Brit/pol/ - Priti edition

>Liam Fox signals Britain will leave the single market in 'hard Brexit'

>Liam Fox interview: the EU is ripping out Europe's social fabric

>Planning for Brexit could cost the Government £65 million a year

>Ken Clarke launches scathing Brexit attack on May

>Chris Law becomes third SNP MP to be investigated by police over financial dealings

>UK Govt Report: Employers Must Islamise Because Muslims Least Likely To Have a Job

>Italian PM Matteo Renzi warns UK over EU rights

>Queston Time on at 22:45 with Priti Patel and Steven Woolfe on the panel

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Remember the fallen

bloody hell

QT looks good tonight

>>>UK Govt Report: Employers Must Islamise Because Muslims Least Likely To Have a Job
Tony did this to us.




>Mfw when I will never help manlet Woes clean up his local community of cones and trolleys

Bloody Hell! It's just Amazing

I wonder what all of the 9000 year old people watching this are thinking

Anybody ever seen BBC Alba? went there expecting SNP propaganda and leftist dogshit but it's just comfy as fuck music.


May should ban Freddos, to be honest. They''re probably linked to white supremacists as well.


Imagine if someone told you that Pepe would be labelled a hate symbol a year ago.



The comedy never stops.

We're truly in the meme timeline

Literally heard someone mention Counter Signal Memes for Fashy Goys irl

ive never once seen this fucking pepe on Cred Forums What the fuck are these assholes even talking about


And Taz caramels, everyone knows they're based on Tasmanian devils which totally aren't real guys and are just a racist depiction or the poor Tasmanian aboriginals we cruelly and brutally genocided

It's the RAREST pepe because they made it 5 minutes ago.

That's probably the worst pepe I've ever seen

is this picture satire? The tasmanian devil is a legit fuckface rodent think that is a total shitlord.

flooding the news with fake pepes
they should be ashamed

Tasmanian Devils are cute and not for bully

A dog jumped on me earlier lads am I gonna die from a disease?

fearing doggo's
think we found a ethnic lads

>tfw they've all got ultra herpes rotting their faces off

Did it bite you and break the skin? If so maybe. Rabies doesn't exist in the UK so you don't have to worry about that, still can carry some nasty bacteria though.

I don't fear them.

Yea, is a shame about that

Nah didn't bite me, just jumped on my legs and I tried to brush it off (was in a rush)

Then dont be a pussy

Just finished work lads. Now to do some work for the other jerb. How're we all doing today?


their not far of the cartoon either. cunts are hyper aggressive if your near their den or babies

not stopping to pet friendly doggo's
you muslim?

Well then fuck off you retard and stop asking stupid fucking questions.

what jobs

No they're fucking not, they're like foxes but a million times worse
Once the tasmanian tigers got rekt they didn't have any competition as predators so now there's a fuck load of them and they kill everything else

I'm a hypochondriac

Dogs are annoying when you're trying to get somewhere

Fresh out of uni, so shop work this morning and my freelance sound work for clients afternoon/evening so that i can build up a portfolio and apply to somewhere serious

Its value will be almost zero now it has been shown on CNN anyway.

Wonder if Deutsche Bank fucking up will mean the pound becomes popular again.

This YouTube channel makes some pretty good UK political songs desu.

>tfw my ancestors were the europeans that didn't lack ambition

>yfw your ancestors were the cowards who couldn't stick it out in Europe

you mean they were pussies

Lefty shit?

>my ancestors were the europeans

t. Esteban Jamal Wan

>tfw (((international finance))) widely distributes counterfeit pepes to normies to tank the pepe market and secure the supremacy of the petrodollar

Yeah, but its still pretty good I think.

>tfw your ancestors were pretty much niggers for chimping out over a slight tax on tea

You do realise that the British people who actually travelled to America were all loyalists, right?
The revolutionaries were their whiny SJW children bitching about "structural oppression"

HAHA Holy shit never thought about it like that, but you are fucking right Washington and his traitorous ilk were SJWs of their day.

>You do realise that the British people who actually travelled to America were all loyalists, right?
what a retarded fuckin statement

don't you have some shoes to be sewing together for 50 cents an hour?

M8 Singapore is one the most well off countries on Earth.

You could say to a black man, "I hate nigglers" and you couldn't get arrested because a "niggler" means "someone who constantly criticizes in a petty way", haha.

