Fetishes, have you heard of them?

looks pretty fun desu

I can understand certain fetishes but these guys say it's not even sexual

So wtf are they doing it for?

Gays are a diseaae

>but these guys say it's not even sexual

They are lying

>Is it mental illness?

Fetishes are eternal.

What is wrong is that this is being discussed in mainstream media. As for why that happens, well same answer as always.

Come to London gaibois, hehehehe

Oh obviously they are lying. If the dude really wanted to pretend to be a pupper why did he choose a skin tight gimp get up.

This shit would never fly outside out of the west or Japan though. I don't get why this is acceptable here

These people have always existed, but it's just now that they aren't afraid of making it public because they live in a libtard country.

Gimp costumes haven't always existed. Pretty sure that's a fairly recent thing

because the west celebrates mental illnesses. just look at the tranny shit going on

Fuck Khan and fuck London

Japs follow Western culture and put their own spin on it. Western culture is created by certain (((people))) which helps explain the degeneracy part.

The two trannies I've actually met were okay. The media has vastly inflated the trans issue in my opinion. No one really cares, not even the trannies

don't go when it's hot out

What looks fun about this?

>comfy latex suits
>old math teachers

You've mastered giving bullshit reasons

But why? Why do those (((people))) want this bat shit reality forced upon us?

This reminds me of BLMUK's reason for protesting. They said climate change was 'raycis!'. Didn't believe it at first. Thought it was satire. All the protesters got arrested and all of them were white.

Shit is cray in the UK

I remember Sweden giving a similar explanation to the (((((migrant))))) rapes

It was a sexual emergency.

Swedish ladies need to be accommodating to the refugees who have never seen all the wonders of sweden, especially pink pussies.