Text TRUMP to 88022 or get the Official "AMERICA FIRST" app for important campaign updates
>Volunteer to be a Trump election observer
>Trump Playlist

>Trump Rally in Waukesha WI 9/29/16
>Trump on ORLY 9/29/16
>Pence Rally in Leetonia OH 9/28/16
>Trump Rally in Council Bluffs IA 9/28/16
>Trump meets Pol American Cong Chicago IL 9/28/16

>Trump Rally in Melbourne FL 9/27/16
>Trump TH at Miami Dade College FL 9/27/16
>Trump stops at Miami Diner 9/27/16
>First Presidential Debate 9/26/16
>Pence Rally at Milford, NH 9/26/16
>Trump Rally in Roanoke VA 9/24/16

>Trump on F&F 9/27/16
>Trump/Hannity Post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/Bloomberg post debate 9/26/16
>Trump on Full Measure 9/25/16

>The Lion
>Trump Ad: Movement]
>Deplorables Unite]
>Trump Triumphant
>American Hero

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>tfw in 6 weeks you will never wake up to watch trump rallies ever again
>tfw in 6 weeks you will never wake up to watch trump interviews again
>tfw in 6 weeks you will never wake up to read trumps tweets again
>tfw in 6 weeks you will never post in a Trump General ever again
>tfw trump will die in your lifetime
>tfw america will turn into mexico because hillary will grant amnesty to 15 million and allow another 15 million in
>tfw no one like trump will ever be elected again, it will only be cuckservatives and radical leftists
>tfw guns and other rights will be taken away because hillary will appoint at least 3 supreme court justices, tilting the supreme court liberal
>tfw america will continue down its decline and be destroyed over by china and allies
>tfw russia will be the most powerful nation on earth, and america will be cucked beyond repair
>tfw the white race will become extinct, ending civilization forever

so this is the power of Trump



Clinton failed to complete security training on handling top-secret information – report

I've been avoiding Cred Forums and other places since the debates, now that's its been a few days what's been the reaction (regarding the polls)? I think he did decent.

Before the debates Trump was actually doing pretty good in most polls. Is that still the case or are we going down now? If polls are down now, is there time to fix things?

Or do we not have enough data in to determine that yet? Any positive signs?

I'd just like a little bit of reassurance if anyone has any, still dedicated to MAGA and ready to vote.


Trump is fucking losing guys. Get over yourselves.



America loves Australia!

Don't let the muslims in.


Does Trump ever eat anything healthy? He's so fucking fat and always eating garbage. Combined with his obvious coke habit how can we expect his heart to not give out?

Lol stay buttmad when he loses, fucktard


>Taliban leaders followed the U.S. presidential debate. The leaders watched Monday's televised debate from a secret location in Afghanistan

>Taliban leaders considered Trump a "non-serious" candidate who said "anything that comes to his tongue," the spokesman said.

Christ, even the Taliban is btfo'ing Trump and they didn't even need a suicide vest.

Reading the art of the deal right now

Trump is a fucking genius. He's been at it for years, he even talks about sometimes holding back for a better outcome in the battle for hilton chapter

Hillary and the rest of her cucks out of the shed have no fucking idea who they are up against

Aww man, just as he was climbing on the Periodic table, Nate Lithium starts shilling again

My stomach hurts.


but it's Bill who likes to pork the chops

That's not possible.

Trump will just bomb the entire country of Taliban when hes president, you can bet on that.

God damn thats retarded I love it so much.

Let me start off by saying that I've been a Trump supporter through thick and thin. I bought all his books and highlighted all my favourite quotes in neon yellow highlighter. I watched every season of The Apprentice and sat through every single one of his rallies and interviews, but this was the final straw.

Trump is stumped.

Now that he did that thing, I can no longer support him. He has proven to be a liberal, a pseudo-conservative, a homophobe, a right winger, a racist, a misogynist, a cry baby, and an untrustworthy, back-flipping demagogue.

