Tfw new to America

>tfw new to America
>tfw go to restaurant
>tfw service was shit but the food was nice
>tfw I'm supposed to tip the waitress who had nothing to do with the food being good

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That's fucking deep OP.

It's fucking stupid. Americans have this crazy idea that we need to subsidize waitress just because their bosses don't pay them minimum wage. Tips should be earned, not given.

Well, that's just the way it is, and it's not going to change, so either cough up the 15% or don't go out to eat where they serve food.

Thats false

It can change you cuck, by making it illegal for restaurants to not pay minimum wage to their employees.

Simple as that.

It CAN change, but it WON'T. In the meantime just tighten your belt.

Get a fucking job, loser.

I wont be forced to tip for shitty service just because of unjust laws.

Tipping is a scam. Only a gibsmedat will defend it, which is ironic because black people don't tip.

No. Deal with it.

I hate people who whine about this. Americans think it's absurd too but the reality is that if you don't tip, waitresses make like $1.50/Hr. It's not fair but it's the way it is. I'm not going to come to your country and bitch about treating people with respect

Yep, the excuse some cucks gives is that tipping make the prices lower. But if you are already paying a tip might as well put the real prices of food on the menu.

the food is probably cheaper though

If Americans think it's BS then why don't they send a letter to their minister to make it change?

if the service was shit don't tip, moron

Yes, otherwise don't expect everybody to tip across the board. That's fine if you can spare 15% of the cost of food and labor.

But let me ask you this, socialists: Why should someone working minimum wage be expected to tip the same as a billionaire? What happened to wealth distribution?


>move to another country
>don't like their cultural practices
>ignore them completely

congratulations on being absolutely no different than filthy muslim immigrants.

This is also false

Quit with this meme. Bosses can't pay less than minimum wage. If the waiter doesn't get enough in tips Togo past minimum wage for yearly earnings then the boss has to pay the difference.

>waitresses make like $1.50/Hr. It's not fair but it's the way it is

Did I force them to become waitresses when they could have fired up the old webcam and made their week's salary in a single Friday night? How's that for a tip?

Jesus Christ, we all know it's dumb, but that's just the way it is in America. So stop being a kike and tip. Have some fucking respect for the country that is hosting you, you rude little arsehole.

>giving away your money is "cultural" in America.

How is it false? Don't waitresses get paid less than minimum wage?

>tfw suddenly have chubby Asian fetish

No, u idiot. Tipping is always optional unless preadded for groups. Shit service, don't tip.

what a come back.

tipping is theft.

No, they don't. If they don't make enough money on tips the employer pays the difference.

>that's just the way it is in America
So this is exclusively an American thing? Then there is no reason to continue tipping. I'm European now.

>Female waitress
>expo carries food out for her
>busboy cleans the table
Female servers get tipped to take your order and bring you a drink. At the end of the night she'll toss the expo and busboy a few dollars and walk with $150-300 in tips.

Butt-hurt faggot waiter detected!

You do realize that most of these restaurants actually share their tips among the whole entire crew that works there that day?

And here we have another social science major.

That's a good way to get your hours cut or your weekend shift given to someone who complains less

I've heard in the UK it's actually offensive to people if you tip, is that true?

When I go out with friends, they always tip the waiter/waitress. When I don't they're mad at me. What is their problem Cred Forums?

Who are these morons who think working for tips is a good idea? Why is it primarily food servers who feel entitled to this? That's essentially begging. How are they any different than bums who panhandle?

yanks mock us for tv licence...but many dont pay it

but having to pay 15% of meals you eat just because the owner doesnt want to pay a fair wage?


They share the tips with other staff, have you ever had a job in your life?

It should be offensive because if I tip you, it should send a clear message that I fucking own you. You are my goddamn nigger for the remainder of time spent providing me service.

you only do it when you feel in a good mood

no one tips desu...and when you do its just a kind gesture because we see it on american tv shows

Been to America a few times, didn't tip once. In Vegas this fat fuck on a stool tried to hand me a towel and asked for $5 in a bathroom. Like what the actual fuck? Do they just make up bullshit jobs which pay in tips to employ more people?

It's ok to tip based on the service you receive

Both of these tings are absolutely retarded mon.

It's not begging at all. It's optional, if you like the service, or want to get better service. Dont tip if the service isn't worth it, but don't be so cheap you never tip when it is worthwhile.

