Year is 2020

>year is 2020
>black people will buy a dimebag with 1 Tubman
>strippers everywhere are going to have niggers slipping Tubmans in their thongs for a lap dance
>people will get handfuls of Tubmans when they withdraw from the ATM
>Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton will pay for services exclusively with Tubmans
>year 2021
>90% of Tubmans will be defaced causing more BLM riots
Kek.... I call upon thee for a get to ensure this..... show me a sign

>Tfw all niggers stop saying Benjamin's and say tubmans instead like it's worth more money

who is that black guy? is that a fake BLM bill? I thought the leader of BLM was a white guy

>Who is that black guy?
Kek, it's Harriet Tubman.
Niggers made sure that she would be put on Andrew Jackson's bill.

who the fuck is that? why didnt they put King or some other famous black guy on there?

also, that is one ugly fucking woman, could be world's first trans woman.

They had to play the women card too. She was some ham beast that saved slaves.

Black people are once again a barterable item
Slavery is back

AHAHAHa thank god the UK is getting churchill on the next new note, he was literally a war warmonger who couldn't deal with peace time but its better than some thing like this.

Tubman will be defaced 90% of the time, i will also refuse Tubmans for change/payment

>implying Trump won't put himself on the 20

It is gonna be the $20 bill (Andrew Jackson). Benjamins are $100

There will be hundreds of stories about millions of them being defaced with nooses, watermelons, and KFC.

Totally worth it.

They day these come out I'm going to stop at Walmart (tm) and get some permanent markers. Then I'm off to the bank to withdraw a fat stack of google dollars. I will write extremely offensive things on all of them, then head back to the bank for a fresh batch.


This isn't going to happen. They aren't going to replace Jackson.

Now stop making these threads you fucking kike.

I recently bought a type writer just for these bills. I'm glad the old captcha trained me for this.
>nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

I'd honestly rather have 'Bama Bucks then whoever this niggress was

>be American currency

our 5's have spacemen on them

U mad.

>On April 20, 2016, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew officially announced that Alexander Hamilton would remain on the $10 bill, while Andrew Jackson would be replaced by Tubman on the front of the $20 bill, with Jackson appearing on the reverse.
Lew simultaneously announced that the five- and ten-dollar bills would also be redesigned in the coming years and put into production in the next decade.

Good thing that stupid faggot will be replaced and his shitty proposals will be overturned by the next Treasury Secretary. Now go back to using pebbles and sticks or whatever your shitty country uses as currency.

Sure they will user, sure they will. You have fun with those blacked dollaridoos, lmao.

Record Corrected.

Fuck off.