And just so you know, I sincerely did look up to him, almost like a father figure. I honestly and truly did. I thought he was the one to lead America towards an even greater future. But after doing some research, it just became all too much, and I finally realised that he wasn't who he pretended to be and that his entire campaign was all just an elaborate ruse. Left with nowhere to turn to, I began to feel lost and alone, alienated from politics and life in general.

That was until something amazing happened.

I stumbled across Hillary Clinton's website, a magical website which provided the answers my soul had been desperately searching for. I read each word with awe and felt each of my concerns diminish until they had disappeared completely. Within moments, I forgot the troubles of the past and was finally able to see the light. The answers America had been looking for were right there, and it was all so obvious. America had found its next president, and I now had my life back on track. I bought Stronger Together on Amazon, and I finally found the courage to delete the selfie I took with my wife's son in front of Trump Tower off my phone.

I had finally moved on, and I'm telling you that you can, too. There's not a doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton is the one.

I am now a #HillaryArtillary

get the cum pumped out of it

You know i'm right.

I don't have patience to dance with normies, I will tell the truth, if they get triggered and outraged oh well.


someone start our own list of what polls to trust and which ones to ignore ala nate shillver and 538 and his letter grades

Polls are starting to go down and there would be time to fix it if Trump didn't believe he won the debate and all the polls were dishonest

Got to keep that bounce going until everyone forgets all about illary's non-performance at the debate.

Shills raiding this early?

he's doing about the same in polls, expect some push (((polls))) this week to give the narrative hilary is surging. she isn't. Everything so far is pointing to a Trump win in November.

ignore all polls

it's crazy to think how far presidential memes have come in such a short time
just look at what we had only 8 short years ago

This needs to happen next time. pic related

I'm not concern trolling or going tin foil here, because I truly believe our country is cucked enough to vote for Hillary.

That being said, what the fuck?

>Trump leads all absentee ballot registration
>on average, has 25 times the rally size than Shillary
>most votes in GOP primary history
>more Republicans backing him than Democrats backing her
>leading with indies




PPP (Democrat) shows some gains for Clinton - most within MoE; Florida went from +1 Trump to +2 Clinton; LA Times hasn't changed at all.

Nate Methane still heavily shilling for Hillary though.

Wow, Hillary is paying millions of dollars and this is the level of meme warfare she gets? Sad.

>what polls to trust
None of them.

>which ones to ignore
Also none of them.

Its worth knowing what your enemy is thinking.

Imagine being the janitor on this board and having to be all like "damn, Anonymous, your memes' fuckin' fine, all epic with your rehashed content and horrific unoriginal jokes. I would totally use these memes, both on the internet and in real life." when all he really wants to do is troll another 16 year old on facebook. Like seriously imagine having to be the janitor and not only sit on this board while Anonymous flaunts his disgusting memes in front of you, the Yotsuba B layout barely concealing his putrid body odor and greasy skin, and just sit here, thread after thread, hour after hour, while he perfected that meme. Not only having to tolerate his monstrous fucking memeshit but his haughty attitude as everyone in the thread tells him he's WELL MEME'D, FRIEND and DAMN, Cred Forums MEMES LOOK LIKE *THAT*?? because they're not the ones who have to sit here and watch his redditish fucking posts contort into types of autism you didn't even know existed before that day. You've been posting nothing but a healthy diet of >white threads and TRUMP generals and later alleged cuck threads for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Cred Forums. You've never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on his scraggly neckbeard as he sucks it in to chortle dismissively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to not get paid to sit here and revel in his "dank (for that is what he calls them)" memes, the memes he worked so hard for with personal trainers in the previous hours. And then the OP calls for another thread, and you know you could kill every single person on this board before the admin could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you're the fucking janitor. You're not going to lose your future moderator career over this. Just bear it. Hide your face, cash your check and bear it.