Tipping IS stupid no way around that...
BUT "when in rome do as the romans do" and informing yourself what is expected of you before you go somewhere is your job.


Yes. In the entire state of Oregon it is illegal to pump your own gas just so they can hire bums to pump your gas and then expect a tip. Fact check me.

Just imagine that each item is 15% more than on the menu. If you can't afford don't go out.

its how they solve unemployment...create micky mouse jobs

Not if the service is shit. You earn a tip, it's not mandatory


That's more of a Vegas thing than an American one. Las Vegas is an entire city designed to take your money

>not going to buffets instead
>just make up bullshit jobs
Yes, in some states it's mandatory that the gas station has someone pump your gas for you. All it does is slow things down.
Government is retarded and will always look for shitty ways to make unemployment look low.

Tipping is optional.
Many do, the one I worked at did not.
Tipping is optional your license is not.
When I was in London one time we had a waitress that was rude as piss to us for no reason. She tried getting us to tip afterwards (probably because we were Americans). We didn't.

Fuck you faggot

Why not? They don't even get the tip until afterwards. They provide the same level of service whether I tip or not. They are suckers.

My word, that lassie.

>Go to Greece
>Go to a traditional restaurant
>Its packed full
>The owner, who is one of the chefs and also one of the waiters comes to take my order
>Great food and service
>Tip the owner nicely

Its time for the owners to get their hands and feet dirty if people want to tip.

The employer is required to make up the difference if they don't make at least the minimum wage when tips are included. Say minimum wage is 7.25, your tip is subsidizing the employer to pay their wages up til she makes 7.25 for that hour and the rest is extra money in her pocket

Im just here for sauce on that slant sloot, for a geological survey I'm working on...

Rule Britannia, where people only tip when service has been outstanding

Go to Chick Fil A, great christian service and no tipping.

It'll change if no one tips anymore.

Well feel free to seek greener pastures elsewhere, faggot. Nobody asked you to come over here in the first place, the least you could do is keep your head down and not complain about shit right away.



In reality if your such a bad server that you don't get tipped at all, they just fire you

Not a waiter. Just someone who tips.

If the service is shit, I still tip, but I'll go home, get on the computer and write an email/send feedback to the corporate office.

Most waitresses where I live are single mothers way past their prime. I don't think they could possibly compete with the Russian whores out there...

thicc af

I feel like not tipping is the ultimate redpill. This thread has opened my eyes to something I've taken for granted for way to long. There's absolutely no benefit to me to tip anyone. Especially sense I don't get any feel good sense of generosity that me giving somebody money somehow made a difference in the world. Like I'm some kind of good person for gifting some whore who carried my drinks a few bucks that she will probably go spend on cocaine while getting dicked by 4 black guys who will probably be drinking 40's bought with the money I gave her.

Nah, fuck that. I'm not funding drug fueled nigger gang bang parties.

You tip for good service. If the service was poor then you don't tip or tip small. Tipping economy a good waitress will earn more than a bad waitress, its that simple. Otherwise they wouldn't have insentive to do stuff other than the basics.

>tfw visit Europe
>tfw go to restraunt
>tfw service is shit but the food was nice
>tfw they take 15% tax for waitress who did shit job
>tfw suppose to pay the extra € to the waitress who had nothing to do with the food being good

>be me
>drink and go out to eat constantly
>at least 3-4 times a week
>been doing so for the last few years
>new places each time
>only regular spot is my local bar
>MFW I have never tipped anyone for anything ever because it's not my job to pay you a living wage

Stay mad. Tipping in general is stupid as fuck. I'm an electrician and I don't get a tip when I get your light switch working do I?
You're already getting paid to do your job and tipping is just a way for people with shitty jobs to pressure you into giving them more money out of grief.
I don't care how shitty your job is or how little they pay you. Unless you're gonna tip me when I walk into your restaurant for having gone to work today (I expect no less than 30% of my $160 daily pay) then don't expect me to pay you to do your damn job.

Who is this cock sock?

>Steal all of my silverware because I'm a filthy gypsy

Oh yeah there is a "Service charge".

>tipping is for cucks

I'm not trying to pay for another man's kid.

You got shit service because you're European and they already knew you wouldn't tip. You probably got a welcoming present added to your food by said waitress tbqh.