>unemployable illiterates, wealthy jews who wanted to keep slaves but couldn't in the UK and criminals fleeing prosecution

those three should have been swaying from the branch of a tree

Who's on?

a bunch of our farmers btfo you and then went on to build the greatest empire in human history while yours regressed back to your tiny island lad, keep quiet

So brave and progressive )))

>The rainbow flag that symbolises gay pride has been sent into space for the first time via a high-altitude balloon.

>Planting Peace, a US-based non-profit group that seeks to "spread peace in a hurting world", launched the flag near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on 17 August.

>The balloon captured video with a GoPro camera as it floated 21.1 miles (34.1km) above earth for three hours.

>Organisers said they wanted to declare space gay friendly, "in a peaceful, beautiful way".


its like my life savings of pepes are wothless now!
they act on greed they dont care who lives they destroy

>doesn't realise the British empire reached its peak long after it lost the thirteen colonies

burger education

Fully automated luxury gay space communism when?

Fuck me that's mint

That feminist all the SJWs hate because she says trannies are just men with a fetish?

>21.1 miles (34.1km) above earth
Space is above 100km

Lads, important question

Dr Oetker or Chicago Town?

>Oxford schoolgirl abducted and sexually assaulted

Parents around Oxford have been warned not to let their children walk to school alone after a schoolgirl was abducted from a busy street in the city and sexually assaulted.

The teenage girl was found knocking on doors for help in a nearby street nearly four hours after she was snatched during rush hour on Wednesday morning.

The assault came days after a young woman was subjected to a sex attack around a mile away.

>War of Independence with the help of 99,000 French and Spanish.
>1812 we BYTFO and burnt your little cuck shed.

Dr Oetker is fucking disgusting.

Goodfellas is where its at for frozen pizzas.

This moment has yet to be surpassed in the HoC

>Spread peace in a hurting world.

When will some people realise that so called xenophobia is rife amongst humanity and always has been. When will they realise that no matter how much they do these little stunts that life is and always has been shit and will continue to be so forever.

I'm taking bets on the ethnicity of the attacker(s).

You got that the wrong way round

Dr Oetker Speciale > any Goodfellas

I bet it was muzzies. They'll hold of from revealing that info of course when they do catch them.


I'll put a tenner on slav since they've already said they were white

I literally threw a Dr Oetker pizza in the bin last week it was that disgusting.


How do I deal with the inevitable MUH BREXIT shit from cretinous students when I go back to uni?

I used to love their Ristorantes but lately they've been greasy. I reckon Dr. Oetker is punishing us for leaving the EU tbqh.

tell them everytime they bring it up they buy a round.

Who /moral/ here?

>Bruce Dickinson making a documentary about aviation history where he flies the planes himself

almost too comfy

>The Butthurt never stops. :^)

Either they'll respectfully accept your decision or they aren't worth interacting with

For a peaceful life, it's probably not going to be worth saying you voted to leave unless there's a girl there who you reckon did the same.

based bruce

The oetker pollo pizza is goat

How do I reconcile the fact that Brexit means even more neoliberalism and foreigners buying up the country?

I haven't heard anything about it. Helps that I never talk to anyone kek

Go full NatSoc

Isn't it supposed to be chicken

Join the TUSC and fight for Lexit?

>tfw most of my societies have retarded foreigners in them that lost their shit about Brexit and aren't going to shut the fuck up about it for the next decade

Chicago Town or Goodfellas lad

Oetker is fucking cardboard

>Get back from work
>First thing on DP is about the JoJo stances that we were memeing about last night

admit your wrong

>Oetker is fucking cardboard

I have to butt in here, Dr Oetker are the best actually (as far as pre-formed frozen shit goes)

Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of thick crust stuff but I prefer it by far.

REEEE it's tasty

>You will never be this short

feels bad man

He's getting fat

Revel in their misery and enjoy our victory, I haven't stopped smiling since the early hours of June 24th :^)

Who else stayed up all night to watch the results come in?

Bonnie, not Germaine.

I stayed up with my flatmates to watch it. They both voted remain and were smug until about 2am, I voted leave and was smug the entire time after that and haven't stopped being smug since.

Comfy hours almost over lads. It's been fun

>tfw greatest nation on earth

Tried my best but I'd been up since 5am that morning and had a long day. Managed to stay up til about 2:30am when Remain was ahead but the Sunderland result had delivered a big shock. Woke up a few hours later around 5am and saw BBC news had predicted a Leave win. I couldn't believe it. The rest of the day was pure joy. When Cameron resigned later on I had to pinch myself. Glorious.