The whole thing is rigged.
The polls will be rigged so that they can safely rig the election.

falling for jewish tricks again, i see

Reminds me of the truthbomb user

>Trump's numbers will rise in polls just before the debate because polls will purposefully over sample republicans, then after they will over sample dems to make it seem like trump is losing because of debate

(((Nate Silver))) has been wrong about litterally everything this election cycle. Don't get black-pilled by this bullshit

>all polls positive for Hillary
>none of them "unskewed" even a point


God. I remember that McCain vid.

>mfw the Taliban endorses Hillary

Trust the polls we vote in
Don't trust the ones we don't

>(((polls))) to trust
kek, none of them



>Trump being the first Republican candidate to ever draw his party out and beat the Democrats in early voting requests in Florida
>nope he's definitely losing in fact he's losing even more now
I find it a tickle that Nate called poll adjusting retarded, worthless, and scientific in previous cycles and now he's the one doing it

Is that a porkchop on a stick? wtf

>t-trump is losing florida and north carolina, j-just ignore the early voting results

Trump has more people that like him than those who like Hillary. He also maybe has more people that hate him. I don't think there'll be enough to stop him from winning though. Many of them won't vote.


What in the fucking hell is this shit?

That is no fucking reflection, and I can't even believe this anymore. Nothing on Trump's podium even like that. So Holt earpiece, Hillary has a damn screen in her podium instead of her own earpiece? This makes me furious.

Good, that will make the november 8th aftermath even better

Sometimes, it's better staying low key to surprise your opponent, but by then, it's too late for them

Holy shit dat USC. Hillary is truly fucked if she can't close the gap even in a poll that is using 2012 demographics.



>Watching TCAP
>Guy named Pepe
>Came to teach a 12 year old girl how to have sex

A white supremacist AND a sexual predator. You fuckers are sick in the head.

Did they publish the methodology yet? There is no way there isn't some over-under sampling at work here.



I tried voting for trump on that site around 10 times and it just gave me "unexpected error"
Then I tried voting for Hillary and it went through
Talk about neutral polls amirite

I can't wait to see the delicious tears on November 9th as people realize that they can't trust the media or pollsters. What the hell are (((they))) going to do when they lose all their credibility?

reminder this happened in Florida

we are winning florida

Full poll methodology here:

Nate didn't have to "unskew" any of them at all, so you know they are rigged.

Cheaters cheat, winners win

Remember that

Yeah because the Taliban are known for their intelligence and debate skills.

Damn that's fucking awesome.

So this confirms that the nowcast is 100% subjective right? The polls did not change that much, this is his opinion after watching the debate.

yah they nogged it up good, really corrected my record

Have you seen the early polling numbers? Trump is up by 4 points, which is amazing considering that Democrats always win by 5-6 points in early voting. Fuck the polls, this is going to be a landslide.

When does early voting starts in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Virginia? I'm tired of bullshit polls and I want to see data of actual value.

Woah. This needs to get spread

Oh wow, once again, PPP asks a bunch of extraneous fucking questions that skew their results massively.

Any poll that asks questions BESIDES 1. Are you voting and 2. Who are you voting for


Why does Trump have to screw things up all the time. He can't act like Bernie in the debates, he must be more like Ted Cruz in these 1 vs 1 debates

Why do you guys hate "Correct the Record" so much?


Its called Fact Checking. And FYI, records wouldnt be corrected if they didnt need to be.


link to stream?

they pay you to name the jew?

Because "correct the record" is a euphemism for revisionism and memory holing.

Cruz will be helping.




Based Poland

No wonder Trump likes you guys

Fuck him. He failed in the Benghazi hearing and he failed yesterday.

There is no such thing as Correct the Record

This is true. Honestly, they are only a rapid response team too, so you know they only correct records that are in urgent need of correcting.

cruz is a white man


North Carolina polled 41% D, 32 % R, 27% I
Colorado was 35% D, 36% R, 29%
Florida polled 45% D, 37% R, 18% I (!!!!!)
Pennsylvania was 46% D, 38% R, 16% I (wow)

PPP is basically push poll bullshit.

deez nuts!

voting starts soon in Colorado, I got my blue book in the mail yesterday

That explains why she kept looking down. Totally rigged.

is it clear who pays for their polls and if they are linked to the clinton foundation?