That's a big if. Even still, that will never happen.

tip hahaha why should i give you extra money for doing you job

Proxy is off


>Make good money because of said silverware

Why you have to be mad bro? Its only bussiness.

Albania knows what's up.
>You have been tipped 40% for this comment

Please gib sauce

>Google image search
>Translate "did you mean"
>Translation for the image is "hot pants ass meat"

I need more information.

He might be British, complaining is what we do instead of tipping. Then we get free food instead of paying some unskilled idiot for literally carrying a plate a few meters, while the people in the kitchen who trained for a specialist job might get a "compliments to the chef" once in a while

Americans are subsidising failure and laziness

But user, I am a waitress. I'm a single mother trying to provide for my child. Why wouldn't you tip me?

Recently they're asking for tips for carryout orders too. I always order carryout because I don't want to tip but 3 out of the last 5 places I've picked up food from are now saying "plus tip" when you pick up your food, and then look at you like a piece of shit when you don't tip.

When did this start happening?

>single mother

I make so much money per table more then my female counterparts. They don't know how to sell higher end stuff and themselves (nonsexually)

you don't give any money to begin with, you just steal.

You guys have a "service charge" added on do you not? And I am pretty sure it is not optional.

The idea is that knowing a tip will come with payment, the service throughout is better. Also, tips are supposed to cover when or if you have special needs or requests. So, shitty service or no requests? Don't tip. Too bad so many Millennials make shitty service industry employees.

Read the thread, retards.

The TV license is optional, not paying it means you don't get to watch TV
That's the option

>Then we get free food instead of paying
Why not just pretend to go to the bathroom then leave, it's functionally the same thing you cheap-ass yid.

It's so rare that actually happens here. A response to a complaint here ranges anywhere from "Deal with it" to "Eh ok I'll fix it, but you asking me to fix it is really inconvenient and you'd better still give me free money for this."

Usually it's managers who will compensate you for fucking up because they actually care about keeping customers happy and retaining business. Employees don't give a single shit.

You know what I meant. You can go to a restaurant and eat without tipping. It is perfectly legal.

Just don't tip then. Tipping is pointless if it's expected regardless of service.

Want extra money just for doing your job? Then ask your fucking employer for it dickhead

Because it's not my responsibility to make sure yours and Jamals kid eats today. If you didn't want a kid you should have made him pull out or wear a condom.
I don't work to pay your wages, I don't go out to eat to look at your miserable face suffering in your work place, I have no responsibility to tip you because no matter how well you serve me it doesn't make the food better and if you're so pressed for cash go sling that pussy hoe you obviously already go all the way.

And I can not pay the license and not watch any live programming, or anything on BBC iplayer.

>tfw I'm supposed to tip the waitress who had nothing to do with the food being good
welcome to the nation who coined the term "the working poor"

Hello department of labor complaint

I don't see source info in the thread. Unless you're saying we should be paying attention to this oh-so-intellectual discussion

I'm not sure if you are retarded or deliberately doing this, but what I am saying is that tipping is entirely optional and you do not lose anything from not doing it. Also no one answered me on this yet but I am almost certain you guys have a service charge added to your bill there, which is mandatory.

Why are waiters superior to waitresses? I swear it's just better service everytime

Yet another thing men do better than women.

I dont tip.

I have a nice cock.

Life is better this way.

I agree but funny enough at the place I worked at they only hired women, because if they are attractive they make more in tips.

Tip ONLY men, whores get too much anyway.

>Too bad so many Millennials make shitty service industry employees.

Yeah it really defeats the purpose.

This pisses me off.

You're saying tipping has the same optional status as a TV licence? So if I don't tip, I don't get my food?

Tipping is done after the fact bro, how is giving your waitress your small change, the amount usually relative to how hot she is, anything like paying the BBC to spend a million quid of our money campaigning to save bake off and failing?

Nobody named "Rhonda" is beautiful.

Women are also completely unappreciative of what they get too.
>50 dollar tip
>20 dollar bill
>He tipped almost double what the actual bill was
>Took time to leave you a compliment
>Complain on social media about weirdos giving you tips

yeah us buisness men tend to do that, if it dosen't benefit me it dosen't interes me

>service was shit but the food was nice

so don't tip, or leave less than you normally would

why are autists so socially challenged?

Waitress is a job for teens and students.
You get shit pay because it's a no-skill job.
Get a better job if the pay is bad and give the tip to the chef.