No but in all seriousness and all normieness there is nothing wrong with saying you voted leave. If you can't defend your choice you didn't know enough to make that choice and you should be ridiculed, but if not there is absolutely no reason to hide it and it is sad that people will censor themselves when in all honesty most people don't care.

People like you are causing the pussification of our society, sure the left is pushing it and writing the framework, but by going along with it you allow it

Romany Gypsies
Romany Gypsies are trying to edge out Pakis as the main rapers in Glasgow and other scottish cities.

Best shitposting night of my life

By the way, does anyone else remember losing all sense of hope early on in the night for a while after Nigel conceded defeat?

I was in Corfu with family (voted by post)

Stayed up all night shitposting and then spent the next day getting smashed on all-inclusive whisky with some old blokes from the north

Unfortunately my mother, sister and two of my cousins are salty as fuck remainers so the flight home was a bit awkward

>greatest empire in human history

Best night of my life, was a pleasure spending it with you lads.

I think he yoyos depending on how JUST he is at the time, that's how I am anyway

Muh bases


Genuinely teared up during Nige's dare to dream speech after seeing him so defeated at the start of the night.

I was on the night shift, checking my phone every 20 mins or so. hell of a rollercoaster

fucking ewww
who says gay shit like that

Only time I've ever felt like I was at a party just sitting around drinking and posting

>tfw I was the OP of that thread
Small world

I was the OP most of the night, went for a fag at one point but came back.

Pretty wild ride, must be said.

>"fucking ewww"
>not gay

America is the mother of harlots.

Love you too lad

would anyone unironically vote for Comrade Corbyn?

No, but I wouldn't vote for him ironically either




Like this?

Wish I could relive it again, one of the best nights ever.




lmao top shelf bant tbqh




That song sums up perfectly the optimism of the late 90's

If only we knew the horrors that would be unleashed by Tone.



Have some mid-thread comfy Moggy, lads.

only get buttfuked

who /dislikes brian cox/ here?


Smug Freemasonic bullshitting twat.


Me. Smug cunt

... what Tony?

I don't think I can destroy a nation single handedly like you did.







cannot fucking stand his face. he's in tv too much. annoying voice and dumb haircut too.

So many shills on Cred Forums. At least this thread is comfy.

Honestly don't see why people hate him so much, his mannerisms are a bit weird but people act like he's a dog rapist or something

Back to cripplechan m8

>Alt-right at all

b-but muh based neil is spectator chairman. who /private eye/ here?

This guy's stuff would be good if he didn't have BBC-tier politics

These guys are starting to annoy me, they're everywhere.

What does he mean by this?

I like his TV work, but he should stay out of politics

That goes for most scientists desu (e.g. Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, etc.)

I hate it when people think that someone being an eminent scientists means that his views on political matters must be automatically valid.

Beautiful comic, thank you, user.

>Stephen Hawking talking about capitalism

Fucks me off no end, his guardian articles are pure teenage trash

What's the beef here?

you don't have to buy SUN

but you get triggered by it anyway !!!!!

Of all the fucking things you could spend your time campaigning about

just his voice


Muh Hillsborough.


Oh, ffs. Should have guessed.

Being a specialist qualifies you to talk about your speciality. Not to speculate wildly about anything and everything. Dawkins is probalby the most obnoxious about it.


Tbf the sun is scummy

Simmer down, Paddy

never forget the 96 trillion goyim.

Yes, but a senesible adult would just not buy it. Scousers on the other hand protest outside Morrisons.

where can i buy chicken tendies

They do a nice crossword on Saturdays and Sundays tbf


99% of journalists should get ovened desu, sperging out over ME ILLSBREGH got old 20 years ago

whats up with her face?

Where does this meme about women suffering more heavily from mental illness come from? Is it just because women are generally attention seekers who let people know about their """problems"""?

no it's because women are fragile creatures who need to be protected

This is true desu.

Pretty much. It's men who are killing themselves left right and centre over their mental health.

If women have mental illness it's because society has failed them, if men top themselves more and more every year it's because they have toxic masculinity and lmao who even cares I mean like ugh

More women attempt suicide than men. Men are just better at it, and hence more successful.

>women have PTSD and suffer more.
>men three times more likely to commit suicide.

Really makes you think...

SNP has nothing to do with BBC Scotland, much as they would like too.