They also oversampled women to men by 53% to 47%.

when will canada be rangebanned?

>why do you hate a superpac
If you read the question carefully you can find the answer

He didn't fail, he did everything within his power.

The executive branch, the FBI and the DOJ, failed, on purpose.

Homophobic nigger

>those independent numbers
I guess that user was right.
They're gonna manufacture a post debate bump for clinton.



leave our women alone frosty

Sent it to Alex Jones.

>democrat +8
>women +6
>voted for Obama +5
wew. lad.

If you ban us, we win.

He's most likely very much a homo himself.


"The Cleaner" from the Debate is being investigated and someone with good video skills is needed ASAP

See details here>>>

Read their tweets.

They absolutely loath Trump.

They don't even try to hide their bias.

The owner of PPP is George Soros. That is all you need to know goy.

is Trump right about waterboarding?

That's ok, in this deal everybody wins.

That's historical voting patterns.

I see

The Taliban don't seem to be phased.

Why did hillary have notes at the debate

Twitter plan for today!! Please spread the word.

TODAY use #ClintonScandals

Since the media will not talk about the Clinton scandals I say THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 29 we show everyone #ClintonScandals 1973-current . RT this note or make new notes, save this note repost it. Let's work together and spread the word. Be ready to discuss all scandals by the Clintons. IT'S TIME TO STAND UP!! We can do this together. Let's fight with TRUMP!

Pick a topic, and tweet about it with hashtag #ClintonScandals today, Thurs 29th. Also retweet other #ClintonScandals tweets. Some inspiration and resources for what to post:

-50 Clinton facts:
-Hillary racism & temperament:
-90's scandals:


TODAY use #ClintonScandals


Ya fuck stupid ass muzzies. They deserve real torture beyond waterboarding

fucking faggots

Colorado is interesting. It's one of the State's Johnson is pulling more from Trump than Clinton.

The official voter registration count in Florida for Democrats is 37% by the way.

4,733,359 / 12,479,284 = 37% D
4,459,087 / 12,479,284 = 35% R
3,286,838 / 12,479,284 = 26% I (none or other)



Pensylvania numbers are accurate though, there are more dems there.
North Carolina seems weird, I don't believe that Trump can lose a state romney won. He's ahead even in early voting.

Colorado seemed very worrying though, I don't know why.Trump had like -25 favorablity, while clinton had -5. Yet they sampled the same number of dems and republicans. Do the independents in colorado love hillary or something ?

go blog to twitter or somewhere the fuck else faggot


Because she can't even memorise her zingers let alone the buzzwords she needed to respond to.

How does she expect to be a good commander in chief if she can't even remember her own zinger lines?
She'd look silly if Putin said something and was just sitting there waiting for a witty comeback that didn't come.

Got you

I was Trump supporter all along


So every almost every polster is thinking that the same amount of niggers is gonna turn out for Hillary as Obama, and that the enthusiasm on the Dem side is bigger than on R.

wew lads, skypes are really in full force

>these "TRUMP GENERAL" threads are constantly on Cred Forums
>nobody calls them out as shilling
>on the rare occasion a Hillary thread is made it's blasted as shilling
It's like you guys are fucking blind.

Colorado is precisely split according to survey polls of voting habits.

You don't understand Trump's strategy then. In the first debate his objective wasn't to dominate on policy, it was to convince the audience that he is a normal human bean, at which he absolutely succeeded. Instead of unloading all his ammo at the first encounter like she did, he also just planted the seeds of doubt on her with a few lines like "Is it President Obama's fault?" or "you've done this job for 30 years and only now you're thinking about some solutions". He will no doubt make these seed sprout in the other two debates.

