Are there nudes, and if not, why does she care so much to get an injunction?

Are there nudes, and if not, why does she care so much to get an injunction?

her name literally means "handjob" in italian

Probably not an accident. she looks dirty

i dont think shes hot, and her ass isnt that big. i dont get the fuss.

shes related to royalty so her average looks get bumped up to pretty hot because of that

Her relative married into royalty.

Shes a nobody and so is Kate, I really couldnt give a flying fuck about any of them.

Middleton means handjob in Italian? Wtf?

but you can't say you wouldn't look at her nudes if they were available, right?


idk m8

Id put babbies in that

In swedish it means fucking.

Mustn't necessarily nudes, maybe it's clothed pics where she is sucking on an anatomically correct horse dildo or something

thats not a big ass, thats not even an average ass. thats a small ass.

She's English.

That's an average ass you fucking African.

Are you a nigger?

>rapefugee opinions


Is short soft version of cunt in Polish, great name/10.

So we've established that her name in foreign is Fucking Handjob?

doesn't it mean blowjob in greek ?

Small, round, and firm ass is best ass to be quite honest with you my Somalian friend.

Fucking Handjob Cunt Middleton. It seems names determine character.

handjob cunt actualy

You sure it's not blowjob instead?

Well will someone post the nudes or what is the point of this thread if not?

>Small, round, and firm ass is best ass

She dont have round ass....thats a plank.

mama mia

>Nigger in Poland
There is such a thing as having too big of an arse.

Gotta agree with you on this one, bong.
I love little squishy butts, goddamn.


Well I am literally marrying an asian woman so you have a point I guess.

ofc there is but there is also too small and she have one.
have fun, one question is she loud and squeeling as in porn?


They give you people computers?


Of course you don't Sven, you only like obese gorillas that are "thicc".

Porn is an exaggeration but there is some truth to that.

Japanese women are completely submissive in bed, they whimper a lot, and "no" means "yes".

no always means yes to me :^)

>t. virgin

I googled it and it definitely means blowjob

Think shes into beastiality?


10/10 original bants there, lad.

Kinda sounds like "dick" in Russian. Explicitly "kids dick", which is "pipka".

She has class.