Also the Gailtach areas voted 2/3 no. It's the poor urban areas which voted yes (only glasgow and dundee)

I know 2 women who 'attempted', knowing the circumstances both cases were clearly just for attention. I also knew 2 blokes that attempted, the fact I'm writing in the past tense tells you the rest.

Dunno if you're memeing, but it's more like women pretend to attempt suicide in order to gain sympathy and attention.

>Employers Must Islamise
i wish people at breitbart would just take a running jump

Good. Hopefully every cunt kills herself

something's wrong with the circles you run in mate, 4 suicide attempts?

What's funny is how so many people on pol coddle women. As bad as the feminists for defending them. Neither the traditional right or feminist left give women agency.

Quite accurate to be honest with you, my redditor friend

Can someone here (specifically Wales) kill the Go Compare twat? Thanks.

>tfw been depressed and anxious for years

add up everything a young man could die from
suicide still higher then anything else combined

can't stop 'ere m8, they'd nick your wheeeels

one less rapist.

They are what they are, whiteknighting is pointless but so is turning it into some kind of vendetta and running around going 'muh cunts are just children they should be locked in cages etc. etc.'

that would be fantastic!

Had creeping dread for a while, it's not yet crippling, but it's there. Like a maudlin undertow disturbing everything I do.

That cunt can also die.


Fucking die.

I love England, it's so multicultural and egalitarian, 95% of its people live in third world conditions regardless of their skin color.

33 next month had it longer then I can remember
just got to learn to live with it lads
just get out the house even if there is nothing to do


3 fuking times in a row
fantastic wow fantasic thats fantastic


we use the british bill of rights
>Quite accurate
thats like saying you don't eat soup, you drink it.
there is no one forcing peopel to do this, and if they try'd to force people to do this, they would be contradicting them self. only international companys (globalists) will have to follow this ruling, so places like amazon, not iceland.

>60% white

God Bless America

Currently at work, just mega stressed about changing job, and I'm battling an old letting agent for a deposit.


>tfw I went to England and broke almost every toilet I used
You guys must have some sissy little rabbit-tier shits.

years of army training, and all they know how to do is beg? REEEEALY.
I choose to join the army, so society must lick my arse

What am I missing here?

What's that?

Anyone here at Uni of Southampton? Peter Hitchens is doing a debate there in an hour


we shit when we need too, we dont hold it in and shart everywhere until we go to the toilet and unload our payload on pearl harbour

Get him to say morality

You type like a wog, mate, fuck off.

Replace "must" with "should" and it's entirely accurate in its assessment of the report.

up 1 more
nearly had it

>bongs can't even shart in their own marts anymore because it might upset a muslim

For fuck's sake why are they scheduling debates with proper speakers before the official start of term?

Can't believe I'm going to miss that.

He used to work in the o2 shop just up the road from my house

Some of these guys have serious mental issues that prevent them from reintegrating. The VA is so underfunded that they often have to dump these guys on the side of the road in order to help more recent cases.

Maybe you should cut the umbilical cord and come up early then.

our diet does not consist solely of doritos and mountain dew

I'm lucky, I heard about it half an hour ago. My mate that I discuss morality and the decline of the west just messaged me. I think they only advertise it via the debating society.

I'm gonna join it though, I don't want to ever miss anything like this.

The debate is about Cannabis. He's going to use Morality as an argument. Otherwise, if there's a question bit I'll morality bait him.

finding a hostal isn't that hard, millions of immigrants do it, and they hardly speak english

Yeah, I'm sure your gruel is so much better.

you're talking out of your arse lad. Hostels and shelters, not to mention follow-up services, are constantly at capacity

That's because immigrants are spoonfed by the gubmint. In fact, it's partly because of all these immigrants that vets can't get in.

Why not use immigrants to build the wall in Calais?

Their reward could be week at Blackpool in order to encourage them to leave the UK

Simmer down, cunt, as if non-freshers who go down early are any more independent.

>come up
No one lives on the Isle of Wight, mate

Yeah, come to think of it the first debate of the year last year was pretty mint in comparison to the rest. Guess they want to get people to sign up early on. The guy who's in charge now is much better organised so hopefully we'll get some better speakers in the future.

>taking even more job from British labourers

Nah mate

Who did they have last year?

>mfw I see a britcuck

you turn into an Australian?

>mfw Hillary wins and you are sent to a toleration re-education camp



there is a private chat group who oragnises the links

>(((alt right links)))

sometimes they start out with legitimate websites then pull a switcharoo to (((breitbart))) etc

You call the French to win your war for you?