Meanwhile Hillary is already out of ammo because she thought it was a good idea to blast through the fortress wall without first weakening the foundations.

Make a Hillary thread then

I'd love to ironically support Hillary

it's very convenient that the state he was about to flip just so happened to have a huge Clinton push...really makes you think.

don't trust any (((poll)))

a fucking leaf, every time

You're trying too hard, faggot

did yu guys see the hillary interview with mary j blige? fucking cringe

>her best zinger was "Trumped up, trickle down"
>she was probably practicing it for weeks
>stutters while trying to deliver it

This bitch is seriously incompetent.

Cred Forums officially named on the Alt Right wiki (that cant be edited unless ur verified)

>The alt-right has no official ideology, although various sources have said that it is associated with white nationalism,[1][2][6] white supremacism,[3][7][8] antisemitism,[1][2][9] antifeminism,[1] right-wing populism,[6] nativism,[10] and the neoreactionary movement.[7][11]

>It has been said to be a largely online movement with Internet memes widely used to advance or express its beliefs, often on websites such as Cred Forums.[7][9][12]

I think he got hurt, but not by much.

Unfortunately even that slight dip reversed the trend of a literal month of spectacular gains. The damage is not in the polls but the loss of trajectory upwards.

I guarantee you he would have won with ease had it not happened, now I'm thinking the result will be much closer because CO and others were going Trump hand over fist before this.


That's my suspicion. They're a Libertarian state at heart. I mean, you have a legislature which passed gun control laws and the entire statewide Sheriff's association told them to fuck off they wouldn't be enforcing it.





>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump victories every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump interviews every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to read trump tweets from @POTUS every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will post in a President Trump General every day
>tfw trump will repair america in your lifetime
>tfw america won't turn into mexico because trump will deport 15 million and the wall will prevent any more from coming in
>tfw the political spectrum will move right, and every future president will be somewhere between a trumpublican and a white nationalist
>tfw guns and other rights will be preserved because trump will appoint at least 3 supreme court justices, tilting the supreme court conservative for your lifetime
>tfw america will rise again, and destroy china and its allies
>tfw america will forever be the most powerful nation on earth, while europe is forcibly uncucked and restored to former glory
>tfw the white race will finally win the war against international jewry and preserve western civilization forever.

its all garbage

That's what I'm saying though. No normal Cred Forumsack makes constant threads with the same layout supporting a candidate. These Trump threads are all blatant copy/paste shilling and nobody calls it out. You're being used Cred Forums.





take it to the Shillary general fagget



Or maybe Trump is a likable candidate and inspires actual legitimate support? Hmmm

>newfag doesn't know the weeks of infighting that went on before we decided on the current /TrumpGen/ format.

As it was predicted a millenia ago


How new are you?

>Syria Gen
>NatSoc Gen

Just got an e-mail from Trump asking our opinion on debate prep.

Check your emails you autists.

lester holt needs to die

I understand why a supporter of a candidate who needs to spend tens of millions of dollars for internet friends would think genuine supporters creating content is a bizarre thing.

Bad sign for the Democrats; does any pollster factor in enthusiasm?

High time to debate dahnald

Literally ANY other board that has repeat generals copypaste their templates, too.

Is this leddits first day?

this is awoo safe space pleb

I lasted 30 seconds

>that went on
>went on
>implying people still aren't pissed about the shill link in OP

Would you have voted for Ted Cruz if he had won the republican nomination?

Would you have voted for Jeb! if he had won the republican nomination?

you guys ever get the feeling we've done something like this before?




I'd go live in a cave

Why are you still doing these threads? Cred Forums is completely against Trump now to the point where it is hurting him because the media is going on about how his biggest supporters don't make him anymore which looks bad to on the fence voters. Just go to /the_donald

Neither Ted or Jeb would've stood a chance against Clinton.

It's funny how Trump's campaign worked so hard to get him to shut up and now after losing the debate he can't shut up.