I was a stay at home mom until my husband was hit by a bus. I can see how you would feel that way, but I have to make a living for myself and my child. Why are you so set against tipping me? I don't get people like you. It's like you're just and angry virgin who is bitter against women.

>I'm supposed to tip the waitress who had nothing to do with the food being good

Tips don't get paid to kitchen staff.

If the service was shit, then there's no reason to tip.

Yeah, I prefer it that way, there's no pageantry involved, or pressure or guilt or poor desperate waitresses uncomfortably flirting with dirty old men

If you don't tip, don't bother going back to that place. That is, unless you want your food to be fucked with or receive horrendous service. Also, you're a fucking faggot and should go back to wherever you came from.

I had a waitress yesterday that forgot to take the tomatoes off my sandwich, the bill ran about 10 bucks so I tipped her a $1.50. You would not believe the look I got, it was as If I was a convicted rapist that said hello to her young daughter. I didn't even tip low, that's customary tip.

>If the service is shit, I still tip, but I'll go home, get on the computer and write an email/send feedback to the corporate office.

That does literally nothing except maybe get you a coupon

>You get shit pay

maybe where you live.

Servers/Bartenders in any somewhat decent establishment make a minimum $100 in tips over the course a regular shift.

People think the whole tip thing is designed to be against the waiters, when in reality it's the other way around. Service folk make a shit ton more money than they would if there weren't tips and the wages were just increased.

the cuck mindset at its finest, still tips when shit service due to lack of balls and goes to bitch and moan on the internet

Not sure if bait or not but whenever I worked as a cook in a restaurant all of the waitresses made far more money than I did, there were days where they made more than I did in two weeks. And they still where bitchy cunts who always complained whenever something did not go exactly their way.

If you are good at what you do I am sure you get enough tips. But it is your employers job to compensate you if you do not make enough.


That's how you can get their love and attention.

I just meant dirty muslim shiptar scum in general but whatever.

Muh dick

This is the most nigger thing that you could possibly do.

She was so satisfied with the yuge tip she had to brag about it but instead of blatantly gloating she plays the victim.

Hopefully she invested in some gasoline and a lighter, poured it over her and lit herself on fire.

She is average.

youre not supposed to tip if the waiter sucks. thats the whole point of tipping. you tip the good people so everyone aspires to be good.

>>tfw I'm supposed to tip the waitress who had nothing to do with the food being good

waitstaff tips out the kitchen you uncultured goof

Female servers will not tip the expo or busboy at all.

Ah yes, the good 'ol bathroom guys. They can be found in every strip club in the country, and in a good number of nightclubs. I never tip them. I'm not going to pay to piss.

And speaking of Australians in Vegas, I once fucked a real good looking girl from Melbourne while in Vegas. Met her at the blackjack table.

h-how much?

>form union
>get replaced by scabs
welcome to america. I worked as a waiter for around 3 months, and every time someone complained about not being able to break even with tips to the boss, they got "let go" a few days later for some totally justified but still shitty reason like being slow, rude to customers, looking at their phone, etc etc.

I don't think there was a single paycheck where I made less than minimum wage though, i'm almost certain they were lying to try and get extra cash.

>like you're just an angry virgin
I wish. I'm unfortunately married with children.
>Why are you so set against tipping me?
Because you and people like you tend to guilt trip or punish those who don't tip.
>Spit in their food
>Become a complete bitch when you find out I'm not tipping
>Tell me about your shitty life right when you get to the table in hopes for a higher tip

You literally do the same job a hobo could do and you're complaining you don't get tipped. When I was in my 20's and homeless I would've killed for a server job. Instead I got passed up for every dumb slut with a kid. Like society owes you something just because you procreated.
I'm a father of 3 should I get tipped?
>bitter against women
All tipping is wrong. Women more so because they just complain even if you do tip them. Tipping is just a way for people with shitty lives to be able to beg for more money for doing the same work without being called a beggar.

My favorite.
>My husband was hit by a bus
>Correction: Your husband got on a bus and never came back because you're going nowhere in life working as a server instead of getting a real skill

Don't give me this shit of I have to pay you to do your job just because your life is shitty. My life is shitty too I have a toddler.
>pun intended
I don't want either of that I want my damn food. You could literally have a filthy hobo from out back of the hardware store bring my plate of food to me and I still wouldn't tip.
I'd still eat the food too because just because he's a hobo doesn't mean he can't carry a plate.
>MFW I get my food and then tell them I'm not tipping so their pleasantries were all for not

no, youre being conned by the restaurant owners.
Owners pay less than MW and expect you to pay their employees salaries.

and the waiters catch shit from idiots like you, but not the owners

It's an awesome on on their part, people need to have the laws changed.

