you do, just ask other gorups to promote you.
Sure they will be happy to do it.
What name would you use if I wanted to find it one day?
We live in a time when shitposting can change history so never hesitate to do so ;)

>that pic
DESU older buildings are likely closer to the city centers, skewing their value. I doubt anyone is jumping with joy at the idea of living in a commie block though.

>What name would you use if I wanted to find it one day?

I have no idea m8, I might just start a twitter to begin with, I already have a name on there, I just made the account and grabbed the name but i havent used it for anything except light shitposting and a few retweets/likes.

I could start a fresh one and use the same name @TheDaneNation. I think I would post pictures of danish nature, landscape, and architecture.

So, what happened to all those old buildings? Did they get demolished so someone could build these ugly modern monstrosities? If so, why did people stand for it?

There's a similar, but less shitty, building like that in my city

>Did they get demolished so someone could build these ugly modern monstrosities?



If lefties rule they never ask people what do they want, as they them selves are always right and represent everyone.
They do it for "people", but if people not like it thye just say that people are bunch of uneducated, trump-voting, racist retards and do what they want.

>Did they get demolished so someone could build these ugly modern monstrosities?

It varies but sometimes yes. And ofcourse people stood for it, the west has been dying ever since the 50'ies (most likely earlier) and people just lapped it up! They fucking loved it mate, ofcourse they wouldent protest commie blocks when they thought they were a sign of progress.

Anybody protesting it would be shutdown as being "old fashioned".

"Yes, very original..."

I never quite understood why people built commie/socialist buildings when you could have pic related

>new Town Hall to the only non modernistic architect
Some real architect should send some existing design non-modernised with Moonman and Pepe gargoyles to that competition.
Maybe some Bird of Happiness design where swastika appears in a shadow from high noon sunlight.

Rather they are enforcing it.

They have been doing this for years,
Sweden ≠ a free country

How do we meme architecture back to the right point?
We need Memechitect or something.

This is completely correct, there are no old buildings outside of central Stockholm, which is also expensive Stockholm.

They are much nicer though


We should start spamming outside of Cred Forums.
Average person has no idea what was sacrificed.

Do you guys understand how expensive it is to build traditional style architecture? How much time it takes? In the 1800s Europe was vastly richer and could afford it. Now we have crumpling welfare and money being spent on stupid shit like feminist rallies, refugees and a myriad of other stupid ideas.

We simple can't afford traditional style buildings anymore nor do we have the time. If you are a business wanting to expand you don't want to wait 20 years for a building to be constructed. You want it done ASAP. You fucking idiots.

Stop lying, kike.


Fuck off. It has gotten considerably cheaper to build 19th c. style buildings.

They built a whole neighbourhood in th Netherlands.

beauty and doing the best you're capable of is oppressive.

>If you are a business wanting to expand you don't want to wait 20 years for a building to be constructed

The empire state buiding took one year to complete.

>doing the best you're capable of is oppressive.

This is the mindset of approximately half the people in this country, it's fucking disguising.

Whatever they build, I hope it's fireproof.


> inflation
> doesn't exist
How are you going to survive without your EU masters?

Does that cost include bringing it up to safety standards?

I assume yes, or at the least, it'd just raise the price by a few million, still cheaper than the modern garbage.

>Why Beauty Matters

People should really watch this if they haven't already. It's a fantastic documentary.

Are you dense?

Wtf is that monstrosity

That's sorta neat, but it's a crime that it cost so much.

I'd have nothing against modern architecture if it would look anything as impressive and coherent as in tokyo.
But most shit that is getting built in germany looks like discount cheapo commie dogshit.

At least in tokyo the buildings have the size, scope and boldness to be impressive. And they are stylistically sound and coherent.(pic related)

In germany it just looks like oversized cucksheds made out of plastic.


Still a far cry from the buildings that they used to erect in east asia.. but you can tell that they haven't completely lost their spirit yet. very traditional culture. good.

why would anyone want to enter a building that looks like its about to fall down on them?

the only correct answer

It just decided to move to Dallas, Tx


Can you guys dump more pics i'm trying to make an architecture folder

The cost for the WTC Transportation Hub is due to meddling Bureaucratic organizations who have fucked up the entire WTC site


What kind of pics?

Follow architecture mmxii on faceberg pham. Good site, with loads of pictures and same mindset as us.

Am I rare flag?

>architecture mmxii

This looks like exactly what I needed thanks man

I just want pics to redpill people with, some people have no idea what has happened and how important it is to have beautiful buildings to live around


I thought I would add some more pics to the thread

>only box design allowed

This is literally the plot of The Fountainhead.

"architects" who come up with shit like the 4 pics below deserve the gas chamber tbvh

Looks like the library at Loughborough

In this case I believe that it's not just tinfoil talk when someone claims that they try to destroy all national identity or pride.

There is no way anyone thinks these ugly as shit "modern" buildings are actually better.

OP why not link the original article your original picture is from?