Yeah, kinda like how you call the Americans to win yours for you.

>things that never happened.jpg

Actually its much worse, its actually a CONTAGIOUS cancer. Apparently it's wiped out populations in many areas.

I love how Corbyn is exposing all the opportunists in Labour
Blairities should just leave and make their own party
Oh wait, they can't. Because conservatives exist already!

You're a gib buy :DDD

Based Finngolian

Come fight in the international brigades

I was only 10 or 11 when New Labour got elected and even as a kid I hated him. My parents once told me over the dinner table that he's going to make kids go to school on Saturdays.

>only just woke up
Fucked my day up already lads.
How`s everyone else doing?

I was at the national count in Manchester, what an epic night.

For fuck sake. My Corsa handbrake cable just snapped.

I've paid more in MOT, insurance and repairs than the bloody car is worth


Stop paying dodgy car people.

anyone got fifa 17?

>the americans won ww2
>the americans saved britain
Oh boy, here we go.

Want to get it tbqh
Waiting for the new consoles to come out.

I'm starting driving lessons soon. Bricking it

Thinking of making a video game lads.

Someone posted a good ps4 deal here earlier. Have to get fifa though and I'm a pes man

Reminder that the mormon church gets £785,058.94 per year from the EU paid with UK tax payers money because of the CAP

Hope the Mormons enjoy that whilst it lasts

I mean it's better than it going towards mosques.

Why would you get the old version though?
Might as well get the best, that`s why we work hard right?
Personally looking forward to the Scorpio because it`s basically a generation jump.
Phil is an absolute madman.

>we wuz europeans

I don't play enough vidya any more to bother spending loads desu

Muslims probably get more.

I`ve been stuck playing old vidya while I put off buying a new PC, hoping the new shit can blow me away when I stop being so lazy.
Would rather not waste time on old stuff.
The increasingly fast development of tech is one of the most fun things about vidya tbqh

>mfw the battle of Britain was before the US joined the war


>that`s why we work hard right?

>unironically being a neet

How was work lads?

Did here, fucking great night shitposting and had work at 8am. That was great too, my boss is repilled and voted leave as well. We haven't stopped being smug since

Work was great, found out I got some gypos into trouble with the NHS and HMRC.

They'll just move to a new layby surely?

Rhey live on a permenant caravan site in a static, been coming to the pharmacy I work at for years. If they move they'll just get it again until they get arrested

>tfw you laugh at a headline then feel bad

You guys think she is wearing stockings or pantyhose?

Why would you punch a doll

>why did I punch a baby in the face?
>everyone's taking photos of me
>this suit doesn't fit well
>maybe I thought it was a spider
>my feet hurt

>my dad just discovered lolcats

He did a debate on Cannabis earlier this year at Sussex where I only started a few months ago

Lads how do i get to hate fuck a leftie commie cunt?

she's so fucking annoying and ugly that it makes me want to fuck her

Just lure her in then kill her, do it for the lads we lost to the commies.

Grow an Engels beard

Ask her if she wants to come back to your place for a night of reading marx and eating vegan tofu.

KEK even made me smile

New thread lads?

Exactly what I was thinking.
That's still a crime, right?
You can't just go round hitting of peoples toys.

>Lefty shit

got called a racist today ads

Why is Based Mogg such a well-known Tory? He's frequently shown on the BBC and Channel 4 among other programmes, yet he's never been a part of any cabinet. He's a backbencher after all, and backbenchers are rarely famous in the media.

In fact I'd suggest that most of the time, the only things that actually make a parliamentary politician well known is by being on the cabinet or the shadow cabinet, being a possible/failed leadership candidate, being a Mayor of London, and being an ex-leader or ex-cabinet minister.

it's pretty much just because he's so incredibly posh, right?

He's a rebel, like Dennis Skinner.

But we are, it's a fact.

In Greggs?

Did it affect you at all? Did the person calling you racist make you think at all, or is it just a now-meaningless accusation used in place of 'I disagree with you' or 'I don't like you' when the hurler realizes that those would not carry any weight with the audience?


It's brit/pol/ copyposta burger bro

You chaplads are weird.

Marx was a poor writer, Engels and Trotsky were much better.

It goes like this
>Got called racist in greggs earlier lads
>get 10 (you)'s
>call them cunts




Which cucking one is it?

and that's why I never bother to make new threads anymore

Obviously not the one created by the yank.