More "piggy" comments, that's gonna win votes!

maybe Ted, but you'd have to find a timeline without Donald.

Id just pull republican desu

The difference here is that Romney gave up and threw the election. It's up to Trump to win this one.

Let's not think about such a terrible thing. It's bad enough anons in that alternative universe have to deal with it.

Checked, I was just thinking about Kek, PRAISE HIM.

>Ted Cruz
Better than Clinton, so begrudgingly yes.

an hero


Was not expecting that chick to be thicc or have a big ass.

Tits were meh tho.

Mrs.Piggy is a real piece of work

already been debunked. you can make a screenshot say whatever you want. keep us posted




that was hillarys dukakis tank moment (isnt it weird that that moment is what voters will be turned off by? not the emails, benghazi, or corruption etc)

>After Trump gets elected, we will all know the joy of coming home from a hard day's work to a home cooked meal, Momiji, and a bunch of Momiji juniors

>comedy sources influencing political opinions


>russia will be most powerful nation on earth
>white race will become extinct
if anything russia will be the bastion against Jewry and preserve white civilization for any Europeans willing to bring Whites back to glory

Vid. She just masturbates.

0.05$ was added your account

error:correction failed
shill level: nominal

but he didn't lose, remember?

trump will lose.

>obama obliterating drumpf on camera won't change anything
Face it drumpf fags its over

it actually will. that just shows how disconnected you are from reality. its a common trait of liberals, as they don't understand the real world and live in a bubble


what movie?
that is so dumb it has got to be deliberate


I stayed out of that argument, but I bookmarked the link. Every now and then it has media no one else does. Like the mini press conference/town hall he had while order his Philly Cheese Steak. Whoever that autist is who scrapes the Internet for Trump info is fine in my book.

Seems like the establishment is pretty pissed that we finally picked a candidate who they didn't have their hooks in.

gowdy live fox

link? or name?


>a president campaigning against someone instead of doing a good job

desu senpai

That's not how you spell Hillary, silly.

>all that hair shedding

no ty

>Still thinks Trump lost the debate because a CNN poll
Shut the hell up you mongoloid..

Clinton is going to win, there's nothing you guys can do.

You think it was a Dukakis moment?

I sure hope you're right

I'm actually gonna go watch it in its entirety now; I don't believe I got the full "effect"

Preparing for category 5 cringe

Trump's message is literally the only reason I started to give a shit about this country's elections. I'm not a Republican. So no, probably not.

is this the new pasta?

It's a CW superhero show, The Flash

it's another bluepilled as fuck show

I thought that with GW Bush you guys (USA) hit rock bottom and had the stupidest president in history

but I think you might just outdo yourselves by electing Trump

pic related



my 10 year old has computahhz!

They're called containment threads you dumb nigger.


Enjoy and fap well

Guess we will let fate decide, won't we?

Either way, the end result will be in all our favor

I like pork, and beer too. pisses off muslims.

we can deny it and keep having him win online polls while calling all other polls rigged

Would cooking and eating frog legs be an act against Kek?

it would be easy to JFK her.
not saying I would do that, if the NSA is watching :^)

I want to believe, but it might also be the lighting in the room shifting.

Given their willingness to straight-up lie to Congress on tv, I'd say they'll feel "safe" as long as Hillary (or her animatronic facsimile) is alive on election day.

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." - Stalin

Now that the debate happened, pollsters sure are eager to release these polls. I wonder why that could be.

Lol stay buttmad when he wins, fucktard.


Yes, why do you think France has had so much trouble?

Was it a half-assed attempt by the religion of peace or just an accident?

Wow I just woke up and this thread is already half shill posts. That "post debate bounce" must not have spoken for itself I guess

That's rather disgusting.

Two bad memes supported by even worse memes.


Trump is fucking finished

> Clinton +6

> Clinton +6

> Clinton +7

> Clinton +2

> Clinton +2


black people hate mary j blige and it was really creepy, not sure how to describe it. Its blowing up on twitter

The lighting doesn't shift over the podiums the whole time does it? Naw a reflection/shift of light wouldn't go off like a damn iphone, it would gradient in some way.

