Why do Pakistanis think they're above the law in the UK/West?

Why do Pakistanis think they're above the law in the UK/West?

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Because only Allah can judge them.

This or the mayor is Londonistan. But you know...

Because they actually are when the media and government willingly cover their crimes.

they dont believe in the law of the land since they are taught sharia law so they DGAF

Because they are.

Pic related.

Nice PC culture you've got over there.

Because they can't control their rape urges, violence, crime, and can't be bothered to clean up after themselves because "muh culture"

Because you didn't let them have their sharia law bong. This would have been sanctioned by their imam.

They basically are. Why should they care about the law if we don't care about enforcing it?

>formerly part of India so no hygiene
>Set up a huge school take over system to try and indoctrinate the youth of Britain
>Never integrate and just form small pakistans where ever they go.
>Wreck what ever neighbourhood they move into

I think these people are among the worst on the planet.

If you look at UK stats, more than half of pakis are the product of 1st cousin marriage. You expect a bunch of idiots from a religion made by a thief, liar, caravan hijacker and slave owner, whose followers are heavily inbred would think logically?

Pakistanis are some of the most overly self-confident and arrogant people on the planet. I've met some decent ones, but for every one decent paki dude there's two that are total fucking chodelickers.

They're all into expensive designer clothes and expensive Audis (which are usually half-broken). I'm a white american, I have no real insight into this issue beyond having gone to school with some of them. It just feels like it's in their culture to be ignorant overly competitive pricks.

For forty years they have got away with murder and criminality with the consent of police and officials, creating an addiction to non-conformity that has spiralled into big fraud and unseen criminality.
We, the people are less than powerless to stop this now, it's up how we control our borders from now and we need to deport those without right to be here.

they are above the law, the natives are okay with that
t.Sadiq Khan

I can agree on this I also forgot to mention that they never hurry anywhere you will never see a paki ever run.their work ethic is shit.

mudshits only believe in sharia law, that's why we ban it beyond family matters that do not include honor killing or child marriage

odd thing is, the indians I have worked with or gone to school with were completely different. it was just the pakis that were awful.

>Indian - hinddoo
>Pakis - mudshits
Need i say more

30 years ago, I knew an 18 yr old paki who was fucking a 12 yr old (his 'white' girlfriend).
He was just known as a cradle snatcher then, we didn't know it was endemic to his people because there weren't enough of them

Pakistan is the Scotland of India. The people are offensive dirty and never produce anything of note and generally cause trouble.

Indians may be poo in the loos but they are several degrees higher than pakis and actually integrate. My grandparents(Christian) were invited to the hindu wedding of their Indian back when racism what actually a problem. This wouldn't have happened from a paki couple.

you must be the oldest person on Cred Forums

please tell us more stories grandpa

During the war....
(one for the Britbongs)

>During the war....
Literally my granddad telling of his many shipping voyages. I'm from Yorkshire not Norway in case you were wondering.

During the 1939-1945 conflict with Germany..

because marxist faggots and women tell them theyre above the law.

Why did you let him rape a fucking 12 year old white girl you cuck?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but the values now were not the same then. Sorry to disappoint you but Cred Forums wasn't available


Because when you don't give a shit about the law, you kind of are.
Our law systems in the West were mostly designed for people who comply with the law and they mostly punish by ruining your reputation and thus social standing.

They were simply not designed to handle people who will follow absolutely no order, have a complete disregard for the authorities and don't give a shit about being bottom of the barrel dwellers for the rest of their lives.

We really need a complete overhaul. Preferably with two different sets, one for citizens and one for foreigners.

If I saw a paki with a normal white women I'd be pissed. How were you ever ok with a prepubescent 12 year old girl dating a dirty inbred paki who probably abused her? I would've popped some super male vitality and crushed his sickly Paki frame the moment I found out.

Cz you let them and you elected one of them as a mayor. Shoot them in the face like them americans do with didindoos.

is right, Britanistan incoming, though Germanistan won't be far behind.

Jersey is better at Rugby than you.

you mean cover-up, I assume


that picture pretty much perfectly shows the difference a few pounds extra can make

go fuck yourself, I was alive 30 years ago and everyone I knew then would have introduced him to a baseball bat - or cricket bat in your country

The funny thing is that in america they don't need to be forced, they are already conditioned and like it.

They import criminal Somoans to play for them, not fair tb h

I prefer the right qt desu.

cos they are

Youre a cuck

Kill yourself, you can only make it up by getting rid of some Paki child nolesters

cause they don't get punished when they are caught breaking it

nah, left is a guido unicorn. no amount of weight loss would make right look like her. these pics are like 10 years old, I wish someone would track her down, for, you know, "reasons"

have the migrants affected your little money laundering island at all?

Thanks for your skilled analysis

>angelic blonde preteen girls running around everywhere.

>northern europeans are naive as fuck. "you seem like good chaps, you only want to adopt daughters you say?" they couldn't possibly want to have sex with them, because I wouldn't want to have sex with them.

>they're like a kid that got locked in a candy store

We didn't accept any refugees because their safety wouldn't be ensured.


Thanks for being a cuck who's happy to watch little white girls be raped by Muslims. Literally kill yourself

t. Frenchman

Shush now, I think you protest too much, but good luck suppressing those desires

Pakistanis in the UK are almost all criminals and proud of it in my experience. The younger guys that I knew in school or college were wannabe gangsters. Like you say, the Indian and Bangladeshi people are usually cool it's just the Pakistanis that are a problem. Fucked up culture I guess.

Probably the most relevant part of the process, right next to deportation.

To someone who has spend their whole life at the lower end of the lower class, prison is not much of a punishment.
Instead of hanging around on the market square doing nothing but harassing people they spend their time hanging out with their prison bros doing nothing but harassing other inmates.

A good beating on the other hand is something that affects everyone, no matter on which part of the social ladder they live.

scotland historically produced and contributed well above what they should have as a part of britain

a large proportion of doctors in service in the empire were educated in scotland, for example

Fuck off Scotland, you're a leech

Three sandpeople were at court yesterday for molesting two girls near where I live. It's strange how they report it though because the paper is cucked as fuck (they don't allow comments on anything controversial, they'll refuse to say "Muslim" unless they really need to, they always push the "muh poor refugees" shit, etc), yet yesterday they posted pictures of who they are and their addresses (their streets at least). They still didn't allow comments and as far as the headline goes you would never have known they were sandpeople, but that just makes it feel more strange.

>Fucked up culture I guess.

It's not so much that it's more the huge butthurt. Pakis hate the British because when we colonised India and stopped it from being a complete shithole, Pakistan were practically begging for us to colonise them too except we didn't because we didn't want it. So while Pakistan stayed in the sewer, Indians (or at least some of them) prospered which made Pakis even more bitter. Even after we left India and let it revert back to the shithole it always was (with the exception of some newly rich Indians), the Pakis simply couldn't let go and held a grudge. Now they're getting their "revenge".

Around 65% of Muslims in Europe believe their religious laws are more important than the national laws.

Thus it shouldn't be surprising when a significant amount of these parasites spit on the laws and customs of their host country.


Because they are duh.

They're trying to normalize their crime by reporting it as any standard case would be.

>Local man Nigel Porridgebottom robs area chippy with spoon

>Local men, Abdul Hasin and Muhammad Farim , organize child rape circus