Is this a big issue in Austria too? Say it ain't so

If you look through the comments it looks as though they were forced to change the picture due to copy right

Maybe it is because I don't speak borkbork but I cannot really find anything in that article about the guy being blocked by anybody and it seems to be about how everyone is positive towards his plan.

competitions are rigged and run by an architect mafia

No suprise there

I really don't understand why every country had to turn to building ugly gray shit.


When you realize the thousands of administrations
in Spain that are in full-debt for building this type of buildings.

commie aesthetics


>Det är brott mot upphovsrätten att ta min bild ur Smp, manipulera den och återpublicera!
Vill ni använda mina bilder får ni betala. Det är mitt yrke och levebröd.
It's a crime to take my picture from SMP, manipulate it and then republish it! If you want to use my picture you will have to pay me, it's my job and how I make a living.

Reply below:
>Nu är bilderna från Smp borttagna.
The pictures from Smp have been removed

This. Japanese have a very good sense of aesthetics. Not just that the cities are clean as fuck, they also look amazing. And I don't even like anime.

And in all the German old-towns every second store is now a Turkish smartphone shop or travel agency. Drives me nuts.

If you'd check the dates you'd realize why that post was incredibly retarded.

Whoops, messed up formatting a bit, I hope it's still comprehensible

they could build a mosque instead

I see, so this is just an interview and the actual blocking takes place "offscreen" from this article and is only kind of mentioned.

Yes - but it is easy to find a source for those claims through a google search, and it has been brought up here in the past, not least in a scandal regarding the rebuilding of "Slussen" in Stockholm

Money well spent..

To be fair, UK brutalist shit almost never replaced old buildings willingly, most was built where things were lost in the war.

I have no problem with modern architecture as long as it looks good and is confined in a modern zone

Traditional zones should have no modern buildins in it, regardless of how good they look, it completely ruins the aesthetics


Mixed aesthetics are great. Cities are a mess and that's a great thing.

The problem with modernist architecture is it doesn't fit the city. It's too lavish with space and it doesn't play nice with neighbors. It's born out of suburban tract mindset: you build something on an empty field and then it's done never to be changed again.

Cities are inherently dynamic. There's always a pressure to change for the better, and modernism doesn't change.

lol fags

I honestly believe that whoever authorized this, should be hanged for crimes against humanity.

The middle housing styles are still being built in US cities.

Of course, US cities have space to do so.

Why does the right picture look out of proportion? Is it because it's stretched?

The only reason why traditional building aren't built is because they are far more expensive. Atleast that's the reason given in the America. Glass and Wood and Metal are cheaper and easier to work with than masonry and getting material from a foundry.



Wow the guy who did this should be publicly hanged

Build something like this, then put some martial logo on it, rename it to Justice fortress and use it to execute muslim rapists inside

This one looks a bit strange desu

Buildings like these have something deadly about them.

>pic related the building that has registered the biggest suicide rate in São Paulo and probably Brazil

I feel unsafe just looking at a picture of that thing

if it isn't included in the cost then simply tack on an extra .7-1 million extra. Not that hard to safety proof older buildings and if it was truly "rebuilt" most of it already would be as piping and insulation would be automatically upgraded.

The crystal palace burnt down

great style for buildings related to court, police or penal system imo

Crystal palace burnt down and lasted over 80 years at its second location. (It was moved!) If you want to waste public money on rebuilding a white elephant please go ahead and raise your tax burden.

yeah, if you wanna make people feel like they live in a soul-less distopian horror.

Looks sturdy

>tfw actually like brutalist architecture

That looks more of a modern/art deco fusion tho m8. We're strictly bashing on glass towers and concrete blocks. xD

Money well pissed away.

Fuck I'm an atheist but this hurt so bad, this is our history they're destroying
Fucking fags, and you can't even go back because even if we rebuild them it won't be the 100's of years old church anymore
man that sucks

SWEDEN NO. Traditional Sweden is a meme.
>Go in Uppsala Cathedral, lesbian choir...
>Go to old Uppsala anatomical theater, muslim guard...
>Go to Gamla Stan, every shop is a immigrants selling cheap Chinese trinkets to tourists.

They made the PATH centre look like an airplane xD xD xD edgy

>Four billion on a subway stairwell

You're supposed to say SWEDEN YES newfag
lurk moar before you post again

I won't be buying a watch from you.

"I am the Iconoclast, an unconventional eccentric who marches to the beat of a different drummer."

No m80, you're just a faggot who can't into meme

Mers-el-Kébir, feels good man.

Except vice versa, the main character is shunned for wanting to build commieblocks

This building was build to give whoever is inside of it vertigo feelings, I already visited it and its unbelivable the sensation inside of it, you feel like you gonna tumble and fall every time you take a step to go up.

DESU I kinda like this. Reminds me of 18th century stuff I've seen on the east coast where they were forced to build up and not out due to high cost of land. Bretty comfy

What is the name of that neighbourhood?

Finland has dome some awful crimes too.

I'm too fat to fit in those buildings