>Chef prepares the food
>All the waitress has to do is bring the food out and smile
>Americans somehow think she deserves the tip
>Americans think it's justifiable to have your food fucked with because you don't tip
Absolute cuckoldry but I expect nothing less from a 60% white country.

Speaking of paying to piss when I was in Europe and the UK it seemed like every public bathroom you had to pay to use. In the Metro/Subway you had to pay a euro or a pound to piss. Is there anywhere in the US like this?

I've seen it in either Los Angeles or Chicago (I forget which). I think they do it to keep the homeless out of the bathrooms.


> implying gipsy can travel abroad

>fat Asians
Defeats the entire purpose doesn't it?

Places in Miami do this as well.

Its a scam, these fucking braindead waitresses make about 20-40 an hour in tips.

A stripper will take off her clothes, do a little dance and grind up against my cock for a dollar. Thats how i measure how much of a tip a waitress deserves. Filling up my drink a couple times doesnt equal money from me.

You guys are cucked too. Higher taxes and everything costs more. Also no 2nd amendment or free speech. I pity you. When I was in Trafalgar square it was flooded with shitskins setting up tents and trying to scam people. A truly disgusting sight, I actually couldn't even view the monument because the shitskins had a fucking tent city and they constantly were trying to haggle.

I have low standards for the US but for somewhere like the UK I expected better.

>I give god 10%

>dat boner inducing body
>has a horseface

ever heard of this happening irl?

>Jews tell Americans to mutilate their kids penis
>They actually do it on a regular basis

>Jews tell Americans to give away their money for no reason
>They actually do it on a regular basis

Why are Americans obsessed with tips?

Over here you only tip if the good was good and the service was good. Not by default.

>Higher taxes and everything costs more.
Same in Norway mate but it's all relative.

I toured Utah a while ago it was really nice but can am ameribro tell me: why native are such shit people? Really bad service and fucking rude

Delusional britbongs think they don't get drained money just because it is disguised as taxes instead.
It's stupid but it is supposed to be about being hospitable. I wouldn't say we are obsessed with it though. I assume it is rarer in UK because you guys have a service charge attached to your bill, and we do not.

>Over here you only tip if the good was good and the service was good. Not by default.

A waitress is genuinely happy if you tip them, as it's not expected or demanded like it is in America. I don't care how much they give me false smiles and interrupt my meal multiple times to ask "Is everything Ok"?

Shes thicc not fat

Native Americans? They're bitter that we stole all of their land.

I wouldn't doubt it. I pretty much never go to Miami unless I have to go to MIA rather than FLL, or if I'm going down to South Beach, and all the bathrooms I've been to on South Beach haven't had the pay-to-pee feature.

Fuck Miami.

>you guys have a service charge attached to your bill,
Where did you hear that?

It might apply to a restaurant that also does Take-Away but you are just making it up?

Well desu i had to bus and take the food out as well as seat them and give them their meals. The only thing i didnt do was cook it. I never got a bad tip and i wounder if it was because customers saw me doing a bunch of shit by myself while the boss was taking a nap in the booth. Lol didnt matter how busy i got that fucker wouldnt so much as get customers their drinks for me while i was running around serving ten different tables

Bad tippers are really rare, and anytime i got a slow week and made less than min i would see that money on my next paycheck though so it didnt matter. The days i make above minwage outnumber the days i dont.

People are too assblasted about whether someone does or doesnt tip. The waitress is fine either way and ive never fucked with a customer who returned after not tipping. Thats just messed up. Spitting in someones food is sub human. Just get over it.

Tip if you feel like they earned it. I dont feel entitled to being tipped i feel honored you would go out of your way to spend more money you didnt actually have to spend

Hell ive had a single person tip me 50$ for a 20$ meal some people are overly generous some arent. No big deal i make money either way

Miami is trash, agreed, but I meant South Beach... There are definitely places that have the token for the restrooms down there.

>america hates socialism
>expecting to behave like a socialist if its waiters.