>Thinking Obama has this much influence on anyone anymore

It's not 2008.

nj rail lines are shit

.t joiseyfag



Quig posting this everywhere, you slimy cunt.

I do t get it. How many frog legs does it take to make a meal?


Scroll the fuck down.

Reminder that PPP is absolute garbage

What happened with Kardashian

>trumps only hope of winning is if democrats don't come out and vote did it come to this. He was in perfect position after getting the nomination and now we will have four years of shillary.

The memes would have been magnificent.

Perhaps it's a metal thing of some sort? Something she was leaning notes against.

That isn't her.

nice digits

Nice push poll lad

Scott Adams says polls won't go up but it will only last a week

The oligarchy isn't just pissed, they're enraged - and terrified.

Someone put a coin on the tracks.

8 if she doesn't mess up enough

Id put money on the fact 90% of people asking for the return can't and won't read it, and want daddy to read it for them

Yes it is. She wrote a post about it.

>No demographics published
>Poll includes a dozen other questions besides 1) Who are you voting for, contaminating the results

PPP being garbage yet again.

Her ass isn't that fat and you made it seem like her tits would be worse but they look alright to me.

I don't get your tastes man...

it's okay we'll just say the election was rigged just like we're saying the debate was rigged just like we're saying these polls are rigged

Damn. Clinton really is worried about that Florida turnout.

Shill missile now same old same old

i want to believe ecksdee

I'm trying to motivate you retards. Be more angry please.

Man its gonna get rigged anyways just like they did it with Bush

w-what did she say?

That's not true, that's just one aspect of why he will win. On top of low dem turnout, we have super high Repub turnout, as evidenced by the early voter rolls which typically favor Democrats a few points.

Also your statement is similar to saying
>Trump's only hope of winning is if more people vote for him than Hillary

>Now that he did that thing, I can no longer support him.

yes, I agree .. that thing was the final straw


Man they start early. Look at all these 1 Post by this IDs

See for yourself, the poll is a joke.

Info wars is talking about CTR and Brock about 5 mins in
Brock thinks a neet is gonna snipe him

supports Trump now

We've clearly pushed this election, the media, normies and reality itself too far...

But lets keep going and see what happens.

I said I wasn't expecting her to be thicc or her ass to be that big/round. She looked skinny from the top up.

Tits are meh.

>Waaaah I'm a victim and I'm not a slut just because I did one video I quuiiiiit ;((((

how is this bitch going to be singing about skin color when she's got, whatever the fuck this is on her head?

So do we have any polls since the debate?

Also what do we think of this?


Go rape a child you fucking gypsy


>475 people
>4.5 moe

no thanks

Bowlcut and HI HO SILVER AWAAAAAAY look on point.


she looks like that old lady from the Incredibles


yes but why the sudden change? did something bad happen cause it doesnt fit the image's purpose.


>Also what do we think of this?

SC isn't a swing state.

That's what the MoE most polls of that sample size are. For the same reason the CNN poll and especially Morning Consult polls are shit.

They didn't fool people with claiming MO, GA, and AZ were swing states so they're trying to claim South Carolina is one now too?

That's the spirit!

By far the most underrated Cred Forums meme

>she looks like that old lady from the Incredibles
hahahaha holy shit

back to the drawing board nigger

lemme try

I work in government, I do IT stuff. I am surrounded by catladies and milfs.

People over 35-40 have no idea what they are doing with computers. No idea at all. Trump is saying we need younger people and my God we do. Everyone over 50 right now can hardly stay wih it enough to do basic things with a computer. These women will print up every email and put them in binders. They do crazy things that make no sense. They have trouble with Skype for Business in literally every meeting. They are constantly trying to browse to dangerous sites. I get hundreds of requests to unblock coupon printing websites or to install coupon printing .exe files that's obviously malware. We block a lot of spam and phishing but good god if 1 gets through they all click on it like brain dead fish.