I'll answer this being a Utahn myself.
>why native are such shit people?
I assume you mean why are the native people such shit and it's because your'e not from here. Utah is run, owned and operated solely by the LDS church or mormons as they're better known. They all have a mentality of you're either with us or against us that their church, doctrine and members wholly agree with and support. The reason you got shit service is you were obviously foreign, you weren't in a suit so you obviously aren't LDS and you most likely had an accent to give all this away.

They treat everyone like shit here unless your'e with the church and have been paying your tithe for at least 6 months. After that they'll pay your damn rent if it means keeping you in church and paying tithe.

>I hate money
What kind of cuckoldry is this?

No kidding?

How 'bout dem apples

Everything has it's ups and downs. America is only 60% white, but it is segregated pretty well, and we are pretty free in comparison to Europe. I would say we are much more individual based, which is why we hate subsidized healthcare and such.

When I was in London every restaurant had it.

>You could literally have a filthy hobo from out back of the hardware store bring my plate of food to me and I still wouldn't tip

Well, yah who would tip a filthy hobo lol
But I'm a clean, presentable, friendly single mom. Why wouldn't you tip ME? ^_^

sweden yes

the restaurant owners are the ones being subsidized

they make you pay for all their employees

sure they have to make up the difference if they dont exceed minimum wage but that almost never happens.

american people are cucks and cover what the business should be paying

its unfair that specifically restaurant businesses can take advantage of this and nobody else

should be illegal

I mean native Americans (Indian, Chief feather in the ass). Every places run by those people is some organized racket

> be the wealthiest, strongest, most influential country on earth
> your citizens chooses willingly to serve people FOR FREE in hopes that their good servitude will result in blackmail donation
I mean people that the piss from us that some of us pay for TV lisence, but that shit comes down to like 100£ a year, burgers probably like three times as much by going to restaurants in like half a year

I ain't clicking that shit, nigger

>I'm supposed to

No you're not. Tipping is 100% optional. Do it or don't.

>he reads buzzfeed
jesus christ why are you on Cred Forums at all?


>When I was in London every restaurant had it.
I've never seen it but I don't live in London . . .that's probably for the benefit of Tourists who may be confused about the 'Tipping culture' .

I'm Ok with our NHS it's the only bit of socialism that I do like but you are right, there are swings and roundabouts everywhere.

They are like Australian Abbos. Alcoholic lowlifes with nothing to be proud of.

Read my response again, Pierre

>Tipping is 100% optional. Do it or don't.

no some places include it in the bill in america
and they dont want you to come ever again and they treat you like scum if you dont tip

it basically is forced

thx, she has great ass

I don't even know a fuckin jew who'd have the balls to say that

I googled the picture and found it kikebook/bodybuildersagainsttipping

We have no idea. Most of us don't see them very often, except for in very specific places or people who are "1/14th native" etc.

For some reason however, as a whole, they seem to be more degenerate than American blacks in a lot of ways.

Thicc Japs best Japs.

I hate interacting with servers when I eat at a restaurant. I would really love it if their jobs were replaced by robots. I just want my food. I don't require companionship for the evening. I don't need someone disingenuously asking me how my food is three times as part of some weak facade attempting to make me feel as if they care when we both know they are trying to manipulate me into giving them more money for some kind of emotional support I didn't ask for and don't need.

post more of that whore

Honestly if you just look at statistics for white Americans and not the whole country overall, we do pretty damn well. With in regards to crime, stds, and wealth we are on par with western European whites. It truly is a nigger and hispanic problem we have that drags down the national average. It's why we get accused of having privilege and minorities get all of these programs that make life easy, yet they still fail.

>they always ALWAYS cut out the part that says whhether its the merchants or cudtomers copy of the receipt

Dont fall for these. These are waitresses who want attention and make up sob stories to post later on fb

>Tip for U.S. citizens only
they sound like a bunch of assblasting faggots

Holy fuck,

Still better than tipping.
>who would tip a filthy hobo
Honestly I would. This is one of those circumstances where he deserves it. Think about it he can't shower, can't eat and usually doesn't have access to a bathroom. He'll smell like shit, look like shit and probably sound like shit too. He is the one who deserves a tip because that $2 tip I gave him is like handing him a golden ticket. He'll go get a couple burgers at McD's and be appreciative of it.
Even then though I'd still look at him and tell him I'm not tipping. It's still not my job to pay him a living wage.
>Why wouldn't you tip ME?
>clean, presentable, friendly single mom
If you can afford to be clean and presentable you don't really need my patronage. There are people who don't get gov bucks just because Jamal popped a baby in you.
>Literally any retard can get pregnant and we need to stop giving them preferential treatment
Face it you're a beggar and you did this to yourself slut.

Mr. Pink pls go

You don't need a union to file a complaint with the department of labor. That's enforced by the state.

Now whether you can legally cut people's hours like that, I don't know, but I don't see why the fuck not when it's your business. Probably best to fire them altogether tho.

This. Maybe it's because they feel the need to try harder as they are not attractive females?

i can see the point where if you dont make enough money to tip you shouldnt be eating at a restaurant anyways but when a fucking pizza is 20$ + tip thatll just about bankrupt the customer base in 1 night

pizza is like a poverty food it costs nothing

>This is one of those circumstances where he deserves it
>being homeless means you deserve money

Yah, no. Being homeless and dirty is not an accomplishment lol YOU DON'T DESERVE STUFF FOR BEING POOR OMG

I thought pol was redpilled, but you guys are silly.

there was a bull dyke waitress who lied about not getting a tip. bitch wrote a memo on it herself saying something about her lifestyle then posted it online donations started pouring in and she got around $5-6000 in a matter of days. fortunately the couple who she served had their actual copy of the receipt with no such derogatory message. dumb bitch dyke lost her job

feels good man

Niggers fuck our crime statistics too, especially in the cities.

But I live in the Rural South West of England and 'dark people' are the stuff of myth and legend.

Because men are the only part of the workforce that is worth a damn.

But that's already the law. If they don't make enough from tips to average their hourly wage above minimum wage the employer has to pay the difference, which is like $2-3 at most.

same, waitresses were always bitchy cunts who were complaining at me to go faster lol.

no offense but even working as a bus boy waitresses and waiters do a lot more than that. Being a bus boy on a busy friday and saturday night can be insane (at pf changs bus boys carry out the food)

Waitresses make $7.25 in NYS and min wage is 9.25.

I envy you britbro...i live in a small area in oklahoma...and they used to be myth and legend....but they are slowly migrating here...feels bad man...that picture is beautiful..

I worked in a resturaunt. Almost every server received a "check" of zero dollars. This was okay, as tips were the actual paycheck, All the restaurant was concerned with was making sure every server hit minimum wage. which was okay too.

So lets say you're a bomb server, You kick ass and work about 5 shifts a week, including the weekends (your money shifts). See, since the restaurant pays the servers dick, they schedule a shit ton of them on and give servers two table sections. Servers run food, clean spills, etc etc so it makes sense for a restaurant to have more of this free labor running around than to ensure they can make a decent living.

The restaurant had a variety of two tops, four tops and six tops. The two tops averaged about 30 dollars per check. four tops could climb to around 50 and 70-80 for six tops. The average time a customer spent in the restaurant was targeted to be in the 40-50 minute range.

This means that a server with two four tops, with a nonstop wait at an average of a 15% tip is somewhere in the ballpark of 15 bucks and hour. The reality of the situation is that most restaurants are never this busy, they are way overscheduled and even if they get that busy on the weekends, they won't be that busy on the weekdays. I've seen servers make 40 dollars working 8 hour shifts, this is far below minimum wage but the pay during the busy shifts is factored in. Most servers make around 9-10 an hour at your average chain restaurant. With zero benefits and inconsistent hours. It's a shit job and these restaurants love being able to overschedule themselves because they know it's free for them to do so.

most places i've worked waitresses make more than the chefs and work a lot less too.
sometimes they're in charge of the floor as well which means i have to deal with their bullshit.
i never seem to last long at restaurant jobs, i can't imagine why.

>tipped for literally doing your job that is carrying food from one place to another

I could think of many other actually meaningful jobs that would deserve that money.

>tfw service was shit but the food was nice
But it's exactly the complete opposite in the USA.

Yet another reason why the UK is the greatest country in the world.

Fucking Americans and their socialist culture.

A large pizza from my favorite pizza place is like $17. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but for fucking pizza, imo it is

it's not even one of those sit down MUH BRICK OVEN COAL FIRED

Then dont tip her, I only tip a waitress that makes the experience better, if the food good I will come back if the waitress is shit I will not tip,dont be a cuck faggot

I'll give you the tip

its kind of crap that the tip is in part based off the cost of the food than the server's performance.