The young people are cool but good god, the older ones have no concept of what's up or down in the cyberworld. It makes no sense to them. They literally see computers as digital typewriters and can't tell the difference between OS and a Browser.

The memes are real. Old people can't into computers.

Trump makes sense. Trump himself probably can't into computers any more than Hillary. But at least he'd have the sense to hire a young person for cubersecurity instead of old people.

The higher ups sometimes put an okd catlady into IT as a favor to give a friend a job. Literally 100% of our security problems cone from that shit. Giving them admin access and they install malware and they get havked and their email sends out stupid fishing stuff that all her stupid friends will click. My job revolves around baby sitting retarded old people. Shockingly most of them make more money than me and are MD's and public health communication specialists with masters and phd's. But with computers a 10 yr old woops their ass.

She is a complete psycho, even blacks don't want to be around her

what the fuck is this shit holy kek

but Cruz has actual debate talent?

>475 sample size

Just make sure you recycle that plastic garbage.

Oh look, the fatass is eating.
Big surprise.


Doesn't matter if Trump wins, Germany now probably official lost:
Turkish colony, Deutsche Bank holds so many firms in Germany, Turks will own everything

Guess you're not having sex with anyone.

Probably spot on

All Aboard

A "Delicious Piggy" thread definitely deserves some delicious piggy.

>what polls to trust
none, even if you're winning in them

they are literally pulling out all the stops to cling to power, they know their bitch and everyone else is going to jail if she fails. they are cooking polls, they are colluding with moderators for debates, they spent millions trying to get bots and shills to shitpost for them. they are literally throwing shit at the wall to keep him from getting elected.

im loving every minute of this

That isn't particularly good news for the GOP either. Both are down a fair amount.

Hand holding has been ruined for me forever, asshole.

someone needs to replace the "R" to a E on that sign

Same here. I have never given so much of a shit about our country's election than this one. Really it's because of how much the_donald, these Trump generals, and Trump supporters I met on Facepunch that pointed me in the right direction after I saw Bernie lose in California. It was that and the Orlando club shooting (I'm bi) that made me realize what's at stake right now in this country.

It IS time to stop pandering to PC.
It IS time to fight islamic terrorism and call it out.
It is time to stop picking leaders based on what their side is, and on the leader and his policies only and what they mean to me.

If anyone else but Donald got the nomination I would abstain. If Clinton didn't win the nomination and Sanders did, I might have still supported him (not much though, he showed his weakness with BLM and never talked Foreign policy). And of it were any other democratc against Trump, I would abstain and ignore the whole election.

But none of those happened. I saw the meme magic, let go of my fears of "looking and sounding offensive" and now I'm ready to MAGA!

This looks like the beginning of a really bad porno

I am also in IT



even though you've shown them 500,000 times

Stop with the Florida absentee meme

McCain had an advantage of 47-36 in 2008
Trump has an advantage of 43-36 in 2016.

This is better than 2012, but not 2008.

I hope that these cancerous threads about Trump will disappear within 2 months...

wait, what if they oversample dems because there more dems registered? Its an even ratio or something

The miss piggy thing is a YUGE nothingburger. The good news is it shows how desperate they are to go back 20 years.

Watch the video they are so outraged about. It's laughable!

The CNN fat shaming was much worse

Shills got their collective rectums ripped wide open on the debate polls. They are just now coming out of shock and are foaming at the mouth

Oh another thing people are not talking about is Miss Universe officials wanted to fire miss piggy for not following her contractual obligations.. Trump stepped in and gave her a chance

it's just for stumpings, nothing bad has to happen

Ever heard of /vg/ before shillboi?
You're in a prison full of autists.
And you're a tasty looking trap.

Yes but the GOP is the one that's currently experiencing a renaissance in it's belief system. Moderates and Independents are going to flock to that big tent.