It's a small village just north of Yeovil in Somerset.

We have had Niggers and Mussies here for decades but they don't tend to spread much, the areas in the cities just get darker as the white people move away, it's a shame. Those areas are no longer 'multicultural' but one culture , the one of islam, even our niggers retreat to their own areas.

>blaming shit service
>trust it on students
>still blaming shit service
Yeah, sure. You can't just imagine the ammount of knowledge you have to put in your head to became really proffesional.

>Americans have this crazy idea that we need to subsidize waitress just because their bosses don't pay them minimum wage. Tips should be earned, not given.
I don't believe that you're new to the US. That response of yours seem way to pre-programmed to be a first impression of US restaurants.
I think you just wanted to shitpost and share you opinions on tipping because no one in real life wants to listen to your bullshit.


>When I was in Trafalgar square

Stopped reading right there

>Thinks he went to the UK
>Chooses the city state of Londonistan

Why do Americans always think London is basically the UK?

Sounds pretty normal for a family size pizza.

>Only a gibsmedat will defend it, which is ironic because black people don't tip.

Went to an Ihop, black family of nogs were rude to the waiter, demanding this and that then saying things like "Make sure it doesn't have that".

Left a $20 tip for my $60 meal of 4. I made sure the waiter got close to my table and made a show of letting them know we were leaving and that the table was free.

Know why? Because the nogs were eyeing that $20 like starving vultures and I'm 100% certain they would have swiped it if we left without looking.

>pull up to my local greek coney island joint
>they have a little side window for takeout
>notice that they've added a sign that says "TIPPING IS APPRECIATED"
>the fuck? there isn't even a server, some guy is just handing me my food
>don't tip
>say "Thanks"
>guy's face when he realizes I'm not tipping
>drive away

I just hate people feeling entitled to money for nothing. I wish they'd just put the price on the menu and ban tipping.

I do tip well when I feel like tips are deserved, but fuck if I am going to tip for takeout. I'm probably going to stop going there because of that--my local Chinese food place doesn't expect tips for their takeout.

Because many murican cucks think they have to tip even if the service was shit.

Nigger pizza I different hes not walking 10feer to you hea driving in rain,snow traffic to bring you your pizza and if its shit they bring a new one free

The statement was the license isn't optional, I say it is, he moves the goal posts.

But. .. that's exactly how it is.
You're not obligated to tip at most restaurants. You can give little or nothing if service is terrible, and you can reward generously when service is outstanding. Personally I always give something, but not because I'm obligated to, just because I like to. If service is really bad? Leave 2 bucks or a pocket of change, that'll send the message, or write a little note on the receipt explaining why they got a poor tip - its honestly the best way to improve bad service, by attacking their wallet.

Why is that little belly cute on her?

I'm not into "thicc" or whatever but she's cute

>getting knocked up which literally any retard can do is an accomplishment that deserves recognition because the gov doesn't pay me enough to afford my iPhone and my kid
>I as a single mother with a place to live, running water and access to a toilet deserve strangers spare change more than those who don't because I procreated
>poor people are gross and beneath me because they might have mental disorders, no family and a much tougher life than me but I can't understand that so they're gross
>the lower 1% doesn't deserve the pennies that fall out of the upper 1%'s pockets because they smell but I do because my screaming child needs more kool-aid
>I did literally the easiest thing a woman can do which is lie back and get fucked so I deserve to be able to beg for more money via guilt and pity but that guy who can't get a job because he made a ton of mistakes along his long life doesn't because he "hasn't accomplished anything"
>I get money from the government along with free healthcare to take care of me and my child to the point of only needing a part time job as a waitress but I need more than Recyclable Michael because he is old and smells like urine
>I get preferential treatment from the government to get housing under Section-8 where I can get a new home for about 1/10th of my benefits from the gov but I deserve more than the homeless man because he didn't procreate

Stop holding the fact that you're a single mom over everyone's head to pity you for tips if you're going to look down on the disheveled masses that are suffering.

You're a beggar that has a kid that's the only difference. If you didn't have that spawn you'd be the same place they are but society tells us you're worth more because you got fucked.

You're literally worse than fake veteran beggars with their dogs.

I hope your kid gets SIDS so you can understand what it's like to be homeless.
>No kid no subsidized housing
>No kid no free healthcare
>No kid no welfare